Modern Safari

Oh to be young and freeeeeeee. I’m making the most out of my twenties by dressing like this every once in a while. Lord knows that when I grow older, I probably wouldn’t be able to pull this off anymore. Cue song: Forever Young, I wanna be…. forever young haha! Funny how the world works. ...


It’s My Way Or The Highway

Tagaytay is one of my favorite places to take look shots in. Whenever my family and I go up there, I always make sure to pack a few outfits for my blog. Masarap kasi mag-emote doon!LOL! There are no strangers around to judge me for my weirdness and people walking behind me and ruining my ...


Candy Yum Yum

It was surprisingly sunny the other day. Since I’m still a bit reluctant to say goodbye to summer, I made sure to grab this opportunity and dress accordingly. Needless to say, I got a little too excited hence the burst of  bubblegum colors. A tip for girls who are not comfortable wearing just bras alone ...