Let Loose

I remember the first time I saw a pair of culottes. It was during high school when I was required to wear them during P.E. I hated them back then because I thought they looked like crap. I mean, they’re basically pants shaped like a skirt in an incredibly awkward length. Can’t they freaking decide if they wanted to […]


Pencil In

When you see a collared shirt and knee-length pencil skirt together, one can’t help but think of corporate attires and business meetings. It’s a tried and tested outfit we’ve seen too many times inside board rooms and offices. It’s sophisticated, respectable and always appropriate. But what if you want to change it up and wear […]


Kuta Beach, Bali

With the help of Access Travel and stories we’ve heard from friends who’ve been to Bali, Kuta Beach is this city’s most well known  and liveliest beach. It’s probably because it’s a great place to surf at so it attracts a lot of young people like us. We initially wanted to surf as well actually. I even […]


Lounging Around In Bali

Judging from the pictures below, I’m sure there’s no need to explain why we kept coming back to Seminyak Beach’s Potato Head. I could’ve spent an entire day here–swimming, lounging around, listening to good music, sipping cocktails and enjoying scrumptious food. It’s got everything going for it and has all the right ingredients that make it the […]


Travel Diary: Seminyak Beach

There’s no better way to end our first full day in Bali than hitting one of its best beaches, Seminyak Beach. We heard this is the beach to go to if you want a nice, relaxing time under the sun. True enough, the vibe here was very laid-back and the ambience was perfect. Everyone was just […]


Travel Diary: Tegalalang Rice Terraces

After an eventful morning at Ubud’s monkey forest, we headed to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces located north of Ubud. It was a welcome change of scenery–definitely less stressful and whole lot more peaceful. (Well, at this point, any place without monkeys seemed zen to us.) I understand why so many people were just sitting in the restaurants […]


The Villa

If Bali wasn’t so great, I would’ve never gone out of our 2 room villa. Everyday, we’d wake up to freshly delivered breakfast in our villa and lounge around our very own pool area. As you can see, our days were always off to a good start, thanks to Access Travel Ph. All these wouldn’t be possible if Access […]


From Airport To Airport

As much as I wanted to stay in Malaysia for a couple more days, it was straight to the airport for me the next day. It has been a busy year of flying in and out of airports that they’re starting to feel like my second home. No matter what country I’m in, airports have […]


Travel Diary: Teufelsberg (Former Spy Station)

On our last full day in Berlin, Goethe Institut arranged a tour for us around an old spy station at Teufelsberg. I must say, it’s not your usual tourist destination. There were no information centers or big ticketing offices around it. In fact, it’s like a hidden treasure that’s only visible to people who seek it. […]


Travel Diary: Charlottenburg Palace

Another day, another palace. Oh the life of a princess! A girl can dream, right? Charlottenburg Palace or Schloss Charlottenburg is the largest and most important remaining Hohenzollern residence in Berlin. The palace and its garden were originally built as a summer residence for the Prussian Queen, Sophie Charlotte (who happens to share the same […]