The YS Hotlist

I was finally able to scan my feature on broadsheet Philippine Star’s Young Star section that came out last May 6. I always miss my features (boohoo) but this time I was finally able to get myself a copy!


I just had to lighten and blur the hell out of the ad beside my article. The photo is so distracting haha! Those hips have clearly won over me. :)

So what exactly is the “The YS Hotlist” all about? Here’s the intro to the article:

“MANILA, Philippines – We know you’ve heard about how this summer is warmer than last year’s, all global warnings saying our earth is headed for extreme hotness and all that. These toasty temperatures, however, have only gotten us to match our hydration with a whole lot of enculturation.

As this summer and the summer before it have freed us up a bit (our time as well as our clothing), we’ve been paying more attention to what’s around us–some of it searing our senses, some slow-cooking our expectations, but all smoking enough to set off our radars. What better time than now to put together a hot list of what’s been bubbling up this season– from sweat-inducing models to new foreign acts coming to Manila? Young Star brings you 37 degrees of cultural heat just to prove that though things have gotten too damn hot this summer, we’ve also been witness to a lot of undeniable cool.:

You can read the full article/interview on me here. They actually shot me in 2 outfits and they were kind enough to send me the other photos from the shoot. I’ll post them in a separate entry soon!

Special thanks to Karen Bolilia.

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