Etcetera Etcetera!

I think I’m never meant to catch myself on TV. I’m always either unavailable or I forget to tune in! This time though, I’m determined to watch it!

Catch me on ETC channel’s new show, Etcetera, this Sunday at 7:45pm. Remember the TV interview/feature I mentioned here and here? It’s for this! I’d just like to clarify though, I’m only a guest, not a host. I’m incredibly flattered that some of you thought I’ a regular or semi-regular, but guys, let’s be realistic here. Haha! I’d probably make a total fool out of myself (which you’d probably enjoy. You bunch of meanies, you!)

Anyway, to keep you excited (sige na, pretend to be excited), here are a few behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot.

Meet the director!

Love the set!

Time for make-up!

And we’re rolling!

Shooting outfit #1

Shooting outfit #2

I know some of you may have seen my mini dance in the teaser. I’m hoping they don’t show too much of it. *cringe*

Meet Danika Navarro. She’s also featured in this episode. Nice to finally meet you, Danika!

So there! You can catch the replays too on Monday at 8:45am and 2:45pm, Tuesday at 7:45pm, Wednesday at 7:45am and 11:45am, Thursday at 11:30am, Saturday at 2:45pm, Sunday at 11am and 3:45pm.

I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out! :) Hope you guys tune in too!

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  1. jocelle

    hi cams, matagal ko na hinahanap to sa blog mo, gusto ko malaman what brand ung black na pants gamit mo? Pants ba tawag niyan?

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