Esprit Collection top | Zara skirt

If you’re wondering how this outfit came about, it all started with this lovely laptop case I got from Yes, that colorful thing I’m holding is a laptop bag! Snupped is a Singaporean brand that lets you design/customize your own gadget case. For laptop bags such as mine, for example, you can choose from a wide range of prints for the exterior, pair it with a matching interior, choose between with or without handle then supply your laptop model. Wait for a few weeks and voila, your very own  laptop case/bag handmade and custom-tailored to fit your laptop perfectly is delivered right at your doorstep.

Don’t have a laptop? Snupped also makes customized cases for iPads, eReaders, mobile phones, cameras and external hard drives. And because I love my readers and I want to share the joy with you, Snupped is giving a special $5 discount to all my readers, valid from October 15-October 22. Just type in the discount code, “CAMILLECO”.

On to my outfit. Because I wanted my clothes to compliment my new laptop bag, I went for plain garments and played with just few pops of color to avoid clashing with my already attention-grabbing bag.

SM Accessories necklace

I kept my necklace clean and simple, then had fun matching my rings to my bag.

Snupped laptop bag | (L-R) Extreme Finds garden ring & stacked rings | Mia Casa garden connector ring | SM Accessories bracelets

It’s a shame you can’t see my stacked rings from Extreme Finds in detail. The bottom blue ring is actually a band of hearts; the middle one is a gold ring with 2 cute blue elephants seemingly kissing each other; and the last one is a gold ring with a red key dangling from it. Anywayyyyyy, for those wondering what my laptop bag’s print is called, it’s Harajuku Street.

For the interior of my bag, I got the polka dot print in pink.

F-Stop color-block shoes

I continued my play on colors all the way down to my shoes. Random fact, did you know, blogger Melanie Entuna owns F-Stop? Thank you Melai for these! :)

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6 Responses to “Snupped”
  1. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    i love it. every time you wear dress or skirt .:) I’m inspired on how you mix and match the styles and colors.

  2. nhel :)

    hi camille, i really love the yellow skirt, not because yellow is my favorite color but because it really fits you.. :)
    i always check your new photos in lookbook. i admire how you mix and match those clothes and look stunning..i love your blue/orange combination and blue/yellow too.. :) i’m really a fan.. :)

  3. Ara

    I want the top! I really like long sleeves :)
    btw Ms Camille, you really have a very beautiful complexion. How do you take care of your skin? and also you hair nadin po.. Share naman po diyan :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Ara! I just use Pantene for my hair and I wash my face 2x a day :) Haha just basic stuff!

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