What A Guy

Remember the blogger challenge I’m doing for Mango and StyleBible? (Check out my first look here.) This week, the theme is menswear as womenswear. Usually, at least for me, the first thing that comes to mind is the wide leg trousers + button-down blouse + blazer combo–very polished and corporate chic. This time, I wanted to do something different. I went for something a little bit more casual and young.

This is me channeling biker preppy. Not a boy, not yet a man. Uuuuysh.

Mango leather jacket, top and pants

I LOVE ALL THESE ITEMS. It sucks you can’t see my blouse in its entirety but it’s really pretty. I love its crisp fabric and most especially, the sleeves. They end just a few inches above my elbows which make them even more androgynous and preppy. LOVE!

Next up, we have the biker jacket. It feels so luxurious! If you stare at it closely, you’ll see the little details on its sleeves too! Straps and gold hardware.

Lastly, my red hot pants. Don’t you just love the color??? The fabric also feels like leather so it feels really nice when you touch it. They fit great too! I’ve always loved the fit of Mango’s pants. I remember when the brand first opened here in Manila. I was so happy to finally find jeans that are long enough and fit greatly on my butt. Let’s face it, when it come to pants, the fit on our butts is the deciding factor. Right, girls?

Mango belt | Luvlicious (Japan) bow tie

Balenciaga clutch

Mango accessories

Naughty Monkey shoes

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17 Responses to “What A Guy”
  1. Mai Pascua

    I like the bow tie, it’s so cute! Especially the jacket, so bad ass. Cute+Bad ass? Equals chic punk! That sounded like an animal. I didn’t mean to do that. Harharhar

  2. Zarah

    You look incredibly gorgeous!! Speaking of mens clothing, I bought 3 men’s plain tees from Mental a few weeks back, they’re size small but still big on me. Can you give me some advice how to wear them without looking parang pang-sport. Is there any way to show off some shape so that it wouldn’t be just be plain straight at the sides? :) Thank you in advance. More power to you!!

  3. Princess

    I so love you camille co!You’re very aware of fashion but you are never afraid to try on new mix matches.I so love this outfit..<3

  4. Abby

    I LOVE this outfit. I was browsing through random posts and stumbled upon this one. My jaw dropped! I’m usually a silent reader of yours, but I just had to go and type a comment out. This is so cute! The top is really adorable, even if, as you said, it can’t be seen in its entirety. Anyway, thank you for the (daily) inspiration, Miss Camille! Galing mo talaga magstyle! :)

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