Flashing Lights

A few days back, I was fortunate enough to be styled by international celebrity hair stylist, Barney Martin for the the world’s best conditioner, Pantene. So how did it go? You’ll just have to wait for my next post to find out! Har har! I’m such a tease.

Anyway, on to my outfit. I was asked to wear either gold or white because these are Pantene’s colors.

Topshop by All Dressed Up gold and silver sequin dress

I chose to wear gold instead of white to go with the world-class theme. To me, world-class should be something bongga. May bobongga pa ba sa fully-sequined backless dress?! Of course, I also took into consideration the style Barney will do on my hair. I was given the peg a few days before the event so I already knew beforehand that I was to get the sleek straight look. Because my assigned hair style is simple and modern, I made sure my dress is equally modern but a little more extravagant to offset the simplicity of my hair.

SM Accessories silver bracelet | Forever 21 silver cuff

Forever 21 silver cuff | Gucci bag

Brian Atwood shoes

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Photos by Laureen Uy.

10 Responses to “Flashing Lights”
  1. Chantel

    I love this dress, you make my day really goldie!!! Ur pretty damn hot!!! :)

  2. Arnelia

    hi camille, you’re so beautiful.. i really love this shot! perfect! :) god bless you.. love your blog so much :)

  3. Tasha D.

    I saw Divine Lee wore the same dress when she went to Ateneo. By the way, I saw a video of you for WAGW…is that your car the one you’re standing in front of? (I doubt if you remember though) I love it! You’ve got nice wheels! I think your car must be Jeep or Land Rover? Do you sometimes drive yourself?

    • itscamilleco

      No, I think that’s a random car :) And I do drive, but really seldom and usually only on Sundays. :)

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