I was finally able to participate in another talk–my first for this year actually! I’ve been wanting to say yes to all the invites I’ve been getting but scheduling conflicts and so many other things kept getting in the way. Good thing I was free for Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura’s (ALAC) “Language of Fashion Through Social Media” last Friday. It’s definitely different from the usual talks I’ve been invited to. I wasn’t required to prepare a whole presentation because the setting was more of a talk show than seminar. It was very relaxed, just a host asking us a bunch of questions. I had so much fun meeting everyone and answering questions about blogging and the like. Plus, I’ve been itching to visit my alma mater for so long! Thank you ALAC for having me!

Anyway, here’s what I wore to the talk–something relaxed and casual but still put-together and school-appropriate.

Knowing how hot it is at the Ateneo, I opted to wear something breezy and easy to move in–nothing too tight and constraining, definitely sleeveless!

But because I’ve been well trained by the School of Management (SOM) and SOM’s dean, Sir Rudy Ang, himself, I made sure my outfit abides by the SOM dress code–straps at least 3 fingers-wide, no flipflops and no short hemlines. CCCCCCHHHHHHHECK!

Goody pins (hair)

GAP top | From Hong Kong pants with belt

If only wearing cool tones can actually make the weather cooler, but no. I don’t care what the studies say, it still feels so hot! Summer is definitely making its presence felt!

Mauve necklace

SM Accessories bangles and cuff | House of Luxe ring

MCM x Richard Woods bag

Pedro shoes

Hype this look on here.

14 Responses to “Cruising”
  1. Tasha D.

    Are you a member of the CADs back in your college days? What was your org? AJMA? How I wish you’ve started blogging when you were still in college! Para we’ll get pegs on how to dress for school! Do you also wear sky high heels in going to school? Are you batch mates with Chris Tiu? haha ang dami kong tanong! Maybe you know each other? Bagay kayooo! ;) Do you watch this season’s UAAP? I am salivating over Nico Salva! Isn’t he a hottie?! haha!

    • itscamilleco

      No I wasn’t :) I was part of AMA and AJMA but I wasn’t active apart from modeling during events and representing AJMA for Mr. and Ms. SOM. :)

      So many questions! Hinay hinay lang! Haha :) No, I wore flats during college. With Ateneo’s floors, it’s not practical to wear heels! I loved wearing dresses and cardigans a lot, skinny jeans too! No, I’m not batchmates with Chris. I haven’t seen this season’s UAAP, but I’ll watch for sure whenever I can!

  2. Mhillie molina

    Hi camille.. You look great as always.. I love how you combine pieces of crafts and make it into a Viola outfit! By the way ive got same shoes from pedro! One of my favorite ;) i hope makita kita malapitan soon :)

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