Got My Jeans On

Pretending to be bad ass–until you hear my tiny tiny voice! But since you can’t hear me, let’s all close our eyes and imagine I’m this bad ass chick with a sexy, bedroom voice haha!

Here’s what bad ass Camille would probably wear–rocking pants and the best leather jacket in the world!

Imagine how dramatic this photo would look if I was holding a guitar case while walking away. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know how to play a guitar. Bad ass Camille would probable know how. Cool na cool!

Tripp NYC by Daang Goodman jeans

Kate Moss for Topshop leather jacket | Topshop corset

Bubbles turban

House of Luxe necklace

Girls Are Weird leather cuff | SM Accessories gunmetal cuffs | House of Luxe snake bracelet | House of Luxe ring

Chanel bag

Call It Spring shoes

Hype this look on here.

11 Responses to “Got My Jeans On”
  1. ronie a. prudente

    Hi camille. You are so amazing..You’re one of the people who inspired me to blog.. I really love your posts to the extent that my day is not complete without viewing them. Please continue inspiring other people through your blog. Stay pretty palagi..

  2. Abby

    Hi Ate Camille! :D I just heard your voice on Youtube (videoceptions of your onscreen appearances), and I was kind of shocked at how tiny it is! :))) No matter, it didn’t affect how fierce your eyes are! More power, Miss Camille!:)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha awww I wish I had sexy voice but no :( Thanks Abby!

      • Abby

        Aww, no Ate Camille! Your voice sounds really cute! :) Tsaka baka raw if you wish for a sexy bedroom voice, perpekto ka na raw. Haha! :) You are great the way you are! :D By the way, thanks for the (daily) inspiration! :)

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