Lady In Red

Yes, I’m singing “Lady In Red” as I type this. I can’t get the song out of my head! The title for this post was either that or “Dragon Lady” haha! I mean look at my dress! It looks like something a Chinese-lady-expert-in-martial-arts-out-to-get-revenge-on-male-scumbags would wear. I can totally see the movie poster now–profile of the Chinese lady’s face, wind blowing her hair, eyes piercing through, weapon in front of her face.

Channeling the Dragon Lady.

Still channeling the Dragon Lady. Dragon lady is walking away from the scene of the crime, victoriously.

Oh the things that go on inside this head of mine. Aren’t you thankful I’m not a movie writer? Don’t worry, world. I’m sticking to fashion. :)

You know how much I love subtly sexy pieces, right? This is a perfect example–a wine-colored mullet dress with sheer sleeves.

Mullet skirts and dresses are almost always dramatic and feminine. But just like other plain-colored dresses, it’s nice to push the drama further with the help of accessories.

Stylista.Ph dress

Holic Accessories necklace | Topshop belt

I got this beautiful statement piece from Holic Accessories to complement my dress. (Pag hindi pa dramatic iyan, ewan ko lang!) Wine and gold go really great together. The combination looks oriental and opulent.

(Rings from L-R) SM Accessories ring | House of Luxe ring | Bubbles ring

Fendi shoes

Stilettos over chunky heels for this look to keep it sexy and classy.

Hype this look on here.

8 Responses to “Lady In Red”
  1. Maica

    I love your Red Dress here~ <3 By the way Ate Camille~ Can you email us again once you've responded to our comments at your blog. It's just that I find it very hard to browse back your old blogs on the one that we have commented. :) I just love reading your blogs as well as reading your comments. Thank you! God bless!

    • Camille Co

      Ohhh there’s no option ba to alert you when i reply? Hmmm I’ll look into that! :)

  2. Ara

    I love the dress! :)
    Ms Camille, what do you wear as inner for your sheer outfits?

  3. Dheya Suzuki

    does fashion have to be so expensive, ate? :) I`m just curious. haha. I`m just 16 y/o yet I really got amazed by that kind of dress. I want clothes with collar. will it make me look old? :D I love your rings! <3

    • itscamilleco

      No, of course not! :) It’s not where you buy it, it’s how you wear it! :)

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