Hazy Dazy

I really love taking photos against the sun. It creates such a soft and dramatic look. This is what I wore to a full day of meetings plus my shopping session with my Warehouse giveaway winner (which I’ll blog about a little later).

Talk about dedication! This is real passion for fashion, folks! I don’t know what I was thinking wearing a long-sleeved buttondown blouse over an already thick knit sweater on a day when everyone was tweeting nonstop about how hot the weather was. Oh well, too late, already stepped out of the house and fell in love with this ensemble.

So kids, the lesson here is to always check Twitter before stepping out of the house, har har!

Topshop buttondown | Forever 21 sweater | H&M leggings

Goody spin pin (hair) | That Quaint Store ring

Extreme Finds neon necklace

Marc By Marc Jacobs watch | Extreme Finds ribbon bracelet | Crave More bangles

Balenciaga bag

Aldo neon pumps

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6 Responses to “Hazy Dazy”
  1. Anje

    Hi Camille! I love this effect on photos and I’ve been attempting to produce the same effect but to no avail! Huhu. I hope you could help me! How do you set your camera? I’ve been reading about “metering” for this effect but I can’t seem to apply it properly! Can I achieve the “hazy” effect by tweaking just the aperture and shutter settings?

    • itscamilleco

      I’m no photography expert but whenever I want to achieve this, I shoot against the light meaning the sun or source of light must be behind your subject or the person you are shooting :)

  2. Leng Escaro

    Hi Camille! =) What is the color of your Balenciaga? =) so pretty!

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