I’m Wearing David!

Just something casual. This look sort of reminds me of Style Scrapbook’s Andy. I think it’s because of our shared love for androgynous flats and jackets.

(Pardon my photos. The sun was already setting when I took them.)

All the clothes I’m wearing here, you’ve already seen me wear before. Once again, and Kate Middleton agrees with me, there’s nothing wrong with repeating clothes! I wore this shirt before here, these pants here and this jacket in another color here.

So why is my title “I’m Wearing David”? The necklace I have on here is actually a David Guison collaboration with Crave More. Naks naman, David! So in line with this, I decided to dress a little bit masculine.

The Closet Goddess jacket | Rock n’ Soule shirt | Tout A Coup jeans | YSL bag

Crave More necklace | Crave More connector ring | SM Accessories stacked rings | Gothic Princess (SIngapore) black bangle

ZARA shoes

So what do you think? :) Hype this look on Lookbook.nu here.

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  1. maeigh

    hi camille.. i love your jacket and ur inner shirt..

    how cud i mix and match dresses effectively?? :D

    why are yopu so beautiful?? :DD

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