White Lady

Another major backlog. A number of you have been asking me to post what I wore to the MEGA Pinoy Pride Ball which took place at Makati Shangri-La Hotel last June 12. I’m so sorry it took me so long! I have so much material to blog about, this post kept getting pushed back. But as I always say, better late than never!

Being that this is the PINOY PRIDE ball, I made sure to come in Pinoy designer wear. Originally, I wasn’t really planning on attending the ball which is why i didn’t make/design my own gown. It’s not that I didn’t want to go to the ball, but I had an early flight the next day and as you all know, I almost MISSED that flight! (Read about that debacle here.) I eventually decided to go at the very last minute because one, I just could not say no to Mega Magazine’s wonderful Meryll Yan; and two, I really wanted to watch the main event of the night featuring one of our country’s most successful designers, Furne One’s designs.

So, who does a girl turn to in this time of need?

Eric Delos Santos, of course! :) I love him to bits! He’s always there to save the day. He sent me so many pieces to choose from, it was so hard to choose! (Such a big problem, I know haha!) I ended up wearing this simple white gown I’ve been eying every time I visit his atelier. It’s made of powerknit and jersey with lace appliques all over.

I really wanted to be simple that night, nothing too fancy but still very much elegant. I tied my hair up in a messy ponytail to highlight the gown’s sexy halter cut and low cut back. Since the gown already has an embellished neckline, I kept my neck necklace-free and wore these lovely pair of dangling earrings instead.

For my bag, I got my mom’s super blinged up tiny clutch to match my gown and earrings. Don’t you just hate clutch bags that are so tiny, only your money, credit cards and lipstick can fit in it? But we still end up using them anyway since they’re the only bags that match our dress and the event.


Dear bag designer,


Please update your designs because iPhones are kinda big now. We no longer use Nokia 8310s. Please make your formal bags big enough to fit my iPhone, money, credit cards, lipstick and press powder.


Looking forward to new and improved formal bags,


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SM Accessories earrings | Goody elastics

Forever 21 cuffs  SM Accessories ring

Eric Delos Santos gown

128 Responses to “White Lady”
  1. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    Haha :) yeah that’s true! The Bag Designer should upgrade their clutch bags ^^ I just don’t like those clutch/bags that are too small but pretty in designs that cannot fit all that I needed.

  2. Ikah

    Hi camille. You’re like Audrey Hepburn in Philippines. :) fashion icon. Wanna be like you. I wanna see you in person. :) i always love your look in lookbook. Im you’re biggest fan. :)

  3. Luxe

    Hi Camille,

    We totally agree that formal purses need to be pretty and slightly bigger to fit our stuff!

    We’re Luxe Crystal Purse! we have shiny, sparkly crystal purses that are affordable and fits an iphone perfectly.. plus some more! they are 3.5″x9″ in dimension… super pretty and stands out in the crowd.. please check our Facebook account: luxe_email@yahoo.com for our selections…

    every woman deserves a shiny crystal purse!


  4. darleen

    yan ba ang last minute prep ms. camille? :) you look so elegant talaga!

  5. Dorothy

    Super gorgeous! The second photo literally took my breath away. Is the gown comfortable though!

  6. clarisacamile

    oh em..why so elegant?? you’re so pretty and the dress is so fabulous :)

  7. snoopsie

    OMG. i just found my dream “not-your-traditional-all-too-puffy-long-trained” wedding gown! you look great camille!

  8. Trisha

    So elegant, sis!!! I love that dress!!!! =))) Forever inspired =)))

  9. CC

    Stunning <3!! So amazing! Actually i have a tiny request, i hope you can blog about prom dress one day! (when you are not too busy :D) I'm having difficulties deciding what to wear from prom :S

  10. Charisse Roa

    You never fail to pull-off such an elegant gown! From your previous MEGA gown to this, I am a fan now of Eric Delos Santos’ creations! Simple, elegant but embellished in the right amount. I also have the same dilemma when it comes to clutches. They’re so small to the point of not being able to decide what to put inside. Haha.

  11. Herielle Evangelista

    MIss Camille! You are so gorgeous, glamorous and classy! You are and will always be my favorite fashion blogger! I hope to see you in one of the blogger events in the future!

    Herielle ;)

  12. Trinity

    OMGGG this dress is simply divine! I love it so much! =))) You look gorgeous in it! As always! :”)

  13. Jhuna

    Design bags now, I’d definitely buy it :D Also, you look so effortless stunning as always! I wish I have shoulders I could show off too, pretty!

  14. Caren Lou

    The dress is so fab! you look like a fairy princess super like :D

  15. Sophia

    I really love your gown and its silhouette! :) You look so good! Wonderful mix of high and low^^

    Just wondering, what kind of wallets do you like and buy!

  16. Anaivilo

    Oh that dress is beyond amazing!! I simply adore it and the details compliments you so great! :D Wonderful!

  17. roxmd

    Regal indeed. I’m such a huge fan of yours. I’m not used to dressing up but when I started reading your blog, I realized that in a way what you wear defines who you are. Keep it up! Btw, may i know some tips on what undergarment should be worn especially when you’re on backless outfit? Thanks! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you! I really do believe in that :) Wear stick on bra like Nu bra :)

  18. Alison

    So unbelievable gorgeous and so true about the teeny bags! How in the world are we supposed to last an entire night without our iphones?
    I can’t believe you waited so long to post this amazing dress! You look so beautiful :)

    xoxo Alison

  19. Bea Bajar

    This dress with lace and appliques is very much classic and it suits you and your personality well Ms. Camille :)

  20. newton

    Love the outfit and styling. I like your simplicity. Despite your status, you come across as very down to earth, you’re not pretentious. I like the way you mix high end brands with the not so high end….

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Marlon :) I’m happy you perceive me as such :) High low, they’re all the same, as long as I like them then gooooowww! :)

  21. KC Cabrera

    i totally agree with the bag dilemma… bags may be just bags but they complete the outfit. You’d totally look rubbish with a bag that didn’t match your dress. I’ve tried that once and I never want to do that again. haha!

  22. roent

    Miss Camille! you are the only white lady who looks STUNNING!!!

    can i asked? how many years if i take up fashion designing in college?

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Roent! It depends, 4 years usually, like in CSB, SoFA.

  23. thet

    you look absolutely gorgeous here Camille :-) and i absolutely agree with you and Chai about the bag, did that a lot of times too cause I just can’t seem to leave my other essentials behind :-)

  24. Mark U

    I am completely and utterly speechless. I’m quite sure the photos do not do you justice. Another fine truth that sophistication is often accomplished with simplicity.

  25. Paula Aquino

    gorgeous as ever! You really know what type of dress suits you. :) btw, I can’t imagine you wearing “pambahay” clothes like baggy shirt & shorts. haha. wala lang.

  26. Tasha D.

    I wonder what heels you wore with that gown. :D I wish the back has a lower cut though. Para mas daring! You really have outstanding taste compared to other local bloggers! ;)

    • itscamilleco

      Brian Atwood. I wasn’t able to take a photo of them. :) You’ve seen them, they’re the silver ones :)

  27. Chai Chen

    Fantastic white lady! Love that area at The Shang too! :) Still looking so lovely. And I have to agree with you about the bags! Sometimes, I end up with 2 bags – 1 for storage and 1 that I can carry with me all the time in the events (while the other bag stays somewhere hahahah). Event bags should be designed bigger and better next time indeed! :)


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