Fourth Of July

So how did I spend my fourth of July in New York City? I met up with my dear friend from high school, Carol, who is now based in New York. She wanted me to see the rest of New York, outside of Madison and 5th. I really love it whenever I have friends from abroad who can show me around the city. Nothing beats exploring a foreign city through the eyes of a local.

Meet Carol. Our first stop? Brunch at Essex, downtown New York. I had no idea brunch was so popular in New York! Most brunch restaurants here have such long queues and people still wait in line! According to Carol, it’s because New Yorkers like to brunch, especially with mimosas on the side. I can see why. I love it too! I can get used to this.

Now that we’re all fueled up and ready to go, Carol brought me to SoHo, where so many hip stores are located. I love the instant artsy vibe I got from this place.

Look at the cobblestone streets. Aren’t they lovely?

Looky what I saw, I kept up with the Kadashians haha!

Lingerie, anyone?

Ice cream to fight the insanely hot weather.

Carol says this is one of the more popular ice cream trucks in NYC. It must be good!

I’ve seen a lot of street performers but this group really blew me away. I heard them singing while walking around SoHo and all I can say is, WOW. This group is definitely one of the best I’ve seen so far.

Someone had too much time on his hands and drew this on the floor of a street in SoHo.

And I, being the dork that I am, had too much time in my hands too sooooooo… I followed it! Haha!

Yay! I found happiness! FYI, I really did step inside the circle of happiness! Haha!

Anyway, since I’m already at SoHo, time for outfit shots. I’m in red, white and blue! How fitting is my outfit for the fourth of July? I didn’t even notice this until now!

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The Gap top | Topshop shorts

Topman fedora

Gucci sunnies (a.k.a. another one of my “lakas maka-star” sunnies)

Primadonna red polka dot belt

SM Accessories red bangle and gold ring | Dior vintage bag

Keds sneakers

Marc By Marc Jacobs watch

Let us all please congratulate my dear friend Carol for taking these look shots. Can you believe it’s her first time handling a dSLR??! There’s potential there!

After the long walks and tiring window shopping, it was finally time for dinner. Carol took me to this hole in the wall restaurant called Fatty Crab located somewhere in the West side of downtown New York. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT (as you can probably tell by the all caps statement)!!!! Their seating capacity is really small so if you get there around rush hour, there’s a high chance you’ll have to wait for a long time before you get seated (as with all good restaurants in NYC), but I’m telling you, it’s worth it!

Quail egg shots

Soft shell crab. YUM!

Pork with watermelons. Who would’ve thought this would taste sooooooo good? ;

After our hearty meal, we went to the Meat Packing District for a little sightseeing. The fourth of July fireworks show wasn’t starting until past 9pm so we had a lot of time to kill.

The Meat Packing District has a lot of really hip restaurants.

You won’t miss this Missoni print statue of David. Seriously New York, how can you get even cooler? A Missoni print statue!??!!!??!!

Our next stop was the Chelsea Market. It’s sort of an indoor food court and shopping paradise for foodies.

I wish I have a clock like this.

The way out from Chelsea Market.

And now, time to make our way to somewhere close to the Hudson River for the fourth of July fireworks!

It was easy to find our way since all we had to do was follow the throng of people. I could really feel the Independence day spirit! So many people lined up the streets. By the time Carol and I reached the venue, we literally couldn’t move. It was soooooo crowded!

Even the Empire State Building was feeling the Independence day spirit–red, blue and white.

Having to walk so far and standing in the middle of the huge crowd in the hot summer weather were all worth it though when the show finally started! Red and blue fireworks!

Some even formed shapes like these hearts. I saw a few smileys too!

Happy fourth of July! It was definitely a great experience. Thank you to my dear friend Carol who endured this with me and showed me around the city the entire day. I miss you Carol!

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  1. Kim

    hi camille!
    i love this post. this is the first time i saw you smile, you should smile more often. =) you look good. <3

  2. Tippi

    Huuuu…. :( I MISS YOU BOTH A TON! Carol and I were too busy talking and enjoying brunch when we met up that we only took one photo of us together… in the car… when she brought me back to my tita’s house na. …. Hahahaha

    • itscamilleco

      Hahahaha awwww sana we visited Carol together! That would’ve been super!!! I miss you so much too!!!

  3. Daniela Bichara

    This is one of my favorites too! :D *Camille smiles here. :) Like! Love the outfit so much! :D

  4. Tina

    Hi camille! Loved the look! Are your shorts available in topshop philippines?

    • itscamilleco

      Be careful what you wish for haha! :) No, I just happen to have willing people around me haha :)

  5. rheeza

    hi there camille! i really want to make friends with you! hahahaha i really adore ur style! infact i bought some clothes same as yours! and sometimes kung ano suot mo ginagay ko! hahaha anyway! more please!!!

      • Loren

        Hi Cam! I saw from your answers to the comments/questions of your other blog readers that you used a Nikon D3100 for this blog post. We have the same camera and I’m so happy that the same kind of camera produced those good quality photos. I was just wondering if you bought a longer lens for it and used it for this blog post or if you used the standard lens, 18mm-55mm. Thanks!

  6. Mark U

    The food! The glorious food! And getting to try out new food is always part of the travel experience. I’m just sad that I wasn’t able to go down to NYC when I visited my cousin in Washington DC. Maybe next time I pay her a visit, we’ll get to go. :D

    And your get up is so touristy, not that it’s a bad thing. Props to your friend, Carol. She has a good eye for taking photos. =D Were you already using your OM-D here?

    • itscamilleco

      Still my Nikon but just the D3100 :) I love acting all touristy!!! :)

      • Mark U

        You must be quite the adventurous tourist to be with. Just how many camera’s do you have?! o___O

        Oh, and your PA, Clariss mentioned you were having some problems with one of your cameras, I’m asking some fellow photogs about it.

        • itscamilleco

          I just recently traded that in for a different one. So I have the D7000 and Olympus OM-D EM5 left. I’m trying to sell my Canon G11. :) Re: my problem with my camera, I blame Clariss haha! I think it’s her wobbly hands! Haha!

  7. Cheska

    Ate Camille, how do you take outfit shots? Saang angle po? Dapat po ba nakasquat yung photographer? :D

  8. tine

    super fabulous ka na nman d2 camille (hehe first name basis?close?) your outfit it to die for! haha i notice mejo uso yung ganitong colors today, sa SM department stores colors and shades like this are everywhere. you rock! (lagi nman!) i also want one like your blouse.. pwedeng pangcasual, pwedeng pangformal narin.. how do you choose your outfit for a day? say walang special occasion? curios lng,ang galing mo kc magmix and match e.. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Tine! Depends on my mood lang, whatever I feel like wearing or I base it on where I’m going and my tasks for the day :)

    • itscamilleco

      Me too! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of the smiley faces!

  9. Charisse Roa

    First of all, I would like to congratulate you for being featured on Lookbook’s Beyond the Hype section! As a reader and fan, I really am happy that a lot of people are noticing your style and how you embrace fashion <3

    Anyhow, your stay in New York was just perfect for the fourth of July celebration! I personally love your outfit PLUS you were wearing fedora hat – you really look good, Miss Camille :) Good job to your friend Carol for taking the photos, she must have been surprised on how the photos turned out ;)

  10. Issa

    wow, i love the cobblestone streets! looks like you had so much fun! :)

  11. Nelson Remo

    Yup! Like in gossip girl! Blair and Serena would usually attend on brunch parties! hahaha Nice post camille (;

  12. Chammaine

    Hi Camille! I absolutely love your photos! I was just wondering if you could share with me the model of your camera as well as your lens. Thank you so much!

  13. Krys

    Hurrah, it sounds like you had a really great fourth of July! I like how simple you kept your outfit for walking around SoHo (people should wear button-down shirts with more casual outfits for sure, haha.) Also, the Chelsea Food Market is one of my favourite places, so I’m glad you got to visit it–it really awesome in October because they go all out with Halloween decorations! Thanks for sharing these photographs xx

  14. Ruth Jimenez

    You are so pretty!! Super cool outfit :) and can I just say, Congrats to your lookbook feature ( I know you reply to your readers here, and I really want to tell you, that I love your style and designs. And we Filipinos can’t thank you enough on how you brought up fashion and travel here in the Philippines with your lookbook interview, very happy and proud for you. Hope you get to read this!

  15. Gail

    awww.. I felt like ive been to US also with this post.hihi:)
    very fab and gorgeous as always ate camille:)♥♥

  16. Jennika P.

    Did you go by yourself? You look so much prettier when you smile!! :)

  17. Jennika P.

    Did you go to NYC by yourself? You look so much prettier when you smile!! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Oh you mean NYC? Nope, I went with my mom, 2 aunts and a cousin :)

  18. jhay-cee

    i’m sure you enjoy your trip. and shopping to the max ang ginawa mo. hehehe. envy much.
    wow. NYC is awesome!!!! and that outfit is really match the event. love it. xoxo

  19. Alison

    Love these NYC shots! I’ve never been and I love to see the tour of the city :)
    And yes, your friend has taken amazing photos of you! It takes a lot of skill to do it, so she definitely has some talent there :)

    xoxo Alison

  20. andrea

    ur sooooo pretty :) i wish i can paint u :P…

    love all of your outfit..keep it up.. stay pretty everyday.

  21. Florence

    First time I saw you smile with your teeth here on one of your pictures! Cuteee! I think you should do it more often! :) Love the outfit too, simple but classic <3

  22. Tasha D.

    I hate you for making me hungry and for posting that mouthwatering dessert on instagram. haha! Which restaurant did you eat that chocolate lava? I’m definitely going there just to get a taste of it!

  23. Mica

    the photos are just awesome!!! :D btw miss camille, im just curious and if you dont mind, did you have a debut party when you was just 18?

  24. yumi

    what camera and lenses are using for outfit shots? and did you just go to new york to celebrate the fourth of july? xo

    • itscamilleco

      I used my Nikon D3100 and 35mm f1.8 lens here. No, I just went there for a vacation and it just so happened that it was around the fourth of July. :)

  25. Alyssa H.


    I love your blog and your style. that outfit is perfect for the 4th of july! and the pop of red from the belt really makes the outfit stand out. your blog is so visually interesting, and i love reading it!

    could you check out my blog at as well. let me know if you want to follow each other. thanks !

  26. Thesa

    This post is amazing . Feels like I went with you xD Thanks for making me feel like traveling . wish I could go there :(:

  27. Valzyng

    I must say you are very photogenic! Love your blog! I think it’s the best I have come across so far! :) are you still at New York now? And you seem to have a lot of clothes to take pictures and update your blog! Do you purchase them or you mix and match your clothing? Because you seem to be really blessed with so many clothes! Haha:D


  28. kat

    Dear Camille,

    Just when I thought your last outfit can’t be outdone, your look here proved me wrong. It’s so chic that I want to scream. ;D Again, amazing styling.

    Yours truly,


  29. Trisha

    You have the whole day planned out? So cool!!!! You must be tired from seeing all those stuff =)))

    • itscamilleco

      We were pretty spontaneous actually so we got to cover a lot of areas :) Tiring but worth it!

  30. Aqui

    I found the quail eggs weird. What’s with its top? But I think it taste delicious and definitely a must try! Hopefully I could go to NYC someday. :) Great photos!

  31. Cy Langkay

    @itscamilleco You have an amazing, sweet smile. I think this is the first post you did with a lot of smiling photos. :)

  32. Abby

    I am writing a novel set in New York (not my culture, I know! But it’s a challenge.) and I’m delighted to see some references here (such as the ice cream truck! Haha!). I love your outfit, as well. Such an easy, cute get-up made for struggling through the mass of people and beating the heat. :D

  33. Vivian

    Isn’t Fatty Crab yummy? I love their soft shell crab and their chili crab. Also, can’t believe you actually went to see the fireworks. I’ve lived in NYC all my life and I have yet to go see it. Anyways, nice blog you’ve got here. I found you through lookbook and I’m a fan :)

    • itscamilleco

      So so yummy!!!! I wanted to try Flying Pig too but we had no time. My friend has never seen the fireworks too. You should try it at least once haha! :)

    • itscamilleco

      That’s what blogging at 2am does to me! Haha so stupid. Thank you!!!

  34. lilpink

    hi camille. you really did have a heap of happiness at NYC during 4th of July. I hope I can visit that place too. Great photos btw.

  35. Laurice

    Hi miss Camille

    I’m just curious.
    Do designers have to travel a lot to different places?

  36. Sophia

    Such a nice friend you have there!:) I love traveling!

    Great blue on blue outfit on you^^

  37. Garance Désirée

    Aww I’m sure that was awesome to be in New York for that day !
    I love your total denim look too, and i’m actually wearing the same outfit today ahah :)

  38. Deo Eloi Cui

    Great post and great outfit Ms. Camille, new york is <3 ! just read your interview on lookbook its nice and inspiring , congratulations <3

  39. Michelle

    Hahaha i like the circle of happiness. Love your outfit Camille:)

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