Let me show you the power of layering. Would you believe that the skirt I have on is actually composed of three parts from 3 different brands? It’s the snakeskin belt plus the detachable peplum belt and then the skirt itself.

So why the layers? Basically, I just wanted to play around with proportions. Imagine my top with just the bodycon skirt. It’s heavy on the shoulders and narrow all the way down. That’s not exactly the most interesting and flattering silhouette. By adding the peplum belt, I was able to balance my top off. I could’ve stopped there but adding another belt, namely the snakeskin waist belt, made my outfit edgier and definitely trendier. Plus, waist belts can make our waists look smaller and our physique curvier. Who doesn’t want that? (Wag nang magkunwari, tayo-tayo lang naman. Haha!)

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 Zara top

NARS Bolero lip pencil

SM Accessories silver necklace The Ramp black and silver necklace (old)

Cevanne Shop belt

Miss Sartorial peplum belt

Frou Frou skirt

Primaluxe clutch

Zara shoes

156 Responses to “1-2-3”
  1. Ejay Ricamara

    Hi! Ms. camille i like your style.. love it.. keep on posting.. it helps me a lot in combining my clothes… minsan kasi hindi ko alam na pwede pla yun.. then i tried it when i saw your pictures here.. thanks a lot.. :)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Ejay! :) So happy you’re trying the looks out for yourself too!

    • itscamilleco

      I try my best to look for spots with less people haha! And do it as quickly as possible! :)

  2. gladys

    Miss Cams, I really like your legs. ANG HABA!
    One time during our thesis subject, nahuli ako ng teacher ko na inatupag ang pagtingin sa blog mo kesa sa pagre-research. Bigla kong sinara ang tab pero nakita pa rin niya. Akala ko pagagalitan ako nung nilapitan niya ako.

    Yun pala sasabihin lang, ‘Iyon ba ang dream legs mo? Malabo nang matupad yan.’ then she smiled at me teasingly.
    Na tame ng legs mo Miss…hahahahahhaha

  3. frances

    Hi Ms. Camille :) Just wanted to say i think you’re the Filipina version of Blake Lively. Tall, legs that go on forever, and of course a classy, elegant yet fun fashion sense. You’re one of my fashion idols.

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Frances! She’s got longers legs that refuse to end haha! :) I’m flattered :)

  4. Leyla

    camille you’re so beautiful and your clothes are so pretty i like your style

  5. Anjelica Mae S. Mangahas

    Ang simple nga lang kung wala yung snake skin belt and peplum. Mas naging eye-catchy siya with those pieces added :)

  6. Jasmin

    You look gorgeous all the time! And i love that layering :)
    You are one of a kind. Your blog gives me so much energy through our rough winter we have here in Finland. Thank you for that. I probably never stop following you <3 :)

  7. Tricia G. Ladiana

    yay again!I love this outfit!Peplum now was in trend. I hope sa bazaar you have peplum to be sell,I really wanted to have kahit isa lang! :) Mas sasaya ako kunggaling sayo!Remembrance kumbaga!hehe :)

  8. ann

    hi. just wondering, do you study all of these stuff? you seemed a pro when it comes to proportions and balance of everything in fashion. i must say, you’re a pro.

  9. min

    camille, do you get shy when you take photos somewhere highly accessible to public? :D

  10. Bongi

    Soo elegant!! Wooow☺♥!!,this is why your blogspot is my favourite spot!! Love it [taking tips☺♥]

  11. maebs

    why is it that your so genius when it comes in styling? :) i really love your outfit, its really cool! your awesome :) Ate Cams, I’m sorry I’d think I cannot by the headband its because my siblings hold it! :( maybe next time po makakabili na ako! :)

  12. Jocelyn Yang

    Atsi Camille, i love your power of layering!
    Btw,are you a former Judenite? because I saw a picture of you on a book in our library:)

  13. Jill Dianne Regorgo

    My jaw just literally dropped when I saw this outift!! Gusto ko din! Iba ang magic na nabibigay ng peplum sa mga outfit. Mas nagiging edgy ang dating. Ang sexy mo ate Cam!!! Nakakainggit!! :D Haha.

    P.S have fun in Thailand! :)

  14. Dheya Suzuki

    I thought it was just 2 of them. haha. =))) you really look super pretty when you smile. ;)

  15. Elle

    Wow! I didn’t know that a peplum skirt with balance out a shoulder-heavy (is that even the correct term? haha) shirt like that! I wasn’t sure what to do with a blouse I just bought that’s like the one you have but now I know! Thank you!

  16. Ren Cayetano

    I love layering and black and white combinations! I always read your posts na, like every day. ang galing mo mag layer ng skirts! I also like your clutch. :) Do you know any shops that sell envelope-size clutches? yung oversized na clutches? I really want to have one! :)

  17. Trisha

    WOW. I love the peplum belt HEHE a 3 layer skirt (including belt)!!! HAHA

  18. Christy Alindao

    I super lurve your skirt Miss Camille.. Be blessed and Stay beautiful.. xoxo

  19. darleen

    you’re really creative… totally the belt and add’l skirt made your look edgier! thumbs up :)

  20. jhay-cee

    wow. i love the layering, being a draftsman / AutoCAD operator / designer, layering is very important to all the plans or designs that we created. :-) Kasama na yan sa everyday routine namin. :-D I love the print of your skirt, and your top. i love the overall look. Amazing Miss Cams.

    xoxo – jhaycee

  21. Colt Nava

    Oh wow the peplum belt is such a cute idea! Whoever came up with that is such a smartypants :D And you’re the smartypants for coming up with the 1-2-3 idea haha.. I wanna pinch your cheeks at time for being such a cutie! So pag naglalakad ka and then someone pinched your cheek, that would be me lol pero dont worry, I’m from Bacolod so it won’t happen anytime soon :P

    • itscamilleco

      We’re all smarty pants! Haha! Pinch my cheeks? Go lang! Buti may briefing muna haha!

  22. Mariel

    You’re so gorge Ms. Camille!!! I love how put together your look is! <3

  23. Kimberly Macalinga

    wow.. You are SEXY ! Yes new idea nanaman.. Thanks po! You are so great on matching style ms. Camille ,IDOL (salute!) *stay beautiful!

  24. Alyzza

    Soo sexyy!! You should smile more often it suits you :)) Hindi ba masakit ang zara shoes? Is it comfy? :)

  25. ish

    how funny i thought the peplum was part of the skirt, such a cool accesoiry <3
    love the print and those shoes are bad ass cute
    xx ish

  26. Charmaine Conrado

    Woooooowww! The power of Camille Co! Grabeee I so love this outfit! I really love black and white and peplum and aztec. You really rocked it! By the way how much is the detachable peplum? Meeee reaaly love ittt!! <3

  27. Emmrose Villasfer

    i didn’t know my peplum belt pala. sayo palang ako nakakakita noon :)
    uhm, if you dont mind pero, anu waist size mo? :D haha!
    you look nineteen-year-old sa pictures :)

  28. Tasha D.

    FANTASTIC Mix & Match! That’s what I call styling! The peplum belt makes such a big difference! I love it! Indeed accessories even the smallest of them can make or break an outfit!

  29. Patricia

    Ate Camille! Your so awkward when you smile but you’re still so cute omg lol. La la love everything! Ps. Still waiting for CoExist to EXIST in SM Malls. Remember me? Mehehe

  30. Regine Ong

    LOVE IT!!! aahhh another outfit that inspired me, like… as always. layer addict kase ako when it comes to outfits :P

  31. Honey Lyn

    sabi ko na eh! peplum belt from miss satorial. hmm i’m planning to buy gray and black. kaso di ko alam kung anung shade ng color ng top for gray peplum belt. any suggestion miss camille? thank u! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Yes it’s the D7000 but I don’t shoot raw since I really don’t know how to use that format anyway and the files are too big :)

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