Just because we don’t have fall season here, doesn’t mean we can’t join in on the fun right? Fall trends are almost always centered on dark and textured pieces like these. Of course everyone knows my personal favorite–tweed!

Instead of styling my tweed jacket and pants in my usual prim & proper way, I took inspiration from my jacket’s biker vibe and went for an edgier and more masculine look. See! Tweed ensembles aren’t just for the Jackie Os of the world after all! They can also work for tough biker girls like the girl I’m pretending to be in these photos haha! Now, where’s my motorcycle?

If you’re not into androgynous dressing, don’t fret. These pieces can still work for you. Take my outfit for example. Just remove the jacket, reveal that sexy, sophisticated sheer top underneath and change to stiletto pumps or sandals! Voila! You’re back to your girly self.

Too bad you can’t see it here but these pants actually have a little metallic sheen on them. Oh Mango, you make the best tweed clothes!!!

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Mango jacket, top, pants, bag and accessories (To know more about this look, visit my Lookbook page)

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113 Responses to “Biker”
  1. gladys

    Comment na ako nang comment. Maano ba? hehehehehhe
    Miss Cams!!!!
    Ba’t ba kahit ano isuot mo, bagay sayo?! Frustrated lang ako… I love this outfit. Too bad d bagay sakin to..:D Buti nalang, bagay na bagay sayo..:)))

  2. Charisse Roa

    Ohemgeee! I love your pants’ detail! Tweeded jacket and pants? Never looked this good! Thank you for the tip if we want to change this outfit from edgy to girly! ;)

  3. Kyla Mae

    Oh well, you’re evidently a genius Ms. Camille. Never thought of anyone working tweed and biker together, you’re so awesome. You are my symbol for fashion not having any rules!

  4. Eunice Raiza Santos

    i just had to give it to you. what else can you pull off? i had been an absent reader for these past few weeks because we switched job locations. boy, you surprise me, cams. good job,

  5. Jill Dianne Regorgo

    Love how the pants just gave life to the dark colors of this outfit :D Plus the details of your jacket ughhh to die for!! :”> Totally love this ensemble ate Cam!! I will be your number one fan, forever and always <3

    • itscamilleco

      Feel na feel ko haha! Plus the sun was so hot and bright, I could barely open my eyes haha!

  6. Frances Gian

    look at you, your parents must be rally really proud of you. I already have put you on my pedestal. hahaha GODbless you po ate

  7. Francesca

    wow wow wow! **
    I love this look, I love your blog, I love YOU! ♥
    I follow you forever! :D
    and I also follow you on twitter and bloglovin.

    I would be very very happy if you will follow me, too.
    I leave you my links, so it will be easier to find me.

    Thank you, dear!
    Good luck

  8. Zaira Awat

    Hello Miss Camille! I’m Zai and I’m fourteen years young. I really love your style and your sense of humor! Yung tipong parang bahay ko na yung blog mo! I love your outfits, fashion sense and your everything! I hope someday I’ll be like you na na fe-feature sa magazines, and etc.. Sana tumagal pa ang friendship mo with other bloggers like Laureen, Tricia and Kryz! Please tell them I love their blogs too. Naka bookmark nga yun sa laptop ko eh. Hahaha! You guys are amazing. I hope I cann see you soon! :**

  9. ish

    love the look, the jacket is lovely and those heels are killer !!
    xx ish

  10. X-tine

    love the jacket! really fond reading your blog. :) very inspiring. nice shots! wanna ask what camera u used? =)

  11. jhay-cee

    When I first saw this look, my first reaction, another rebellious look but when I read it, its more on masculine look. LOVE iT.
    how many tweed jacket do you have???

    xoxo – jhaycee

  12. Joy Dianne

    This look rocks! What I like about you Ms. Camille is that no matter what style you wear, it still looks perfect on you. *Jealous girl alert* Hahaha. We love you. :*

  13. Mariann

    Hey Camille:) I love this outfit, especially the jacket and the pants (…and the boots, and the bag:D), they are just perfect together. You should wear more outfits like this because this style suits you so WELL, believe me<3 Have a lovely weekend! Hugs from Hungary.

  14. Jyllian

    Hi Ate Camille. I love the outfit of yours plus the quality of picture you have. I mean the shots is so cool. What camera did you use here if you don’t mind? Thanks! much love xx

  15. Janica

    Hello! Don’t you get sweaty in that outfit? You’re all covered up. Plus, it’s hot in the Philippines. Thanks!

  16. jUd canoy

    u really are a Mango It girl :)
    love ur outfit..2 in 1..u can change from being androgynous to corporate chic ^.^

  17. Trisha

    I so love Mango too =))) Tweed =))) Reminds me of the Fleed in Lorax HEHE Love the jacket and your bottoms.

  18. Mauriciostian

    You look fantastic in tweed. I have a question, you are Chinese, right? And i was wondering which dialect do you speak(mandarin, cantonese, hokkien etc) :)

  19. Angela Aves

    Your outfit really suits the event that is happening here in IT Park Cebu which is “Biketober Fest”.
    Very nice ^^ Biker Chick ^^

  20. Joreina Blanco

    Love the entire outfit! Ms. Camille, how many cabinets do you own just to store all of your wardrobes? Hihi. I’m just curious! I so want all of your outfits, eh :D

  21. Charmaine Conrado

    Yey thank you ate Cams, now I know kung ano ang right word for that style. “Androgynous” ye! I really like the sound of that word and that’s one of my favorite vibes. Rock on! xoxo

  22. Jill Dianne Regorgo

    Love how the pants just gave life to the dark colors of this outfit :D Plus the details of your jacket ughhh to die for!! :”> Totally love this ensemble ate Cam!! I will be your number one fan, forever always <3

  23. Tricia

    It’s like every piece of clothing suits you well! Haha! You look so beautiful! <3

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