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I was able to compile some of my magazine features for the past few months. It has been a good year! From gracing my first ever cover as a fashion blogger, to writing another magazine article, to getting acknowledged as a designer by another fashion magazine, I feel extremely blessed. Thank you to these publications for giving me these opportunities! I am always grateful. :)

So here it is–my biggest magazine feature yet (and probably the only one haha). I’ve already said this before, I NEVER in a million years would’ve thought that I’d one day land a magazine cover, much less a Preview Magazine cover! If you were not able to grab a copy of this issue last September (I hate you), here are a few photos from the cover story. I wish you’d still try to find a copy of your own though. A lot of my readers who bought a copy told me they learned so much from the cover story that was written by not one but three editors, namely Daryl Chang, Anna Canlas and Karen Bolilia. O diba? With the 3 of them combined, how can the issue not be insightful? :)

Here I am, this time featured as one of the 12 young fashion designers for Metro Magazine’s fashion issue. We were all asked to create something in red. I was actually busy with clients’ orders during this time so I couldn’t find the time to make a new dress for this spread. Good thing I had an existing design from last year that fit the theme and model rocked it.

I really get a different high whenever I get featured as a designer. It’s always a huge honor for me, more than getting acknowledged as a fashion blogger and everything else. Fashion design is and will always be my first love, my priority and my path.

Just a short feature on ViVi Malaysia as Mango’s IT Girl. Hello to my Malaysian readers! :)

Another short feature as a fashion blogger on Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Magazine. I basically just modeled har har. Margaux Romero styled me for this shoot.

Chalk Magazine asked me to write a how-to article on being a style blogger for their September issue. If you were able to get a copy, I hope you liked it! I shared a lot of my style blogging tips, everything from how to pose to how many photos to post to my camera settings. Of course, like what I wrote in the article, these are not “MUSTS” but merely suggestions that work best for me.

I actually have another article coming out this November on Meg Magazine. I hope you guys can grab a copy of that as well. Sorry, I just had to plug haha!

And last but not the least, my Etcetera guesting on ETC from last year. I know it’s not a magazine feature but I just had to include it because a lot of you seem to enjoy seeing me in videos and hearing my extra tiny and weird voice. Haha! I, along with Danika Navarro, were the first bloggers to be featured on the show. It was a fun shoot! Watch me do an awkward mini dance! Don’t judge me! There’s only room for love here. (Thank you to Cy for uploading this video. )

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  1. Tricia Su

    hello! Hi model/blogger/article writer! haha I am so happy for you! For your success, fame and intelect. I would just want to know what type of laser hair removal you have done on your ? Underarm! hehe so embarassing to ask, I am sorry.

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Tricia! :) Is there a type? I just went to Mederm Asia :)

  2. dee

    Hey!! Just wanted to ask if you where can I buy vivi msia here in Philippines? :))

  3. gladys

    Miss Cams, sinuyod ko buong NBS at anu-anong lugar na pero mukhang marami na ang nakauna sa akin!!!
    (Crying) U hate me now. hahahahaha

    Anyway, ANG CUTE NG BOSES MO TALAGA! (giggles)

  4. Dana Alulod

    Love this statement of yours :D “If you were not able to grab a copy of this issue last September (I hate you)” haha that made me very eager to find a copy :D haha I would really find !! :DD

  5. Angeline

    Hey Camille!
    I was wondering if perhaps you could show us, those who don’t live in Philippines, the article you wrote for Chalk magazine? I have many friends here in Singapore who love your blog and would love to know your tips on becoming a fashion blogger! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Oh wow! :) That’s so nice to know! :) I’ll try to squeeze it in one of these days :)

  6. darleen

    i’m so happy for you ms. camille kasi you’re my favorite fashion blogger! :)

  7. Christine Koay

    if I were in the Philippines, I would buy all this magazine! so please don’t hate me, Ms Camille! =( I would really like to read the Preview magazine and also Chalk magazine.. but I missed the ViVi issue cuz I didn’t know they feature you! =( anyway.. I’m very proud of you! keep it going and will always read your blog! =)

      • Christine Koay

        yes I am, Ms Camille! but my mum is from Philippines.. I never been there yet.. and I never meet my relative before.. just keep in touch at facebook.. so I’m a half chinese, half Pinay.. =)

  8. maebs

    Camille Co: A fashion goddess in her own right :) wow! ang dami dami mo na po pala ng mga features because you deserve it :)

  9. Molly

    “I know it’s not a magazine feature but I just had to include it because a lot of you seem to enjoy seeing me in videos and hearing my extra tiny and weird voice.” – I thought, I am the only fan of yours who has this weird addiction about you. haha. Seriously, I wanted to have that kind of voice. Though its tiny and “weird”, it sounds so “intellectual”, and like a mayaman na Chinese in the ear. :D

  10. Rhej Baloro

    Grabe >.< nakakakilig po kayo titigan :D as in :D idol! you're so pretty :D and cool :D God bless :D

  11. Farrah

    Hi Camille! I wish you could do a “A Day in the Life of Camille Co” post. I’m really curious how you balance being a designer, blogger, model, stylist, etc. =)

    • itscamilleco

      I don’t know as well hahaha! But sige, I’ll keep this in mind :)

  12. Frances Gian

    i really love you you know. I really look up to you like my very very super mega use of exaggeration and hyperbole IDOL. :)

  13. Anelle

    The photo spreads in these magazines look great! I love the shoots in Metro and Preview magazine! Congratulations on all your success!

  14. Danielle fatima

    That ass!!!! Hahahhaa. I just had to! Its so well shaped 0.0. Im not a maniac but i just had to,woah! Sooo jealous!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS camille co! More blessings to come im sure. And you do have a cute voice. Hahahah

  15. jUd canoy

    reading this post makes me feel sooo proud of you of your achievements Ms.Cams ^.^
    I’ve witnessed your transformation in fashion from the first time you started blogging up until now, I can tell that you deserve all of these blessings..your hard works totally paid off..
    I’ve seen all your designs posted & am already considering you to design my wedding gown whenever I get married..hahaha
    maybe 3-4yrs from now..hahaha
    wishing you for more blessings to come :)
    ganbatte kudasai Camille-chan ^.^

  16. Trisha

    Btw, I hope you have an outfit for Halloween! Like a costume, but wearable even if there’s no Halloween party to go to? HEHE

  17. Trisha

    I see you are having a good year. Hope you keep it up and continue to shine =)))

  18. Pat Hernandez

    I was able to buy the Preview Mag! and yes, I truly learned a lot. You are truly an inspiration :)
    I would also like to have a copy of Chalk mag. I hope I can still find one! It’s hard to find Chalk in our place. :(
    With all the tips and courage, I hope I could also start my very own blog. :)

  19. zoe

    hi miss camille! :) may i ask what issue of chalk you wrote for? that is the only mag i don’t have eh! :) and i love you very much! :)

  20. Emmrose Villasfer

    hi camille
    because of your guesting on Etcetera I discover your blog. And since then, I always here at hanggang ngayon..
    I’m a big fan of yours :)
    mag-wa-one year na kong fan mo :D happy anniversary! haha

  21. Charmaine Conrado

    Awwww, I can’t take na you hate me, I was not able to buy Preview Sept. ish kasi. Wala akong pera, TSK. But I am really going to buy!!!!! Hahaha I know it will really really be beautiful. Eh kayo ba naman ni ate Lau at Tricia eh. BTW may I ask how you maintain your accessories. I know you have a lot and keeping them good may not be easy. And some of the gold toned bangles sometimes fade. What do you do to keep them from deteriorating? Thanks!

    • itscamilleco

      Dapat lang! :) Haha kidding :) Try to seal you accessories properly :)

  22. Reena

    Camille! you are my most favorite fashion blogger evarrrrr (wala na dapat mang aagaw ng title ko na No.1 fan!)!!! ^^ hehehe… And reading your previous post na you also like Bigbang…nakohhh! Awesome! Akala ko parang fish out of water ako. hahaha Keep up the good work and I pray for more success! <3

  23. Christy

    I am so jealous !!! I live in Australia and I can’t get my hands on any of those magazines !! ):

  24. jhay-cee

    Honestly Miss, when i saw you on ECT, and sabi ko nalang “sino sya?, and ganda naman nya” and since then, i visit your blog na everyday and when you guest on PRP (Project Runway Philippines) super happy ko bcoz napanuod ulit kita and narinig ko ulit ang cute mong voice (no bola :-) ) and until now, I visited your blog everyday. :-) I love you Miss Cams. <3<3<3

    xoxo – jhaycee

  25. carina

    hi mrs camille! :) can you read my blog and spread it? :) i really need your help. i wanted to inspire girls to be confident. thankyou for the support if you spread it! mwuah! :* and i’m going to buy this magazine for more guides :D

    here is my account: http://www.carinapascual.blogspot.com/

  26. Naomi

    amazing, i’m so proud of you! you’re an inspiration to all the fashionable filipinas like me that we can build a name in the fashion industry. good job! :)

  27. CC

    You’re really amazing, you deserve all of it :) i know you’ve earned it and of course i’m always looking forward to the day you’ll be on vogue!!! i believe i’m gonna read a ‘I’m on vogue!’ Blog title one day! Hahahaha!!! Love you my fave blogger!!!! :)

  28. Joy Dianne

    You’ve done to much to reach this kind of success. I am so happy for you, Ms. Camille. :)

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