Blog Giveaway: Nikon (CLOSED)

Here we go again! Another blog giveaway for you! What’s up for grabs? Oh nothing, just a Nikon Coolpix S4300 for that one lucky reader! Could she/he be you?

Let’s cut to the chase shall we? Here’s how you can join:

  1. Follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin’. If you don’t have these accounts, it’s easy to make one!
  2. Follow Nikon Philippines on Facebook.
  3. Leave a comment below with your name, twitter name and answer to this: “I am a/an _______________ because ______________.” So basically, you just have to fill in the blanks. Get creative! If you need some inspiration, check out my video below for the I Am Nikon campaign. Mine says I am an independent woman.
  4. Tweet this: ”I want to win that Nikon camera giveaway on! #ItsCamilleCoGiveaways”

Deadline for entries is on October 24, 2012 at 11:59PM. This contest is open to Philippine residents only. No multiple entries please! Whoever submits the best answer wins! Unlike before, the winner will be announced here on my blog instead of on Twitter  so don’t forget to visit back! :)

Good luck everyone! Leaving you with my I Am Nikon campaign video shot mooooooonths back!

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  1. CATHY


  2. itscamilleco

    Congratulations to Phylicia Marie Pineda
 for winning this! :) I sent you a direct message on Twitter :)

  3. Reylyn

    Hi Ms. Camille…did you already announced the winner of the Nikon give away? hope i’m the lucky one…hehehe.thanks =)))

  4. Cherry Privado

    Name: Cherry Privado
    Twitter: @sherryprivado

    I am a breadwinner because I chose and loved to be one. I ate my pride and still enjoyed the awesome sweetness of my slice of life.

  5. Gia Santos

    Name: Gia Santos
    Twitter: @rponlinefashion

    I am a young achiever because at the age of 14, I already managed to establish my own online shop & also become a freelance writer; and at the young age of 17, I already managed to buy my own CAR without the help of my parents’ cash. :)

  6. joy

    Joy Cerame

    i am a runner because running for me is a lot like’s not about the road you take but the experiences you will encounter along the way.
    (and it would be best if every experience is captured with a new Nikon coolpix ^_^)

  7. Bernadette Jean Silang

    Name: Bernadette Jean Silang
    Twitter Name: @iambjean

    I am a “WonderPinay” because I have a mother/father/oldest sister responsibility and obligation to my two younger sisters, a 101%-always-to-the-rescue-friend whenever my friends need me, and a patient-advocate- registered nurse for our Filipinos in need of medical care! I’m just one of the million Filipinas with an awesome girl power of our new generation! :)

  8. Tan, Carmina

    Carmina Tan
    I am risk-taker who loves taking picture and capturing every moment that is happening because moments and memories last forever and I don’t want to miss those blessing each day of my life.

  9. Jade Lapuz

    Kristelle Jade Lapuz

    I am a humble person because I never tries to out do someone else and make myself look better or smarter. Instead of wanting to be right, even if I know something already, I just simple say, “Interesting, thanks for that.” I know only one thing, that I am NOT always right! If I have an idea to present or a solution to offer, I don’t try to convince others that its the right solution.

    Some people are constantly striving for success and they often feel very proud of themselves for getting to where they are at. But me? I am not proud and know that I didn’t get myself here. I know that others helped me, encouraged me and assisted me to get to where I am now.

    I also make sure that I take every opportunity I have to thank others for what they do and what they help me. People don’t accomplish anything on their own and it always takes help from others.

    And lastly, I don’t judge others. Because I believe that everyone is different and have different ideas.

  10. Kat Lee

    I am an explorer because at the mention of a new destination, I immediately jump for joy. And I do not because of the chance for a fuller check-list, but for a chance to develop myself and to see what surprises nature has in store for me.

    I also prefer the life of an explorer — ever moving and not stagnant, not simply contented on the same scene every now and then. Besides, living on fresh water and freshly picked fruits sounds exciting!

    Whatever, wherever, whenever, I’m game for anything, so long as my parents are too; for I simply can’t let anything pass or be left untried.

    Name: Kat Lee
    Twitter name: @imagreencat

  11. Marissa Lugtu

    Name: Marissa Lugtu
    Twitter: @marssmallowss

    I’m a superwoman. Multi tasking is common to me. I performs all the duties associated with several different full-time roles, such as a nurse, daughter, helper in our house, nanny for my nieces everyday. Doing my duties and responsibilities is my strength. I’m a woman with more than super powers.

  12. Jovelyn

    Jovelyn B. Mateo, @jovelyn831 I am a perfectly imperfect girl, beautiful in my flaws, trying to love Jesus, and holding on to the one thing that alluded me for so very long Because the truth that it doesn’t matter what I do or what I say or what happens to me, grace is there to catch me and remind me that I am loved. Deeply and perfectly and forever.

  13. angelica tan


    I am Nikon because I spice things up with ny passion and confidence!:)

  14. Romina Galang

    Bonjour! xxx

    I am the symbol of true woman because I accept myself and i am contented on what I have right now. i am 17 years old/college student and an avid reader of Filipino fashion blogs especially the blogs of Laureen Uy, Lissa Kahayon and especially YOU. Its not because I am a certified fashionista or what so ever but that’s what I’m lacking of. I am a fat/chubby girl so I use to have a common/simple/lousy fashion style and there’s a certain happiness and an inspiration to lose weight when I saw pictures of sexy, fashionable and stylish giirls like you. This Nikon camera will totally help me since it will remind me that I should start improving myself. Who knows? I can be a fashion blogger like you using this wonderful Nikon camera. So please help me to start a new life and improve myself ♥♥♥♥

    This can be my greatest gift ever! Merci beaucoup =) Carpe diem!

  15. Eloisa Arceo

    i am a dreamer and a believer because dreaming to be who you are is the most wonderful thing like how dreaming basically is the first step to achieve what you want and believing you’ll get them is the most important! be positive!

  16. Julie Ann Carmel B. Nacar

    Julie Ann Carmel B. Nacar

    I am a diamond because I’ve come and experienced a lot in my life. Frictions that once I thought that I can’t get through but those frictions made me whole and valuable today. Value not in the means of money or fame, but of wisdom and knowledge that I can only share with other people. And by those experiences, I create memories that I can look back to to remind myself that I am bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style like a diamond — and nothing else can make a great memory like Nikon. :)

  17. Raych Ramos

    Raych Ramos

    I am fresh graduate and honestly I don’t know which path to take. I got lots of dreams and ambitions in life but this time i’m just really confused and sometimes frustrated. but there were lots of eye openers for the past few months that made me realize you don’t get everything that’s good in life in a blink of an eye. you have to WORK HARD for it. if you really want it, put your whole heart into it and someday it’ll all pay off. Good things really come for those who wait and won’t stop dreaming until I reach my goal. I may be young but I know I can do everything as long as I believe :) I’m a lover of life, I appreciate everything at its best and make most of my time. I’m a dreamer and forever a believer of God’s great blessings to each and everyone of us. :)

  18. Anjo Santos

    Angelo Michael Santos or simply Anjo Santos
    Twitter @iamanjosantos

    I am a competent student nurse because that’s what matters most in every profession. We need to be the competent one or we will never be recognized in every thing we do, most importantly in the field of our work. It’s either competence, or absence. That’s it!

  19. Bianca Marie Pascual

    I am precious because I know my worth. I believe that there’s nothing more precious than to a woman who knows exactly what she deserved– knows what people are supposed to treat her, and knows what to do for people to treat her that way.


  20. Rina Ignacio

    I am the kind of person who prefers to stand out rather than mix in. When I’m passionate about something, I certainly have the guts to do whatever it takes in order for me to pull it off. I embrace my flaws and individuality, and don’t let my mistakes define me, thus, I am willing to learn and create a place for improvement. Basically, I am packed with enough uniqueness, enthusiasm, and confidence to chase my dreams and live life to the fullest.

  21. Abhie

    I am a frustrated photographer who loves to take photos of the beaches, sky, nature, and weddings because it makes me happy and see how beautiful our world is. :)

    Name: Abegail A. Halili
    Twitter: @abhiehalili

  22. KC

    Kimberly Calub

    I am SURVIVOR!

    Being an adapted child is not easy. I grew up in an environment where kids at my age and even my cousins always tease me “AMPON, AMPON” and to be honest hearing those words at such young age put me in pain for years. I’m always longing for acceptance and love from my Mom’s extended family cause somehow no matter what I do and prove them that I’m worthy of my mothers love, it always boils down to the fact that where not related. The feeling of “You do not belong here” always put tears in my eyes. It even came to a point that they brainwash my mom to stop sending me into college because they believe it’s only a waste of money and I will never pass the test for scholarship.

    So I prove them wrong, I passed the test for scholarship and became a scholar and dean’s lister for fours years straight. I worked as a service screw in a fast food chain to support my studies and I am proud that I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. Despite all the trials and ordeals that I went to I am so blessed that my mom never left my side, she’s the only person who believes in me, never fails to show me that I am love and worthy.

    I am always grateful and thankful for the immeasurable love that my mom wrapped me. She fills the hole in my heart will all the kindness, understanding and support she gave me. I salute her because she selflessly gave her life to raise me. (she’s dalaga kasi upto now). I am who I am now because of her. I can proudly say that I am PASSIONATE and SELFLESS MOTHER. The happiness that successful motherhood with full of greatness marks my completeness as a WOMAN as MOTHER. A role where perfection can never be won but the gratitude and worth of small things and greatness is immeasurable ♥♥♥

  23. Jeanna Zimmerman

    Name: Jeanna Zimmerman
    Twitter Name: @jeannazimmerman

    I am a simple woman with a big heart because God had loved me so much that I just want to share that love with everybody else. We may not be rich but I am thankful of how He has filled my heart with the richness of His love and grace and through this Nikon Coolpix S4300, I can capture every priceless moment He will be directing for my life and be able to treasure it and show to the world how God truly is wonderful. Capturing life and love through Nikon Coolpix S4300. ❤❤❤

  24. camille

    I am a proud Pinay because I share the wonders of our rich culture and the ways of showing love for country to my preschool students.
    camille quiambao

  25. Jerica Frani

    Jerica Frani
    I am a Fashionista Achiever because l always set my goals high and reach them by all means. At the same time, i balance my life by taking a break and engaging myself into the world of style and fashion. Having a Nikon Coolpix S4300 camera will capture my successes and failures which will both motivate and encourage me to do better. :D

  26. Mia Viloria

    I am an aspiring artist and cook because these are my passions. I can’t live without doing this everyday. I don’t want regretting not doing what i really love to do. We only live once ,they say, and that’s true. I don’t care if I’m not gonna earn money because of my artistic pursuits. i don’t care if i get tired everyday because of cooking or smell like garlic. XD What really matters to me is that every time i wake up in the morning, I will look back what i did yesterday and would say “Yes, there’s nothing to regret about yesterday because I accomplish something through my passions.” :) following your heart won’t hurt a bit but it takes a courage to fully follow your heart. Could be a rocky road on the way but hey! you’ll learn how to handle it. ^O^

  27. Kathrine Tan

    I am a self-proclaimed blogger, photography enthusiast and a big dreamer because I love telling stories, taking pictures of everything and dreaming big. I want to be a photoblogger, I love taking pictures of beautiful places and species of any kind. I’m scientifically studying life and I want to capture every living thing and show it to the world through my blog. I have this big dream to become a doctor, photographer and a blogger and right now I’m doing my best to get it. Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second. It keeps a moment from running away.

  28. Darren Mae de Torres

    darren mae m. de torres
    darren mae de torres

    I am a traveler by heart because as a Tourism student, it is given for me to travel. I love it a lot! I love going to new places, experiencing different culture, meet new people and taking photographs as a great souvenir to all places I’ve been to. I visited Ilocos, Cebu and Singapore. 3 great places, right Ms. Camille? :) and I want to include France in my visited places too someday! But it’ll be forever special if I can bring with me a Nikon Coolpix S4300. :D

  29. Giselle Vernice Gargantos

    Giselle Vernice Gargantos

    I am different because I choose to defy the norm by being myself and by leaving a trail in every path that I take. :)

  30. Marinette Alanis Zaratan

    Name: Marinette Alanis Zaratan
    Twitter: @ALANISzaratan

    I am a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious woman. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means extraordinary, fantastic or extreme. And this is the word that exactly defines me. Because every time I do something I go beyond the limits. I don’t stick to standards or average levels. Like in studying, I didn’t just aim to pass, but I aim to be on the top. And for me, Nikkon will be the very best gadget that will help me share my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious talents and moments with my friends. :)

  31. Ariane Lora

    Name: Ariane Lora
    Twitter: @iFierceFashion & @AshBabe_Popster


  32. Kyla Yanessa Palo

    Name: Kyla Yanessa
    Twitter: kawaiikyla

    I am a lover of life and God, because its the least I could do for Him who has been continuously giving me so much love. Simply living and seeing God’s wonderful creations is such a great blessing. And a quality compact camera from Nikon can help me capture our awesome and majestic world.

  33. Anne Marielle Gantuangco

    Twiiter name: @annemarielleG

    I am unique because I dare to be different. I’m a risk taker and I’m not afraid to express myself… That’s why I blog. I express myself in a million different ways. Through writing, music, blogging… and of course taking photos… What better way to express yourself than through photos… as they say… a picture paints a thousand words.

  34. Cheska

    Cheska Balingit

    I am a fashion lover because Fashion, I believe and know, has inspired my life in so many different ways. Fashion, I think, is a tangible way to look at people’s personalities and who they are. Fashion, though not miraculous, has made me a devotee. And if given a chance, in the near future I want to be that person who designs the garments that make these people so alive so I can think all of the people I can help feel noticed that day.

  35. Makayla Kroenke

    Makayla Kroenke
    twitter: @makaylakroenke

    I am innovative because I am inspired.

  36. Ana Victoria Mercader

    I am a Medical Student because i am aiming to be a doctor someday.. not just an ordinary doctor.. but an advocate who would make a difference in the health services in the Philippines..most expecially giving priority to poor people and people from rural areas where health services are taken for granted.

    Twitter : @vianamuuch

  37. Philip Ali

    Name: Philip Saud Ali
    Twitter Username: philipali

    I am no one special, just a common man with common thoughts because i have led a common life. I am just a simple person who leads by example and shares my best practices with other people through sharing and by being an inspiration to others. I would love to capture these experience using this camera as i share my life to everyone.

  38. Claudine L. Miranda

    Claudine L. Miranda


  39. Katrina Marie Cunanan

    Name: Katrina Marie Cunanan
    Twitter: @kmcunanan

    I am a daughter and a sister. I love my family so much. They are the center of my life. I am a friend. I belong to a small group because I like to know how they are and what they are up to. I love taking care of everyone and with that they bestowed upon me the nickname “Mama Bear”. I guess I always had that maternal instinct even though I’m not a mom yet :)

  40. Aleckzandra Palisoc

    Aleckzandra Palisoc
    I am beautiful because I am beautifully and wonderfully made by God.

  41. Kathleen Factoriza

    Kathleen Factoriza

    “I am a Believer because i know that Everything we do, Whatever we are going through, whatever we get in this world is the will of God. Just Believe, Have Faith and you’ll have the best in this world” :D


    Anna Monique Santos

    I am a full-blooded Filipino because my skin color is brown and I’m proud of it! Proud to be pinay! :)

  43. Maria Katrina Rafanan


    I am a TRUSTWORTHY and CREATIVE person because Life is built with Trust. I need both as a professional and as an individual; not just to meet but to exceed expectations for my self and for others. I recently celebrated my birthday, Nikon Coolpix S4300 will be a great gift since it will be MY first camera ever!.

  44. Apple barro

    i am obsessed in fashion cause i can express myself through it. I love to stand in front of my wardrobe putting different clothes. and i must say that now that i have confidence to express myself. :)))

  45. Joana Decilos

    Name: Joana Decilos
    Twitter: @joanamissathing

    I am a young scientist for the people because I’m here to serve everyone specially in times of calamities. Having this cute Nikon camera may help me in documenting my project and studies during those events.

  46. Mary Anne

    I am a happy person because I always try to see things on a panoramic view.

  47. Pixy Umali

    Pixy Umali

    I am an empowered individual.

    Power doesn’t come with money or authority or social status. I believe power comes from having self-respect. It’s about knowing and loving yourself. It’s about knowing your rights, and not allowing anyone to step on you. Power is understanding what you are capable of, and acting on that capability to do something that will change the world, however little it may be. It’s about having an open mind and heart to listen and respect everyone’s opinion. It’s about NOT being afraid to try and learn something new. It’s about facing failures and rejection. Furthermore, I think power is about believing in the impossible –in what others think are out-of-reach. With these reasons, I believe I am empowered. :)

  48. Sharliemagne

    I am an accounting student. They say it’s a boring course but I’m gonna show them how colorful it is. Because Nikon would help me do that! COOL! :D

    twitter: @iamsharlie

  49. Zarah Francesca G. Sakay

    I am euphoric because despite whatever problems life throws at me I am always able to flash a pretty smile to all these problems knowing that it will soon fade away just like photos. I enjoy my life as much as possible and try to capture all the happy memories I experience in life, and that’s what makes me grow as a person. That’s what makes me euphoric.

  50. sarah san felipe

    name: Sarah San Felipe

    Twitter name: @sabsanfelipe

    “i am Me, and that’s all i can be” :)

  51. dhei

    Name: Rhiel
    Twitter: dhei_dreaming

    I am beautiful because I have GOD, and he gives me intellegence, I am beautiful because i can love my self and walk out and say dang i love the world and myself…and I am beautiful because even though Im a little heartbroken, GOD gives me the power to still be strong :=)))

  52. Vanessa Paula G. Ponce

    Vanessa Paula G. Ponce

    I am a servant of God. ♥ Because I strive hard to do what’s best and dedicate it to HIM. Challenges come my way a lot but I face them with a brave heart because God is the center of my life. HE is my best-est friend.

  53. jerome

    Name: Jerome Serrano
    Twitter Name: @jhebearbrand

    I am a fat person because i chose to be fat… I cant blame others if they scold me of being fat this is who i am and i should be proud of myself and i love my self. Being fat doesnt stops me from being creative and become more attractive specially in front of camera. All I did was find my angle, do my angle, pose with my angle and live with my angle then every thing went smoothly as the day pass by….

  54. Yvonne Lopez


    I am the quintessence of womanhood because I am in perpetuity a daughter, a sister, a GFF, a wife and a mother put in one being.

  55. Kristin Faye M. Olalo

    I am a blogger wannabe, a fashion fanatic and a future architect. I am an art lover and explaining why would be like explaining why I breathe. It is expressed in various ways—from the simplest doodles to the most beautiful photographs, from haute couture to futuristic buildings. Art is not just about the picture it paints or the artist himself. Art is about the the amount of exerted effort, the feeling it captures and the memories it holds.

    Art in whatever form is a treasure.

    Art in whatever form is worth capturing.

    Kristin Faye M. Olalo

  56. Grace Toledo

    GRACE TOLEDO || @lulugraceee
    I am a bookworm because whenever I read novels,it seems like I’m travelling to different places for free!

  57. Julz

    Julie Ann Tolentino

    I am NIKON because I put value in life’s most treasured moments.

  58. Chona Gomba

    Chona Gomba

    I am a LOVER OF LIFE because: I enjoy my every meal; I appreciate everything the world has to offer; I spend most of my time in loving people rather than hating them; I can do anything just to make my family happy; I am compassionate towards women & children, because they are the giver and the receiver of life; I love knowledge and learning is my habit; I am always contented with what I have, but I also aspire to be the person that I should be, and; most of all, I am proud being a true child of God.

  59. Angela Paguirigan

    I am an agent of creativity who is in need of a great weapon, Nikon, to fully accomplish my mission to inspire people and showcase professional creativity.

    I am an agent of creativity simply because I chose to be one. :)

  60. Allyanna

    Allyanna Cruz

    I am an advocate of anti-bullying because I have been bullied myself & I’m quite glad that I have surpassed those days. But I just can’t stand seeing my little brother who has dyslexia (a learning disability) being bullied just because he can’t comprehend well in school. All I want is equality and I am firm with my beliefs that each one of us needs respect and that we all have flaws. We are all created by One Mighty & Loving Creator and thus, I don’t see any reason for us, people, to downgrade/bully other people. My little brother is actually having a very low self-esteem because of bullying. And I know that there are many people out there who are being bullied. Because of that, they are suffering from depression; thinking that they are of no good or worthless. I just want people to stop the hatred and spread love instead. Bullying will never lead to something good, it has to be stopped. I am an ADVOCATE. I am COMPASSIONATE. I am a PEACEMAKER. I am NIKON :)

  61. Jhana

    Janaima de Guzman


    I am an outgoing person because i believe that we only live once.

  62. Abbey

    Name: Abbey
    Twitter: @lovelygoodwill

    I am an aspiring professional photographer because photography is my life. I am always inspire to take photos. I want to capture life, emotions and heartfelt events make it timeless. I am walking through life with an open eyes, camera on my hand, and ideas on my head. With Nikon camera I can express my self. Making a world a better place through Photography…

  63. Reylyn

    Name: Reylyn Cruz
    twitter: iamreylyncruz

    I am strong because I am weak. I’m beautiful because I know my flaws. I’m a lover because I am a fighter. I’m fearless because I have been afraid. I’m wise because I have been foolish. & I can laugh because I Have known sadness. =)))

  64. Nikka Norada

    I am Nikka Norada, I am an aspiring photographer and I am a happy-go-lucky type of person. Whenever i’m out i always see to it i take pictures of what i see and what i’m amazed of. I make sure that my heart is there when i take pictures. Just like Nikon’s tagline, “at the heart of the image” :D I am Nikon. ;) and alao, i am a strong person, who believes that we need to live it like there’s no tomorrow :D

    Name: Nikka Jeremy Norada
    Twitter: @nikkanorada

  65. Melanie Esponilla

    Melanie Esponilla
    Iam shallow because I laugh a lot about simple things. I want to live my life the best I can be. I love my Dad and he’s been good to me. I treasure friends who’s been true to me. Photography showcases the real me.

  66. Agnes

    I am ME because God has created me to be me, not to become someone else that other people wanted me to be. I don’t follow the herd, I create my own path. I am the sole author of my life story.

    Agnes Ducay

  67. Michael Andrew F. Tapales

    I am a composer and a singer because, I want to share my stories and experiences to the people around me, but if i would have a chance to win that camera. I can now share my songs around the world by making music videos to touch there hearts and also to inspire them.

  68. Chrizel Conde

    Chrizel Conde
    I am a fashion lover because I want to cherish everything that comes with beauty and art.

  69. Gem Marie

    I I am a Dancer. I love to dance. For me, dancing is the best way to express myself. I see freedom every time I am on stage, dancing my heart out. I don’t dance to gain money. I don’t dance to impress the audience. I dance for the glory of God. And I really don’t care on what the people say about me. Because I know and I believe that whatever I do, He is proud of me, His daughter. ^_^

  70. Apple Novo

    Name: Apple Novo
    Twitter Name: @applenovo
    “I am an aspiring photographer because I want to document important events through taking pictures.”

  71. Maria Allyana Barlaan

    Name: Maria Allyana Barlaan
    Twitter: @yanayraz

    I am a proud FILIPINO because it’s really what defines me. And i’m proud of it. I am proud with my brown skin, black hair and with our culture, on how we support every FILIPINO whenever there’s a contest or a fight. And being a Filipino makes me maka-Diyos and mapag-mahal sa magulang. And it builds me up from who i am today.

  72. myfashionetsetera

    Name: Cheryl Bautista
    Twitter: @Tse13

    I am a woman who has a passion for fashion and I know that nothing is impossible in this world if you trust and believe in yourself that you can do it!

  73. Aleckzandra Palisoc

    Name: Aleckzandra Palisoc
    Twitter name: @zandypalisoc

    I am beautiful because I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

  74. Emma Smith

    I am a creative and sentimental woman because I like taking photos of anything artsy which is basically everything so I can have it forever.

  75. nadine

    i am? because since i was a kid i love taking pictures, i love fashion and also music…these 3 rhymes and complete my i’m 14..i think i can already go to tailoring school…everybody has dreams, and its free..(this is aalso my 1st time to comment, although i a fan) love u:)

  76. Darleen Atienza

    Darleen Atienza

    I am a creative woman who wants to explore and experience the Nikon Coolpix S4300 because I know that capturing every moment is making a big difference in once life and it has also become an inspiration to me.

  77. Patricia Punzalan

    Name: Patricia Marie Punzalan
    twitter: @PatriciaPzln

    I am a person who is still in the process of growing and developing as a woman with dreams to pursue in life. I am trying just like everyone. I cannot do everything but still I believe that I can do something. I love to strive hard for the better. I am a dreamer because I know that all dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them. You have to chase for the things your heart desires.

  78. mariel

    name : mariel ann rivera
    twitter : @yeleyel

    i am simple girl who dreams to be a fashion designer because for me fashion style is the most important., i admire people who dressed at their best and express their self. i’m also owns an online shop, trying to earn extra income, and i love to sell classy yet affordable clothes :) <3

    ms. camilleco, your so pretty and i love your style, i admire you a lot, <3 more powers, god bless

  79. Erika Nase

    Name: Erika Nase
    Twitter: @ErikaSvetlana

    I am a driven person because having an ambition and motivation will make my dreams come to life and that includes being successful in my career.

  80. Krisha Marie Pala

    Name: Krisha Marie Pala
    Twitter: @kritums

    I am in every way a positive person because good day or bad day, it is always up to God and to ourselves. Choices are choices if we start our day right. Somehow negativity brings me down but one thing for sure there are so many ways to get back up. Life is amazing if we could only see the beautiful meaning of it. Cheers! :)

  81. Hanniel Eugenio

    Name: Hanniel Eugenio
    twitter: @hannieleugenio

    I am an imperfect person but im totally blessed and happy because God gave me a wonderful family that i love and loves me so much. i may not have all the glitter things in the world and need to sweat hard to get the things that i need but im certainly thankful because i experience the world to the fullest and i can bring smiles to everybody i love not just on their faces but to their heats as well. I believe that being imperfect doesn’t mean you can not make perfect moments so ill be more glad to capture those every perfect moment with them using the nikon coolpix camera. im really praying that ill win this. more power to your blog ms. camille :)

  82. Angelamhiere

    Twitter: Angelamhiere

    I am an educator and a learner at the same time because I have always believed that learning is a continuous process. I am always thirsty for knowledge and I always try to seek it on my own. I teach my students and learn from them as well. When I learn something new, it makes me happy and I love sharing it with the people I love, and most importantly, to my students, if it is relevant to their learning.

    I am proud to be a teacher. I am proud to be a learner. I am what I am because of the many challenges that i faced in the past… ^__^

    By the way, your voice is really cute! ^__^

  83. Jessica Reyes

    Name: Jessica Reyes
    Twitter: @jessycuhreyes

    I am the Nikon Coolpix S4300. Yes, this camera and I will live together as one. And together we will not only produce great photos but also create lasting memories. Together we will not only produce high definition videos but also live the fullest and highest quality of life. Together we will travel. And we will capture the world one click at a time. :)

  84. Angela Mae Aves

    Name: Angela Mae Aves
    Twitter name: @LiLa_Alu

    I am a distinctive person because I’m exclusively me. I have my style and it sure does pleases everyone.

    (p.s. sorry I posted twice. I don’t know how to delete a post here and I forgot to put my twitter name in my first post ^^)

  85. Mary Grace

    I am a Digital Arts & Design Student because I want to learn more in photography and I also want to share my knowledge in photography to others.

  86. Angela Mae Aves

    I am a distinctive person because I’m exclusively me. I have my style and it sure does pleases everyone.

  87. divine

    name: Divine Grace Garcia
    twitter: @18garxiaGrace

    I am a CAMILLE, C-razy, A-mbitious, M-odest, I-mperfect, L-enient, L-ovable, E-mphatic because i will try everything even though its crazy cause i am ambitious and once i succeed ill be modest about it but if i dont, sorry im not perfect but i’ll act leniently about it since i have given emphasis for trying it in the first place.

  88. alfredo estrella jr.

    I am a happy go lucky guy because I live once, i wanna enjoy things that I can’t go back in the future! Live life HAPPY! :)

  89. carren dela cruz

    name: carren dela cruz
    twitter: itsmebujhoy

    I am a STRONG WOMAN, because I got into a lot of hardships in life but still standing tall, and now giving life to everyone – a bread winner, a fashion entrepreneur, a young professional, a single mom. :)

  90. Barbara Arguelles

    Name: Barbara Arguelles
    Twitter: @cheapskatejoins

    I am a fighter cos I fall seven times but get back up eight times.. and because I have Him. :)

  91. Herleen Sabillano

    I’m Herleen @theloveofh. I am colorful because I see beyond the lens of the camera.

  92. Larraine Figueroa

    Name: Larraine Figueroa
    Twitter: @weeeednesday

    I’m a God-fearing person. Where God is the center of my life and I reach out for my God’s hand. We got a boutique and our next goal is to do online selling. With the help of Nikon we can make it possible. God bless you! :)

  93. Larraine Figueroa

    Name: Larraine Figueroa
    Twitter Name: @weeeednesday

    I am a God-fearing person. Where God is the center of my life and I always reach out for my God’s hand. God gave us a boutique and our next goal is to do online market. Nikon will help us to reach our next goal with the help of God. God bless Camille. God bless Nikon. :)

  94. Ardyn Romina R. Detera


    Hi! I am an achiever because I always attain with effort and despite difficulty. I always make my best effort for something. But I don’t do things for the challenges; I only do them because I love them.

    (Someday I want to be a fashion blogger too, Like you.)

  95. krismariemae

    Krismae Marie A. Artigo
    TwitterName: krisMEimarie

    i am ambitious because it is life’s nature. I need ambitions in order to move on a further phase where i could feel and explain what really is success. Ambitious- the word itself already describes my desire that no one or nothing can stand away in my dreams. :)

  96. Ann

    Ann Lao
    I am a optimist because I always look at the bright side in every situation. Problems/trials are parts of life. I can’t control the things that will come my way, but I can control how they will affect me through my thoughts and reactions.

  97. Vanessa Gonzales

    Vanessa Gonzales

    “I am a dreamer, and right now I am in the middle of making it happen, because life is supposed to be fulfilling your dreams so you can help others not just yourself”

  98. Shannon Nicole C. Primavera

    Shannon Nicole C. Primavera

    I am a fighter because I do not give up on my dreams even if circumstances fail me. Honestly, I am an aspiring fashion designer but I was not given the chance to enter a fashion school yet you and your blog inspire me to keep chasing after my dream and if I must, I will learn the craft on my own. :))

  99. Grace Ann Mamiit

    I am a fearless woman. I’m not afraid to go out of my comfort zone and show my real personality.
    I know I’m not perfect but I believe in myself to achieve my dreams.
    I have my family, friends and also God.
    I’m so happy and lucky to have them in my life.
    I will never stop following my dreams!
    They are all my insprations.
    They are the greatest gift that I received. :)

  100. Genevieve Anne Diocos

    Name: Genevieve Anne Diocos
    Twitter name: Anne Diocos (@genbibanne)

    I am a woman of substance because I care not only for myself but also for my family, relatives, friends, everyone who surrounds me and the society as a whole.

  101. Beverly Oraiz

    I am a woman proud of the way I look because I believe every human being is beautiful the way God is since we are molded with his own image and likeness.

    Beverly R. Oraiz
    twitter: @beverlyoraiz

  102. Angeline Sumague

    Ma. Angeline Sumague
    I am a blogger because I love to document special events that happens in my life :)

  103. Arianne Lucena

    Arianne Lucena

    I am a confident woman because I know when to speak up for my rights, when to break the unbreakable silence of the problem and when to stop for the good of everyone.

  104. Gabriel Adrian Perez

    Name:Gabriel Adrian Perez
    am an musician because i want to release what i feel through music. By now i am composing a song for my crush:)

  105. Jacqui Franco

    I am a/an independent-adventurousness-event goer because I love entertainment, I love events and even if I’m alone, I still go watch these events, and I really need a new cam to take pics of all those. :)

  106. Chriszen Joy Villanueva

    Name: Chriszen Joy Villanueva
    Twitter: CJ_Owseven

    “I am brave because I am smart enough to decide my own decisions.”

  107. Luz

    I am an optimist because I enjoy life’s moments, embrace changes, and exude positivity by appreciating the littlest things in life.

    Luz D. Magpoc

  108. ia erika caira

    Name: Ia Erika Caira T. Tabotabo
    twitter username: @iaerikacaira

    I am a woman in process because I try like everybody else. I take every experience, deal with it and learn from it. I don’t need to have it all figured out right now. … My moment will come. :)


    NAME: Danica Padagas
    TWITTER: @danietalampas

    I am a HOT MOM. I may not be the skinny model looking mom but I am a hot mom because I find everything around me hot and in advantage for me and my baby girl. I am hot because I am fast paced and I do everyhing to give my best to my family, friends and colleagues. My everyday is always filled with LOVE. I can be anyone for the love of my daughter.

  110. Kristine

    Kristine Joy Binalla

    I am a dreamer because I want to be successful in my profession, I strive for my dreams to come true. Being a fresh graduate can be sometimes frustrating due to the less job opportunity here in our country especially for nurses. I work hard in finding a job related to my field and I still haven’t given up. I want to be successful so I could experience what life has to offer, I want to travel the world, experience different culture, taste their cuisine and simply just wander and savor the moment. That is my ultimate dream.

  111. Sunbel

    Sunbel Ivy Tio

    I am highly versatile because I am part of the world as I am with Nikon at the heart of the image.

  112. Nina Bosch

    Name: Yliah Nina Bosch
    Twitter: boschnina

    I am a SUPER NURSE because not only I do my duty as one but I do not forget to do my passion as well as a blogger or an aspiring fashionista as well, your job should not stop you from doing what you love and at the same time, you get to help and inspire other people as well!

    Tweet link:

  113. ann

    Gellie Ann B. Gadua
    twitter: @gghelea

    i am a problem because i know there’s a solution in any problem.

  114. Rizza Mangunay

    Twitter: @mangunayrizzae

    Hi. I’m Rizza, I am a student, a dreamer. I want to treasure every moment of my life. Phineas and Ferb said that you can capture the memories with your mind and heart. Yes, it is true, but I want to have remembrance in every memories. I love taking photos of my friends and families and every little thing that captured my eyes. NIKON camera will be my bestfriend and companion. :DD

  115. Emily Rose Locara

    Name: Emily Rose Locara
    Twitter: @erlhartu18

    I am ME, because I do, I speak, I stand for what I believe and I accept who i am every flaws I have….Being YOURSELF is your greatest achievement…

  116. Rachelle Gamboa

    Name: Rachelle Joy Gamboa
    Twitter Username: @joygamboa

    I am an artist because I see beauty in everything and portray them through visual representations.


    Twitter name: @kenshinrei

    “I am a very loving and passionate person because i want to make the people i love happy and winning this blog giveaway would be great as i would be giving the prize to my little sister who really wants to have a nikon digicam which she could use for her blogging and passion for photography. I believe happiness is not about the things you give but the JOY brought about by your act of generosity and kindness. Thank you for this chance you give me to make somebody else happy.”


    i am a self-sustaining person, since i’m a girl i have lots of favorites, kaartehan, kalandian in me,so i buy lots of stuff that i want. and since we’re not that rich i have to be more careful and be more wise spender when it comes to money, so instead of requisitioning my parents about it, i use my savings from my everyday allowance to buy the things i like.and one of them is a camera, i want to have my own camera, cause i want to take lots of pictures, memories w/ my friends and a quaint, dainty places, so hopefully i win this thing :)


  119. Ronnisha Santiago


    I am a visionary because I am a future architect. It’s our job to see the world from a different perspective and to build the future we wish to see & Nikon helps me through those endeavors by helping me see things from an unlikely point of view.

  120. Lea

    I am a work in progress because I am still striving to be the best i can ever be; always curious, always learning and re-learning, I welcome the unfamiliar and march to the beat of my own drum.

  121. Aei

    Name: Shermaine Yu
    Twitter: @iamaeibcd
    I am a fighter because I face life’s challenges with the perfect combination of confidence, determination and faith. It’s not about who gets first to the finish line. It’s about getting to the finish line to finish whatever I’ve started.

  122. Kristin Abigail P. See

    name: Kristin Abigail P. See
    twitter name: @iamkristinsee

    Well, it all started out with a piece of doodled paper. I immediately embraced every aspect of art after that. I opened an online store, where I personally handmade and design every accessories from scratch. It wasn’t easy, but then I am not a quitter. I put myself up, I focused more, I gained more customers, and everything else just followed. I am currently taking up architecture. I have my small business, and I also went into art and fashion blogging in between. With this, I think a camera would be of great help in reaching my dreams. I didn’t expect that I can juggle everything together. But nothing’s really impossible, when you dream for it, focus on it, and set yourself to capture every bit of it.


    “I am a Steadfast Dreamer, I am Nikon, because I Dream Big, I Focus my Lenses, and I make sure to Capture every Detail.”

  123. Meryll Faith Ablong

    Meryll Faith Ablong

    “I am a hardworking person because I DREAM BIG.” As what Anne Curtis Smith always says, ‘Dreams do come true’ I have a lot of dreams and I am working sooo hard to achieve them. Even if it entails jumping to and fro from the call center life to my precious profession as a nurse. I’ve had enough of all the hardship life has to offer. More to come, still accepting. That doesn’t STOP me from dreaming. One day, some day soon, all those dreams are gonna HAPPEN!

  124. Hazel Iris Alvarez

    Hazel Iris Alvarez
    I am a strong girl because I don’t let problems to let me down :)

  125. Rhea Nel Gulafo

    Rhea Nel Gulafo
    “I am a Filipino” – considered as one, I am a Christian because I have an undying love for God, Country and Humanity. I am also a young wildflower who loves to be more creative when it comes to fashion, photography, blogging and speaking in front of people. I wish to see more beauty of the world and discover more things to appreciate as I appreciate the tiny little flowers (even the wildest one!) on the present world I live.

  126. Maria Cariza N. Salangsang

    Name: Maria Cariza N. Salangsang
    Twitter Name: @fuchsiacariza

    “I am an ADVENTUROUS woman because I want to taste every experience life has to offer!”

    *When I get to win this camera, Nikon will definitely be part of my life adventures :”>

  127. Jayne Marie Wu

    Jayne Marie Wu

    “I am a dream catcher because I know deep inside that I could catch my dreams if I have to believe that I can do it. Creating it one step at a time, with the mindset that each step is bringing me forward, is meaningful, reaffirms my truth about my self, makes me feel good about my self and my future.”

  128. Neah Abante

    I am a student assistant scholar because I believe in this point in my life I have to work hard to be able to have my goals and dreams in life to be fulfilled! With these I will be able to help my family and myself in every moment in our lives. With this camera I will be able to preserve every memory that I could have and soon to come moments in future time. :)

  129. Tayme Canencia

    I am a virtuoso comedienne and I have the satisfaction of knowing everything I want because I believed, inspired, motivated & liberated some of the most frivolous people on earth, and it wasn’t pleasure I was after, it was knowledge.

    Twitter: @tayme22

  130. Isabelle Victoria P. Ocampo

    I am a NOT A girl but not exactly a WOMAN or a LADY because I am just ME, enjoying every bit of ups and downs of my JOURNEY in life. Keep it Simple. Keep a NIKON. Make it Count, make it CLICK. :)

  131. MJ Jumamoy

    Mary Joy Jumamoy
    I am strong and happy because i see blessings and opportunities in everything that happens in my life.

  132. Cecille Begino

    I am a desperate photographer, so this Nikon giveaway would help me a lot.

  133. jona rica serva

    twitter: jona rica / @j___rica
    answer: I am an e-bookworm because I prefers reading e-books to just about any other activity.



    I am blessed because I have Christ in my life.

  135. jerekiddo

    I am a writer because I express my thoughts with only a pen & paper in hand. I am a student because I play hard, study harder & work hardest. I am a Filipino youth because I follow my dreams with no inhibitions in mind. :)

    Jeremy Canasa
    @JereKiddo on Twitter

  136. Lea

    I am ME — I am always curious, I welcome the unfamiliar, and I march to the beat of my own drum.

    name: Maria Lea Ducay
    Twitter: cloverleaf123

  137. mikkaela

    Mikkaela Bartolome

    I am a dreamer because I dream big for myself. I always hope for the best and work hard every time to fulfill my dreams

  138. Raffi Alcantara

    NAME: Raffi Alcantara
    Twitter name: Raviolee93

    I am out of this world because I like to take risks. And with those risks, I want to Capture every moment that I do so that I have memories to keep.

  139. Elijah

    hi !!! i created my twitter acct. just for you but even though i was already been following you since then , i’m simple yet artistic in some ways, they call me kikay since then. I was fascinated w/ the beautiful things around me. Taking pictures is just a stress reliever and a breath of fresh air. I’d like watching fashion blogs, food arts, and reminiscing moments . My boyfriend and i share the same love for photography. I would love to take more pictures sooner and post it on my upcoming blogs. Thanks for sharing this kind of opportunity, your such an inspiration CAMILLE CO !
    i’m looking forward to win this, hoping i will see you soon so that you can share ideas and love for fashion .
    God Bless !

  140. Marilou Doma

    Twitter: @marilou_doma

    I am fearless because even though i have fears i’m not afraid to face them. Living despite of all the things i’m afraid of. Fearless is having the strength to stand straight enough in spite of all the mistakes i’ve done. Fearless is not afraid of loving even though i’ve been hurt many times before. Because love is fearless. I am fearless.

  141. Glenn

    I am unique because of this life’s enriching challenges and experiences. That ME now is hard to come up with, that’s why I’m following no one’s instruction.


  142. Yuleen

    @aulinnie – twitter

    “I am a lover of ♥ LIFE ♥ because I truly appreciate everything in this world nowadays, especially when i look behind Nikon lenses.

  143. Ciril Vida Alarcio Diesmos


    I am a confident girl because I am definitely ready in life’s upbringings, capturing not only into photos but also in my heart the precious and wonderful things my LORD has prepared for me each step of the way worth cherishing and worth thanking for by the GOD who was with me all these times, through the ups and downs, through thick and thin.

  144. Katherine Tan

    name: Katherine Anne Tan
    twitter name: @meoooowkath
    I am a warrior of Christ because He chose me regardless of my weaknesses.And because of that weaknesses i can boast that without God i am nothing. :) God bless Ms.Camille Co :3

  145. Jamaica Isabel Buguis

    I AM A FIGHTER BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN. I face life’s challenges with a smile. Family issues, emotional problems and work-related matters, I am ready to affront all of them without blinking an eye! (I wonder f it will it look good on the camera. LOL, kidding!) :) I love how I can be tough and sweet at the same time. Nobody does it better than a woman! :) Through God’s help and apparently with this camera, I am heads on ready to capture anything — whether it be struggles that will come along my way or just fun and playful moments. Whatever they may be, I am armed with a smile! :)))))))))
    Name: Jamaica Isabel Buguis
    Twitter: @pinkberriees

  146. Ayathea Chan

    Ayathea Francheska Chan

    I am a less obvious piece of work that still needs some patching. Frankly, i’m that person who basically opens up in photographs. Camera is my friend, it helps me show who i’m really are- a dreamer who is loud, optimistic, and cheerful. I express myself through clothing, though i may not have as much as a variety of clothes in my closet, i love to reuse them in a much different way. I am also used to travelling, given that i am a tourism student but a journalist at heart.


  147. Jessalyne Diaz

    I am an optimistic woman because it made me feel good in every problems and trial coming my way.

  148. Charm Avila

    @twitter: xcharmxx

    I am an appreciative woman because when I appreciated who I am, they started to value the kind of human-being I am. Sometimes it’s not about how good an image is, but it’s one’s appreciation that will count.

  149. Charina C. Santiago

    Charina C. Santiago


  150. Patricia Isabel Bacay

    Patricia Isabel B. Bacay

    I am, through heaven’s view, a tiny dot among millions of people but here I am trying to have my own enough space to be known as a person who makes her dream a reality and turns the impossible things possible because I am… what I think I can be. :)

    Please visit my website, Ms. Camille, if you have time, and I wanna hear your feedback if you will have anything to say about it! Teehee. ♥ –>

  151. KAEL

    Kael Conciso

    I’m a student who love to try out new thing because I want to develop and know myself more.

    (This is my second comment. I forgot to out my name on the first one)

  152. Jeanine Christine Dayapan

    Name: Jeanine Christine A. Dayapan
    Twitter: @itsjeaniiine
    I am driven because I do my best in everything that I do. I never do anything half-done. If I set my mind on something I focus on that certain thing and even if it’s not that easy, I never give up :)

  153. Zyra Mae

    Zyra Daoang

    I am a Wanderlust not only because of my genes but also because of my love for people, culture and flying. And with this passion of mine, I definitely need a Nikon in my life to capture my every single lust for travel and photo ops. It will then be my best friend and my one and only companion as I make my venture to each and every place that I will go to and the mark, through the pictures made, that will be left upon the places I was able to visit. :) I am Zyra and I am a certified Nikon Coolpix S4300 fan.
    This will then be a perfect Christmas gift coming from the most wonderful Fashionista Santa named Camille Co.
    Fingerscrossed! :)

  154. Jessa Vernice


    Hello po! Miss Camille Co ! Ahm. Paano ko ba sisimulan.

    Ah. Napunta ako sa blog mo na ‘to simula nung napanood kita sa Kris TV and dahil sa simpleng blogger lang ako not like you.. na-amaze ako ng sobra nung nakita ko yung mga photos mo.. Kaya talagang gumawa ako ng account just to follow your blogs here. I really really love fashion and photography. Pero dahil nga sa Estudyante pa lang ako, hindi rin ako mayaman.. hanggang pangarap pa lang yung mga magagandang damit na yan, and siyempre yung Camera dream ko tlaga magkaroon nun, maraming beses na akong nag-try bumili, kaso tlagang hindi ko siya afford eh… Kaya nga sa araw din mismo na ‘to ng nakita ko sa blog mo yung Nikon Giveaway! Grabbeee! Talagang nagmadali ako gawin yung instructions na binigay mo. I really want to win that Camera! Kaya Lord! Please! Help me with this! :D

    I am Jessa Vernice. A Student. A future Entrepreneur. I am just a FAN.. na nangangarap lang na maging katulad ni Camille Co balang araw. It’s because she’s a goddess when it comes to fashion and parang sobrang dami niya ng na-achieve sa buhay niya at the young age. I found Camille Co as one of my inspiration to achieve my dreams.

  155. Ruth Jimenez

    Ruth Jimenez

    I am a believer because all my life I dream to be the best me, to pursue my passions disregarding what other people might say. I live my life doing the things I love, singing, dancing and modeling. And never in my life that I stopped believing that someday, I can reach my dreams, be the next big thing and influence other people with my passion.
    I believe I will be someone someday.

  156. Bob Chelsi Mae E. Bernardino

    Name: Bob Chelsi Mae E. Bernardino
    Twitter: @chelsipopz

    I am a Simple student but a Pursuer of Dreams, I am a Blogger and I can Live without a Camera, because I capture every moments and I cherish it forever. ♥

  157. Hanna Yoon

    I am an aspiring make up artist, a fashionista and a dreamer.

    An aspiring make up artist because basically, I love make up, I learned some tips on youtube (the make up gurus) and some on other sites, they inspires me to pursue and develop my talents. Everytime I finish an output I take pictures of it and save on my computer/portfolio.

    A fashionista because I love dressing up. Ever since I was little, I love playing barbie dolls, I even made them clothes, handmade by me. I know back then that someday I would be a fashionista or a fashion designer. Soon, I’ll be learning on fashion designing. One thing also that keeps me pursuing this it’s because of our Filipino Fashionista, fashion blogger. They inspires me alot. Especially Ms. Camille Co, I’m not saying this just because of the giveaway but I’m telling the truth. She’s my favorite fashion blogger, my inspiration. I just love her styles.

    And a dreamer, because I keep dreaming, I’m not afraid of failures, even if i know it’s hard, i keep moving on, I dream until I reach it.

  158. Marie Lyn Vina Yabut

    I am a Christian. A daughter. A sister. A girlfriend. A family. A dreamer. A believer. A business person. A book fanatic. A normal person but believes in extra ordinary things. I am those things because I am who I am supposed to be.

    P.S. I really love watching you talk and reading your blog. You inspire me as well as Laureen! :D

    Name: Marie Lyn Vina Yabut

  159. Rachel Lamano

    name: Rachel Ann Lamano
    twitter name: @143myprince / Princess Snow

    “I am a dreamer because I always dream to be an artist, to be a model.”

  160. darleen

    “I am blessed because I live a free and fabulous life!”

    TWITTER NAME: DarlzMatienzo

  161. Shelly Joyce Valerio

    twitter name: @supershellyyeah

    “I am a music lover because no matter what mood I am in. I can always count on music to be a positive outlet for my emotions.

  162. Regine Sevilla

    If there’s one word that can describe myself it’s a RISK-TAKER, (oh that’s not just one word, it’s two actually. lol) Anyway, I can say that I am a risk-taker because I do whatever I want, I don’t mind what may be the consequences are. At least I tried. No regrets.

  163. Jevey Anne Resco

    Name: Jevey Anne Resco
    Twitter Name : iamannersco

    I am one of god’s beautiful creation:) i am a girl who loves music and creates music because it is one of my ways to inspire people. I created some songs for broken hearted friends which somehow helped them to ease and lessen their pains. Since i was a kid i dream to become a healer of broken hearted people and become a cheerer for happy persons and I know that it is my purpose in life and i thank god for givin me this talent

    I hope i’m the lucky girl to win the nikon because I and my family needs this because our camera is not working for couple of months now and my mom told us not to buy
    another one because there are more important stuff other that so j just hope God will give me this.

    Thanks ms. camille! And whoever wins congratulations in advance! God bless !!

  164. Alizza Vasquez

    Hi! I’m Alizza and I’ve made 7 contemporary or English haikus (consists of 17 syllables in three phrases of 5, 7 and 5 on respectively) for your blog giveaway as you can see below:

    Spring of youth within
    That fortifies my being
    Into a dreamer

    As it coalesce
    Summer flairs that endowed me
    From the Almighty

    I began to think
    And envision my future
    Catching rain of hope

    My positive mind
    Nullifies my falling past
    Metamorphosed me

    A wishful thinker
    As I am, reaching my goal
    I patiently wait

    Photographic dreams
    Need love and effort to have
    The flying colors

    So, I’m a dreamer
    Cause’ enthusiasm clings
    Inside my prime soul

    That’s all Ms. Camille! I’m an avid reader of your blog and I love your sense of fashion! Thank you very much and I hope that you like my haiku! Continue to inspire young enthusiasts like me. Keep up! =) Also, Nikon will be a great help not just for me but for my family and friends as well. More power and God bless! :D

  165. kim torculas

    Kimberly Torculas – kim_torculas

    I am going to be what I want and suppose to be because as a person, being unique is essential. You can’t be like the stereotypical kind of girl. I want to be a business woman, and with that I will be, because I know I am unique and I can do the impossible if I believe in myself.

  166. Roanne Antonio

    name: Roanne Antonio
    twitter name: emokit09

    I am a super MOM because despite working as a call center agent with a shifting schedule, i still manage to spend QUALITY time with my 2 kids. No matter how sleepy and tired i am, i still play with them and make them feel i’M always available everytime they need me.

  167. girleah azurin

    name: Girleah Azurin
    twitter: @girleah

    I am an EXCESSIVELY COMMUNICATIVE woman in short i am TALKATIVE because I believe this is really what I have. I have this kind of talent to communicate to people in an excessive way. I also believe that this kind of talent is not a negative one but a positive one because talking is a nature of one’s person to communicate. I recognize being talkative as my talent for I believe everyone can be talkative but no one can be as talkative as me. I love talking for I can express myself to everyone and I am really enjoying talking all day long. It’s just that I can’t be me if can’t talk excessively. :)

    I hope you consider my comment. Love lots. :*

  168. Mary Elaine

    Mary Elaine Baring
    twitter: missmeb18

    I’m strong willed, independent, a bit outspoken, and have enjoys blogging, taking pictures and having fun because that’s life should be :)

    Im a super fan of yours ms.camille, i was so happy i met you once in Cebu! forever treasured. =)

  169. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Name: Tricia Ladiana
    Twitter Name: @TLadiana

    I am an ASPIRING PINAY MODEL CERTIFIED because ever since being a Model is my first dream. I have an ambition to workout something different and challenging for me to succeed my vision in life. Through the help of God and determination to myself I know someday I will achieve my biggest dream ever. I’m confident to say I’m 100% eligible to become a Model. “Walang bayad mangarap” I am TRICIA & I am an ASPIRING PINAY MODEL CERTIFIED. :)

  170. Lilli elizabeth abatayo

    name, Lilli elizabeth abatayo
    twitter name: @LilliAbatayo
    “I am a dedicated and strong mother because i believed whatever decisions or plans i made i know it’s all worth it for the sake of my children’s future. i know god is good and he is always there for me to make everything in our life’s possible. :)

  171. Lovely Joy Merced

    Lovely Joy Merced

    I am a success! I go against all odds, i never give up and i never will. The stumbles in my life arent failures, they’re lessons. The achievements in my life ain’t because of destiny, it’s from the determination to succeed.

  172. Margie Gallamos

    Margie Gallamos

    I am a civil engineer because I know I would be someday. :)

    I hope I win this :) I’m a civil engineering student and owning this a camera will help me! Thanks for this giveaway Miss Camille!

  173. Camille Francheska Fajardo

    Name: Camille Francheska Fajardo
    Twitter Name: @cheskaaxx

    I am a girl, who’s entitled to be someone someday =)

  174. Abigail Vasquez

    Hi! Miss Camille! I’m Abigail Vasquez, currently a college student (freshman) and a freelance writer. First of all, I have a lot of dreams to be in the future as I continue to explore and endeavor things that enthrall my heart and soul. Since I was a kid, I love drawing and painting people, women’s fashion and nature. Cooking/Baking is a special part of my growing up years because of my parents’ influence. Also, writing appears to be my cup of tea as I’m a writer since grade school until now, being a student contributor in 2BU Lifestyle Inquirer and an art/fashion blogger, too.

    Yes, I can be an illustrator or a pastry chef or a famous writer or a fashion designer if ever but upon discovering those abilities which are like hidden gems that concealed within me, the most important of being me is being God’s child. It sounds natural and obvious because all of us are God’s children but for me, I’M PROUD TO SAY THAT I’M GOD’S CHILD because I’m thankful to Him and blessed to be endowed with these hidden gems from Him. Without Him, my life would be a pitch black that’s filled with void and emptiness.

    I am an artist. I am a writer. I am a future pastry chef or a future fashion designer.

    But, before anything else, I AM GOD”S CHILD because all my good and fine works that I’ve done and I’m doing are made not just to serve but to glorify Him. =) <3

    With the help of Nikon, I can spread my love about art and fashion using photography which is my favorite as well. Most of all, to glorify God in various and wonderful ways that I can do. =)

    Thank you very much!

    Twitter name: @PeachLace_Latte

  175. Vim

    Vim Malicay

    I am an almost amateur because I believe that there will always be room for improvement and no one is a master of his or her passion/profession. I stick with my brand, and as long as you do things with magis; doing ordinary things extraordinarily and with AM+DG (Ad majorem Dei Gloriam) you can always do anything. And it is not important if you don’t get it on the first try, because at the end of the day, what is important is for you to find happiness in every little things you do.

  176. Michelle Ocampo

    I am an ordinary girl who loves to capture every moment of my life because for me every captured moment is a treasured memory especially candid moments because it is where you will see the true happiness or true emotions of a person.

    Michelle M. Ocampo

  177. Ingrid Sharmaine Bobes

    Name: Ingrid Sharmaine Bobes
    Twitter handle: @ScribbleMyDream

    I am an eternal wonderwall of stars, because I believe I am reaching out to the dreams that are never too far away, despite all the paradoxes of life.

    Fueling my love for writing, photography, reading, music, knowledge and fashion, looking through the viewfinder has given me totally different perspectives in life. This form of self-expression lets me grow more as a person everyday, and inspiration now has no trouble knocking at my heart. :)

  178. Emma

    I am a sucker of keeping memories because I believe everything, every moment is worth keeping and remembering, whether they are bad or good. What better way to create memories than capture every moment with Nikon!

    Emma Cortez

    thank you Camille and Nikon for giving your readers tons of chances to own things most of us cannot afford to buy (at least as of the moment :) )

  179. Lea Arevalo

    Name: Lea Anne M. Arevalo
    Twitter Name: @LeaaArevalo

    I am a social butterfly because life wouldn’t be the same without friends! I’m Little Miss Sunshine and that surely reflects on how I dress and by the photos I take. I want everybody to be happy, and I really think that a lot of people would be (myself included!) if I win this contest. :)

  180. Cy Langkay

    Cy Langkay | @cylangkay

    I am a jack-of-all-trades because my looks can be deceiving since i may not look like a model / an athlete / an artist / a musician / a tv – movie – gaming nerd or a photographer but I excel in those fields because I know I can do it. Not because I have to but because I know I can prove them wrong. Like an old saying, don’t judge a book by its cover.

  181. Fati Recede

    twitter: @_itsmefati

    I am simply me because I believe that there’s no other people who could help you but only yourself. Me, also like everyone else, has a goal in life. I have a positive outlook and mindset in life. What you have to do is TRUST yourself in every step that you will take. Friends and family is my foundation but me, myself, my decisions in life is what really matters. And i believe in that one line from a poem: I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.. :D

  182. Camille Francheska Fajardo

    name: Camille Francheska Fajardo
    twitter name: Francheska Kim (@cheskaaxx)
    “I am a/an girl full of dreams because I know someday I will get all that I want just never stop dreaming .”

  183. Phipay

    Name : Stephanie Kay Suyo
    Twitter :

    I’m a dreamer.I dreamt of being a band singer and blogger.

    I’m a believer.I believe I can do it and I’m starting now,
    and I won’t let life bring me down.

    I can fly. I will do everything just to get it, no regrets.

    I’m a go getter. No matter what the results will be, I know I did everything in my
    power just to reach my dreams.

    There’s no turning back. This one shot is for my loved ones and for those who believe in my talent.


    Please check out the video I made for this giveaway!

  184. jocelle

    Name; Jocelle Abao
    Twitter name @seacelle

    “I am a future fashion blogger because like you fashion is my passion . I want to share my creative ideas through blogging, been attending blogging workshop to enhance my ideas and having a good camera will help me a lot capture amazing photos to share,. Cause for me sharing is giving. And giving is priceless:-)

  185. Monica Pineda

    twitter: @NikkiSPineda

    I am fearless because I am not afraid to take risks. I always follow my heart and what I believe in in making decisions. I am not afraid to show the world my true self, my culture, what I like, and who I love.


    name: Karen Bernarte
    twitter name: @kureii21

    I am a mother cause God gave me this role and a mother’s role cannot be compared to anyone elses. Mothers are important not only at home, but in the community and the world. While there are a lot of trouble around, I think mothers can play the most important role to help ease and solve the problems. We can give our children proper care, guidance, love and all the proper training before they go out to face the world and live their own lives. Disciplines people, are products of disciplined homes. Good citizens, are products of good parents, most especially a good mother.

  187. Katrine Lao

    Katrine Lao

    I am a super woman because I had a GOAL , a DREAM, and FOLLOWED it through and DID it! :)

  188. FabulousJV

    I am a force to be reckoned with because I am an independent working student living alone in Makati who’s never giving up in chasing his ultimate dreams. It is very easily to succumb to life’s realities like poverty, loneliness, and failure, but I refuse to be embrace them as my future. I am looking for ways and opportunities on how I can make my dreams become my reality. I am pushing through these realities because I believe that they are simply guide posts and not hindrances. I am a force to be reckoned with because I know what I want and I will find a way to get it.

    Name: John Victor Canta
    Twitter: @FabulousJV

  189. Mariane Detera

    I am a dancer, an artist and God’s Princess because whenever I dance I get to express my artistry and pour my heart out into it. It’s like I am led to a different dimension, every movement that I make is full of passion, sweat and perseverance. Above a;; being a dancer is an avenue for me to give glory to my God and maker ;))

  190. Fati Recede

    I am simply myself because I believe that there’s no one could help you better but yourself. I know my worth and priorities and I, myself set those. I have a positive mindset and I set my goals straight. Friends and family are my foundation but there’s nothing like helping and believing in myself. :) This is me, and I believe in this line from a poem. “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” :D

  191. manel cabiluna


    I am a water because I am silent and still, but I can explode like a tsunami when bothered.

  192. Christine

    Christine Pedery

    I am a writer, fashion enthusiast and everything in between who dreams of the world as a wide fashion arena because it is only in dreaming that we can all be visionary!

  193. Abi Camus

    Name: Abigail Camus
    Twitter name: @iamcamus

    I am beautiful because I am wonderfully made by God.

  194. Deanden Queliza

    twitter name: @iamdeanden
    I am human, I make a lot of mistakes. But I really appreciate those people who stay with me after knowing who am i.

  195. Sam Echano

    Name: Sam Echano
    Twitter: e_iamsam
    I am a big fan of Mark Nicdao because he’s a photographer, a Filipino Photographer. And as a future photographer (famous photographer maybe someday) I always love seeing Photographers, photography’s & Cameras. Mark Nicdao is my favorite. He’s my idol & He’s my inspiration as i continue pursuing my dreams. “I AM NIKON”

  196. Mary Gretchen Molina

    Mary Gretchen Molina
    I’m an aspiring stylist/fashion blogger simply because you inspire me, Camille! You’re amazing! I wanna be just like you!
    Teehee. Finally heard your voice! ♥

  197. Ruechelle Marish Cauguiran


    I am a lady of words because anyone can copy, but only a writer can weave words and create new context :)

  198. Jerome Ibuyan

    Name: Jerome Ibuyan
    Twitter: @Jerome_Ibuyan

    I am a “learning teacher” because through my blog, I’m able to teach my readers of what I’ve learned on becoming a better blogger, especially on writing content.

    It’s said that “the best way to learn is to teach others”. This gives me the reason to write blogging tips, tutorials and informative content injected with insights, lessons and stories that I’ve learned through my personal experiences. In this way, I effectively educate, not only myself but at the same time, and the other people who will read my posts, specifically, those who are on the same boat with me in this blogging journey.

    I am a learner.
    I am a teacher.
    I am a blogger.
    Because. . .
    I am N.I.K.O.N.
    Ideas and
    New Media.

  199. Yssa Maunay

    Ma. Ysabel Maunay

    I am a superhuman because I always keep an optimistic mind in facing the reality and challenges of life. :)

  200. Brenda Marie Santos

    Name: Brenda Marie A. Santos
    Twitter Name: @beedazzledd
    I am a Dream Chaser because I grab every opportunity that comes my way and I believe that Nikon Coolpix S4300 will help me capture every flashing throbbing moment as I turn my dreams into a reality. :)

  201. Anna Paz Rivera

    I am a believer because i believe dreams are possible.

  202. Joanne

    I am a servant leader because I lead by example. I wake up everyday thinking about the welfare and improvement of our country and countrymen. I seek to uplift the condition of our country by giving my best in everything I do. I believe that in order to influence others, we must start with ourselves. Even little things such as obeying traffic rules can bring so much change. I strive to become a good citizen of this country so I could lead and inspire others to do the same.

  203. Myka

    Myka Javier

    I am what I am, because there is no other way where I can describe myself. I have my own flaws, dreams, beliefs, but I also am a writer, blogger, singer, performer, an independent and passionate young lady who’s still finding her way, dreamer, motivator, determined, and a believer. I am very opinionated too. But those things wouldn’t be what I can describe myself as if I wasn’t myself. And that’s the best part because being myself (or being yourselves) is the only thing I can be (or we can be). If I wasn’t, who would I be? What would I be? The bigger picture would all be vague if I didn’t know who I am… But I do. Each individual is unique, and I strongly believe that. ;)

  204. Trisha Duncan

    I am spontaneous because I take things with stride; the world is my playground and everyday is an adventure. Doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well. No limits. :)

  205. Momo

    Shantoria Thomas
    no twitter

    I am a proud woman of color because I embrace everything about me =)

  206. Kara Macadangdang

    I’m a survivor because I live each day with a positive outlook. I chase my dreams and be myself no matter what other people may say. I don’t let other people’s opinion on me dictate what I shouldn’t and should do. I take risks and don’t let myself be taken over by the fear of the unknown. With that, I need that Nikon camera for capturing those priceless moments I would have on my way to fulfilling my dreams and living each day to the fullest. :) <3

    Kara Amanda C. Macadangdang

  207. Kamelle Reigh

    Kamelle Reigh Etang

    I am a “Pen Warrior” because I write for a cause. I am a student writer dedicated for the good of my fellow students. I focus on campus issues regarding the welfare of the students so that their voices and opinions will be heard through my written words. With Nikon, I can freely express my opinion through photographs as well. My readers can see with their own eyes the message I want to relay through the pictures that I will take.

  208. Fraulein Mariano

    Fraulein M Mariano


    I am Fraulein (German word for “miss”) Accountant on weekdays and Fraulein Adventurer during weekends. I account company assets and enjoy life after. I climb, run, sing sometimes at concerts, shoot photos, surf the net, invest, and blog/ write about these stuffs!

  209. Maria Refuerzo

    Maria Rosario Theresa F. Refuerzo

    I am a volunteer nurse and a hero [for some] because being a volunteer I do my best to give the utmost care that [my] patients need. And I believe that we also make a big difference because aside from sharing our skills, a lot of hospitals nowadays are understaffed and they need extra hands to be able to give the exact same care to every patient. :)

  210. Myka Denila

    I am a daydreamer by day & wanderluster by night because when night is gone I turn my dreams into reality and when the day is gone I let my soul wander on its own. What else could capture moments better? Nikon Coolpix S4300! ;)

    – Myka Tessa M. Denila

  211. claire sereno

    I am a success because quitting is not an option for me.

    claire sereno

  212. Darell Abolac

    Darell Abolac
    ” I’am UNIQUE because I’am me :)
    I’am a Student. I’am a Entrepreneur. I’am a Blogger. I’am Nikon :)

  213. Monica Cruz

    Monica Cruz


    I am a huge fan of your blog because you are my fashion inspiration and winning your blog giveaway will give me a chance to be an awesome blogger like you! ♥

  214. Monica Cruz

    Monica Cruz

    I am a big fan of your blog because you are one of my fashion inspirations and winning this blog giveaway will give me a chance to be an awesome blogger like you,too! ♥

  215. Meggie de Ocampo

    Name: Meggie de Ocampo
    twitter name: eiggem3

    I am happy because I am FREE! :)

  216. Nikko Panti

    Nikko Panti

    I am a writer, because I want to chronicle my everyday life and a camera will help me regain memories once I open my book of life full of photographs with the help of Nikon digicam. :)

  217. Diomdelia Vergara

    Diomdelia Vergara
    I am a strong chick because I can still manage to smile over life’s pressures. :)

  218. Diane Valbuena

    Diane Valbuena
    Twitter: dianevalbuena

    I am a life explorer because I refuse to be mediocre and stagnant in everything I do. I want to be my own individual.

  219. Krisha Mae Ditan

    Krisha Mae Ditan

    I am a zombie because I’ve been dying to reach my dream on becoming a CPA someday and I need more brains for me to store lots of Accounting stuffs that I cannot bear anymore. :D

  220. Mary Grace Goles

    Name: Mary Grace Goles
    Twitter: @iamghraceful

    I am a dreamer,pretty ambitious woman. The dream fashion stylist and a successful business woman.

  221. Relaine Jennifer Cortez

    Relaine jennifer Cortez

    I am a conqueror because I am destined to conquer. :)

  222. judc

    Ma. Judiel Cleto

    I am a Culinary Arts Student, who has fond in cooking and especially baking. I love to bake cakes/cupcakes and make other sweet foods. Every time we had our laboratory classes at school, I love taking pictures of our dishes we made. So, I have to capture them well because “Food as art: it looks almost too good to eat “.

  223. Abby Bravo

    Name: Abby Bravo
    Twitter Name: @thatgirlhappy

    I am a graphic designer by profession. But poetically, I’d like to call myself a storyteller because I encapsulate stories into visual art when words fail to narrate them.

  224. Kc Cadapan

    Karen care cadapan

    “I am an artist and hoping to become a teacher someday because I want to inspire kids to dream big.”

  225. Marianne Mae Ambon

    I am a fan of Camille Co because she’s so independent and have great taste in fashion. :)

  226. Marlene Tesoro

    name: Marlene Tesoro
    twitter name: @CashieCashie
    I am my own SUPERHERO because only I can save myself in LIFE’s situations.

  227. Raymond D. Escudero

    Name: Raymond D. Escudero
    Twitter Name: @mondeescudero

    I am adventurous because I love savoring life by exploring things life has to offer. And what’s good about me being this? I take photos to document what kind of life I have lived to remind me and give me lessons for the life I will be living. I may have taken photos of my life in adventures through a phone, but they remind me of lovely and memorable experiences. Nikon could absolutely improve my portfolio of life.

  228. Rowan

    I am an aspiring photographer and blogger because I believe that: “A picture paints a thousand words.”!

  229. Alyssa Albaira

    Alyssa Mae Albaira, @chochoigeng

    I AM ALYSSA a great dreamer who dreams to capture all the good and even bad memories throughout my life and will not stop having that dream until it has been fulfilled ☆★

  230. RiCalyn

    “I am a proud bicolana because my parents are from Bicol and I super love spicy food and loves visiting the mount mayon:)”

    RiCalyn Sicad

  231. Kwitstayo

    Name: Cath Lacorte
    Twitter: @ktechit07

    I am an environmentalist because I want to preserve the wonders in this world and for the future to see its breathtaking scenery. I believe we all have an obligation to take care of the Earth, given that we loaned it from our future children, I think it is just fair if they’ll see its beauty, and witness how wonderfully they are.

  232. Ana Gabriel

    Name: Ana Gabriel
    Twitter name: Ronnie Filter

    I am an ecowarrior because I love the earth!

  233. Mayce

    “I am a fan of blogs and fashion because camille co inspired me with her sophisticated yet “in trend” style plus great photos posted in here blogs.” :) hope i win

  234. yanshiimnida

    Ransie Angeli Brizuela

    I am a survivor because I’ve recovered from cancer and lived through all the obstacles I’ve encountered, and the photographs witnessed my success story. :)

  235. Emilio Hortillosa

    Name: Emilio Hortillosa

    Twitter: @iamemilioh

    I am an “Everday Explorer of Art” because as a fine art student I manage to “EXPRESS” my creative thoughts on my plates/artworks in school. As I explore art everyday, I need to feed my artistic mind with lots of things; read blogs, magazines, print ads and lots of form of advertising, listen to music that soothes my soul and feeling as of the moment (very helpful indeed, haha!) and ofcourse wearing clothes that is very comfortable and at the same time fashionable for me to feel confident at all times!! All of the these things are my form of art, just for me to express myself everday that’s why I explore art everyday with lots of love and happiness!!!

  236. Chet

    Lizette Ramos

    I am 3mos pregnant now to my 10 yrs bf and a year husband because i want to have a child exactly like him whom i’ll love until my last breath.

  237. Danielle Mae Aquino

    Danielle Mae Aquino

    I am an optimist because I look on the brighter side of things whatever life offers me and see opportunity in every difficulty!

  238. Sandra

    Sandra Co

    I am a dreamer and a believer because I know anything is possible if we all start making things happen. It’s just like that famous Filipino quote, “Kapag gusto, maraming paraan. Kapag ayaw, maraming dahilan.” :)

  239. Lian

    Lian Chong

    I am a living care bear because i take care of sick patients.

  240. Thea Ledesma

    Thea Ledesma
    “I am a girl who likes to camwhore and take photos of everything because it’s just fascinating to me how photos can translate anything and looking at photos makes me smile and laugh because it captures amazing memories. Photos also make me reminisce past memories and see the beauty of world through photos and since I don’t have my own camera, Nikon can help me capture moments and well, bring the camwhore out of me more!

  241. Diana Ong Bantayan

    I am who I am.. I make mistakes, I am emotional, I dream and stumble yet I am strong enough to stand and face my problems with a smile in my face. I tend to choose what is right over what is wrong. I have strong faith in God, with Him I find strength and inner peace.

    Diana Ong Bantayan

  242. Angel

    *drum rolls please!*

    to the ever awesome idol of mine, Ms. Camille Co THANK YOU for reaching my comment. I know there are tons of comments before me, so, yeah… Thanks so much for reading this! :) Also, I can’t wait to get the Nikon S4300! I just know I’m going to get this. I’m so sorry for all these shizz but, I just have to let you know that I think this’s really meant for me. (Haha) WHY? Because for the past couple of months, all I have been doing is look for cheap and good digi. cams (from Nikon) that could suffice for a DSLR. I’ve been begging my parents to get me one because I really want to do what you’re doing – blog about fashion and “whatever fancies me.” But, it’s really expensive and out of the budget. Ms. Camille Co, I know you may find this really unnecessary and dragging but, I don’t know… I just really had to say it because I literally cried when I saw this giveaway – I just knew it was fated for me. :((

    I am an Angel because I am God’s child who will achieve great things by his will. I am his gift that has talents and potentials that needs to be nurtured and shared.

    I know with the help of this S4300 (that I HAVE BEEN EYEING FOR THE PAST 3 WEEKS but really out of the budget – haha) I will be able to achieve God’s purpose for me.

    I am a wanderer because I wander beyond imagination.

    Thank you so much for listening to my rants and drama!! I know you’ve a lot of comments to still read so, thanks again! More power to you and your amazing blog.
    You are truly amazing. You have no idea the effect you have on teens like me! :-)

    Angel Villa

    PS, here’s a photo I made out of desperation! hehe. (I just don’t know if it’ll show…)

  243. Karla

    I am a dreamer because i believe in every dream there is realization and goal, in order to achieve those things I have to strive hard,be resourceful and not just wait for an opportunity but grab it,fast..”

    Karla Valero

  244. Baby Lyn Ann S. Tanalgo

    Baby Lyn Ann S. Tanalgo
    I am an aspirant because I instill dedication, responsibility and perseverance in anything I do. As a student, I wholeheartedly put my efforts in being the best that I can be since education is a privilege not everyone is lucky to have. I am an achiever in my own way. I put faith first as I do my work. I am a life saver wanna-be (MD). I’m a photography amateur who captures every moment of my journey and make it live forever. :)

  245. Ann F

    Twitter: lor098
    Name: Ann Flora
    I am a camera-addict and I live the moment:)

  246. Baby Lyn Ann S. Tanalgo

    I am an aspirant because I instill dedication, responsibility and perseverance in anything I do. As a student, I wholeheartedly put my efforts in being the best that I can be since education is a privilege not everyone is lucky to have. I am an achiever in my own way. I put faith first as I do my work. I am a life saver wanna-be (MD). I’m a photography amateur who captures every moment of my journey and make it live forever. :)

  247. Argei Santos

    Argei Santos

    I am a visionary because visions help to strengthen me by constantly dreaming about who I want to be. I am keeping on dreaming and I am using that as an inspiration to achieve my purpose in life. I am focused and committed to bring those dreams and visions into reality.

  248. Rocel Dana Mae Alulod

    Rocel Dana Mae B. Alulod

    I am a proud nursing student because I want to help others and inspire them to live their life to the fullest, I am also a wonderwoman because I try to be independent by working on myself , a dedicated nurse, try to be a good daughter, a good student and a good citizen of the Philippines. I want to become a fashion designer someday :D like Ms. Camille and a blogger maybe :D Hope I win :DD

  249. Rocel Dana Mae Alulod

    I am a proud nursing student because I want to help others and inspire them to live their life to the fullest, I am also a wonderwoman because I try to be independent by working on myself , a dedicated nurse, try to be a good daughter, a good student and a good citizen of the Philippines. I want to become a fashion designer someday :D like Ms. Camille and a blogger maybe :D Hope I win :DD

  250. Jaina Mae Grace G. Decena


  251. Jene-Anne Pangue

    “I am vaguely a writer of my own volition because that is what I’ve decided for myself what God has willed me to be.”

    Jene-Anne Pangue


  252. Kyla Allyn Barcela

    Kyla Barcela

    I am a believer because i believe that one day i can be like you who owns big fashionable closet and lives in a dreamland with full of inspiration. A believer trying by herself to achieve her goals and be an inspiration for every generation. A believer because i, myself is wanting (not forcing) to reach and aim the dream i want to achieve in. A believer because i know that every try i make, how much i fall, will lead to good way in my future. A believer because i know that i can do it. A believer because i know i can make it to the top (even though i feel like falling down). Tears, sweat, and scars — through thick and thin thread i use, hardships and suffering we pass through, through small holes in the needle, I know that every thing i make will lead to success. I am a believer.

    • Kyla Allyn Barcela

      oh sorry! i double clicked cuz i thought i wasnt able t o post the comment! sorry atsi camille! :(

  253. RiCalyn

    I am a proud bicolana because my parents are from bicol and i love spicy food and loves to visit the mount mayon:)

  254. Julieanne

    Julieanne V. Dimaano

    I am a human milk machine because I produce milk for my child since birth until now that he’s turning two this year!

  255. Nini

    Karen Dimaculangan
    I am a sentimentalist because I love keeping stuff as mementos and look back at them from time to time; from receipts and tickets on my planner to pictures and videos on my laptop. Memories are very important to me. :)

  256. Patricia Da Silva

    I am a wandering soul because I keep on exploring the wonders of the world. I always make good times with amazing people to have an awesome memories!! With Canon, I can capture each and every unforgettable memory and can easily time travel with each photo. :)

    Name: Patricia Da Silva
    Twitter name: @trishacds

  257. Patricia Da Silva

    I am a wandering soul because I keep on exploring the wonders of the world. I always make good times with amazing people to have an awesome memories!! With Canon, I can capture each and every unforgettable memory and can easily time travel with each photo. :)

  258. Daisy Ann Concepcion

    I am inlove in life because of my family, friends, fashion and photography…

  259. Jamie Thongsata

    I am an achiever because everything I do, whether it’s a success or not in the opinion of others, has a special something that can describe who I am and that makes it always a success for me.

  260. Gerlyn Rambo

    Gerlyn Rambo

    I am a dreamer because a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.:)

  261. Venice Yuzon

    Full Name: Venice A. Yuzon
    Twitter Name: venisissimo

    “I am a lomoverse person because I shoot in lomo and describe them with Bible verses that inspires and build people.”

  262. Jillian Eala

    I am a model not because I am tall nor do I possess an angular face that would stun people when they see my photos; but, because I choose to be inspired by and to inspire people. I choose to give backward and pay forward.

  263. Kimberly Macalinga

    name: Kimberly A. Macalinga
    twitter name: @kimandsmac

    ” I am a proud human now being because for all the mistake I’ve done I know I am a better person now and im proud for what i am and being proud for what you are will make you more beautiful it doesn’t matter how you or they will judge I may not be physically perfect nor rich but the important thing is I am now moving forward on the right path and I stand on my own so nikon try to capture every moment i will take for it will be a treasure of my life..


    p.s. Thank you Miss Camille for this chance may God bless you for your journey.. :)

  264. Lorra Angbue-Te

    Lorra Angbue-Te

    I am a crafting fairy because I love creating useful art with my hands and granting people’s “wishes” through my skills. It’s always a joy to hear appreciative feedback from my customers because it really means a lot that they found my hard work to their liking. It makes it all worth it. Winning this Nikon camera will definitely help me get my work out there in a better and more professional-looking way, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping my fairy dust works its magic. :)

  265. Samantha Ramos

    Samantha Ramos
    Twitter: @imsmnthramos

    I am a dreamer because I have so many dreams in life and I will strive hard to make all of them happen. :)

  266. Cheska Candelaria

    Name : Ann Cheska C. Candelaria
    Twitter : @cheskacandy

    Answer : I am a unique color in the palette of life because we all have our own colors , and together we could make wonderful art.

  267. Jillian Eala

    I am a model not because I am tall nor that angular face shape that will stun people when they see my photos; but, because I choose to be inspired by and inspire people. I choose to give back and pay forward.

  268. Roxanne Fajardo


    I am an “iskolar ng bayan”, not because the Filipinos fund my education, but because I have a great desire to serve my country and the Filipino people, one click at a time.

  269. karo

    i am an interpreter/translator who love to take picture’s of everything i see because for me a camera is one of the most must have! it is where memories are kept. :)

  270. Ejay de fiesta

    Ederlyn Joy M. de Fiesta @deffielabb I am a future flight attendant, currently a tourism student and wanting to be a stylist someday!! It’s free to dream! so dream , believe and live life to the fullest! Godbless :)

  271. Tatie

    twitter: @tatieaquino

    “I am a servant leader because I serve God by teaching and molding little kids to be closer to God.”

  272. Diane serrano

    Diane serrano

    I am an aspiring photographer because i want to capture moments of my life with a bang.

  273. Natasha Elouise R. Chua

    Twiter name: @Natchuabelss

    I am simply a person who wants to achieve something,eat alot, travel anywhere, take photographs and make memories with the people I love because life is too short not to enjoy these wonderful things.

  274. Angela Diofel Esguerra

    Name: Angela Diofel P. Esguerra
    Twitter Name: @andiesguerra

    I am always inspired because I always think of the endless possibilities Life could bring to me. :)

    just like the possibility of winning this cool camera from my favorite blogger a.k.a my girl crush! *_* hihihi :*

  275. Derick Gedang

    Name: Peter Derick Gedang
    Twitter Name: @deegedang

    I am an Aspiring Food Photographer wanna be because I LOVE FOOD especially Sweet Desserts.

  276. Rosalinda San Diego

    Rosalinda San Diego

    I am an Instagramer because I love to express myself by posting and sharing my daily life using the art of simple photography.

  277. Pamela Pagsanjan


    I want to win the Nikon camera because photography is my first love! I love traveling a lot and having a handy yet with great feature camera with me makes my travel more worthwhile and one heck of a memorable experience! :)) What a great graduation gift for me if i’ll be the chosen winner! :D

  278. Kimberly Macalinga

    I am proud of who I am because being proud for what you are will make you more beautiful, it doesn’t matter how they will judge me. I may not be physically perfect and rich but the impotant thing is I move forward on the right path and I stand on my own. – KIM

    • Kimberly Macalinga

      i hope this comment will not be included.. It was loaded because of the connnection error.. I thought i stop it already ,sorry for the space that have been taken..

  279. Marlene

    Name:Marlene R. Yanga
    Twitter Name: @itsmepriceless

    I am Priceless.. so Rare, Unique and Desirable like what Nikon is.

  280. Maaya Legaspi

    Maaya Arianna Legaspi

    I am a Thomasian because I growl loud and proud! :D

  281. Regine Yu

    Name: Regine Yu
    twitter name: @regcy

    I’m a cat because I love to relax while observing my surroundings just like how a camera can capture special moments

  282. Shalene Rivera

    Shalene Rivera

    I am a selfless supermom because everyday I can manage to take care of my son, spend quality time with my husband, make home-cooked meals, work for a side job, socialize with my friends online and offline, and capture life’s memorable moments – all these while having my second baby on the way. :)

  283. Nicole Salazar

    I am irreplaceable because I’m not like any other. Got to be that little spark in a vast and dark sky, who stands out among the rest- gives light and color to all dull things in the world.

    Twitter: @NICOLEasSparks

  284. Jhoana BIclar

    Jhoana Biclar
    I am an honor student because i study as hard as i can. :)

  285. Kirstie Areno

    I am a strong competitor because I don’t give up on something I really want. I strive to win and if I don’t, I take it as an opportunity to work harder next time and just do my best in order to win what I really want to achieve. I use my nikon camera to capture the beauty of whats around me.

    twitter: McKirstieFly

  286. Cassandra Ivana Bermudez

    Cassandra Ivana Bermudez
    I am a perfectly imperfect person because I accept my flaws and other people’s flaws as well and learn to deal with it and do the most out of what we are. :)

    • Leslie Casiño

      Leslie Casiño

      I am a strong person. I know what`s sadness, I know how it is to be hurt, I know all of the most worst nightmares, I know so many painful things but what i know now that it keeps me alive. You have to believe and take a deep breath but also remain confident and positive. No matter what I never gave up and I never will because i know how it is to be broken into pieces,to pick them up and glue them together. It takes time but I`m stronger than ever, life made me this way.

      I want to win this camera, because my camera got broke and I need a new one. I also need this camera because I love taking photos. I can`t live without a camera! Let me win this!! By bday is on October 25 too! This would be a greatest gift ever! Hehe

      I want this.. Huhu :((

  287. JAM

    Twitter: @Sean99517015

    I am MULTITASKER because I enjoy doing several things at the same time, discovering new way of approach to finish things and challenging myself to push into my limits. MULTITASKING is more FUN! :))

  288. jay-ar luces

    you know what, I’m not a real blog lover and a blogger..but when I saw you on KrisTV you mesmerized me with your look and the way you live your style…love your pictures on your Blog…love you hair, style, looks and everything about you….and the funny thing is you’re my “Inspiration” in terms of fashion…because like you, I love FASHION…and I wrote this because I also want to have a nikon camera…hope you pick me..thank you.. :)) love you camille…

  289. Anna Terrenal

    Anna Terrenal

    I am a crazy, energetic and adventurous photographer because Nikon changed the way I view my surroundings through photography.

  290. Marielle

    Rois Deduyo

    I am an online seller and I take photos of my items and post in online, I want to win this camera because my camera has been taking crappy photos these past few months (which affects the picture quality of my items :( ) and I believe that this Nikon camera will allow me to take best quality photos for my items which is a very big help for online sellers like me. Through Nikon, I can be successful in my business path.

  291. cynee

    name: Cynee J. Del Oeste
    twitter name: @deloesteCY
    “I am a person who loves capturing every single moment of my life because it serves as my inspiration and happiness for me to be able to achieve my dreams.”

  292. Donna Lyn Gan


    I am a proud Pinay because I can smile despite trials. It shows strength. And I believe that every Pinay is strong in surprising ways. We are ready to take on the world! #ProudPinay #GoPinay

  293. Thea Denesse Fernandez

    Name: Thea Denesse Fernandez
    Twiiter name: @TheaFernandez2

    I am a girl with a passion for fashion because ever since I’m a little girl I’m already fond by the idea of dressing up. Ever since then I would raid my mom’s closet and borrow some of her stuff and model it infront of the mirror. Up until now, I love dressing up depending on my mood and mixing and matching different pieces to pull off that perfect-comfortable look. Just like Nikon’s coolpix that offers different colors to choose from depending on your mood and your personality.

  294. Donna Lyn Gan


    I am a proud Pinay because I can smile despite trials. It shows strength. And I believe that every Pinay is strong in surprising ways nd ready to take on the world. #ProudPinay #GoPhilippines

  295. Sky Lisette

    Sky Lisette McGeorge

    I am a lederhoses-gal because Oktoberfest needs more style.

  296. Aiza Jean Diamante

    Name: Aiza Jean Diamante
    Twittername: killedfishbone

    “I am a social entrepreneur because I make difference in my own little way to change the world, one step at a time.”

  297. Elilea

    Name: EleonorCorrales
    Twitter: itsleacorrales

    I am a dreamer because there was never a day I stopped fantasizing about the future, day or night.

  298. Hanna Baquiran

    Hanna Baquiran

    I am extraordinary because I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God :)

  299. Szethe

    I am an enthusiast because I like to do the things that makes me learn more about myself and feel good about myself.

  300. Sherrie Anne H. Blanco

    Sherrie Anne H. Blanco

    I am my own Superhero because I can now do things with power and confidence. When I was a kid, I was so shy and was bullied by my classmates. Now when someone’s holding me back, I just wear my Superhero Costume. I feel confident and stronger.

  301. Pauline Evangelista

    Pauline Evangelista


    I am a wanderer given to wonder in this wonderful world because there’s just so much to explore and I can’t help it.

  302. Joyce Ann P. Aguilar

    Name: Joyce Ann P. Aguilar
    Twitter username: @joissst

    I am an aspiring photographer and fond of taking good photos that could be posted on my blog.. so I want to get this Nikon Camera because in the first place, I don’t have a personal digital camera.. and secondly, I want to capture every moment of my life. :)

  303. April

    April Purcia Dilao

    I am April Purcia Dilao and dreaming to have a job while studying because I want earn crap for myself and a dreamer. Everyday I’m living as if this is the last day of my life, I always sink my teeth into it and live it like it was my last day on earth. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. Bad things happened, shit happens so whatever it is that’s a fact of life but it doesn’t mean that you’ll allow it to your life. I’m always learning from the wrong decisions that I made, all the things or wrong decisions that I made in my not so long life it always have lessons and I always tried to dig it deeper and deeper. And I’m always grateful to all the things that I have right now. Being grateful to the things that I have is my way to satisfied myself. :))

    Good bless to us guys. :)

  304. Precious Deligente

    Precious Deligente

    I am infinite because I’m full of endless thoughts buried into my unspeakable mind ready to crack its way to a world full of colors, imaginations and boundless emotions. One can express the beauty of God’s unlimited blessings through capturing great and wonderful pictures.

  305. Cheska E. Pagsanjan

    Cheska E. Pagsanjan

    “I am a good listener because being a psychologist should always be their to lend an ear for people who need help and advices”

  306. Mary Beatrice M. Tuason

    I am an artist because I express myself in almost every possible way; through singing, (sometimes) dancing, drawing and most importantly through my clothes. Just by simply putting different articles of clothing you can show how you feel. You can wear neons when you’re like super bright and cheery or an all-black ensemble and gun metal accessories for that edgy and ‘dangerous’ feel. Through people get me and I easily show myself through art and that’s why I’m an artist.

  307. Angelica Dalangin

    l’m independant because I like working on my own and like my alone time – alot. :)

  308. Sadel Fauni

    Sadel Fauni

    I am a Filipino nursing student and i am proud of it because i chose my own destiny and i am determined to finish my chosen career in life for me to be a certified nurse to give quality nursing care to my fellowmen. :)

  309. Shane Antoinette

    Name: Shane Antoinette
    Twitter username: @shaneantoinette

    I am the FUTURE CAMILLE CO OF THE WORLD. Why? Because libre lang mangarap! No, really, it has always been my dream (since you got famous on Lookbook) to be the next Camille Co. It really is my goal to be like you, you are my inspiration in everything that I do in life, I always think to myself, “Diba maging next Camille Co ang goal ko? Don’t ever give up.” I hope this answer would be enough to be chosen as your winner. THANKS! :)

  310. Aila Gregorio

    Name : Aila Gregorio
    Twitter : ohsnapitsaila

    I am a Photographer of my unfaded memories. Because I love looking back to those memories that sometimes create a beautiful curve on my face.

  311. Jamaica Lee Cerdeña

    I am a woman of memories, because each and every snap of my life be with happiness or sorrow, i treat it as memories because they’ve added into my bucket of happenings in my life that i really do treasure.

  312. Lovey Ann Marquez

    Name: Lovey Ann Marquez
    Twitter: @lobiannmarqueth
    I am a lover because I love what love can do in its multidimensionality.

  313. Emmrose villasfer

    name: Emmrose Villasfer
    twitter: xxemmrose

    I am a dreamer because I never stop wishing.
    I’m a true believer. Because I know how to wait. I know when to move. I know my time.

    I am a student. I am a soon to be teacher. I am NIKON. ♥

  314. Lara Lim

    Name: Lara Lim
    Twitter: literallylara

    I am a tulle skirt because I stay poofy and puffy despite being sit on because I have a strong foundation sewn in the waistline. <3

  315. Cara


    I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Because imagination encircles the world and knowledge only limits it.

  316. Marianne Mercado

    Hi, Camille. I am a proud too many to mention woman because I am a proud mom, a trying hard fashion blogger, a dreamer, and a hopeful giveaway winner. :D I’m a 24 y.o. Mom of a 2 year old baby boy, I try to do fashion blog but I recycle photos from Polyvore and mix n’ match outfits as of now since I do not have a fine camera with me to take my own outfits photos (I can buy one but as a Mom, I would put it last on my list). I’m a dreamer ‘coz I want to be a flight attendant, but now that I have a gift from God, I would ask for God’s right timing on when he could grant me this wish. Lastly, a hopeful giveaway winner. I’ve never won anything from contests, raffle, or the like.. I hope I’m not the only one in this world that lacks luck. :D

  317. Rosana Nieva

    Rosana Nieva

    I am a career woman and happen to be a Singles for Christ leader, a servant of God, a disciple. I believe in my anointment and I want to inspire others like what Camille Co is doing. I always respond to God’s call even it’s difficult because I know that this is His plan for me. Furthermore I am trustworthy and creative like (Nikon’s philosophy), for these I am proud because I had a promising career. :)

  318. Abby

    Twitter: flickerinflight

    I am a fighter because because I fight for what I believe in and I’ve literally fought to stay alive (2 years in remission, baybeh!). :)

  319. Phylicia Pineda (@phyaboo)

    Phylicia Marie Pineda
    Twitter: @phyaboo

    I am a positive deviant because I believe in endless possibilities even in the most obscure things. When they say you can’t, I say you can. When they see failure, I see an opportunity to learn. When they say plain, I say it’s a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. I don’t like dwelling in the missed opportunities, or wasted engagements, instead, I look forward to experiences that will make me a better person. One that’s good enough for others to look up to. :)

  320. Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario

    Name: Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario
    Twitter Name: @ghirlieee
    I am a God-servant. Forgiving Ate. And an Independent Woman because I was born this way. I mean, I am molded in this right way by serving and not stopping in serving God which I does every single minute everyday, I sacrificed my semester for my sister to keep continuing her studies and I went through a lot of ways to keep me back in school for this semester. This pain and struggle I face everyday comes up with goo and happy things in return which I missed because I have no camera to capture it. I mean, I have camera on my phone but it is so low quality and short storage to put it all. I love capturing unexpected moments together with my loved ones and friends whether we’re in our difficulties or in success.

  321. aby

    Name: Abbey Calvo
    Twitter: @abylovinu

    I am a long time blogger, a self-proclaimed photographer and a risk taker because I love having adventures, writing and taking photos and sharing my life to the world. It helps me express my individuality and creativity in this small part of the internet. I am a person that does not want to be stuck in what if’s and regrets so if I have the chance to do it, I do it now. Being myself is one thing I won’t regret in my life, this is something I will do and be proud of until I have my grandchildren. :)

  322. Jason Panuelos

    Jason Panuelos (@jason_panuelos)

    I am a fashion blogger because I believe fashion is not just about dressing up, it’s dressing up you yourself, the way you want it. And I believe there is no better way to express yourself than that. Uninhibited and unlimited. Fashion opens an entire realm of possibilities for everyone, that’s why I would love to win this camera, to better aid in my philosophy of this very wonderful hobby that is fashion blogging. :)

  323. Khlyfz Roque

    Name: Khlyfz Roque
    Twitter Name: @danKroque

    “I am a student full of dreams and inspired in arts because this is how I was born how I want to be, I love arts as my hobby, and being a student gets all the time needed to enjoy life… ♥”

  324. Maria Luan Hechanova

    Name :Maria Luan Hechanova

    Twitter: luanthone

    Im a Lovable Mom because my family always feel how much i love and care for them..

  325. Timmi Cabacang

    Timmi Cabacang

    I am a walking photo album because where ever I go, I always come home with millions of photos from my newest adventure & having a Nikon coolpix would really help me get going without all the extra weight! :)

  326. Sumi Go

    Stephanie “Sumi” Go

    I am a STUDENT OF LIFE because I acknowledge that living is a continuous learning process. I may not be able to know everything in my lifespan, but I always try to learn new things everyday. I take pride on being a Jill of all trades.

  327. mary jane jaramillo

    Mary Jane Santos Jaramillo

    I am a loving mother because I will do anything for my kids specially to my daughter who is suffering from heart disease. I will support her dream to become a photographer.

  328. Princess Lynn Bongat

    Princess Lynn Ong-Bongat
    Twitter: @cess_ong

    “I AM A KICK-ASS MOM!! Because I don’t let life push me around. LIFE ANSWERS TO ME!” :)

  329. kai grafia

    Karen Claire Grafia

    I am an independent woman because I know what I exactly want in life and I strive hard to achieve it without having to rely on others all the time – I do my own thing and I certainly do it well!

  330. Karen Campos

    Name: Karen N. Campos
    Twitter account: @KarenNCamps

    I am a trapped dreamer. Everyone has a dream, and when one does, he dreams big. I call myself “The Trapped Dreamer” because I have these dreams that I wish to pursue, but because of my parents, I do not have much opportunity to go out, explore the world, learn some things more than just the course that I’m studying and try to make them happen. But I know these things aren’t going to stop me from trying to do what I want. Someday, I might be able to fulfill my dreams. And I know that it would take a lot of time, effort and sacrifice. And in the end, it will always be worth it :)

    I hope I win *fingers crossed*

  331. Bernice Mendoza

    I am a photography enthusiast because I love capturing moments especially when I’m with family and friends.

  332. Jewel Clicks

    Jewel Delgado


    I am a social media enthusiast because I enjoy exploring internet trends, fashion and photography. I take photos of anything I find interesting. I post it to my blog and share it to my other social media accounts. :)

  333. Francesca Silva

    I am a unique individual because I accept and love all my perfections and flaws. :)

    Name: Francesca Silva
    Twitter: @thewimbbleowl

  334. Kim Vidal

    Name: Kim Vidal

    Twitter name: @callmekimmeh

    I am a proud Atenean and an extremely motivated college student because I believe that the holistic and Jesuit education I am currently taking is helping me grow slowly but surely into the independent businesswoman I dream of becoming.

  335. Marilyn

    Marilyn Fernando

    I am always a positive thinker because I know & I believe that only ONE (Jesus) can help us in all problems/trials that may come in our life! Trust, believe & faith!

  336. Mizpa Herbuela

    Name: Mizpa Herbuela

    Twitter: @miz_cky

    I am a God-fearing person because I know that with God all things are possible and according to Matthew 6:33 if you seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, all these things will be given to you as well. :))

  337. Karen Lutao

    Karen Lutao
    I am Miss prim and proper but people who knows me really well knows I’m a whimsical little miss because I’m a kid at heart – I love watching animes, conservative tv shows and movies, delighted with cute stuffs and anything with hearts, stars and ribbons,always fools around when I’m with my friends and amused whenever I see photos extraordinarily taken. Reading my favorite blogs have become a habit,they inspire me and that includes your blog miss camille. :)
    I had that dream that one day I’ll have my own photo blog with collections of priceless moments worth remembering in my life. My life’s really simple and I’m no rich kid but in my mind I have big dreams that step by step I wanted to make them possible.
    I wish of having a camera that would clearly capture once upon a time instances and of course, be its own model. :)

  338. Inna Isabel Gaerlan

    Inna Isabel Gaerlan
    I am a risk-taker because I see life as an unending adventure, explore it and live up to its every moment.

  339. Anna

    Name: Anna Parcia
    Twitter name: @sweeteranna

    I am just a simple happy girl because I do the things I always love doing and that’s what makes me happy :)

  340. Ronald Lanzanas

    I am a graduating student and I love photography because I just love taking pictures. So if I will win this camera, I’d capture every moment of my Senior year.

    Twitter: @ronaldlnzns

  341. Lois Nicole Baguio

    Name:Lois Nicole Baguio
    Twitter: @LNicoleBaguio
    I am a traveler because I live my life to the fullest and it would be better if I will capture moment with Nikon.

  342. Kristine Pua

    Name: Kristine Pua
    Twitter: itstinpua

    I am a nurse, medical student, business woman, and future fashion designer because I believe that in life we never want to stop learning and be purely determined to push ourselves aiming higher to be versatile in every aspects of life has to offer.

  343. Camille Mendoza

    I am a constant dreamer because I look at life with the belief that beauty is ever present, if only one knows how to see. Not only with one’s eyes but with one’s heart and spirit.

    Name: Camille Mendoza
    Twitter: camiecamcam

  344. mk

    Name: Ma. Karen Joy Corpuz
    Twitter name: callmebluesky

    “I am a/a blogger because I like expressing myself through journal and sharing a piece of me.”

  345. marian peralta

    Name:Marian Peralta
    Twitter: LadyinPinkTee

    I am a photo enthusiast and i love taking snapshots of everything i see, everything around me because for me It’s one way of documenting my life through pictures.

  346. Jean Lim

    Name: Jean Lim
    Twitter: @itsjeanlim

    “I am a photo enthusiast/amateur photographer because through my Nikon it captures the moments of reality that I want so see and having this point and shoot Nikon Coolpix S4300 will help me throughout my passion for photography.”

  347. Dan Urmaza

    Dan Urmaza
    “I am an effort because with bringing just a little of it everyday, one’s industry will be paid off.”

  348. Janella Cruz

    Janella Ann Cruz

    I’m optimistic because I know that positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. Along with working and trying hard for what I want, I have to believe that I’ll have it! ❤

    If in case I’ll be lucky enough to win this, I swear, I’d feel so COOL because of having a Nikon COOLpix S4300! :-)))

  349. Daniela Bichara

    Name: Daniela Paula B. Bichara
    Twitter Name: dazzlingLady94

    I am an avid fan of Nikon products because they always bring out the best memories in every picture. :)

  350. Yani Yamzon

    Name: Yani Yamzon
    Twitter: @yanibananee

    I am a woman of wisdom because that’s the only thing I can bring until I get old. :)

  351. Lalaine Alarcon

    Lalaine Alarcon

    I am a fighter cause I fight all the trials of being a yong mother and now I’m fighting to give her a better future. And I want to have a Nikon Camera to capture all my happy moments with my daughter.

  352. Loidz

    Name: Loida Cordero Tumpag
    Twitter: twigy77

    “I am a trendsetter because I don’t wait for things to happen, I make things happen!”

  353. Ma. Lorena Rodessa Sicat

    I am an achiever because I dont give up on things I wanted to achieve.
    I’ve been wanting to have a Nikon since high school but my parents thrn cant afford to buy me one.
    It would be a wish come true. :)

  354. Mimi

    Name: Shiela Mae Ocbeña
    Twitter: mimiminimoo
    I am an idealist because I see things differently. :)

  355. mika albano

    name: Mika albano

    i am a nurse and i love capturing act of heroism everywhere.

  356. Sie Cajilig

    I am unique because I am original, irreplaceable, and definitely unforgettable.

    Pastel Kisses,
    Sie Cajilig

  357. Lea :)

    Hi Camille :) I’m Lea De Veyra , or @leadeveyra at Twitter :)

    I am Chic Adora ( Chic because I know I am a cool CHIC :) (Woooow sorry for that level of self confidence haha) and A dora because I am such a DORA the explorer, I love traveling and taking lots of pic Everywhere , everything , anything under the sun :) Xoxo Camille.

  358. Bea De Guzman

    I’m a traveler because I believe that life is too short to not witness and be amaze by the beauty of every nation has to offer. <3

  359. Cathy

    i am a (cancer) survivor because i believe i have so much to offer to other people by inspiring them to be strong and not to give up on life’s challenges. And God allowed me to live more to see the REAL beauty around us, His creation & the goodness of each and everyone of us.

  360. Ohms Emocling

    wow!great blast giveaway!joined.

    Ohms Emocling

    “I am a child who turns to be a girl and now a WOMAN,because I used to play and cry,when I was young,I do listen and learned when I passed adolescent stage and NOW a lady/woman who is matured and strong enough to make a own decisions for myself and for my own family.

  361. Doreethy

    Doreethy Arizala

    I am proud of myself and I believe in myself, we all must, because if you do you’ll never lose. :)

  362. mika albano

    twitter: @cutemaimika
    name: mika albano
    I am a nurse and I love capturing scenes of heroism everywhere.

  363. Nessie

    Vanessa Elaine Tianco

    I am a loving daughter to my mother and father because they molded me to be God-fearing and a family-oriented person.

  364. ara moya

    Ara Moya
    : “I am an optimistic woman because i try not to look on the negative side of the issue, rather I try to have a positive result out of that negative one.” Plus i love smiling too, smiling attracts more positivity in life…. :-)

  365. Cara

    I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Because imagination encircles the world and knowledge only limits it.

  366. RejoiceCalusay

    I am a exuberant stylist because I always seek my own ways and inspiration and come up with weird but still stylish looks and outfits, though lack of time, capital and freedom, ^^.. And so, through this give away, I can now have the most possible dream come true to post in my own blog through using this high standard camera. ♥ ;)


    name: Shara Glorioso
    twitter name: @kootshara


  368. Chrystalline Gale

    Chrystalline Gale Calvez

    I am a believer because I can make anything happen as long as I believe.

  369. rica marie lanojan

    @iluvricababy twitter username

    I am a blogger and a dreamer! I share my thoughts and opinions bravely. I live each day to achieve my dreams. I definitely love nikkon camera and my birthday wish is to win this here on my favorite blogger of all times:) goodluck to me! and thankyou camille & Nikkon for this^_^ ♥

  370. jackie

    Name: Jackielou Roaquin
    Twitter: jackielousmile
    I am a/an fashion/lifestyle blogger because i want to express my self by blog and i want to start blogging with the beautiful quality of NIKON

  371. Charisse Roa

    Name: Charisse Cryslee Roa
    Twitter username: @charisseroa

    I am a strong and optimistic person because I never back down in every situation I face. I view problems as challenges in life that would test my faith and see how far could I go in life. Even at my darkest hour, I always remind myself to never give up and that there’s always a solution to everything. Optimism and determination keeps me motivated to reach my goals in life and I love sharing this kind of attitude to other people may it be in writing, accomplishments, aspirations, speaking, pictures and fashion and the best way to capture all these moments I get to spend with people and my journey towards success is with Nikon.

  372. Chinky

    I am a happy person, because despite of all the problems in life. I just SMILE! =)

  373. Paulina Briones

    Paulina Briones
    I am a fighter and a lover because I know how to love genuinely and at the same time protect my self from those who can potentially hurt me.


  374. Ann

    I am an empowered woman because I choose what I wear, what I eat, where I go, and what I do.

  375. Ville

    Name: Ma. Naville Navarrete
    Twitter Name: Ville Nav

    I am a health and wellness advocate because I want to inspire young women to keep track of their
    well-being and embrace the natural way of achieving proper health and beauty through indulging in
    plant-based foods and using natural and home-made remedies as a skincare regimen.

  376. Mary Ann Enriquez

    Name: Mary Ann Enriquez
    twitter name: @anneenriquez06

    I am an Accountant, a princess of God, a victorious woman and a conqueror in this changing world, because I have God in my life, who never changes at all! :)

  377. paula palma

    twitter: blue_istarr

    I’m a photographer because I dreamed last night that I’ll won the camera.

  378. Jen Destura

    Jen Destura

    I am Filipino because I am resilient in changing conditions, creative in the most depressing situations, and happy for the littlest of things.

  379. M

    Marielle Adriano

    I am a wanderer because I love to travel and see the world at the same time learn the culture and history of every place that I visit.

  380. Harmony Valdoz

    I am BEYOND DEFINITION because I don’t fret about the limits of who I am now; neither do I cage myself in the harsh judgmental criteria of others. Instead, I focus on what I would like my FUTURE SELF to be, and the possibilities are ENDLESS.

    And of course, I would love to have Nikon to document this quest with me. :))

    Twitter: hahaharmony_
    Name: Harmony Valdoz

  381. Diana Kristina Junio

    Diana Kristina Junio

    I am a PROUD FILIPINO because of all the unique cultural diversity you can find in our tiny little archipelago. I think all of our rich backgrounds play a big part in making us Filipino. We are patient and forgiving, because despite the chaos in this world, we still believe in GOD.

    Finally heard your voice! Yayy! ♥

  382. Lora

    Lora Maria Teresa Esguerra
    I am a lover of life because life is previous and we can only live once.

  383. anita

    imnotarunner at gmail dot com

    @imnotarunner follows ya on Twitter and Bloglovin’. email:
    : “I am a/an unemployed overqualified engineer that can’t find work__ because I am overqualified so it’s time to start my own bsuiness adnd this camera could help me get this venture up and running__

    @imnotarunner reTweeted this: ”I want to win that Nikon camera giveaway on! #ItsCamilleCoGiveaways”

  384. Jahnstela Roxas

    Name : Jahnstela B. Roxas
    Twitter Name : @jahnstela

    I am an optimistic girl because I knew that my dreams and goals in life will be accomplished if that’s the will of God to me.

  385. Aerielle Nuestro

    I am a lost soul but found through idolizing bloggers like you Ms. Camille and eventually became one because I found myself through blogging, it’s something that I love and matters to me so much. :)
    – Aerielle M. Nuestro

  386. Bhebeh Sangalang

    Name: Bhebeh Sangalang
    Twitter: @Bhebeh

    I am gay because I can express myself not only by gender but also by feelings. I have the golden opportunity to show that I am not different from other people.
    I am gay and feel good about it because its called accepting yourself.
    I am gay and i love it because it shows me who I am. Not like other guys I’m having fun. I joke. I play. I enjoy life.
    I am gay because I’m living my life in truth. Even though there’s a lot of discrimination, from time to time I became stronger and it became a very positive experience to stand for myself and to what I believe in.
    I am gay because that’s the way God wanted me to be. Its not a curse but a blessing.

    Hahaha. Nagvoice out ba?! Thanks Fabulous Camille!

  387. Monique Galang

    sheismonik ;)
    Im a blogger, i do enjoy blogging, i blog to express, to share experience, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Im not sociable nor anti-social, i just enjoy sitting on the front of computer, studying, sleeping or eating. I enjoy blogging and exploring around the other blogs because it allow me to see the beautiful places in world which places i can’t go that God’s created. Even i can’t see it personally it feels like im also on that places. <3 I believe that sometimes, images can explain unexplained things :)

    I want to win Nikkon to be able also to captured beautiful places or share some pictures that i want to share on my co-bloggers (=

    We have the same voice. heehee.

  388. carol

    Carolina Sumague

    I may not be monetarily rich, but I am WEALTHY because I know my worth and I honor my value.

  389. Irish S. Apacible

    I’m just another ordinary teenage girl who never stops dreaming to be a fashion blogger/stylist/photographer because I know someday I would be able to pursue these dreams and with the help of Nikon Coolpix S4300, I could capture every opportunity I have to reach my dreams.

    twitter: @ayisssh
    Julie irish S. Apacible

      • Angelica Ferrer


        I’m an abstractionist *smiles*
        I’m a type of person who expresses himself .. *a lot!*
        (through writing stories,poems,quotations or simply through taking pictures *that captivates my eyes* — i do love taking pictures of myself *blushes* especially when i’m dressed nicely or when a make-up is done with my face ^.^ SELCA.SELCA) – so that’s why i terribly want this Nikon camera ;)))
        I’m a person who loves fashion a lot *always watch video make up tutorials or read fashion articles* …

        If i can have this Nikon camera, i’ll be the happiest person ever in the world. *i can fully express myself*

  390. Chippie

    Ruth Lyra (Chippie) Yap

    I am a dreamer, because I keep dreaming even when there is no reason to.
    I am a wanderer, because I wish to travel to places, see the world, take in all the different cultures from the different walks of life.
    I am a scientist, not only because of what I am taking up in college but also because I am passionate about it, and I wish to learn more about the world and how it works, and none of it is a job for me but a game that I will keep playing even when no one is looking.
    I am an amateur photographer, because no matter how heavy my camera is, I will still lug it around with me for the sake of capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment.
    I am a diarist and a writer, and despite the technological advances I still find time to sit down and write on paper my thoughts and my day to day life.
    I am a historian, documenting every single day, making sure none of it will be missed or forgotten.

    I am all of this and more, because of what I have seen in life. And I am all of this, but in ten years or so I may not be exactly like this, because I am human and we change.

    I am a human being. I am a person. I am me.


  391. Marie Castro

    Marie Danicia Castro
    I am both vulnerable and strong because I accept what can I do and not, move on and make things possible.

  392. kathleen vila

    kathleen kay vila
    I am a treasure hunter and a scene capturer. Well, because I hunt for things that I would like to remember for the rest of my life. I love to capture every happy and funny moments in each day of my life, especially with my family and friends. I could only do it on its best with Nikon Coolpix!! Ü

  393. Ellaine Mijares

    name: Ellaine Rose Mijares
    twitter name: @iamellaaa

    I am a/an ordinary girl who basically blogs about my love for fashion because it is my outlet on how I can express myself and show different sides of my personality and that’s what makes me happy.

  394. Monique Ignacio

    Joana Monique Ignacio
    I am who I am because I’m never really someone else. I try to be unique as I can be. :) Thank you! :D

  395. Issa Marie Saga Magbanua

    Issa Marie Saga Magbanua


    I’m a sincere person I am extremely loyal in all of my friendships & relationships Because That’s all I want in return.

  396. R-hren Guavez

    Name: R-hren Guavez
    Twitter Name: @MsDashG

    I am a Caring and Passionate Nurse because I always make sure that I give 100% percent of me just to make sure that my patients feel my love and care to lessen their diseases. I achieve to save more lives. This is not just a job but my calling to serve other people to the very best I can be.

  397. Vandolph Bunag

    Name: Vandolph Bunag
    Twitter Name: Vandolph08

    I am a 23 year old strong college student coming out one step at a time because I see the reality. The reality of where I live. the norm of the society. I have seen how some gays are treated. I hear how some people talk about them..the hatred and the venom. But this is my life, i want to be happy. plain and simple. I am tired of hiding, tired of lies and not being who I am. I am tired of it! And with Nikon camera I can show to the people who is the real me.

  398. Astrud

    Name: Astrud ysip
    Twitter name: astrudis

    I am an itchy-soled, trigger-happy weekend tourist because Life is too short (and the world too big and beautiful) for me to sit behind a desk 24/7. There’s 52 weekends in a year – I try to make the most of it: head out, see places, eat lovely food and take lots of snaps along the way. Looking back at old travel photos always help keep me going from Mondays to Fridays :)

  399. Honey Lyn

    Name: Honey Lyn C. Barrera
    twitter name: iamhoneycat

    I am a fashion enthusiast because I spend most of my time discovering new styles and trends in the fashion world. I blog sometimes. :) My blog contains my style sets. Combination of different pieces of tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. In the near future I will share my fashion ideas with my photos wearing pieces of fashion from my style sets. With Nikon I can share my fashion ideas and life’s treasured moments. :)

  400. Chelsea Nepacena

    Name: Chelsea Katrina L. Nepacena
    Twitter: @chelseanepacena

    I am an architect in mind, a designer by heart and a fashionista by nature because i believe that art should be looked up into different perspectives. It should be considered as a passion and not an ordinary negotiation. I want to share the beauty that I can see from my own eyes to the other people with the help of Nikon.

  401. Bridjette S. Tagubar

    Name: Bridjette S. Tagubar
    Twitter Name: @iambujeng

    I am an avid reader of your blog. And no, that is not the answer to the giveaway. I just wanna blurt that out before I answer my winning piece — fingers crossed. teehee! I am a registered nurse who secretly dreams of becoming a pastry chef slash lomographer. I am currently managing our mini pastry business here at our hometown so i think my dream of becoming a pastry chef is slowly reaching its goal. With perseverance and dedication, we can achieve even the simplest things in life. Like taking pictures of the most memorable days you have. Unfortunately, I don’t own a camera :( I have this crappy phone who loads like a minute before opening the camera button. Talk about the i-wanna-remember-this-moment thingamajig if you a have a crappy phone and loose the heat of that moment. Sigh! Sorry for the long post. I love Nikon. Even without this giveaway, I do love Nikon. If ever I get a camera it would surely be a Nikon. Nikon is just so easy to use. User friendly ang peg ng Nikon te! :) I am a Nurse. I am slowly becoming a pastry chef. I am not yet a lomographer. And I am yet to capture memorable moments of my life with Nikon. And yes, I am Nikon.

  402. JC Mercado

    JC Mercado

    I am an geeky software engineer by day and a fashionista blogger by heart because all I want is to live my life doing opposite things and making it both work as glamorous as possible. hoho.

  403. Reena

    I am a woman who has a childlike fascination for new and amazing things because this world is just too wonderful to be ignored. (that is why we need to CAPTURE every moment! <— see what I did there? lol)

    Twitter: @yenyen07

  404. Raqisah Alimona

    I am a fourth year college student high achiever because I want to settle everything in terms of my studies. If I want to have or to be like this then I must set my own goals in order to achieve it. This coming March, hopefully I’ll be wearing my toga marching in the stage and will have a proud-face. I want to make my mom proud of me. Hope I’ll win this giveaway. I still don’t have my own DG cam and this one is perfect. I can use it during my graduation hopefully. Thank you! ^_^ Best of luck everybody! More power to Camille who inspires everybody about blogging..

    Raqisah Alimona

  405. Kathleen Perez

    Kathleen Perez
    I am a superwoman because I juggle my day-job tax auditing work with further studies, on-the-side blogging, planning for putting up a food business with my sisters and making my fashion dream of having my own clothing line become a reality.

  406. Frances Carolyn Tan

    Frances Carolyn Tan

    I am a/an creative, idealistic, adventure lover, imaginative and outgoing person who is basically into photography and fashion because this is where I can capture every memory that I have and see the beauty in everyday. And for fashion, is because I can express myself and there are no rules to break. I need a camera like this Nikon Coolpix S4300 would help me to achieve my passion about photography and capture every memories in my daily life.

  407. Marie Berjamin

    I am a bookworm because I can explore other worlds and be another person!
    twittername: marielovesjapan

  408. Kaze Agar

    Name: Kaze Danielle Agar
    Twitter Name: @windychums

    I am a strong woman because I can handle challenges and failures that makes me who I am and what I should do next time. A strong woman who can make and try things until my dreams will come into reality. :)

  409. Mara Abigail Reformado

    I am a student who loves to create personalize picture frames, taking pictures, sometimes a model(model-modelan lng) and i really love ms. camille co and laureen uy (they are my inspiration) because i’m having fun in doing this and i think i deserve to grab this opportunity to join and win Nikon Coolpix S4300. God bless your heart.:)

    twitter name: @iammaraber

  410. Crystal

    I am a blogger because I want to voice out my dreams and immortalize special moments in my life worth sharing through pictures and words. :)

    twitter: @Cryzuz
    name: Winnie Crystal P. Cruz

    (sorry had to repost it because I forgot to put my name in the previous one haha but the content is still the same.)

  411. Claudine Faylogna

    Claudine Faylogna

    twitter: @histrionicdeity

    I am a lover of life because there are millions of reasons to fall in love with it – it’s one big beautiful scene that’s so wonderful to take a shot of. :)

  412. Shayne Monterola

    Twitter: @ShayneMonterola

    I am a Music Lover because Music can help me relax from a busy day and at the same time it’s my way of expressing my feelings which I cannot utter :)

  413. Hanz

    Name: Hanz Vonder Lou M. Libato
    Twitter name: Hanz L. @iamhanzlibato

    I am a fashion student, photographer, blogger, hair and make-up artist because I don’t settle for less and I’m fearless.

  414. Isabel Rodriguez

    I am a repository of ideas and beautiful memories because I believe that each moment that stays with me, molds me into the person that I am. Blogs and photographs help me chronicle my everyday!

    Twitter: @sisasaid

  415. Marynel Dalisay

    name: Marynel Dalisay
    twitter name: iam_jingjing
    I am a vagabond because I’d love to roam and see the beauty of our country, with Nikon by my side,every travel is always a memorable one. See my as proof of my penchant in photos every trip : )

  416. Mara Lagdamen

    I am a girl who loves fashion and take outfit shots and I would love to win this Nikon camera so that it would be easier to bring along and take outfit shots easily.

  417. Harlene Shio

    name: Harlene Shio
    twitter name: lyn shio / @lyndt2

    “I am a hardworking student because a miracle is another name for effort.”

  418. Eda Manatad

    Twitter account: @EdaManatad
    Name: Eda Manatad

    I am a believer of far-flung dreams because my ability to imagine makes everything possible and nothing improbable. :)

  419. Jessamer Abing

    ame, twitter name and answer to this:
    I am a nursing student because I’m passionate helping people in my own little ways! <3

  420. Claire Pascual

    I am a daughter/wife/mother/church worker/doctor/blogger because the woman is created and empowered to multitask and be all that she dreams to be! i love Nikon because that’s the brand of our camera so its a partner for creating my family’s memories.

    twitter: @thebeautyblogmd

  421. geraldine

    i am a student want to win that nikon giveaways . plsssssssssssssssss…. i hope .im the one who choose . cos i love that nikon so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhh !

  422. Angela

    Name: Angela Sanchez
    Twitter: @bilogangbuhay

    I am beautiful because I am surrounded by the most beautiful people in the world, family, friends and the love of my life.

  423. Tricia

    Twitter: @triciadeguia

    I am an entrepreneur because I want to spell a difference in this world someday.

  424. Ma. Liza Dimaculangan

    Ma. Liza Dimaculangan

    I am a proud and strong single mom because I don’t care what other people will say as long as I have with me my loving 17-yr old daughter!

  425. Jill Roque

    Jill Roque

    I am a uniquely enabled because I believe God makes no mistakes and created for a purpose.

  426. karen gerona

    name: karen christine s. gerona
    twitter: @kcsoygerona

    I am a 20-year-old superwoman because i do a lot of things like helping out in our business, taking good photos, blogging while studying to be the best electrical engineer (which is the hardest course in the planet) someday ^____^

  427. Keshia Grace Garrucho

    Keshia Grace Garrucho


    I am a compassionate woman because I always care and feel concern to feelings of others. As a friend, I try to spread compassion into people’s hearts and always being there to help them.

  428. Alyssa Batuhan

    Alyssa Batuhan

    I am a student because everyday I make it a point to learn something new.

  429. Shaine J.

    Name: Shaine Jayme
    Twitter: @Julssss13
    I am a hardworking person because I am committed to what I do, I put a lot of energy and effort into getting my work done,I like what I do and that’s the most important thing. I am the one who is ready to get my hands dirty and sweats hard and accepts the challenges set before me and does not complain. and one who finishes job. Motivation is what will keep me on working…

  430. Kris J.

    Kristal Jade Naguit
    I am an imperfect lady and I’m proud of it because I’ve learned to embrace my imperfections and to accept that afterall, life is not perfect. So am I. :)

  431. Vianca Castillo

    Twitter: @MsSteveRogers

    I am a dreamer because I want to see the world, make my dreams come true and share my experience with everyone. :))

  432. Kristine Lucas

    name: Kristine Lucas
    twitter name: @itsmeklu

    I am an awesome person because I am me. :D

  433. Ara Gwin Capalungan

    I am a blogger and a camwhore because I want to share the world who the real me. In front and behind the camera. I wanna share the world who really is me. Candid shots also speaks how I really I am.


  434. Danielle Mari Quico

    Danielle Mari A. Quico

    “I am a chaser.

    I chase the future, the time where all my dreams and aspirations lie.
    I chase the past, in the recorded words and photos where the memories stay still.
    I chase the present, making and capturing the moments to take with me in the future.

    I chase time because I am alive.”

  435. Tiara Luigi Ordoña

    Twitter username: @tiaraaaluigiii

    I am a Camille Co follower because her fashion inspires me.

  436. Kaila

    Janille Kaila Pasion

    I am an inspiration because I do not live for myself only, I live for the people around me; the ones who believe in me, and the ones who see me as someone who they can look up to.

  437. Abbey

    twitter name: abbeynirvana

    I’m a petite powerhouse because I fight for my big dreams and stand tall at 5 ft 1!

  438. Patricia Marie Rotulo

    Patricia Marie Rotulo
    I am a believer of my wildest dreams, and I will strive hard to reach all of it because I am a tough Filipina just like you. I am nikon.

  439. John Rod Oquendo

    I am an aspiring photographer because it is my dream to take every single great moments. & I think i can have a great start with this camera.♥

  440. khor hui ying

    I am a fashionista who want to win this nicon camera because I want to let my reader to see all of my outfit clearly

  441. Maria Fe Estrella

    Name: Maria Fe Estrella
    Twitter: @marifela

    I am a simple girl who considers herself as a ‘starfish’ in the sea, spending her time swimming all the way to the sky because at some point, I’ll be up there shining so brightly.

  442. aira de castro

    name: aira de castro
    twitter name: @saipersuades

    I am a ray of sunshine because I always aim to radiate happiness :)

  443. Franz Dayrit

    I am an aspiring fashion blogger like Camille Co and she inspires me that’s why I deserve to win this because it’ll be a big help for me. :)

  444. Charmaine Pecson

    Charmaine V. Pecson
    twitter name: @misslitratista

    I am a N.I.K.O.N…..

    N – never giving up on opportunities that come along my way,
    I – inspired by all the wonders around me,
    K – keeping the faith in God who never leaves me in times of adversities,
    O – Optimistic that someday I will achieve my goals in life, and
    N – Natural for what you see is the real me, and I am never afraid to be real,

    I am a N.I.K.O.N because that’s who I am and that’s what I choose to be in life.

  445. Anne Gabrielle Alcasid

    Anne Gabrielle Alcasid

    I am creative person who loves taking beautiful scenery but I don’t have a good quality camera that’s why I need that Nikon camera because it can help me to show how beautiful sceneries was.

  446. Aysen Asuero

    I am an aspiring flight attendant Because being a flight attendant is my dream job – a dream job that will give me the opportunity to travel, meet interesting people and learn new cultures. It is the job wherein I get excited everyday when I wake up to go to work and learn new things.

    I’m hoping to win this kawaii camera. Thank you very much Ms. Camille Co and Nikon for this very great opportunity. God bless and More power to you! :)) *cross fingers*

    NAME: Aysen Achurra Asuero
    TWITTER NAME: @nesyaaa08

  447. Pascual Garcia

    Name: Pascual Garcia
    Twitter: @paskygarcia

    I am a Graphic Artist because art is in my blood.

  448. Diane Karen Co

    Name: Diane Karen Co
    Twitter name: @iamyanico

    I am a frustrated blogger because i dont have a good camera to use for pictures :(

  449. JADE

    Name: Joseph Mark Rizon
    Twitter: @ayhemjade


    • JADE

      Name: Joseph Mark Rizon
      Twitter: @ayhemjade


  450. Danelle

    i am an architecture student/ photographer/ blogger. I love everything about art and having a nikon camera is always a dream must have for me. :D

  451. Trixia Cruz

    name: Trixia Cruz
    twitter name: @trixxuhh

    I am a girl who loves travelling, shooting landscapes,sports and people because I believe Nikon have many ways to tell a story and also to record events and memories

    you are the best pocket camera

  452. Joyra Serrano

    “I am an amateur photographer because I want to capture every picture-perfect moments in our lives.”

    Noiemy Joyra Serrano :)

  453. Stephanie Grace T. Reloj

    II am a REALIST and yet at the same time a DREAMER, because I believe that dreams are real and meant to be reached and not meant to stay in our fantasy ONLY, so in every dream I fashion I will do everything to make it happen!

    twitter: @imeinahreloj

  454. Trisha

    Name: Lao, Nicole Trisha Sotamco
    Twitter: ntsl1993
    Answer: I am spontaneous because often times plans don’t work out and you need to be spontaneous once in a while to express yourself more. It’s just like pictures, candid shots are way better than poses because it’s more real. =))

  455. Aurea Mari Rivero

    Twitter: @AumaRivero

    I am a passionate storyteller because i see life, in good times or bad, as a picture narrating endless masterpieces.

  456. Mara Sison

    Twitter Name: @maramaraeee

    I am happy because people I always think positively. :)

  457. alvin

    Name: Alvin Babista
    Twitter Name: itsmealvin24

    I am a frustrated photographer/hobbyist because I am really interested in photography in every sense of the word however I lack the most important instrument in photography which is the camera itself. Haha (that’s why I called myself a frustrated photographer/hobbyist). If I will be able to win this give away, It’ll help me to develop my photography skills and creativeness. I also plan to put up a travel blog where I could share the beautiful scenery in every different places I go to.

  458. Nyka

    “I am a blessed living creature on Earth because I have my eyes so I can see, I have my ears so I can hear, I have my hands so I can touch, and I have a heart so I can love, but the best thing is I have a blog so I am free.”
    twitter: bipolardoll
    name: Nyka Villasenor

  459. Agnes Dela Cruz

    Agnes Dela Cruz

    I am a hobbyist photographer, I take photos of almost everything around me. My kids inspires me to take that snap shots of them laughing or crying, happy or sad and most specially the best thing they do to make a difference for them making me a proud. I am a Mother.

  460. julia

    i am going to be very very happy because i have a feeling i will win this camera

    twitter: pennylane06

  461. R.A. Cruz

    name: ROSE ANNE M. CRUZ
    twitter name: @LeFabGeek

    “I am a song because I’m someone you can spend your entire life listening to” ♥

  462. Eden

    Eden Nyssa Cagas

    I am a PASSIONATE DREAMER because passion in blood renders me unstoppable in pursuit of my heart’s desires.

  463. Kaye Ibrahim

    I am a “proud Filipino” because “Philippines tries to make a name and achieve the best in the world in her own ways and molds each and every one of us to be a better person today.” :))
    Twitter: @kayeendii

  464. Lorraine Carla Laplap

    I am a dreamer because I believe in magic, I believe in journey life never ends, i believe that everything in this world is possible and I believe when you have a dream just have faith and don’t be afraid to take risk to achieve it. :)

    • Lorraine Carla Laplap

      Lorraine Carla Laplap

      I am a dreamer because I believe in magic, I believe in journey life never ends, i believe that everything in this world is possible and I believe when you have a dream just have faith and don’t be afraid to take risk to achieve it.

  465. Nickha Denisse G. Pineda

    Nickha Denisse G. Pineda
    Twitter: @nickhapineda

    I am a fearless woman that takes pictures that will inspire my life because that way, I can be creative in a whole lot of ways! :)

  466. Sandra T.

    name: Alecssandra Tan
    twitter: @saandratan

    I am a student and an aspiring fashion designer because expressing yourself through fashion is the best and easiest way.

  467. Annette Sy

    Annette Sy @ah_ne_nette I am a bacon because no matter how fat I get I’m still crispy hot, literally. Also like if my ideas get as bad as bacon fat, they still come out great and hot, like bacon:) Yum!

  468. ClarissaMariano

    Name: Clarissa Mariano
    Twitter Name: Clarisssa23

    I am a certified dreamer because I dream big and believe I will make my dreams happen one day. My dreams are what fuels my ambitions. I am Fashion Blogger wannabe. I am Nikon.

  469. kimberly bautista

    Kimberly Bautista

    I am fashion blogger and student who loves to take pictures everywhere and make it as an inspiration. Since my camera isn’t working anymore, im finding a new baby and I hope nikon will help me find my inspirations by taking good pictures. :)

    twitter: @kiannbautista

  470. Jemma Go

    Name: Jemma Go
    twitter: @jemmago

    “I am an architecture student and i need a camera like Nikon Coolpix S4300 because its easy to bring where ever i go and i can take good photos of beautiful buildings from different places.”

  471. AC

    Name: AC
    twitter name: @acmzeta
    I am a superwoman because there’s a Mom, a Dad, a friend and a sister leaving inside of me. :)

  472. Eisle Guce

    I am an artist, a manager, a model, and a hero because I’m a future teacher. :)

    Twitter name: ishisweets

    Btw, love your voice! :*

  473. Zeph Espino

    I am a strong, modern Filipina because I love working, I’m always on the go, I love helping and supporting my love ones and I support important causes in the littlest way I can.

  474. Kimberly Gaza

    name Kimberly Gaza
    twitter name @eatnandoswith1D
    I am a passionate girl because I always give my best and love on the things what I am doing.

  475. Rhej Baloro

    Rhej Baloro

    I am a Passionate Teacher because it was a great calling from God and I would love to share knowledge and educate others.

  476. Mielle

    I am a creative girl because I like experimenting with stuff, and trying out new things!

  477. Tatjana Anne Perez

    Tatjana Anne Perez

    I am a goal-oriented person because when I aim for something, I do my best to have it even if it take me years. Like now, I’m aiming to have a trip to NYC after I graduate college!

  478. Allysa Petros

    Name: Allysa Mae Petros
    Twitter Name: @AlyMaePetros
    I am an independent and an adventurous women because I want to discover some places that I don’t usually travel even though its a bit near so that I can caption all the places that I can go on with the help of Nikon camera… :D

  479. Eden

    Eden Nyssa Cagas

    I am a writer because life is one big story to tell.

  480. Crystal

    I am a hardworking girl because i strive to do my best in everything i do and because i will be a successful doctor in the near future

    • Crystal

      name: Crystal Castro

      I am a hardworking girl because i strive to do my best in everything i do and because i will be a successful doctor in the near future

  481. Nowie Serrano

    “I am a Committed Medical Technologist simply because i prioritize finalizing accurate patient lab results over anything else.”

    Nowiena Joyce G. Serrano

  482. Patricia Rivera

    name Patricia G. Rivera
    twitter name @patrivera1D
    I am a student who loves to play table tennis and taking pictures because Im having fun doing this and I love to be creative . :)

  483. Malou S.

    Name: Malou Sanchez
    Twitter: @malouistwisted
    I am an orchid because every storm that comes my way, I am still standing strong.

  484. Vanessa Joy Malate

    Vanessa Joy Malate @vanemalate I am a fashion blogger and I use Nikon D3100 for my outfit shots because based on the quality it gives/brings you can’t deny the fact that Nikon is on of THE best!.

  485. Patricia Rivera

    twitter name
    I am a student who loves to play table tennis and taking pictures because Im having fun doing this and I love to be creative . :)

  486. Vanessa Joy Malate

    I am a fashion blogger and I use Nikon D3100 for my outfit shots because based on the quality it gives/brings you can’t deny the fact that Nikon is on of THE best!.

  487. Charnelle

    Twitter name: LiLNutritionist

    I am an amateur multi-marketing entrepreneur because I want to do business like my mom.

          • Aizeel Gonzales

            Name: Aizeel Gonzales
            Twitter: @aizeel_17

            Hi Ms. Camille

            I am a nurse who helps the sick because I believe that nursing is not just a profession but also a vocation..

            (i really want the nikkon cam but always cant afford it!haha so goodluck to me =p)
            Hope u read this, its my 1st tym to comment but always been a fan:D

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