It’s that time again! I reunited with the Pantene team and my fellow Pantene Stylistas a few weeks back for another awesome project. This time it’s for Pantene’s latest line, the Nature Care series. Pantene Nature Care has 2 variants: Smoothness and Life for sleek straight hair that sways effortlessly and the other variant, Fullness and Life for hair that bounces.

“Bounce!” “Sway!” Ring any bells?

I’m sure there’s no need to introduce these girls. They’re my fellow Pantene Stylistas who I fondly call my blogger besties. Laureen and Patricia chose to use Pantene Smoothness and Life while Kryz and I used Fullness and Life.

What made this project really special is that it wasn’t just the four of us. This time around, Pantene gave us the chance to choose fellow bloggers to join us in our bounce and sway transformations. We got to choose one blogger each and helped out with their mini makeovers. I chose Bestie Konisis of The Capricious Club to be my partner blogger.

Of course, all four of us Pantene Stylistas also had our hair pampered, as you can see in this photo. Ang lakas maka-product shot ng photo na ito haha! But seriously speaking now, I really love this new line. It smells really good and feels so light as well. It must be because of the new and improved ingredients. They’re much healthier! It’s nice that Pantene is always finding ways to improve their formula.

So anyway, back to Bestie, my partner blogger. Bestie was assigned to do “bounce”. She has a really cute and charming appeal so doing “bounce” definitely suited her.  Here she is having her hair done after washing with Pantene.

Since I already did “sway” during Kris TV and I wanted to match Bestie’s hair style, I did “bounce” as well. Please try your best to forgive my face here. I have no idea why I’m making this face haha! I’m so weird. :/

Here’s Bestie’s hair transformation! Isn’t she the cutest???!!!??

And here she is again with the man responsible for our awesome hair styles, Pantene hair expert and celebrity stylist Alex Carbonell.

This is what I call–labanan ng bangs. Or in English, “the battle of the bangs/fringe”. I could not have found a better partner! I love how our hair fall the same way. I mean not just our fringe but even our curls! The volume is just right. These are type of curls that I love–so effortless and natural-looking.

I think I look all too giddy here. Clearly, I love this product too much!!! It does wonders for my hair!

And for Bestie’s too! Thank you for doing this with me, Bestie! :) I hope you liked your transformation!

Anyway, now that we’ve got our hair in check, time to switch focus to my outfit. As usual, I wore Pantene colors. We were asked to come in white with accents of gold and green. Check!

I wanted to wear something simple and sophisticated–something that represents Pantene well. I wanted to convey a clean and crisp look that is both striking and can stand the test of time. The answer? A minimalist silhouette with unique cuts.

Come to think of it, I find myself getting more and more attracted to pieces like this asymmetric skirt from Romwe. As I get older, I am starting to invest more in pieces that are simple but one-of-a-kind. This one is especially interesting. The way the fabric was manipulated is so straightforward but it does the job well. I mean look at it! This skirt can easily make any outfit eye-catching.

I paired it with the simplest top and it still managed to look striking. See what I mean? Bold cuts + simple silhouettes = two thumbs up!

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Cotton On top (old)

Online green necklace | SM Accessories gold necklace

Romwe skirt

SM Accessories rings and cuff

 Feet For A Queen shoes

138 Responses to “Bounce”
  1. inca

    So happy nung naabutan ko interview mo with ms.kris…
    Hope you could guest more sa mga shows or have a video blog para mas interactive..

  2. maebs

    since I was a kid I’ve been using Pantene already,. I really love your bouncy hair! you look simple but at the same time a sophisticated :)

  3. Jaztine

    when i read this post, i got interested with Pantene’s new Fullness and Life variant…. now, i’m currently using it and it’s good for my curly hair.. ooh! love your outfit here Ms. Camille.. simple but one-of-a kind.. :)

  4. Patrice Aliman

    I honestly thought this was a dress. I think that’s your forte, Camille. Ang galing mo lang mameke. Haha. Truly one of my fashion idols <3

  5. Frances Gian

    why so pretty ate? nagkakasala ako whenever i look at you, IDOLATRY. hahaha

  6. Jayr Gutierrez

    At last!!! nag number 1 ka na sa topblogs, camille! I think ung kris tv ung biggest break mo as a blogger. U really deserve the no.1 spot! congrats!

    • itscamilleco

      Been quite some time already since I last got no. 1! :) Thank you! Not that it matters naman, okay lang because I love Laur and Kryz so papalit palit lang kami :)

  7. inna

    omg i love your style! your dress is so chic, yet edgy too :3 heehee and you kind of look like jessica jung from SNSD. full bangs!!!

    stay awesome! hwaiting?0!!!

    • itscamilleco

      People keep saying that! Although I find her prettier by a mile! Thanks Inna!

  8. Bianca

    Hi Ms. Camille!
    sana i’ll get a chance to see you in-person.. ^_^
    maging kasing pretty mo lang ako.. hay! ang saya ko na.. haha

    if you have time po, you can visit my blog :)
    i blogged about you and Coexist.:) so i can share your “awesomeness” ..
    to my readers as well.. :D

    more power to you! God bless ^__^

  9. Dash Guavez

    Hi Ms. Cams…wow team “bounce” ka naman naun. I love your hair so much. Buti na lang naka-Pantene na ako. I hope nah makita nah po kita. Kelan po ba ang next na Blogger’s United? I want to see you with Ms. Kryz and Ms. Pat. God Bless to you!

  10. Inna

    I LOVE YOUR DRESS!!! and your whole outfit! :)

    Do you know Jessica Jung from Girls Generation?? you kind of look like her here! cause you’ve got full bangs! :) unnie, ipuda!!

  11. Nizza Ann

    Hi Ate Camille! :) I love how your outfit is so cohesive. At first I thought it was a dress… Imagine my surprise when I read that it’s actually a top and skirt combo! You’re a style genius :)

  12. Kyla Mae

    I thought this was a dress! You’re such a pro Ms. Camille, always makes everything look like they’re made for each other!

  13. Veronica

    I absolutely love your outfit! It’s so classy and elegant. :) I’m just curious. Who takes your photos for your blog?

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Veronica! Usually, it’s my assistant. But this time, since I was with fellow bloggers, another blogger (Lissa) took these. :)

  14. Emmrose Villasfer

    hi camille..
    anong sabe ng bangs niyo??? hahaha. Labanan talaga ng bangs! :D
    is this for a commercial? i hope so :) para I can see you always on TV :)
    at I rarely seeing you grinned. ayy. Bihira lang pala talaga kitang makita smiling at expose ang teeth :D hahaha. Ang cutee!!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha laban kung laban. Not it’s not for a commercial :) Thanks Emmrose!

  15. bestie

    what a weird feeling it is to see my face all over your blog. hahaha. it was an absolute delight spending the day with you cams (and the others, of course!). thanks again for picking me. loyalista na ko ng pantene! (:

    • itscamilleco

      Woohoo! Thank you Bestie!!!! :) I’m glad na-convert ka na! :) Til next time!

  16. ville

    I love Pantene Nature Care too.. It works well with my natural curly hair.
    I’m happy you’re one of the endorsers. Super pretty Ms.Camille Co, you always continue to
    inspire a lot of young women..:)

  17. Palm

    White is always beautiful.. It looks good on you. It blends perfectly with you skin tone as well as the accessories, of course.

  18. Kit

    wow! 2 of my favorite bloggers…together? ohsum! teehee.. reading this makes me wanna try the new variant of Pantene. eheheh…and yeah! ur definitely right, with simple clothes paired with the right accessories should still look striking, it all depends on how you carry urself.

  19. Colt Nava

    Wow if I didn’t read the captions I would’ve thought that this was a dress! Anyway, this looks so clean and fresh, and i adore the pop of green/emerald! Gorgeousness <3

  20. irisgarcia

    I love your dress… and your shoes …
    I admire all of you
    you are the best bloggers from all times :)

  21. Ianne

    That close up photo of you is sooooo cute!!!! :D Ang kinis mo ate Camille!

    I love what you’re wearing. I even thought it was a dress!

    I think this is weird but because I’m looking forward to meeting/seeing you in person I find myself practicing how I’ll react or speak LOL

  22. Erika Enriquez

    you are so good at balancing your outfit. its simple yet there seems to be nothing missing :PP i love it :D especially your shoes.

  23. Dana Tolentino

    Sooo pretty! Straight man or curls, bagay! *u*
    I hope to see you again on BU! Papaautograph na ako next time! :)))

  24. Reena

    WOW!!! I thought it was a dress! Amazzzzing! :) Gosh, I’m officially a gold convert! haha. Before I really didn’t like gold accessories coz I thought it didn’t look cool… oh, how stupid I must be! Imma start collecting na! hehehe… Thanks for another awesome post… :) Sooo inspiring talaga!

    • itscamilleco

      I used to think so too back when I was still in high school. Now, I can’t get enough of it! :)

  25. Mars Gemilga

    When I read “ONE OF A KIND”, only G-Dragon came to mind. Anyway, I’m so glad that you chose Bestie, because I absolutely adore her! She’s so cute and quirky!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha you love k-pop too much! :) I think Bestie is so cute and quirky too!

  26. Marin

    You should show your teeth more often in your pictures! Eeep you’re too cute and beautiful and perfect i can’t contain it

  27. Tasha D.

    LOVE especially those heels! Grabe dapat pala your future boyfriend should stand at least 6’3 para lang wag siyang mag mukhang pandak when standing beside you if you are in heels eh! What if your future bf is just as the same height as you are when you’re in flats, would you still wear heels on date nights or whenever you are near him? haha!

  28. Jawie

    I’m inlove with the Shoes! Nasa wishlist-before-I-die ko na talaga ang makita ka in person. kahit dumaan ka nalang sa harap ko, okay na! *fingerscrossed* =)

  29. Sephie Rojas

    At first glance, I thought you were wearing a dress. Apparently it’s a top + skirt combo, haha! Love the asymmetry of the skirt though. It’s so unique :)

  30. Tricia G. Ladiana

    wow!Sway kung sway,bounce kung bounce!haha. your so gorgeous in white!Your accessories stand out! :) I’ll definitely change my shampoo from ______ to PANTENE! I promise that! :)) haha.

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