Get Me Out Of Jail Free

Obviously, this post’s title was inspired by the stripes on my skirt. Stripes as bold as these always remind me of the “get out of jail free” card from Monopoly. Ooooh!!!! Oooooh!!! Sudden light bulb moment! That would be a cool couple Halloween costume!! The Monopoly police and prisoner! CUTE!

Okay. That was so random. But if you’re a loyal reader, you should know by now how random I can get so you have been warned. I write whatever comes to my mind which is why this blog is always light and happy and sometimes weird.

Okay, maybe a lot of times weird but you still love me anyway. (Awwwww)

So anyway, more about fashion and less about my weirdness. From my cutie patootie, kiddie outfit yesterday– let’s do a complete 180 shall we? I’m now back to my womanly style, fit for the 24-year old lady that I am. Pwedeng-pwede na pang-boss! Or in English, I can pass off as a big shot boss, right? Women on top, this is what you should wear! It screams: “I am in charge and I take charge!” Who agrees with me? (Whoever disagrees, don’t comment! I kid I kid. We’re democratic after all! LOL.)

You should know by now that there is no truth to the common misconception that all fashionistas don’t repeat clothes. I’ve told you many times before, like Kate Middleton, I believe in making the most out of your clothes. If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ve probably already noticed that I repeat clothes as well–just like this top! Quick, quick! Guess where I wore this before. :)

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SM Accessories necklace | From Hong Kong top

YSL clutch | SM GTW skirt (includes belt)

Mango shoes

Gasp! Did anyone notice my red lips? *Cue choir: HAAAAAAAAALLELUJAH!* It’s not yet the bright red lipstick I’m looking for but it IS red. I never thought this day would come. Haha! But for the sake of fashion, I wore red. I just couldn’t help it. It’s the best lip color that matches my bold outfit.

So what do you think? I tried something new today. You should too! :)

116 Responses to “Get Me Out Of Jail Free”
  1. Apple

    You have super loooong legs! I’d die to have your body type. Anyway, going back to your post….your red YSL clutch added life to your outfit. And yes, a cool change from your usual nude or pink lipstick :)


  2. M

    This is probably one of your best outfits. I can’t get over the amazing silhouette in this – it’s curvy, it’s sharp and it’s both sweet yet sort of wicked. And the textures! Net, leather, something that looks like sequins and suede shoes. Plus the colour scheme and patterns are both classic and also VERY in right now (especially the stripes)!
    This is genius. And I actually like this lip colour best. It’s not the bold and overused shade of red (although it’s still magnificent), and it fits your outfit best. It’s almost mischievous but still sweet. Oh and great accessories as well!
    But I’d be lucky if I could wear this when I start working. The place where I live, this would still be considered a bit too “dressy” for work :(
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Jean

    You’re so cuteeee! I mean the way you write in your blog. Haha! And yet you’re so womanly in your outfits. Your blog is never boring to read. :)

  4. Charisse Roa

    Your first three paragraphs made me laugh ;) Again, I love your so-called weirdness, Miss Camille! It’s an added bonus why I read your blog religiously <3 YES, YOU'RE THE BOSS :) Your outfit's sophisticated and just ready to attend functions or even meetings. Bongga talaga! Can't wait til you try a darker shade of red lippie. I think you'll look great in it :)

  5. gladys

    I visited SM last saturday and I went to the GTW section and was having fun looking out for outfits I’ve seen you wearing in you posts. Then I saw this kind of skirt and said to myself, “I wondered if this piece is a blogger favorite and if Miss Cams would have this”. And when I saw this, my smile is from ear to ear. (Just sharing)

    You look really good in here. Very . . . boss Camille..:)))

  6. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Again,You look like a boss or a CEO of the company! hehe. No to Red Lips?why?Uhm maybe its so maarte tignan hehe.but bagay naman siguro sayo! :)

  7. Mark U

    Quite the outfit. Very corporate looking. I just wish that my old officemates would at least put up half as much effort into dressing up for work. But somehow I can’t seem to picture a “bossy” Camille after seeing your gangnam video and your Disneyland posts. hehe.

    And if I may say something about “weirdness”:

    “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” – Dr. Seuss

  8. Claudine Claire

    Hahaha! Bukod sa mga magagandang outfit posts mo Ate, eh yun naman talagang pagka-random mo ang mas nakapagpaganda lalo sa blog mo Ate. Oh diba ;)
    You sure have a good sense of humor! Hahaha!
    Kasi ikaw na ikaw kasi talaga ito Ate Camille eh. Eeet! Haha.


    P.S Sorry po nga pala kung mga mali mali yung tagalog ko, Ate. Bisaya kasi ako. Haha.

  9. Ren Cayetano

    I also have that necklace! haha, because of your recent posts na-a-addict na rin ako sa black and white combinations! so simple yet so elegant looking :)

  10. maebs

    ang ganda naman ng boss! you look classy. just curious lang po, do you want to take up masters degree sa profession mo po?

      • Cess

        hey Camille do you know if the store where you bought your skirt ships internationally like to thw U.S? really love the skirt and all your outfits!!

        • itscamilleco

          Ohhh I’m so sorry but they don’t. Although I did see a similar one from :)

  11. Colt Nava

    You look gorgeous as always, Camille! This look is very sophisticated yet fun at the same time cos of the glittered top :D

  12. Charm Conrado

    This outfit ensembles my most favorite motto: LIKE A BOSS! You really look corporate here. And I really believe in what you said that we should make the most out of our clothes. Specially me that I think of how many times and ways can I wear something before I buy it, it’s a shame to think that some think that you should only wear a piece once and that’s so HINDI PWEDE! Right?? :D And btw I really love your Mango shoes, and I just noticed that I’m very flattered with those kind of shoes from Mango, because the cut and shape just fits my taste. Diba there are times that you are really looking for a specific cut, style, material and design of shoes??

  13. Isa Reynoso

    gorgeous look! And even more gorgeous with the red lips :) I swear I really love those Mango heels of yours, so classy and timeless! And they’re your winning shoes right? hehe :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Isa! :) Oh yeah, they were my winning shoes. Never really thought about that! :) I love them :)

  14. Sephie Rojas

    Sana, if my future boss would dress like that, hindi niya lalaitin yung mga fashion choices ng employees niya, hahaha! I might hear a lot of “Where did you get that? No, wait, scratch that. WHY did you get that??” I might feel like how Anne Hathaway’s character felt like in The Devil Wears Prada, hahahaha! :P

  15. Mae

    LIKE!pang boss style but still fashionable.I notice that you really like the shoes you are wearing…you wear it many times na po..:))…What’s in it that you really like it?…

  16. Apple

    Whatever color of lipstick u use, you still look gorgeous :) I really love the way you dress..

  17. Maleen

    Hi Ms. Camille!
    Yet another GORGEOUS look from you. :)
    Will you post about how you store your clothes, shoes and accesories?
    It would really be fun (and amazing!) to see your collections. :)

  18. Dana Tolentino

    Hi Ms Camille! I’m just wondering… would you ever try dark lippies, like Media by MAC? :)))
    If yes, can you give some tips on what to wear it with? :D

    • itscamilleco

      Maybe someday! :) It would be nice to pair it with fall colors–burgundy, mustard, gray, black :)

      • Dana Tolentino

        Ohhh, thanks Ms Camille! :D Will watch out for that! Hope to see you on December :>

  19. Patrice Aliman

    Just.. Divine. I love this outfit! Definitely one of my faves. Very sophisticated and, just.. Aaah. Too gorgeous for words! Haha. Who knew that THIS Camille Co is the same as that girl who were dancing Gangnam Style? Haha. Love <3

  20. Reissa

    Hi Miss Camille! I love your outfit, it’s very lady like and you look so bossy ;). But anyways I have a question it’s not directly about the outfit, but may I ask what kind of camera do you use to make these pictures? :)

  21. Jasmine

    Always love everything! Can’t wait ’til I make my own money and can finally splurge on clothes and shoes and accessories. Like I said before, you’re an inspiration!! ^_^

  22. ish

    love the look, the blouse has amazing detail and i love the skirt
    xx ish

  23. darleen

    yes it screams that you’e the boss :) btw mas. camille, so ur baby pic with laureen sa instagram….ikaw na ikaw talaga…. :) parang yung pose mo nung baby pa kagaya lang yung ngaun, hehe

  24. Joreina Blanco

    I LOVE EVERYTHING! Ms. Camille, can I ask you something? If you have to buy a pair of colored jeans, what color would it be? Thanks, Ms. Camille! :) I’m planning to buy kase one of these days :)

  25. Tasha D.

    Why naman you’re not into red lipsticks? I’ve always thought that a red lipstick was a staple in every girl’s make up kit.

    • itscamilleco

      I used to think they make me look a little too flirty, in a bad way haha!

  26. Justine Fernando

    Even you look like a Boss on that outfit, the sequined top, your perfect hair and the make up make you look like 4 years younger :)

  27. Jill

    Hahaha kakatawa ka ate Cams =)) Bentang benta sakin mga posts mo, di lang dahil sa pamatay na fashion style mo pati yung mga sinasabi mo, nakakatuwa. Nakaka-alis ng stress :> As usual, ganda mo nanaman. Kahit kelan di ka naman naging pangit. Lahat ngp ost mo, mukha kang barbie doll

    P.S bakit pag ngcocomment po ako sa mga post mo, either kulang kulang or napuputol yung last part? :O

    • itscamilleco

      Yeah for sure! This one is a little too loud for work siguro, kaya dapat boss ka na to wear this haha! :)

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