I call this my Jetsons top. I have no idea why but it just reminds me of the famous cartoon. It’s probably because of the sleeves, although I doubt Judy Jetson had spikes on hers!

What attracted me to this top was actually it’s color. It’s just so cool and fresh!. Since this top looks quite playful and young, I went ahead and styled it that way too. I made it even more playful by adding a neon pink collar necklace, which in my opinion is what actually held the whole look together.

Obviously, this top isn’t for everyone. First of all, it’s color isn’t exactly the safest, it’s cropped; and it has spikes on it too. It’s quite adventurous but that’s the beauty of it. I love that there is a homegrown brand like Apartment 8 that offers designs like this. Yes, it may be out of the box but as I always say, it’s all about the styling. Imagine pairing it with a high-waist midi pencil skirt for example. It can actually pass off as business casual, right?

Apartment 8 top

Gifts Ahoy pink collar necklace

Watch Factory Casio watch | SM Accessories bracelet

Gifts Ahoy cuff | Kate Spade clutch

Mango shoes

Zara shorts

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So here’s my challenge to you fashionphiles, why not go out of your comfort zone? Try an adventurous top like this or basically anything that is new to you. You’ll never know. You might just surprise yourself. Fashion is more fun when you open yourself up to these things. This is how your style will evolve and grow. :)

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  1. Xandra

    Hello Camille, did you bought the Watch Factory Casio watch here in the Philippines? if not, where? how much does that watch cost?


  2. Charisse Roa

    Cutesy! ;) Lovin’ all the colors and of course your outfit! :) I also think your necklace and lippie go together perfectly! On the other note, I’m also trying to go outside my comfort zone. I try to visualize myself in different outfits but of course try to still include something that’s “me” <3 Can you believe I'm starting to invest on some accessories?! That's how you influence me, Miss Camille.. in a good way, of course :)

  3. Tricia G. Ladiana

    I really like the hanging Top!I will try that outfit! Kita pusod?goodluck to me! hehe but the high waist will solve it! :)

  4. Claudine Claire

    Very nice colors! The colors were very light yet you can still manage to style it that way. Indeed, a very unique outfit.

    Alam mo ba Ate Camille, I got really inspired by your looks. Kaya..
    Thank you! Aaand.. We love youuuuu~

  5. maebs

    the top was really cool! :) your like a teenager in that outfit na parang makikipagjam lang sa mga friends. :)

  6. Colt Nava

    If my memory serves me right, this is a borrowed clutch from your sister/mom, right? [you’re free to correct me on this one] and you even mentioned that you love the paintbrush detail on the top part, correct? no? [waaaa memory please don’t fail me or else this is very embarrassing!] Anyway, you look young and fun and fresh and cute as a button! <3

  7. inca

    hi ate =)
    just curious…could we get a glimpse of your closet?
    i bet it’s loaded of eye candy filled with girly goodies
    btw..love ur outfit =)

  8. judy

    Love the colors of your outfit. It’s cutie patootie! And I remembered again about the Kate Spade clutch behind story :) haha
    Nice background too, where is that?

  9. Isa Reynoso

    I thought it was a top with pink peter pan collar! Such a genius idea of putting the whole look together with the necklace & top! :) very Jetsons indeed! Space-age cutesy-patootie <3 I love the clutch, it's sooo pretty *.*

  10. Mae

    I love your Kate Spade Clutch..!!!by the way, where is this place?really cool and clean place…

  11. Jaden

    I just love that shoes! Nice and playful get up! U kinda look like a very tall kid :P
    BTW! Where was this photo taken?

  12. Zaiah Enma

    I love the top so much but wouldn’t be able to wear it, i gave birth twice and couldn’t get rid of this stretch mark. tsk3!

  13. Patrice Aliman

    I love it when you dress up like this. Very young and vibrant. Lakas maka-fresh! Haha.

  14. Kyla Mae

    I’m so taking your advice on stepping out of our comfort zone! This look I love, especially because it’s young and fresh! (And for that awesomesauce advice there at the bottom!) I remember this bag of your achi as well! Did you ask permission from her this time, Ms. Camille? I hope you could have an outfit post with her next time!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Kyla! :) I did so she reluctantly lent it and warned me if I get scratches on it, she’ll kill me haha!

  15. kaye

    is this in high street? i wanna pose on that spiral thingy too! lol
    anyway, i think u should consider changing ur header already :)
    i mean u don’t “try to blog” anymore,ur a pro blogger now!!

    • itscamilleco

      I’m no pro blogger! :) I still think I’m trying haha! :) And yes, this was taken at High Street :)

  16. natalie

    i love every single pieces that u wearing,how i wish i could own all ur stuffs =)
    im really in love with ur kate spade clutch,do u mind to recomend me which website that sell that clutch
    thanks a lot

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Natalie! I don’t know where you can get this online though. :( My sister bought it at Singapore :)

  17. Charm Conrado

    Your top is so candy! And the spikes are added bonus! I also love your clutch. Is it the one you “stole” from your sis’ closet?? I really love it! It’s so artsy in vibe. Saka that shoes!! Winner! I am not a fan of pointed shoes but that shoe made me like them. Before I really swore that I’ll never like them because they’re so for-the-oldies but those babies are more than classy. I so love white kasi. Hee nice! BTW what’s the price range of shoes in Mango? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Yes this is the one I “stole” LOL :) I used to hate pointy pumps to when I was younger. I told my mom I’d never wear them haha! Mango shoes are usually 4-6k :)

  18. lorie

    love the outfit plus the location! :) where did you shoot this? it matches your outfit really well :) and the clutch is amazing! love the brush detail ;)

  19. Isobel

    omg . the top is so cuuuute ! i want one . i wonder how you can afford all those clothes . haha ..

  20. Anelle

    You have legs for days! I love everything about this look, especially the high waisted shorts and the spikes on your top!

  21. Mikha

    Hi I emailed you! :) You’ve got a lovely look there. The clutch is soooooo ahhh!!!!! Haha your sister’s, right?

  22. darleen

    indeed the pink necklace held the look together and the clutch which belongs to your sister if I’m not mistaken :) curious lang po ako, saang event nyo po ito sinuot?

  23. Jade

    Random Question:
    Do you know Chiara Ferragni? The Blonde Salad? What can you say about her? ;-D

  24. Tin Pua

    i just love that Kate Spade clutch bag.Good thing your sister let you borrow it :) as for the challenge im kind of the
    safe zone-classic-comfort dresser, I don’t know if I’m up for it but I’ll try little by little :)

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