Walk The Line

Wearing the right type of lingerie underneath your clothes can make or break your look. Bras that don’t fit right can cause unnecessary bulges, armpit fat (for the lack of better term), accidental peek-a-boos and the list goes on. Needless to say, lingerie is a vital part of dressing up, especially now that sheer numbers aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Two of the most important things to consider in choosing what lingerie to wear underneath your sheer top or dress are the color and the shape of your bra. For example, it’s an eyesore to wear a white bra underneath a black top. Black on black is still the best choice. If you want to appear a little more conservative, consider the cup shape of your bra.

For my look, I chose to wear a t-shirt bra in black from Wacoal. It gives that much needed push-up effect (we all know how much I need that haha!) while still maintaining the right amount of coverage.

As you can see, there’s not a lot of skin being shown here. I’m wearing a boyfriend blazer and a pair of pants so I’m quite covered up. But because of the sheer top + lingerie, I was able to inject just a tad bit of sexiness in my androgynous get-up. My bra doing the peek-a-boo made the whole outfit a little less stiff and uptight. It’s masculine but at the same time feminine. I hope I’m making sense here. LOL. I opted for sexy stilettos to further add some much needed femininity.

To finish off my look, I chose to put my hair up to avoid looking bulky. My boyfriend blazer is quite heavy and boxy so putting my hair up in a bun to show more neck balances it off.

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SM Accessories necklace

Wacoal bra | Summersault sheer top (old)

Crave More snakeskin ring (old) | Forever 21 leaf ring

Chanel bag

Call It Spring pumps

Motel Rocks pants

Oh My Frock blazer

77 Responses to “Walk The Line”
  1. Claudine Claire

    Oooooh. Stripes! COOOOL…. Haha!
    Ang dami ko talagang natutunan sa’yo Ate Camille.
    Thank youuuu!

  2. Shannen

    I love the lighting in your photos Camille! Is it natural? or do you edit your camera settings? :)
    Love your top by the way :D

  3. Mayleen Lee

    Hello. Can I ask what hair color your hair is coz i’ve been looking for that color for a long time. I don’t know what to tell the parlorista. :) thank you… :)

    • itscamilleco

      Print a photo na lang and show them :) I don’t know what it is exactly either. If it helps, I go to Park Jun Salon :)

  4. Colt Nava

    I cannot wait to wear my blazers! Hay it’s almost December na pero the weather here is still super hot and humid, kahit konting christmas breeze manlang sana noh? :( Good thing punta ako ng hk nxt January :D thats still a winter month there dba? I always go there mga jan-feb mainly cos of the weather, pero I’m so bummed cos connecting flight ako, I really really wish to meet you sana and have a photo taken [as if naman you’ll drop everything to meet up with me haha!] I’m just really a big fan, that’s all :)

    Last Nov.16 was my birthday :D I didn’t get the chance to go online to leave a comment on your blog cos I was busy that day, I wanna ask sana a fan sign as your bday gift for me hehe, kahit belated na :P my email addie is coltnava@yahoo.com.ph Thank you so much, Camille! <3

  5. Arzie

    Gorgeous as always Ms. Camille :) I love the look especially the pants. I am curious what clothing material was it made of.
    And I envy your blunt bangs! Tried ’em before but they tend to follow the original hair parting. How do you maintain them for the whole day? Are you using dry shampoo or any products? Thanks!

    • itscamilleco

      It’s denim that stretches :) Thin and light denim :) As for my bangs, I don’t use any products on them after showering :)

  6. Patrice Aliman

    Ain’t that just a lovely pair of pants? It made your legs look even longer! Need to have something like that. Haha. Cool outfit, Ms. Camille. Dalang dala mo kahit ano isuot mo :)

  7. inca

    there’s a boyfriend blazer…
    but is there a bf? ahem ;)
    2 striped outfits in a row ate ha..
    nice one!

  8. Carol

    Hi camille! I’ve been following ur blog for awile now. I must say this assemble is really brave, heh. But I kinda have to disagree with the addition of the necklace there. I felt that its kinda already an attention grabbing outfit and with addition of necklace, its like too many items fighting for attention – I don’t know if this make any sense. But just my personal opinion though, keep up the great work! :)

  9. Charm Conrado

    Heeeeeyyyyyy!! Me again! :D Naging bisyo ko na talaga magcomment dito. Hee, BTW are you a huge woman?? Oh don’t get me wrong ah, but because you’re tall (what’s your height btw po?) and whenever you wear high slits and tight pants, I notice that your hips and legs are a bit huge. Or is it just the position of the photographer? Please let me know, I have huge legs kasi. :) BTW your pants reminds me of your outfit post yesterday. Still black and white lines. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Since the angle is from below then it may look that way but I do have wide hips, or at least wide for my body’s frame :) I’m 5’7 :)

      • Charmaine

        Where do you buy your Call it spring pumps? Online or store here abroad? Does PI have it there? Coz of you I come to love Call It Spring!

        • itscamilleco

          Yes we do have it here! :) I go to the Call It Spring branch at Greenbelt. They’re got a nice selection :)

  10. Tasha D.

    LOVE! Pwede na ‘tong costume ni Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! haha!

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