New In: My Make Up Kit

It’s been quite some time since I last shared with you my makeup must-haves. And just like any other girl, that list has been growing longer and longer each day. Just when you thought you’ve already found that perfect primer or eye shadow palette or blush, another one comes along. Sigh. It’s so hard being girl. Haha!

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Guess what’s inside this cute powder blue case.

Dashè Cosmetics brush set

The perfect set of brushes to bring along to just about anywhere! What I love about Dashè Cosmetics’ brush sets is that they’re always so portable and travel-friendly. They have one of the best packaging/cases I’ve seen around. This one though stays here at home, sitting comfortably on top of my dresser. Whenever I use this set, I feel like such a legit make-up artist with my fancy little brush set and case. I wish I can have my initials engraved on the leather though. That would be so cool! It’s a pretty nice Christmas gift idea too!

The Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer

I don’t really have a lot of makeup from The Body Shop, which is a shame really because The Body Shop’s products have always been cruelty-free. I’m glad I got to try this one though. It’s a primer from their limited edition Lily Cole collection. It’s so good at giving that radiant and pinkish glow. Although this can be used alone, I usually use it as a makeup base. It creates a that pearly illuminated finish, which I love!

Bobby Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette

I AM IN LOVE with this eye shadow palette from Bobbi Brown! I’ve already raved about this to practically ALL my girl friends. I describe this as Urban Decay’s Naked Palette version 2.0–a more compact version of it with just the essential or best colors included. WIN!

And I know this might not matter to some of you, but the designer in me just can’t help but notice its sleek and slim design. Plus points for its steel finish too! Bobbi Brown, you definitely nailed this! Ikaw na! I give you an A+ (as if my opinion matters LOL)!

Benefit They’re Real! mascara | MAC eyebrow mascara

Before I got my lash extensions from Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell, I was using Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara for my lashes because my Majolica Majorca and Lancome mascaras were already finished. As usual, I was skeptical at first because let’s face it, most brands tend to oversell their mascaras. How many times have we heard that this and that can do wonders to our lashes? But boy oh boy, this one is REALLY good! And you know me, once I find a good mascara, I hold on to them like their gold! This one is definitely golden!!!

As for my eyebrows, I use MAC’s eyebrow mascara. If you’re a makeup junkie, I’m sure you already have this in your makeup kit. It’s probably the best eyebrow mascara out there, especially for light haired people like me who don’t want to dye their eyebrows.

Dashè Cosmeticsfalsies

What on earth will we do without falsies? It’s every girl’s secret weapon! Unlike other falsies, these aren’t that heavy which is good because they look more natural than fake. I mean, just because they’re falsies, it doesn’t mean you have to let the whole world know they are, right? The goal is to make the world think you were born with them. Cue Maybelline’s jingle… “Maybe she’s born with it! Maybe it’s Maybelliiiiiiiiiine!”

The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip and Cheek Dome | Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek in Cherry Macaron

I’ve already professed my love for Majolica Majorca’s Puff De Cheek blushes a long long time ago. Here’s another winner! It’s a limited edition blush from their Psychedelicious collection which I blogged about before here. You know how cute Japanese girls apply their blush right on the apples of their cheeks? They use this doll-like pink color to achieve the look right? If you want to get that same look, this is the blush for you. It’s highly pigmented with a cherry pink color that’s just too sweet for words!

Another notable makeup for our cheeks is The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Dome from the same Lily Cole collection. Since it can also be used for the lips, its texture feels a little like that of a lip balm’s.  I use this more as a highlighter/illuminator so I usually apply blush powder underneath it first and then apply this on top to give my cheeks a peachy sheen effect.

Topshophighlighter in Sunbeam

Dear RSSI, please bring Topshop’s makeup line to Manila! Whenever I go abroad, I always make it a point to check Topshop’s makeup collection. This is the latest addition to my growing collection of Topshop beauty gunk. I use it whenever I want to get that sun-kissed glow and to highlight my cheeks. Lakas maka-fresh!

LushEmotional Brilliance Lip Colors in Glamorous, Drive and Passionate

I didn’t know Lush carried makeup already too so I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived at my doorstep. At first, I didn’t really know what they were. Nail polish? Liquid liner? Magic potion ala Alice in Wonderland? Haha! Little did I know that these are actually lippies! How cute, right? The colors are so bright and pigmented I could not believe my eyes when I tried them on! Emotional Brilliance is definitely an appropriate name for the collection.

Topshop in Infrared | YSL Rouge Pure Shine in No. 31 | Estée Lauder Pure Color in Nectarine (26) | Topshop in Ohh La La | Topshop in Whimsical | MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in What A Blast!

I’m sure most of you already know how much I love pink lipsticks. In my first makeup must-haves post, I showed you my favorite lippies which mainly consist of different shades of pink (which probably look more similar than different in your eyes). Now, in an effort to diversify my lipstick collection, I’ve started to embrace orange lipsticks and… gasp! Is that red I see? Awww, the little girl is now a lady! LOL! Anyway, out of all these lipsticks, MAC’s Pro Longwear Lip Pencil is the best in terms of longevity and pigmentation.#justsharing

So there you have it! Another set of beauty must-haves. I’m sure after reading this, at least one of you will ask for a make up tutorial (again). To you I say hold your horses! I’ve already listed it down on my to-do list, but until I find the time to make one, I hope this one will do for now. :)

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  1. Pauline @ Kallony

    Hi Miss Camille,
    Love ko lahat ng posts mo about make-up. I think you would be a great cosplayer someday! :D Try mo na para mas ma-enhance make-up skills mo. XD

  2. Jessica Agustin

    Hi are those topshop lipsticks still not available here in the Philippines?

  3. alyanna joyce guan

    Hi Ate Camille :)) I love your blog! :) As well as the make-up and all! <3 Pero bawal pa e. I hope I can use and try those make-ups someday. Yiiieeee! LoveLoveLove you! :*

  4. Beverly Ante

    I want your make up kit, is this an giveaway? You’re Filipino right? We’re same!

  5. Kaye

    The body shop primer looks interesting.. I’ve been looking for really nice primers for my oily~combi skin,. ;) And the packaging looks amazing. Thanks for sharing camille.

  6. maggie

    hi can i ask wher’d you buy the topshop lipsticks? i mean yes topshop but are they available in the philippines? :)

  7. Kristine

    Oh my, i loveee ALL the products on your makeup KIT as much as I love you and your blog, hahahaha! super cute!! :)))

    • itscamilleco

      Usually I just use Etude House’ BB cream but for special occasions, Make Up Forever’s matte foundation :)

  8. Denise

    Can i ask, what is the best bb cream? :) And foundation? :D thank you so much Cams!!

    • itscamilleco

      I personally use Etude House’ BB cream and Make Up Forever’s Matte foundation :)

  9. maebs

    i love those lippie and the Topshop in Infrared. wish I could have some of that! bawal pa po kasi. :( ate Camille, ano po bang brand ng lip gloss ang maganda? :) yan lang po kasi ang pwede sa akin. :)

  10. Claudine Claire

    Hello Ate Camille! I really love watching make-up tutorials in Youtube. I also get fascinated when someone talks about make-up. Haha! I love this post of yours! Aww. Tsk. Hindi pa kasi ako pwedeng mag’make eh. Just for special occasions lang. Hmm. Someday, I would have the chance to try all these make-up must-haves! Yeee~
    Keep inspiring us, Ms. Camille!

    <3 Lovelove!!

    • itscamilleco

      Tama yan, don’t be in a hurry. It will do your skin well. I only started putting make up on during my junior term abroad back in college :)

  11. Isobel

    i love lipsticks ! i’ll definitely try the LushEmotional Brilliance Lip Colors .. Nice blog Ms.Camille ! Can I request a blog entry about your closet ? I’m dying to take a look at it ! Thanks so much !

  12. abing

    so nice post.
    but most awaited ko talagang gawin mo miss camille ai ang pagcocostplay..:)
    ganyan kaversatile ang byuti ni ms camz .


  13. Lauren

    Great post! I love the products you use, I must buy them :) I’ve seen the Lily Cole Lip and Cheek Dome but I never knew which one to buy, so I need to get one now


  14. Nicole A.

    Hi Ate Camille!! :) San po availabale yung Benefit here in Manila? Thanks!! Love lots! <3 xx

  15. Lian

    wow, thanks for this post! I love how personal your comments were about the products so i’m taking your word for it and have included some of the items you mentioned here to my to-buy list for my kikay kit. please try to do that tutorial soon for us make up newbies and beauty enthusiasts. more power ms camille!

  16. Sarah

    I love the way you introduce each and every piece of your must-haves! You are a perfect endorser of beauty products, I must say! *giggles* Btw, do you match up your make-ups everytime you wear them? I mean, when you use shade of pink for your lips, do you prefer using the same shade for your cheeks and eyes too? Thanks a bunch! Keep inspiring girls like me :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Sarah! As much as I want to match them, I always forget because I’m usually in a hurry! Haha! :)

  17. Larissa Manguba

    We’re kind of the same when it comes to makeup – we both love lipsticks and eyeshadow. I really love this blog. <3 – L

  18. Honey Lyn

    love the cute brush case! a must-have! :)

    …sige na i’ll try to use falsies na… ang problema lang… hindi ako marunong maglagay! huhu

    • itscamilleco

      Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga! Haha! I used to be the worst when it comes to applying falsies. I’ve gotten better so nothing is impossible! Haha!

  19. Ruthb

    I ordered Benefit’s They’re Real mascara through their online store and had it shipped to my Mom’s US address. I can’t wait for my Mom to come home so I can try it. Btw, I will be one of those who will wait for your make-up tutorial. :-)

  20. lauraine

    cute makeup essentials!! =) where did you get the topshop lipsticks? are they available here in manila? how much?

    please post your favorite bath products as well! =)

    • itscamilleco

      I’ve forgotten how much they are but I got them at Singapore and Malaysia. :)

  21. Angelie Cruz

    Yey! thanks Camille! I just a have a question though, What’s the best brand of concealer for eyebags? :)

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