Afraid to cross the street? Ensure your safety by wearing a top so bright it can double as an early warning device/reflector. If anyone fails to notice you, ask them to have their eyes check. They’ve got a pretty big problem LOL. (Medyo malala na yun.)

I know that when it comes to leather, people always like going all dark, emo or hardcore punk rock, but who says you can’t pair leather with neon? My neon top from Apartment 8‘s Blair collection is actually a little matching with my skirt. In what way you ask? Can you see the little gold studs on my neon top? (Or have you been blinded by my top’s brightness already? Haha!) If you can still see them, they actually match my leather skirt’s studded hem.

Aside from the “hey! Look at me!” color of my top, I got attracted to it because of its little cut-out at the back as well. It suits our hot weather, don’t you think? Backless = good ventilation! Haha!

Finished off my look with a statement necklace from my favorite accessories brand, SM Accessories. This necklace is actually part of their holiday collection. I must say, this season’s collection is probably their best ever!

Apartment 8 top

SM Accessories necklace


Christian Dior vintage clutch SM Accessories rectangle ring | Mango ring

Rampage leather skirt

Zara shoes

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84 Responses to “Highlighter”
  1. nikka

    you never fail to amaze me on how you deliver your punch lines. very funny and natural lang.

  2. rampageshop

    Wow! Our skirt looked so good on you! well anything looks good on you! haha! thanks Camille! <3 looking forward to seeing more of our items in your blog soon! xoxo <3

  3. Julius

    Hi Camille, I have to say I’m a guy and I keep up with your blog not because I need fashion tips but because I think you’re absolutely beautiful. Everything about you is perfect. I wish I can find a girl that’s exactly like you someday. :)

  4. Lauren

    Gorgeous outfitA, I love the blouse, so cute and the detail of the necklace is so amazing and pretty


  5. Driely Rodrigues

    Amei a saia Camille, ela é tão linda!
    Gostei da blusa, da bota, da bolsa do conjunto todo para ser sincera, perfeito!
    Entretanto não sou corajosa o bastante para usar uma peça na cor dessa blusa.
    Bju bJU

  6. Vanni Yeth Loquellano

    Pak na pak ang highlighter top with good ventilation! *o* hahaha

  7. jhay-cee

    Tamaa.. If they not see that bright top, malala na talaga yun. :-D
    Your so cute Miss, when I first saw this outfit, my reaction is “naks! your the next member of 2ne1” :-D
    lovelovelove the outfit.

    xoxo – jhaycee

  8. maebs

    beautiful outfit :) BTW, ate Cams, are you the 1st filipina who modeled for Mango?

  9. Sarah

    Wow! You could glow in the dark! Such a statement top, love ur style sense and ur confidence to wear what you want without feeling uncomfortable. I wish I could do that :)

  10. fridah

    You look lovely and I’m in love with the top and the skirt!!! I also love the necklace it goes quite well with the top :)

  11. inca

    In fairness i had to decrese the brightness of my tablet just to see the pictures clearly..hehe
    Lakas maka neon..i need may shades right now ;)

  12. Mary

    Naku, ikaw lang makaka-pull off nyang look na yan. You’re so pretty all the time. :-) God bless always!

  13. CC

    you just NEVER fail to surprise your readers everytime u turn around HAHA!!! and sorry as your fan i’ve not been very active on your blog cos i really am enjoying my stay here in the philippines, its food and shopping and beach heaven here!!! just took 1 hour to catch up all the blogpost i’ve missed, and can i say that again? my god you are amazing HAHA!!! looking forward to more awesome outfits! <3
    btw is there any MUST go shopping places here? teehee :P

    • itscamilleco

      I understand! :) We have so many beautiful places to offer! :) Hmmm malls: SM MOA or North Edsa or Megamall, Rockwell, Greenbelt, Glorietta, Shangri-la. For cheaper finds, Greenhills and Divisoria!

  14. Jonathan Bautista

    Hi camille co,

    i always look your picture,very pretty :D i still HYPE also kryz uy,laureen uy and camille co from LOOKBOOK,
    because i love the fashion photography :P,

    i am Deaf,

    Thank you :))

  15. Mark U

    STABILO BOSS~! hahaha! That was the first thing that came to mind.

    Seriously that is one bright blouse, I think my eyes were tearing up. I had to turn the brightness down on my monitor.

    I thought this could also be a nice office top. That is until I saw the (lack of a) back. Subtle sexiness again. :)

  16. Pau

    hi gorgeous camille!

    can I ask what is the shade of your hair dye? I really loved the color and it looks stunning on you! thanks…

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Pau! I really don’t know. I never bothered asking my stylist but she’s Maiya Noh from Park Jun Salon if it helps :)

  17. Trisha

    I love your titles! Every time I receive the subscription thing every time I check my email, I’m like… “why the title?”. I have to like imagine what it is first before checking your blog and it always makes me happy! =)))))))))))) I’m such a kid HAHA Pretty!

  18. abby07

    :D Oh camille, I wasn’t only distracted by your top’s brightness, I was aghast by your sense of humor too, haha… Just kidding. But really you’ve got me laughing. Keep that happy spirit of yours and you will sure to mesmerize me more. :) I agree with you, I’m not a fan of emo/hardcore/rebellious type of styling.. It’s always refreshing to look at your styles–edgy but sweety. ;)

  19. Sephie Rojas

    To be honest, at first glance I thought your necklace was part of the collar of your top, hahaha! They mesh so well together kase! :D

  20. Bianca

    I seriously cannot get enough of your blog, blog lovin’ has been so helpful at keeping tabs on all you awesome bloggers, I really hope I can go on Sunday~
    Keep up the amazingly stunning job! xx

  21. Tasha D.


    At talagang nakipagsagupaan ka muna sa 5 pusa para ma-achieve ang perfect ventilation ng iyong top ha!

  22. Yen


    Nice outfit, looks great on you.

    Love to read your blog and I can feel that your a down to earth person coz you really draw time to reply all the comments here.

    Keep it up!

  23. Debbie marie cantago

    So love your style!!:) you inspire me everyday ms camille.. Hope that you can sell your clothes online.. (dreams do come true) wink * so healous about the BU4;((( lovely fan here from Cebu!!!:)

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