Take Me Where The Music Is

Do I look indie/hipster enough for my first ever music festival experience? Or are the pastels a little too much? Haha! I wore this to Exception Music Festival a few weeks back. I figured maybe the indie/hipster gods would forgive my use of pastels since I’m in boots and plaid anyway. LOL!

Because music festivals are always held outdoors, I had to consider the weather in picking out what outfit to wear. Aside from our hot weather, I was sure we’d be sweating from running back and forth the 3 stages and dancing to the banging beats of the artists and DJs. But then again, there is the occasional night breeze at The Fort to consider as well. The solution? Wear something over your top to protect you from getting cold, something that you can easily take off once you feel a little hot (literally and figuratively). Since my cover-up of choice is a casual plaid button-down, I balanced it out and added a little sexiness through my new favorite corset from Wacoal.

This is one hardcore corset! I swear it squeezes everything in–fats and boobs included haha! Was that a little too frank? Let’s just pretend we’re in the girls’ room and it’s time for a little girl talk. We all know how we’re always looking for that perfect body shaper to wear underneath our too-tight-for-our-own-good dresses, right? A corset like this is definitely what you should look for. It cinches your waist in and pushes your bosom up! In other words, if Santa’s got his elves as little helpers, we women have corsets to solve our dilemmas!

And I’m not even doing my “Life Is A Beach” pose here!

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Wacoal corset

Goody Doublewear elastic | Extreme Finds braid and chain bracelet | Belle Soeurs braided bracelet | Watch Factory Casio watch | Christian Dior vintage bag

Call It Spring wedges

Topshop plaid buttondown | Topshop lilac denim shorts | SM Accessories belt

145 Responses to “Take Me Where The Music Is”
  1. Aira

    Camille, I really adore your corset..
    I’ve been looking for that kind of shade .. so sexy!
    where can i buy one of that, and does it comes with big sizes, my breast kinda big and I’m really having a hard time finding corset that fits my boobs and doesn’t make it look very sensual.. :D

  2. Camille Tan

    hi. I like your shoes and the top I like those so much super pretty <3

  3. Zarah

    So slim!!! O.O Wish I could be as slim and as tall as you are!! :D
    BTW what do you mean by saying “And I’m not even doing my “Life Is A Beach” pose here!”???

  4. Trina

    Hi Camille! you’re so stunning! when i grow up i wanna be like you and you’re definitely my fashion role model! Merry Christmas! sending you lots of love! :D

  5. Chai Chen

    I never thought Wacoal has products that can be worn like this. Thought it’s all intimates! :)
    Nice corset! I want those hehe. :)

    Really cool & pretty music vibe look Cams! :)

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  6. Hazel

    New reader of itscamilleco! I must say this is a really great blog. Just broke up with my bf last night. Decided to stay up all night and search around the web. I found your blog and I love it!

    Just a query, alam mo po ba face shape mo? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Ay! Nako! I’m happy my blog can serve as a distraction for your broken heart :) There are plenty of other more deserving men out there :) Don’t you worry! I don’t know what my face shape is. Oval? Heart?

  7. apple a day

    Isn’t that nude colored corset supposed to be worn underneath a garment?

  8. Jill Dianne Regorgo

    Ate Cams, you’re always so funny and bubbly! That’s what I love most about you <3 Beauty plus personality = Camille Co! :) Love your outfit! Especially the corset and the shoes!! Keep the gorgeous outfits coming! God bless :*

  9. zyra domingo

    Ate? youre so pretty, hope i meet you in person, by the way, what do you do whenever one of the most expensive or your most favorite bag disappears all of a sudden? or has been taken, just want to know cause im in the situation, haaay.

    • itscamilleco

      Awwww it’s so heartbreaking noh? Wala, you should just let it go. At the end of the day, it’s something you can replace naman. Just think of all the other things you still have :)

  10. Charisse Roa

    I think the pastel colors aren’t too much! :) Your look is balanced and I swear I wanna have the same corset like you have there! Haha. It fits perfectly ;) Love the messy hair too! <3

  11. Jayr Gutierrez

    I think ung nagbigay hippy dito is ung mustard boots mo and the checkered buttondown mo. It reminds me of the movie WANDERLUST. I’m really fan of checkerds, marlboro classics lang ang dating! Hahaha by the way, thanks for answering my random questions… I appreciated it! I have 3rd random question again, Sa lahat ng cameras na nagamit mo for blogging ano yung pinaka the best so far, yung mapapa sabi ka “bet ko tong mga pictures toh!” Or “wow, I really like it! What’s the brand, model and the lens… Advance merry christmas! -www.jayrtheexplorer.com

    • itscamilleco

      Hahahaha Marlboro talaga?! Haha! :) The ones I;m using now talaga, Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.4 lens and Olympus OM-D EM5 with Leica 25mm lens :)

  12. aiza

    1st time to leave a comment…I’m a fan. Merry Xmas Camille. I always make sure I see your post daily. You inspire women to be gorgeous. =)

  13. Carina

    i would really love to see you in personal and take a picture with you and chat around! :) i wish we could do that :) hahaha!

  14. Tayme Canencia

    there’s a kitty behind you on ‘d first photo…lol :) i have similar checkered shirt… my guy colleagues find it hot when I wear it, they thought i just pulled it out from the closet of my bf… hehe.. :)

  15. chelsi

    Hi ate Camille! I really love your style! Hope you come to Singapore soon! I’ll be waiting:)
    Please have more international giveaways too! Hehe;)
    Thank you!

  16. Kei

    Hi Camille! i have a question that is off the topic of the post :( sorry!
    I bought a pair of high Platform heels online and when i wore it for 4 hours (on a wedding), my feet totally hurts that i cant even walk. Tried using silicon gel as cushion but it hurts still :( What advise can you give to make the shoes more comfortable to wear? it looks like this: (DISCLAIMER: they are not the online seller where i bought the shoes!)


    Hope to hear from you soon :)

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Kei! Hmm I really can’t think of any other way except gel cushions. :( Maybe you just haven’t broken them in yet?

  17. mei

    You look gorgeous as usual, Camille! I would definitely wear an outfit like yours to a music festival too! And how pretty is your booties wedges.. Inspiring blogger. Thank you for existing :)

  18. Jevey Anne R. Resco

    Okay. Bagay na naman sayo yung damit! -____- Hahaha. Sexy casual look siya tignan sayo lalo na kasi nag-iba yung hairstyle mo po dito kaya mas lalong bumagay at ang ganda nung wedges ate! 2 thumbs up! :)

    PS: Thank you for answering one of my mails to you! Meron pa pong isa sana makita mo po pag di ka na busy. Thank you ulit, Ate Camille! Stay very nice and pretty! :) Hug and kisses from your fan :”) :* >:D<

  19. janey

    Hi camille!

    random question, is it weird to wear tights here in the Philippines? i plan to wear them with shorts, but im a it wary about it. (probably around 60 or 80 deiner tights). I’m kinda shy kasi to shy my legs. hehe Thanks!

  20. Jing Ü

    I remember Ivy from 90210 here! :) And oh, that girl talk part can’t get out of my mind. It really makes me laugh lol :D

    You’re so versatile and can pull any outfits off, Ms. Cams. Now, that’s PURE talent. :) Happy holidays to you and your loved ones! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Ivy is so indie! Haha! Thanks Jing! Happy holidays to you and your loved ones as well!

  21. Jen Cruz

    I so love this outfit <3
    The belt actually catches my attention and the corset is amazing no need for the
    Life is a beach pose :P I need to master that pose, too. :D

    Jenna of Daydreamer Fashionista. ♥

    If you have time, maybe you can read my recent blog post about The Best Beauty And Health Treatments HERE.

  22. AC

    OMG Ms Camille :O
    Thr moment i opened your site, i was shocked coz i really thought you were naked !! Phew~
    Your top gives the illusion.. :-P
    Keep updating us with whats in in fashion… I love your style… So chic and sophisticated… ♥●♥
    Guess that means i’m your new fashion stalker (?) hrhe

  23. Erika Rone

    Very pretty! Love the wedges. Hope I can visit Call it spring someday at trinoma. And the ramp too! Stay gorgeous my fashion inspiration! Xoxo :*

  24. Kanu Sharma

    Wooooo Hooooo You Really Rock Rockstar, keep it up :). And your little Girl talk is heard by a guy LOL ;).

  25. Dana Tolentino

    I love those wedges! Saw that in one of your posts and it’s just so amazinggggg. Should buy one for my sanity. Hahaha I am really fond of corsets ’cause I think they are sexy and if paired with the right cover ups, it will really make a good outfit. Might try wacoal as well <3 anyway, happy holidays Ms Camille! :D

  26. Mark U

    BOOBS~! Whu- sorry, over active imagination. >__< ! Considering how you seem to comment about yours (or lack thereof, w/c may I say is not that big a deal, no pun intended). But that corset is quite interesting. It's comfy, I hope not like the steel bracketed corsets of the Victorian times. Very daring for you to be wearing it as a top! I'm sure you would've been turning heads at EMF.

    Them boots are killer too!!

    Speaking of which, I saw that I missed out on a lot at EMF since I was still in HK that time. I hope you blog about the event. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha! Pun definitely intended! Hahaha! This is far from the torture old corsets give. It’s much more comfortable. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera with me to the event :(

  27. Sephie Rojas

    Corsets are like, gifts from the gods, really. haha! Even in the olden times, they give women that coveted hourglass figure. And yeah, they do emphasize what should be emphasized, and hide what should be hidden. :) Your boobs do look great here even without your signature Life’s a Beach pose. :o Frank, but true. Haha! That corset of yours is definitely a keeper :) Hope it comes in more than a nude color. It might be a perfect Christmas gift too :D

  28. Janie Garcia

    itś either THAT corset or THAT pose that does the magic ;) haha! OR IS IT JUST YOUR NATURAL FIGURE? :> btw THOSE PAIR OF SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR!

  29. Elle

    Ohhhh~!!!! the BEST~!!!! It’s refreshing to see you in this kind of clothing but you’re still as chic as ever~!!! I love how you look effortlessly chic here… :D

  30. Joyce

    How I wish I can wear something like this in Dubai but unfortunately, it’s not allowed. Haha! I miss wearing shorts back in the Philippines. *sad face*

  31. phoebe

    hi miss cam! you are soooooooooo damn pretty! BTW, I would like to order from Pill footwear. I contacted them through IG. Is it their real account? Pillfootwear?

  32. Tasha D.

    Gusto ko ng corset na maka-durog ribs ang peg. chos. haha! Speaking of Music Festivals, have you ever been to Coachella?

  33. inca

    i think i saw you wearing this when you were with ms.laureen…i read her blog yesterday and there was a post about the music festival..honestly i love you more dressed down..but you look great in anything you wear =)

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