Crop It

Here’s another business casual look for all my yuppie readers out there. Business wear doesn’t have to be boring and stuffy all the time. To make it more fun, how about wearing printed bottoms instead of your plain old slacks? I’m sure you’re getting tired of them already so experiment a little why don’t you?


This isn’t exactly going out of your comfort zone, right? Houndstooth is still considered by many as a classic print so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Plus, it usually comes in black and white so it can’t get more conservative than that. It’s something HR will definitely give a thumbs up on.


Invest in business-appropriate tops that come in new and refreshing silhouettes like this one. Sometimes, all it takes to update your wardrobe is a new take on old favorites.


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SM Accessories necklaces (2)


Jimmy Choo bag SM Accessories ring


YSL pumpsitscamilleco.com2013010818

Goody Stay Put elastic | Romwe cropped top Topshop trousers

121 Responses to “Crop It”
  1. Cheng

    Hello~ can i ask for tips on what to wear for an oral presentation? I’m planning to have black bodycon skirt but I can’t think of any appropriate white top for it. Thanks.

  2. Gladys

    I never thot tops like ur wearing could look this. . .good. And the trousers too!

    Hindi lang pala height, ganda, talino at fashion sense mo, Miss ang kalolokahan ko. Pati butt pala!!!

    Tagal ko nang napansin ‘yan, eh mula pa nung ‘lace on my back’ yata na entry…Naloka ako!
    Buti ka pa, may bum kahit sabi mo wala ka masyadong boobies!!
    San kaya ako naroon ng magsabog ng ganyang yaman?? >.<

      • gladys

        Miss, lomobo yata ulo ko nang mabasa ko reply mo..:))
        Parang pinompiyang lang!
        Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit na-flatter ako! hahahaha
        Salamat naman po at napatawa ko kayo..:))

  3. Kaithleen

    I really like it. It brings emphasizes your body shape.
    You look gorgeous. :D

  4. ada

    It’s nice to see you wearing pants.
    You have a nice body, so everything flatters you. Love the print of the trousers. and the ponytail suits you so well.
    Now I know what to add on my wishlist: this type of trousers.

  5. chachadiaries

    i have the same necklace but in silver that i got in LA couple of years ago for my birthday. so jealous that now that i live in the states, i feel like the Philippines has more good accessories than here in the states that are more accessible!

  6. jhay-cee

    I love the top and pants. ans the red pump, perfect! and nakaka OMG ang butt mo. :-D thank GOD biniyayaan din ako nyan. hahaha

    xoxo – jhaycee

  7. Annabelle

    I love the outfit! I’m so going to look back at your blog for when I start working in a professional place!
    Those red heels are killer too :)

  8. Dan Urmaza

    Maganda kung nakaexpose lagi ang ferociously fierce forehead mo! Mag-ingat lang sa heels, baka matapilok at hindi ka na flawless haha

  9. maebs

    its a great combination :) I simply love it. ate Cams, I love the third photo of yours para ka po kasing nasa action movie na kahit hinahabol na retain parin ang pagiging fashionista :)

  10. beth

    hi camille, can you please tell me if these trousers are currently available in topshop? I just looked at the website adn couldnt find it there. Help! :-)

  11. Janell

    Hi miss Camille! Can you give me some advice on what type of lingerie to use when wearing body fit dresses. It drives me crazy ’cause it shows under the dress. Bumabakat po kasi. It has always been my fashion dilemma. Hope you can reply po. Thanks! Love your outfits. And Godbless.

  12. Sonja

    Oh my god, your trousers are perfect! I’ve been looking for something exactly like that! And I love your outfit with it aswell! XX

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Sonja! :) I’ve been searching for this a long time too!

  13. jasmin

    it took me a while to figure out what’s different about you in this look.. i realized you swept your bangs aside! hihi.

  14. Erika Enriquez

    what else could you pair up with that trousers for an effortless casual look?? :O

    • itscamilleco

      So many! Leather jacket is next on my list :) A shirt with a blazer too!

  15. Gracey

    i like the top and pants, great combination. Btw, what did you wear as inner on your top? sando or a white bra? i believe the top have see through effect and what better inner to wear?

  16. Tasha D.

    LOOOVE IT! ;) I’m so excited to see your new look and your new Celine! Grabe! Fetish ko na talaga yang feet mo! So perfect! Pansin ko lang… Colors are more vibrant when you use your Olympus camera compared to your Nikon. Medyo maputla pag Nikon.

    At ang TARAY NG BEHIND! So sexy! Hay nako, kung lalaki ako, I’ll be more of a behind guy rather than the boobelyas. MABUHAY ANG MGA FLAT CHESTED PERO BUTT BLESSED NAMAN! CHOS! Perfect din ng behind mo eh! Tamang laki lang. Kaloka na kasi yung levelling pag kumi-Kim Kardashian na eh!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahahaha MABUHAY! :) LOL! I can feel your passion sa caps lock statement mo :) Yeah Olympus is really much more vibrant :) Nikon kasi when the sun is about to go down na, it becomes like this :)

  17. Dona

    Loving the red pumps to give the whole outfit a pop! And great ponytail right there, girl. Simply put together but definitely head-turning! =)

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Dona! :) Didn’t think people would notice my pony :)

  18. Kath

    Hi Camille! I emailed you about MTO rates, since I realllyyyy want to have my graduation dress designed by you! ;) I hope you reply!

  19. Palm

    Hmm! Might as well include a combination of like these during my office trip to India. Is this a see-through top? See-troughs could be worn in India.

  20. Anaivilo

    You are so fabulous! I love the necklace a lot and the pants are just so cool ! :D And I love the way you look with your bangs like this :D

  21. Nichole Bellona

    oh nevermind! haha! got your reply from the other post :) hihi
    thank you!
    you did make this corporate attire not boring after all :)

  22. Nichole Bellona

    Hi Camille :) just wanna ask how often do you have your roots re-colored? :)

  23. Nicole A.

    Awesome as always!! :) Do you have any ideas po kung ano magandang creative shot for our yearbook? Please please. Something that you, yourself would do. :”>

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Nicole! :) Hmmm I’d probably dress as Winnie The Pooh. LOL! I really have no idea. For my creative shot before, I dressed like a candy :)

  24. Marie Cu

    Hi achi camille! you’re my favorite blogger! you always look so pretty! especially in person! i was so stunned when i saw you in the BU event! you look so pretty! i’m your number one fan! ☺☺

  25. Gabrielle

    The outfit is gorgeous! The necklace is really amazing and brings something classic to a casual outfit.

  26. Jessica Santiago

    I love your idea of modern business attire >_<
    Unlike those some professors who like the old fashioned way.
    I love your blog and I read it as soon as you update.

    • itscamilleco

      Haha I love the “added eksena”! Ang dami kong napupulot na catchy phrases from you guys! :)

  27. MarielleSantos

    This is chic and so stylish yet appropriate for work !! :)) is the necklace really uneven or it just got caught up on the the strings ?

  28. mikkaela

    i love your legs ms. camille !! and that ass . omg. akin nalang :D LOL

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Thanks Mikkaela! Wag naman, wala na nga akong boobs, tapos you’ll get my butt pa LOL

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