Thank God for Tricia G. and her amazing photography skills! We managed to sneak a few outfit shots in during our shoot for our Etcetera episode, which, btw, aired its last replay yesterday. I hope you were able to catch our episode! If you weren’t–whhyyyyyyy? I no longer love you. You can close your browser now. Kthanksbye. Harsh? Well, that’s life.


If you live abroad, you are exempted from my wrath.


Anyway, for those who have seen the episode a.k.a. the people I still love (LOL), you might remember this as the first outfit I had on. One of the spring summer trends we modeled for the show was metallic on metallic. If I were to give a tip or two about this trend, it’s to keep your accessories and shoes neutral. Metallic on metallic can be quite overwhelming so tone it down a bit through your accessories.


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itscamilleco.com2013012706 itscamilleco.com2013012711

SM Accessories earrings


Style Staple dress


BB Dakota jacket (available at Anthem, Powerplant Mall)


Proenza Schouler bag SM Accessories ring


Comfit shoes

itscamilleco.com2013012704 itscamilleco.com2013012703

Photos by Tricia Gosingtian

163 Responses to “Sheen”
  1. Molly

    awwww what if those people (including me) who wasn’t able to watch that episode was too busy?love is suppose to be unconditional right? yeah so harsh of you lol :p

    i love the whole outfit and you, though! :)

  2. Lizz

    The first time I set my eyes on the pictures, I knew it was by Tricia Gosingtian! She’s amazing! Beautiful photos ;)

  3. Jevey Anne R. Resco

    I’m in love with your outfit!!! At mas lalo siyang naging maganda sa paningin dahil sa pagkakakuha sa mga pictures. Galing! :) Elegant as always. Wala na bang bago? puro positive comment kasi lagi kong nasasabi! hahahaha!

  4. Elaine

    Stunning! Your looks are always so pulled together and sleek! Love the gold look, it looks like you’re glowing and it really complements your hair and skin!

  5. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Ohlalalalal,,I’m so speechless! :) I’m sorry di kita napanuod sa etc. :(( Promise I’ll watch you next time, Itataga ko sa bato hihi. Love you girl like a thousand times :)) <3

  6. Queenly Tan

    Oh the shoes! <3 You really have elegant style Ms Camille, always. :)
    I'd just like to share to you I'm thinking of what to wear on our graduation(finally yey!) this March (but I'm no expert kasi e hehe), they say we should be in a Filipiniana attire but I don't want the plain traditional one haha, syempre wanna be stylish pa rin. What should I wear then? Haha. <3

  7. Jhay-cee

    OMG! I loovvvee the outfit, metallic on metallic really stunning and eye catching. <3 <3 <3
    and I love the shots. Miss Tricia is amazing photographer. :-)

    xoxo jhaycee

  8. JaneyJane07

    Goddess of Beauty goes to Ms.Camille Co. :) Love everything you wear here.

  9. Colt Nava

    I’m baaaaaaaaaaack! Just got back from my trip to HK and I’ve missed reading your blog! [this means I’m exempted from your wrath, right? because I wasn’t here when your episode on etc was aired hehe *feels safe*] That jacket is gorgeous on you, Camille :D Sooo pretty

    I met Mayo Wo!
    Here’s the link of our quick meet-up : <3

  10. Gladys

    You look really expensive here. Matatanggap na sa sanglaan sa jacket palang. :)

    As usual, wala na naman akong hindi gusto sa outfit mo. The dress is so to-die-for.

    P.S.: san po ba to kinunan? ang ganda ng lugar. Parang ang serene. And I have to give it to Miss Tricia for the awesome photography.:)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! I’ll keep that in mind if I need to go to the sanglaan then :) These were taken at Antipolo :)

  11. Joanna

    You have some angles where you kinda resemble Aoi Yuu!! :-D Ahh. You look so stunning as always!! :-D

  12. Charisse Roa

    I had a feeling that it was Miss Tricia who took your outfit shots. There’s something unique with the way she processes her photos :) Gosh, Miss Camille! You really have tons of clothing! This is gonna be included to my favorites! The sequined jacket, metallic dress and those heels? Love them! ♥

  13. E

    I watched your episode on etc yay! My fave shots were the Candid Ones. :) love your shoes Here! lovely But is it comfy too?:) Btw This is so Out Of topic but i’ve been meaning to ask you this. I’ve read before that you’re using Make Up For Ever foundation on occasions/events And Etude House BB cream on ordinary days. What particular variant and Shade of Etude BB cream are you Using? I’d love to try it Out Too i really hope to Hear From you. Thanks In Advance. :-)

  14. jen

    hi camille,

    so love the outfit.. im just curious, how do u keep track of all your clothings? i know you have tons, do you take picture of each piece? i dont even have half on what u have and i keep forgetting that i have that piece pa pala, especially the old ones..

    • itscamilleco

      Yes haha! It has come to that. I took photos of all of them, except the plain jeans :)

  15. nelayish

    I watched the replay yesterday :) You look gorgeous here ang lakas maka-gold! Tricia Gosingtian is really an amazing photographer!

  16. Erika Enriquez

    how do you wash your sequined clothing? :o
    anyway, love your outfit :D once again XD

    • itscamilleco

      I’ll have to ask our help about that. So sorry! I’m clueless! I think inside out? :) Thanks Erika!

  17. Mark U

    I thought I recognized the post process treatment. It’s very “flashy” dress. XD

    I wish I could’ve caught the episode, alas, I don’t think I have that channel. Hopefully someone uploads it on youtube. :)

  18. Lauren

    Gorgeous, you are so stunning! I love the detail on the dress, and the shoes! Perfect for a shopaholic and shoeaholic, lol! I need a bigger shoe closet


  19. Charleen

    Hiii! could you please sketch a design of yours that is a Filipiniana? :D

  20. Danna Cuba

    I super love this outfit!!! <3 I shall check out BB Dakota since our Glitz-themed college night is nearing! :) Thanks, Camille!

  21. judy

    So sorry for not watching it, even the replay one:( I don’t know what day is it aired and been so busy with academics.

    :(( Please forgive me, I will watch the next episode for sure. I still love you even if you hated us..

    Sparkly beautiful SHEEN:))

  22. Jawie

    I really admire Tricia’s skills. I hope I have that talent too. I am proud I watched the episode! I even put a sticky note on our wall clock a “7:45pm Sunday on ETC. Camille, Laureen &Tricia VEVE!” My mother even let me have an early dinner because she thought that I was going to meet my “new friends” @ 7:45pm. (I like the thought of “new friends” though!) And btw, the episode was BITIN. =( but I still giggled when the three of you came out of my screen. =))

  23. abby07

    hi Camille.. You’re so sexy in this dress! And i think most girls can pull this off too (well, given the right occasion, if u know what i mean). You’re such a lovely doll. :)

  24. Jaztine

    waaah i’m one of the people who watched the episode not just once but thrice.. haha! so glad u had a blog entry for your outfits u wore from etchetera.. but i was hoping for the monochromatic style i think, the 2nd outfit.. many of us love the dress!

  25. Dheya Suzuki

    yay. you still love me because I watched it. HAHAHA. I like the gold thingy on your heels. ;)

  26. Tasha D.

    YEHEEEEEEEEEEY! Proenza Schouler finally! Meron pa ba? Baka kasi isang damukal na naman ang binili mong Proenzassssss! Katulad ng Balenciagasssssss mo! haha! Pero bongga yan. Investment talaga ang bagelyas. Meron ka na din ng PS11? SAY YES!

  27. maebs

    the dress is really cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!! i love it! :) yay! love mo ako kasi napanuod ko ang etcetera :) haha. btw, i love all your photos ate Camille :)

  28. Dawn

    I’ve watched the replay on etc and I’ve warned my sister never to change the channel or else it’s gonna be a blood bath! Lol! Anyways I’m a bit frustrated after seeing that because I wanna hear you talk! It’s like why weren’t you guys describing your styles by yourselves….ahhhh

  29. Charm Conrado

    Awwww, don’t hate me again and again. O.O Not being able to get Preview September, will not be able to go to your Lifestyle seminar because it’s sooooo expensive, and not having ETC channel because we live in the far heights of mountains on the east. I feel so miserable naaaaa. Binabawi ko na, BU5 entrance is soooo mura pala compared to seminars. I feel so poor. T.T

    • itscamilleco

      Haha yes. But the seminar is super sulit naman with lots of freebies :)

  30. Kaithleen

    my sister controls the television. and since she’s still in 3rd grade, when I change the channel, she automatically calls our parents and I wont be able to watch any more television, cuz she’s practically…. in charge now… T____T

  31. Sephie Rojas

    I was actually having my lunch thirty minutes before before the last replay aired, and I chugged down my lunch really quick so I could catch the replay in time. Luckily when I turned on the tv, kaka-start pa lang ni Patty sa intro. Eye-Candy indeed! Super duper gorgeous, cute, and pretty niyong tatlo! XD I especially love the “sporty” themed outfits you guys had on :3

  32. Joreina Blanco

    Yay! Finally, sabi ko na nga ba, you’ll post this outfit soon sa blog mo, Ms. Camille. Anyways, I really managed to set my alarm to 7:45 PM (last Sunday) for Etcetera. Grabe, you look fantastic lalo na sa Athletic Outfit! I actually jotted down all of the trends and how you styled it. Hoping for more TV features of you!

  33. Pau

    Hello po! :) So pretty!
    Tanong ko lang po what style of gown would make someone look tall?
    Thank you po, stay pretty!

  34. Catherine

    Yehey! I saw the replay! Lovin’ ur metallic ensemble! I love you Cams! You are my inspiration!
    Hugs & kisses… :D

  35. ANGEE

    Yes! I am exempted from the wrath of Camille ^___^ hehe

    I am loving that gold jacket! So lovely! Swear I would not be able to pull that off as nicely as you would! You would probably look good in a garbage bag hahah

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