Black Widow


I had a video shoot last week for a certain brand. I know my hair doesn’t really look like it came from a shoot but darn wind wouldn’t give my hair a break! It was curled and styled so nicely by the hairstylist but the wind ruined it. Wind – 2, Camille – 0. Anyway, I was asked to bring outfits that would match red lips so I just grabbed whatever I thought of putting together and brought them to the shoot. Usually, when I’m asked to bring outfit options to shoots I try to bring one casual and one glam and another one that’s sort of in between the two. This is the glam outfit and it’s what the brand chose out of the 3 outfits I prepared. It’s my favorite as well. It’s both daring and modern which describes the brand too.


I love the contrasting textures of my crochet top and mixed material leather skirt. They made my monochromatic outfit come to life instead of looking flat and boring.


Notice anything different with the way I accessorized for my shoot? This is actually the first time I’m wearing statement necklaces AND statement earrings together. I used to think this was a major no-no. It was either one or the other but never both at the same time. Lately though, after seeing K-Pop artists (namely 2ne1) constantly doing this and pushing the boundaries, I came to realize that it doesn’t really look bad. Every chance I get, I tried to combine statement necklaces and earrings together but I always end up taking one or the other off before heading out the door. I was about to give up and conclude that it’s only Koreans who can pull this off–until finally, I found a look that worked! Such a tricky style!


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My Spirit Inc. crochet top


Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell lash extensions SM Accessories earrings 


Cornwall Street silver spike diamond necklace Forever 21 diamond bib necklace (old) The Ramp silver black necklace


House Of Thrifted red ring H&M stacked silver rings  | Primaluxe knuckle clutch


YSL pumps


H&M leather cropped corset Topshop leather skirt


Prada belt

116 Responses to “Black Widow”
  1. Steph Sison

    Pag ako yung nagsuot ng statement earrings with necklace,parang Christmas tree lang ang peg iba talaga pag si CC. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Generous people haha! But of course, work hard to play hard!

  2. Cathy

    Hi Camille,
    What’s the brand and color of your contact lens?
    I have to say it looks so good on you!

  3. Dheya Suzuki

    hi, Ate Camille. :)) now, I can see no wrong with wearing a statement necklace with a statement earrings. <3

  4. Gelliman

    Hi Miss Camille!

    I really love your creative style and how you make a mish-mash of any choice of apparel into something worth wearing and blogging about! Keep it up! ;)

  5. Sonya

    I love how you paired the earrings and necklace together and yeah for 2ne1! You always wear your jewelry so tastefully and it never looks overdone. Any tips on how to layer jewelry without looking bulky? Thanks!

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Sonya! :) Pair different necklaces, like small with big ones :)

  6. nikka

    Hi po ms. Cams. Im just curious on how you maintain your eyelash extensions, i tried kasi pero naubos na yata kasi eventually natatanggal siya. Kaya hnd napo ako umulit. Any tips?

    • itscamilleco

      Be gentle when you wash your face and try your best not to wet your lashes :)

  7. Vina Guerrero

    hi cams! ask ko lang anung camera ginamit mo here? :) nag aauto focus siya? :)

  8. Isa Reynoso

    Again, I believe you need not worry Camille ’cause you can pull of anything! <3 This is really classy, reminds me so much of Carolina Engman! <3

  9. Alyssa Jasmin Perez

    Gorgeous as always Ms. Camille! :) Can I ask a question? Are you always at the Makati branch of Coexist?

  10. Ruki

    Ate, when you buy a certain piece (or say, you see a certain piece hanging at a clothes rack in a certain shop and you like it), do you think in advance about how you will style it or which pieces in your closet would look good with it in an outfit?

    Oh and I once watched a tv show in Arirang wherein they talked about Korean style. One Korean designer there said that you should only wear either a statement necklace or earrings and you should never wear them together. But I think, if he sees you, he’ll eat his words! (haha. peace to that korean designer). Plus! I miss your McQueen clutch and shoes! Sana magkaroon sila ng comeback! xD

    • itscamilleco

      They just automatically come to my head! So many ideas come rushing in because I really like that certain item :)

      Regarding the Korean designer, I used to think that as well and then I saw 2ne1 and changed my mind LOL. It’s not for everyday and it’s hard to do. It’s not for all outfits but it CAN work :)

  11. Sephie Rojas

    Grabe the crocheted top, the I’m afraid na baka one wrong move ko, may sasabit saken; Black Widow nga talaga, haha! I love the look all in all. Parang mix of goth + glam, sophisticated + modern. Amen on the K-Pop stars being able to pull off so many looks. I really think that most of their looks are only bagay for them unless you pull it off right (else you’d look kinda weird). Kelangan talagang pag-aralan. In this case, you pulled off the statement accessory on statement accesory just right ;) And that knuckle clutch.. Watch out you thieves, she can sucker punch you in the gut with her knuckle clutch if you try to steal it from her, hahaha!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Yes this clutch is deadly LOL :) I agree, they’re always so unique and attention-grabbing which can be risky :)

  12. Stef uy

    Gotta agree on the your stand with the statement necklace + earrings. But this one does seem to work :-)

  13. Corinne

    Way too many bling. I can’t decide whether the outfit’s supposed to be edgy or sophisticated. BUT your red hair’s growing on me. :)

    • itscamilleco

      At least the red hair is growing on you haha!Let’s just say it’s both edgy and sophisticated. It IS possible :)

  14. judy

    You must be a secret agent wearing a black like suit. Perfectly, mission accomplished!:) And you must be double CC a.k.a Camille Co. :) (kidding aside) This outfit is very nice, love the crochet and skirt ! So stunning

      • judy

        Sorry for the corniest comment and thanks for accepting it thou:)) because I was watching double “O”7 or 007 a.k.a James Bond of the Sky Fall movie when I typed this comment :p Are you a fan of watching action movies?

  15. John Marine

    Truly awesome stuff here, Camille. It is both dark, yet chic outfit you’re wearing. Goodness- you look awesome! Much respect to you on this look. I even Hyped it on LOOKBOOK.

  16. Christine Koay

    I thought it was a one piece dress at first glance.. but i look closer, it’s separate piece.. heh.. I love that leather A-line skirt.. but how do you care for leather piece, Ms Camille? by hand wash?
    and you can be one legit K-pop star, Ms Camille! =D and yay for 2NE1!! *high five*

  17. Patricia

    In love with your pumps again. But they love, i know. Haha. I think that belt deserves a close up. Very nice.

  18. Jessa

    oh..I jut love how you put those things together and end up with a stunning look. :)

  19. Bex Doctor

    I love the intricate design on your crochet top. That cross pattern gives a goth vibe to your outfit – perfect with leather skirt! You look lovely, can’t wait to hear about your shoot!



  20. Coco

    Camille you look smokin’ hot. I love every single outfit you devise! I’ve just come across your blog and I’m your newest follower via Bloglovin, fashiolista, twitter.
    Hope some time you’ll get the chance to visit my blog and maybe follow :-)
    With love,
    Coco et La vie en rose

  21. Maebs

    You are sophisticated in your look. :) pero kahit ano pang klase ang outfit mo, sophisticated ka pa din. :) btw, ate cams, there is one guy in library and told me that you are beautiful and parang pinaghahandaan mo ang date mo but I told him that you are single nd guess what sabi sa akin Hindi daw sya convinced na wala kang boyfriend. Haha. Hindi talaga sya naniniwala until sinabi niya na sabagay sa ganyang kaganda at katalinong girl matatakot na ang ibang guys mag court. :):)

  22. Tasha D.

    Serving some Tambunting realness with all those “ang lakas maka-may ari ng pawnshop” accessories! haha! Do you know anyone from the Tambunting family? Grabe lang sila. I saw an interview of one of their family members, and grabe lang si mother! tadtad ng diamante! BONGGA!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha no I don’t know them personally :) I’m sure hers were heavier!

  23. Katrin Tuaño

    No doubt! Pretty as always. And I know that you can pull off any style!
    Even if it’s wearing statement earrings and necklaces in the same style.

    will always be your fan <3

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