Cebu, I love You

Touchdown, Cebu! Last week my friends and I made a short trip to Cebu for Sinulog. It was a first for me so I really didn’t know what to expect. It’s actually not only my first Sinulog experience but also, my first ever FIESTA in the country. I know, I know. Shame! Almost 25 years in the Philippines and only now did I get to experience a fiesta. Don’t worry, my friend Kryz, who lives in Cebu, made sure to let me know what I was missing. She has been raving about Sinulog nonstop! And finally, 2 weekends ago, I got to experience it for myself!


We arrived in Cebu last January 19, Saturday. From the airport, we headed straight to our hotel, The Henry, formerly known as The House Of Cebu. It’s a pretty new design hotel conveniently located near the Business and IT Park of Cebu City. It used to be owned by a German couple but is now being run by Hospitality, Inc., the same group behind The Picasso in Makati.


Upon entering the hotel, this is what greets you–a chic hotel lobby that’s full of character! My friends and I immediately fell in love with the place, and this is just the lobby!


Every little corner has something interesting these little trunks used as coffee tables. If this is any indication at all, it’s clear how hip The Henry is.


Hello Patricia, photobombing behind the cute red man that’s facing the main door of the hotel.


The cute red man is also my dear boyfriend. See, this is what you call love at first sight. I’m sorry for the PDA. I couldn’t help it. LOL.


Even the outlet is creative!


I wish hotels here in Manila are as nice as The Henry. They really paid attention to all the little details.


Most of the walls in the hotel are adorned by these artwork by Delphine De Lorme, a French Pop Art artist. They’re actually for sale as well.



Hello, Lady GaGa!


These pieces of furniture are also for sale. Seriously, if only I could bring the entire hotel to Manila, I would!!! Everything is so darn charming!

The Henry has 6 floors. Every floor has a differently-themed hallway. We stayed on this floor, the 6th.


We were given the XXL room, which is the biggest suite of The Henry. This is one of the 2 bedrooms inside the suite.


After ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the room, we settled down and decided to camwhore. LOL! What better way to appreciate the room’s beauty, right? Haha!


This is what happens when you catch a 6:55am flight and you lack sleep.


Okay, so now that we got that out of the way, back to the room! Obviously, we loved our room, if it still isn’t obvious from our endless Instagram updates that day. There’s just one teeny tiny problem–the bathroom of bedroom number 1 is honeymoon-friendly!!!


Using the bath tub would mean revealing your body to the woooooorld. There’s a shower inside too but the mirror is conveniently located across it. Haha!


Now, I can see how couples may like this. But Kryz, Patrish and I, who stayed in bedroom one, are no loverssssss. Yes, we’re all close, but we’re not THAT close! LOL. Good thing we found a tiny blind spot in the shower. Problem solved!


This is bedroom number 2 and our friend Sean. Aren’t these doors so charmingly vintage?


Bedroom number 2 has it’s own (not honeymoon-friendly) bathroom and study table as well.


After settling in our room, we were given a short tour of the hotel so that we can see how the other rooms look like. As I’ve mentioned, different floors have different hallways.


This is the XL room. Don’t you just love how the sun hits the room?


It’s beautifully decorated as well.


If the XL room is still too big, you can opt for the Large room.


The Large room is best for 2 people.


The smallest room in the hotel is this. It’s called the Big room. It’s actually my favorite out of all the rooms because of the color combination and little decors.


As for the hotel’s amenities, let’s start with the restaurants. The Henry has Rica’s which is located right beside it’s lobby. It’s where breakfast is served every morning. The food here is sooooo good! Given a choice, we’d like to sit on this giant boss table every time we have our meals here. LOL! There’s even a cute stepper for our petite friends who need a little help reaching the chairs.


What hip hotel can go without a bar? The Henry has it’s very own Scrapyard, a resto-bar located on its second floor. If you’re worried that it might get too noisy or rowdy at night, from my experience, I didn’t hear a thing from our room. It’s a shame I didn’t get to see the inside of Scrapyard though. This is just what you’ll see before you enter the establishment.


It’s a little bit like Delphine De Lorme’s studio exhibit as well. A lot of her paintings are here. I think this painting fits Scrapyard the best. Chardonnay, anyone?


For people who want some peace and quiet, The Henry also has a reading room where you can jus relax and read your favorite book.


They’ve got a small selection of books to choose from as well.



Needless to say, we enjoyed our stay at The Henry. The spa and other restaurants located right beside it are an added plus to the already awesome hotel that it is. Thank you The Henry! This definitely isn’t my last stay here! There’s Sinulog every year, right? See you next year, or hopefully, sooner!


Oh before I forget, for those who have yet to experience Sinulog, let me leave you with a few photos of the festivities. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see the parades, processions and other activities. I was only able to join the street party at Baseline. (Next year, I’m definitely watching the parade!)

For those who are unfamiliar, Sinulog is a fiesta that celebrates the Sto. Niño or Child Jesus. There are dance parades and processions around the streets of Cebu on the third Sunday of January and the festivities usually culminate with parties and such. Apparently, Baseline is the rowdiest and wildest of them all. When Kryz told me to prepare for one of the most intense street parties ever, I didn’t expect it to be like this!!!


Just imagine, this is how we looked like pre-party. Kryz told us to wear shirts and shorts that we’re ready to get paint and alcohol on. Like a true warrior, I got my Islands Souvenirs Sinulog shirt, WAGW denim shorts (which actually already look like they have paint on) and Native shoes. I’m so happy I listened to Kryz because…



…people wipe paint all over your face and hair and throw booze at you like there’s no tomorrow! Look at how dirty we all look! LOL! The only sad part is someone got the Anagon silver wire cat ears I was wearing in one of the photos above.


The pearl cat ears survived, however. And my Native shoes and baller bands did as well. If you ever need shoes for sports or any activity, Native is the brand for you! It was so easy to wash off all the paint and dirt from my shoes. Not to mention, they’re super comfy as well. It’s definitely coming with me to my next Sinulog experience.

Oh Sinulog, you’re like no other. I’m proud to say, I, along with my clothes, shoes and phone, survived. Next year, I’m coming for you again!

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  1. Doms

    Cool! I love unique and vintage stuff. This blog is so informative and place has a lot to offer. For art lovers and enthusiasts, you should try checking out this place. Cebu has so much to offer and locals are very nice.

  2. shara

    Cebu is one of the popular Philippine attractions. My relatives are from cebu and I’m always been there but never had a chance to explore the entire place,.I love Cebu also.

    • Camille Co

      That’s too bad! Make sure to visit Cebu again and explore the place!

  3. Borg

    Nice article!?! I was looking for old Sinulog photos from the 90’s or early 2000 and it lead me here, on your site. Oh! I’m looking for those old photos coz’ I’m planning to make a documentary for the Sinulog Short Film Contest. And you just gave me another idea for the documentary! :-)

  4. bigroundeyes

    This makes me wanna go home next year. I’ve been to every procession and street parade since I was a kid. I usually stay away from Baseline since I watch with my mom and sis but hopefully next year I can sneak out for the street party to have fun with my friends. Thanks for this post!

  5. Zach

    I loved this hotel, going there again every month from now on :) Wow by the way, really super cute girls in your post!

  6. Armine

    I’m part Cebuana, and I haven’t had my Sinulog experience yet. Seeing your photos makes me crave for that festival. It seems a lot of fun, like you’ll-miss-out-on-life fun. Haha. Love your hotel! It’s definitely something not that we see all day. It’s very unique, I like how they themed (if that’s even a word, LOL) the suites. They’re very modern. And that photo you kissing the red guy, so in love with it!

  7. Archelle

    Cebuano: Sayang wala ko nakakita nimo Ms.Camille sa Baseline. Naa ra ko sa tapad, sa Sideline. Sayang wala sad ka nkakita sa procession and sa mardi gras. Kinahanglan mobalik jd ka sa Cebu! :) Dugay kaayo ko naka get-over na didto diay ka sa Cebu pag Sinulog.

    Taglish: Sayang hindi kita na kita sa Baseline. I was there at the resto bar next to Baseline which is Sideline. Sayang hindi mo na witness and Procession and Mardi gras. Dapat bumalik ka talaga sa Cenu next yr dahil there’s more than street parties! Matagal ako nka get-over na pumunta ka pala sa Cebu during the Sinulog. I just saw your pics with Kryz Uy sa kanyang blog last January.

  8. kulit

    Hi Camille,

    WOWWW! nice photos, nice hotel and I’m proud Cebuana. Glad you enjoyed the Sinulog festival and you had fun in Cebu. Ang saya naman panoorin, nakaka.ingit through your post can’t wait to visit home and go to The Henry hotel. Hopefully, next year sana naman *crossfingers makita kita. heheheh…

  9. Charisse Roa

    You surely had a great time! :) Baseline has the craziest and wildest street party during Sinulog. It’s the time when alcoholic drinks turn into water and paints are painted to people :))) I had a great time too at the Baseline! I hope you’ll get to experience some of the food that local restaurants here can offer. Lifedance is another street party like no other! :)

    • itscamilleco

      I heard about Lifedance. Sayang we weren’t in Cebu pa then. :) I love Cebuano restaurants!

  10. Kim Capeña

    i’m here in Cebu but i didn’t know na meron pala ka ganyang ganda na hotel dito. HAHAHA. i did not see you sa Baseline. :( i was there too.

  11. Tracy

    Hi miss Camille! WOW! yun lang nasabi ko sa pictures ninyo. i hope to see you soon at take a picture with you! you are my favorite blogger. all shots are beautiful! ang saya ninyo panuorin. :)

  12. Ranah ♥

    Hi Camz! I so love this blog! Can you tell how much are the rooms in The Henry? Please please please. Interested to stay there. :)

  13. Kanu Sharma

    This is your one of the best post, i loved the way you shared your visit to this beautiful place with us :). The festival Sinulog is really cool :), its actually very similar to Festival here in India, its called HOLI, we also dance, eat and put colors on each other, so if you want to experience the Festival you will have to come to India in March, the festival is on March 27th and its about 5000 yrs. old :).

    Rest all you guys were looking awesome specially with colors on :). Be Good n Take care :).

    • itscamilleco

      Wow! That sounds so much fun as well! I’ve been wanting to visit India! :)

      • Kanu Sharma

        That’s Great :). Whenever you plan to visit I will love to be at your service :). Hope to see you here soon :).

  14. Chai Chen

    Really cool hotel! Love to stay there if I’d be given the chance to visit it too. :)
    Hopefully I won’t get the 1st room honeymoon friendly hehe. :)
    Really fun event I bet!

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    ❤ ~Chai

  15. maebs

    the Henry is really beautiful parang yung theme nila more on sa vintage styles. you had so much fun in Cebu :) You’re always beautiful kahit may paint ka na and all :)

  16. Nicole

    Hi Ate Camille!!! :) WOW ATE HAHA OMGGG I was so happy to see you!! AND the BEST PART was I got the chance to take a picture with you, Kryz Uy and Patricia Prieto in Ayala if you could still remember! You’re one of my favorite bloggers! :) so i’d just want you to know that you really made me happy, made my Sinulog much memorable! :) Thank you! :) Hope to see you again next Sinulog! Stay beautiful! and More power to your blog! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Nicole! :) Were you the group who went back for us? :) Next Sinulog, for sure! :)

  17. Elle

    Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for you to post about CEBU!!! When I saw the photos and saw how much you’ve enjoyed Cebu, boy was I proud to be a Cebuana!!! haha… I am sooo happy you experienced that…:D Unfortunately, since it’s still my first few months here in Manila at work, I wasn’t able to go home for Sinulog…If it was your first time to join, it was my first time NOT to join…. :( How ironic that my IDOL, Camille Co Went for the first time for Sinulog and I wasn’t there… :( Anyway, as you mentioned it above, there’s still next year… :D

    • itscamilleco

      Welcome to Manila! :) Yes next year, I’m sure you’ll be able to go home by then :)

  18. nikka

    For me, cebu is the greatest city in the Philippines. You should try exploring the different restaurants in the city and check out IUNO at the waterfront hotel, different cuisines from all over the world. i’m not from cebu but i wish i could settle in cebu.

  19. Dannah Rafols

    Hi pretty Camille… you are soooo cute…. I want your headband! hehe.. meow!

  20. jana

    You should come back to my birthplace. :)

    I have not experienced Sinulog for the past 6 years but i’m pumped to go home and celebrate next year.

    I like your street party get up very much.. so effortless.. :)

  21. Jaztine

    glad u experienced the Sinulog Festival.. i was able to attend the procession.. and ooh! btw ms camille, may kasabihan po kasi during festivals dito like sinulog na the more people smeared u with paint, it means that people find u beautiful & striking.. :D hope u’ll also experience Sinulog in Kabankalan City..

    • itscamilleco

      Ahhhh ganun pala yun? Haha! Dapat pala nagthank you ako hahaha :) Thanks Jaztine!

  22. Alyssa Martinez

    I just fell in love with that hotel! I’m a huge fan of Delphine De Lorme, can’t believe I did’t knew that hotel exist! It will definitely part of my must-see list. Thanks for making this post, it’s awesome :) I also want to know the brand of your, Kryz and Patricia’s top on your collage Instagram pic? It’s so cute!

    • itscamilleco

      From Islands Souvenirs :) You must visit The Henry then! They have so much De Lorme pieces for sale :)

  23. jhay-cee

    Amazing and super cool hotel, its like art studio. :) So sad your cute kitty headband lost. :(
    prettyness and class parin kahit puro paint all over.

    xoxo jhaycee

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Jhaycee! Sad nga, at least I still have the other headband :)

  24. Gladys

    Huhuhuhuhuhuhu…Had I know you would be here in Cebu that day and would be in Baseline (wherever the heaven it is), pumunta sana ako! SAYANGGG!

    Miss, saang mall yang nasa mga huling pictures? I was at Ayala Mall kasi the night of 20 for the fireworks display and really, and dami naming nakitang pulos pintura! :(

    You’re so sexy! Kahit puro ka paint.

    Sana next time maligaw ka dito, makita na kita ng personal! :)

  25. Mica

    Hi! Where did you get your water proof thingy majig where you put your money and phone?

  26. Dianne

    Awesome post! I love every bit of your tour of the hotel… Will visit when we get back to the Philippines!

  27. wela

    eNjoyed my 1st Sinulog too,grabbed the chance to join the processions and perform in the street but the sad part, i didn’t know you were here :-( , i should have visited Island souvenirs to snap some pictures with you guys.

    • itscamilleco

      I’m jealous! Next year, I’ll join in on other activities too! :)

  28. Lauren

    That hotel is gorgeous, I love the chic look! I hope you had a great stay in Cebu loved the photos!


  29. Trisha

    I’ve been seeing a lot of those Native Shoes lately! It’s pretty cool =))) The place looks great! =)))

  30. Molly

    God. that place is so BEAUTIFUL. envious. I’ve also been wanting to experience SInulog.

    btw, you all look cute with those paints on. You should’ve taken photos with it when you came back at the hotel. it blends with the colors and interior of your room #justathought:p

  31. Trish

    Big fan of yours! Too bad I dint get to see you :( And just wanted to say that Sinulog gets better every year! Something you really would not want to miss. Proud cebuana here hehe

  32. Sephie Rojas

    I haven’t experienced any fiestas as well (lol, I’m like, 20 already and still nothing). The shame of living in Metro Manila all my life, huhuhu! But I’m glad you guys had fun! :D Bonus points that your phone survived as well :3

    • itscamilleco

      Yes, Tunewear protected it well :) You should try attending at least one! :)

  33. Isa Reynoso

    The hotel looks super nice! It’s unique, I wish I could visit someday. I’ve only been to Cebu once and I think I was only Grade 5 then? haha

    Sinulog looks awesome! The photos clearly show that you had a blast :)

  34. beth

    How I miss Sinulog! That hotel looks fabulous! Camille, can you pls tell me what camera you used for the photos? Thanks!

  35. athena

    wow looks like it was a lot of fun camille! i love your outfit! and the bra you wore, where did you get that? i’m looking for those kinds with nice prints kasi i like cropped shirts din! :) thanks! :)

  36. Rica

    awe:) We love you to cams.. My sister saw you here and she said you look maarte daw in person then I told her you’re not ang friendly mo nga with your readers eh. I envy her coz she saw you, kung ako yun magpapapcture pa ako sayo, too bad I didn’t get the chance. :( I’m glad you had fun here. ^_^ What can you say about Cebuanos?? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha kakahurt naman LOL :) I love Cebuanos! A lot of random Cebuanos kept putting paint on our faces!! :) Haha it’s all for fun though :)

  37. Dona

    The Henry–dang. Like an art studio!

    And that’s a pretty messed-up fun you had in there. Fun chaos. =) Are spray paints allowed?–kidding.

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