Fire In Your New Shoes


There really is fire in my new shoes! Not real, live fire but the illusion of it at least. When I first saw these in Hong Kong, I fell in love with them immediately. Sexy pumps will forever be one of my favorites so finding them in a unique print like this made my heart skip a beat.


What better way to show my red shoes off than with basic black and white? Black and white ensembles have been all over the runways and I’m not complaining. I’ve always mentioned how much I love the clean contrast and sophisticated feel they bring. Nothing beats understated elegance and class.


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Chanel earrings


Cornwall Street necklace


Balenciaga bag | The Lyra Shoppe ring Tag Heuer watch From Vietnam silver bracelets (thanks to my sister) Goody Double Wear black/silver elastics


Alexander McQueen pumps


Ministry Of Retail vest | H&M shirt | Zara trousers 


P.S. This is another old set of photos which is why my hair is still copper here. I know how observant my readers are! Haha! So inuunahan ko na kayo. :)

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  1. jawie

    OMG! ngayon ko lang nakita, we have the same bag. Hahahaha ang saya ko lang. Hindi ko pa siya nagagamit kasi. As in ang saya ko! Hahaha. Ganda ng BAG! ^____^

  2. maebs

    that shoes is on fire! :) another elegant and classy outfit you always pull off :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Omsisitep! :) I’m 5’7 with size 7 shoe size :)

  3. girleah azurin

    Hi Ms Camille. Can I ask u some suggestions? Plsss.
    We’ll be having our graduation ball this march and the theme for the ball is “Let’s Get Naughtycal: Naughty or Nice.”
    The attire should have a touch like of a nautical. What are the clothes I can use for it?
    Thanks Ms. Camille

    • itscamilleco

      Striped dresses, or blue and white combinations or something inspired by sailors :)

  4. Isa Reynoso

    Those gorgeous shoes are so Camille! <3 (I hope you don't mind the comparison. I just mean that those shoes perfectly fit into your sophisticated fashion sense heehee) :)

  5. Mimi

    You’re just too preeeettyyy.. Im such a fan!.. Pls post some pics of your parents and family. Would like to see where you got your good looks from. Hehe

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Thanks Mimi! :) I look like my mom according to my most people :) Maybe one of these days :)

  6. Aibel

    I love the illusion of the shoes! And how black and white ensembles! Gosh, I always wanted to see you in person together w/ Ms. Laureen Uy. Hihi <3 Btw, is Majolica Majorca available in Davao? :)) #fingerscrossed

  7. Chiara

    hi Camille. just want to tell you that i really love your blog! the shots are amazing and you are really pretty :)
    i always love the looks that you put together :)

    much love from Belgium :)

  8. fann

    hey camille ;) ur pictures are awesome, so i was wondering which camera r u using? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Nina! Hindi ko rin alam haha! Pantay lang siya. Hmmm maybe you can try whitening products? :)

  9. Raissa

    U look prettier with ur hair color now. I don’t like the red one. Just saying.

    • itscamilleco

      Awww but my hair color now is red :) I hope you grow to like it as much as I do :)

  10. Vanni Yeth

    This girl is on FIIIIRRRREEEE! <3 — Your outfit is making me sing this song :333

  11. Katrin Tuano

    I totally agree with you! Black and White assembles never gets old because of it’s sophisticated feel they bring and it looks so clean and fresh right? Hehe I will never get tired of that assemble (specially in corporate attire) lol

    Hihi Keep inspiring people! :)

  12. Lia

    The shoes are so beautiful!!! And I noticed that you usually styled with gold accessories. But here you’re wearing mostly silver. Love it!!!<3

  13. Maria Concepcion Feraren

    I don’t blog but ever since i started viewing your posts … I fell in love with your style !!! esp. when you’re rocking androgynous looks …and sa post mo ngayon bagay sayo ung “girl on fire” ni Alicia Keys …. love , love , love those killer shoes !

  14. Hazel Lee

    your shoes are soooo fab camille. i must admit i am more of the ” flats ” but those shoes are just so yay!!

  15. Nazuha

    I’m absolutely love your sexy pumps! You’re always inspiring me about the fashion in this world camille! I’m just 14 years old girl from Malaysia.Hehe :D Btw, can I ask you, is this studded dip dye denim jacket is ideal for skin that is not so dark skinned? because, i owned the jacket and not really confident to wear it due of skin tone :( hope you can answer this comment! :)

  16. judy

    Inunahan talaga:)) I love the combination of the colors black & white plus red. So chic, classic and looks professional :) The shoes are sizzling hot! Love your pumps..

  17. mk

    hello, this is not an outfit comment…i just want to ask what hair comb do you use for your bangs? i have bangs too.

  18. Lauren

    You look stunning and so elegant! I love the outfit, and pops of red


  19. rose

    there is something in this outfit that makes me want to look at it again and again. Captivating. Another fave of mine. Ang ganda ng shoes mo!!!!! I think you should include in your posts kung saan mo sinusuot yung mga outfit mo. para sa event ba or just an errand? And yung shoe and bag collection mo patingin naman. Sorry demanding. haha

  20. allaine glemao

    really your shoes is like fire burning.. haha.. I’m gonna ask sana if nagchange ka naman ng hair color and I saw your P.S.. mas like ko new hair color mo ngaun.

    • itscamilleco

      Oo baka pagtinginan ako n tao haha! I’m more into simple pieces now :)

  21. Angel

    You’re so pretty ate cams. And I love your outfit post. This is the first time that I commented on your posts because I’m too shy :) Godbless you always. :)

    Your soooo pretty :D

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