No catsuit here, just some cutesy little cat ear cap. I know there are quite a number of people who loathe cat ear caps, I’m clearly not one of these people. If you’re one of them, I hope you still love me despite our differences. That’s what true love is, you know. This is the only way our relationship can continue. LOL.

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Lemon Shop cap 


Wear Mauve necklace Cotton On shirt


SM Accessories silver gold bracelet | Mia Casa set of 3 bracelets | Balenciaga bag

Modekungen shorts


Michael Antonio wedges

108 Responses to “Meow”
  1. marcy

    Very chic and stylish as always! where did you buy that balenciaga bag? around hm does it cost! Thanks and more power! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Marcy! It’s cheaper than the city I think :) I got it in Paris :)

  2. jawie

    Miss camille, pwedeng gawing wallpaper yung first photo? Lol ganda kasi! Hahaha

  3. nelayish

    I still love you Ms. Camille :) We are the same! I am not into cat ear caps too! But they are cute naman

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Thanks Nelayish, for accepting me despite my love for these caps :)

  4. wrey

    Fabulous outfit as always Camille! That’s one cute cat cap! :)
    Speaking of which, you may want to check my latest post about our adorable cats! ^◡^

  5. rinx martinee

    hello ate camille. :) this is just my simple expression. Supper gusto ko talaga yung mga article mo. I’ve been reading it for almost 7 months na hanggang I made my own blog yesterday lang. :) I want you to know that you’ve been my inspiration. It help me a lot. thank you. Your so cool, fabulous and beautiful. Stay that way. :)

    PS. dream ko den maging fashion designer kagaya mo. :)

  6. ELLE

    You’ve got a cat eyes too, Miss Camille:)
    the cap indeed gave a different vibe in your outfit.

  7. Maria Concepcion Feraren

    Ms. camille , is it true that when you have a lighter hair color , you gotta wear more make up ?

  8. Dawn

    Oh I love u whatever is it that you’ll opt to wear but I might say this because I believe true friends say things honestly but not harshly just because we care and we love our friends. For that matter I think, I think, or its just me who think that those shorts are kinda making your lower abs aka puson look bigger where in fact in your other posts its not there naman. Uhmmm… Love me still?

    • itscamilleco

      Haha well in person they’re okay :) Maybe it’s the way I tucked my shirt in :)

  9. Lauren

    Gorgeous outfit, love the cap :) the first picture looks amazing, with the bag in red and you in black and white


  10. Isa Reynoso

    I adore the contrast between the cutesy cat ear cap and the edgy-ness of the whole outfit <3 Only a fashion goddess like you can think of that combination and pull it off amazingly! :) and I think your shorts are super cool! :)

  11. Riza

    Your shorts look like a reflector! Cool! Pangsilaw ba yan sa mga perv para di nila masyadong titigan yung mala-EDSA mong legs? Your red hair looks good on that black top!

  12. jhay-cee

    I super love the 2nd photo, you look like real cat woman. :) and I love the black part of your bangs. :)
    and is that the “reflection short” you wear in HK?
    Love the whole look.

    xoxo jhaycee

    P.s. request nga po Miss Cams. Please wear and post na pwede pang graduation dress. Thank you. :)

    • itscamilleco

      This is the silver version of the gold ones I wore to HK :) I had a graduation post dress na before, one of my earlier posts :)

  13. Kalet

    Hello Mingming este Miss Camille… hehe.. Ang kyut at ang gondo nomon! Taray ng first photo (paano mo po inedit??). <3 <3 <3

  14. Colt Nava

    I love it! I love cute hats! Not just specifically cat ears though. Basta any hats na cutie, I’m always drawn to them :D

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