Last February 9 was a busy day for me. I had a 7:30 am call time for the Chinese New Year fashion show I helped my dad and his Filipino Chinese Business Club organize at Lucky Chinatown Mall. By lunch time, I had to rush to one of my high school best friends’ engagement party. After that, I went straight to SM Makati for my Majolica Majorca Lash King Face-off event which lasted all the way until 7:30pm. My night didn’t end there! I had to go back to Lucky Chinatown Mall to try and make it to the fashion show proper which I unfortunately missed. Whew! That’s Binondo to Greenhills to Makati and back to Binondo! Needless to say, my body was ready to crash. Good thing I had a room waiting for me at Ramada Manila Central.


I’m sure a lot of you didn’t know that there’s already a hotel like this at the heart of Binondo. I sure didn’t! It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Binondo now has it’s first four-star international-standard hotel operated  by Hospitality International, Inc. (the same group that runs The Henry and Picasso in Makati). It’s under a license agreement with Ramada Worldwide so like other Ramada hotels,  Ramada Manila Central has first-rate amenities, modern features, well-appointed rooms and delicious dining options.


Since it was the eve of Chinese New Year, Ramada looked especially festive. The whole lobby was sprawling with guests eager to participate in Chinese New Year festivities at the world’s oldest Chinatown. Yes, you read that right. Binondo is the oldest in the world! From being a simple Chinese settlement in the 15oos, Binondo is now a bustling district filled with landmarks, merchants and artisans that offer unique finds, cultural experiences and scrumptious food.


Although all that I’ve mentioned above seem so enticing, a warm shower and a soft bed were all that I could think of upon arriving at the front desk. It was my first order of business. Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to explore Chinatown but my body felt otherwise.


The road to heaven!!!


Hello there, fluffy bed! Finally, we’ve met! LOL. Notice the cute towels rolled to resemble tortoises? Or did you notice the tikoy and fruits first like me? Huli! Tawag diyan, patay gutom. What? Don’t judge. I’m a hungry girl!


More cute towels!


After freshening up, I went straight to the lobby to get some Chinese food. Ramada had a special buffet set up in celebration of the Chinese New Year which includes classics like siomai, siopao, tikoy and more.


Yum! Just what I needed!


After that much needed snack, it was time for cocktails at the roofdeck as we waited for the countdown and fireworks to start.

Ramada is located right at the corner of Quintin Paredes and Ongpin Streets which makes it the perfect spot to watch the firework display. It has an enchanting view of the beautiful 400-year old Binondo Church.


And you can see Lucky Chinatown Mall not very far away.


When the fireworks started, I seriously didn’t know where to look first. Fireworks left and right!


Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone!


It was my first time celebrating Chinese New Year this way. Usually, I just eat out with the whole clan. Seeing Chinese New Year being celebrated this way at the heart of Chinatown was a totally different experience. My friends and I felt like we were abroad! The atmosphere was really something else. I can’t seem to find the words to describe it. It was so enriching and culturally charming.


The next day proved to be even more festive. I’ve seen Binondo countless times, but never like this. There were so many tourists and locals alike–eager to experience Binondo like never before. Ramada is actually a hub for plenty of Binondo’s tours collectively called Discover Binondo. You can choose among food, heritage and shopping tours. If you book a stay with Ramada, you can also gain access to a lot of Binondo’s points of interests and get dining and shopping deals all over town. If I didn’t have to leave early, I would’ve loved to go on a tour or two. My friends and I are actually planning to go on one some time this year. I really want to try the walking food tour and heritage tour.


Oh Binondo, I never thought you can charm your way into my heart. Surprisingly, you did.


Before I end this post, what’s a Chinese New Year celebration without a Chinese New Year outfit? Red and gold for a year of prosperity!


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H&M gold cardigan


Topshop shorts

Coexist Prêt top


From Hong Kong necklace


Chanel bag | Michael Kors watch | Peaches On Top black/gold bracelet Wear Mauve belt cuff Tomato gold bracelet (part of a set) 


Peaches On Top ring 


S&H wedge sneakers

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  1. Ise

    Hi Miss Camille! I’m a big fan of yours!! Can I just ask if you’d recommend that wedge sneakers when travelling, which would require long walks? Thank you! Im planning to get a pair for my Korea trip but couldnt decide whether it would just kill my feet while walking =)

    • itscamilleco

      I haven’t tried it for long walks though so I wouldn’t know :) Maybe try wearing them here first then see :)

  2. elaine

    i love the outfit! chiika ko lang when i saw your skechers+3 wedges i make paramdam to my sister to buy me.. and now.. I cant wait to see and wear it. hihi “kilig.. my sister asked where did i saw the shoes ..” I said– inindorse ni camille co.. hahaha! and can i ask, what color is your hair? cant wait to see more outfit posts from you especially this summer :)

  3. Mark U

    First time I think I’ve seen you wear wedge sneakers. If I remember correctly, you don’t fancy them too much, am I right?

    AS for Ramada hotel, I have to pay that place a visit. Those are very well appointed rooms. :) Nice attention to detail.

    • itscamilleco

      I’ve worn them quite a couple of times already. This is my 4th pair :) I just don’t like really chunky ones :)

  4. Leslie

    I am more convinced to buy those wedge sneakers because of you :) Love it!!!

  5. joanne :))

    Nice outfit :))) You always manage to pull it off :D Even if it’s casual, formal and for festives like this, such a FASHION GENIUS ! <3
    Do you mind if I ask where is the H & M store here in the Philippines ?? :)) I'm very thankful if you'll answer :)))

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Joanne! Unfortunately, we don’t have it here yet :)

  6. maebs

    the top and the cardigan is beautiful :) una ko po ding nakita ang foods. :) haha.

  7. abi

    i enjoyed reading your Chinese New Year experience! makes me wanna go visit Chinatown tuloy! HYPED :)

  8. Loraine Ira Ompad

    I looooove your outfit from head-to-toe! <3
    I'm from Cebu so I just went to Binondo once. It was way back summer 2011 so maybe this hotel wasn't built at that time or it was? I don't know. Me and my mom just went there to shop at 168 or I think that was in divsoria. Hhahha, I can't barely remember :) Nice outfit, again! One of the best post I can say <3

  9. Pauline

    i dont usually see you smiling with your teeth showing. you still look pretty though! i love your cardigan <3
    btw, I made my first blog about fashion and food (mostly food) all because of you! You inspire me Ms. Camille! Keep inspiring us :") You're doing a great job xD hihihi <3

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Shevon! :) Take a trip somewhere! And yes, the shoes are comfy :)

  10. Isa Reynoso

    What a hectic day for you. That must have been so exhausting! :( Glad the awesome staycation in the hotel made up for it, Camille! :)

    By the way, you have no idea how much I love your outfit!!! The gold cardigan’s super pretty and I’m in love with your sneaker wedges! <3

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks sweet honeydew! :) The red flower tree is an attention-grabber! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Walang sequence naman to :) I always get confused between small and medium!

  11. Colt Nava

    Aww how can you not notice that the lanterns [1st and 3rd photo] forms as a hidden Mickey :P And yes, I noticed the foodies before the adorable towels! lol so I guess I’m a member of the patay gutom club :P Anywayz, back to your outfit post, that cardi is to die for! Waaaaaaaaa I want 1! I want H&M in Bacolod NOWWW!

  12. Ana G

    I love all your looks, not because is my style but you can wear and look stylish, just being Camille! Besos.

    Giveaway in my blog! Win Statement necklace!

  13. Christian

    You always look soooo good in all your outfit post and this is no exception! How do you do it? Haha I always look forward to your recent posts for inspiration even though I’m a guy. Haha. Love your blog soo much! :))

    • itscamilleco

      Oh really? How cool! It always surprises me whenever I find out there are guy readers here! :) Thanks Christian!

  14. Meme

    Would you call me weird if I say that what I love in this outfit is your MK watch? :) It’s such a juxtapose to your casual look.

  15. Gladys

    Nadale ako dun ahh! I really first noticed the food on the bed. Nagulat ako kasi bakit may pagkain sa kama? HAHAHA
    Hindi ako patay-gutom. . Inaantok lang..hahaha

    Your necklace and the sling of your bag looks very much the same in the photos. And I love your wedge-sneakers! Really fits on the occasion…At sobrang naintriga ako sa klase ng tela ng cardigan. Nalalabhan pa po ba yan?!

    • itscamilleco

      Oooooh sige na nga, inaantok na. If you say so :)

      Yes, nalabhan naman siya :) Thanks Gladys!

  16. Maria Concepcion Feraren

    You always seem to know what to wear in any occasion … from parties to dates hanggang Chinese New years !!! Ur such a fashion genius …

  17. judy

    Kung hei fat choi! What a full blast blog post. I was amaze and did learn a lot about binondo and how festive it was celebrating Chinese New Year there. Amazing shots! Love your outfit, I think you outshine that day. Cutie shoes :) ♥

  18. xiaoweiwei

    it really look like Chinese new year,surprizing you r a chinense.
    yesterday it is my first time read your blog,i like your style,your print to print outfits looked so amazing,but some items and brands are not available in China,what a pity!! i do like the print items of binky doodles,they are fabulous,but they r not available in China!!!!!i m really upset now.

    • itscamilleco

      Awwww maybe in the future, they’ll start to accept orders from abroad :)

  19. Anj

    Binondo’s lively lang pag Chinese New Year hahaha. that’s why Chinese New Year is my favorite holiday! have you gone inside the Binondo Church? they just repainted and made some minor renovations inside, it’s really beautiful :)

    ooohhh your shoes!! love! <3

  20. Stef uy

    Would love to spend my chinese new year in that hotel! Heehee. Maybe one of these years. Wore red and gold too last new year! :-) maybe ill be lucky enough to meet you this year? Hee :-)

  21. katrin tuano

    wow, you’re now a fashion designer, sometimes a model, sometimes a stylist and an awesome photographer!
    seriously amazing shots!! and your outfit looks so fresh. love you always :) xx

  22. Maita Atienza, Makeup Artist

    This must be one of my favorite posts ever because I learned so much about Binondo. I’ve been a huge fan of Picasso hotel since doing a shoot there last month, so if the same group is managing Ramada in Binondo, then I’m sure I’ll find it a good place to crash should I find myself needing a place to stay there. :) Great post!

  23. Sephie Rojas

    Yey! I’m loving your hair now after getting used to seeing it on your blog! \:D/ you’re right, it’s more bagay now especially how you style your clothes to compliment it! :3 May you have good fortune and prosperity this year of the snake :D

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Sephie! Glad you have been converted haha! Welcome to the dark side (dark hair. LOL. Corny ko)

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