L Is For Love


Oh to be young and in love! But before you go thinking that I’ve finally been bitten by the love bug, no I haven’t. I just might be a little smitten by this young fellow over here. I’m sure you’re dying to know who he is. But before I introduce (and share) him with you, let me show you a few photos from our little picnic first. Since the love month has finally arrived (yay for couples, nay for singles), my blogger bestie Laureen and I thought of cooking up a little something for you guys. Just a simple Valentine’s day suggestion for all you young hearts out there.


Why not go on a picnic together? Valentine’s day isn’t all about fancy dinners and grand gestures. A day like this may just be what you need to get to know your partner a bit more. A casual setting where you can just have fun and let loose can turn out to be more romantic sometimes. You can start with brunch and plan the rest of your day doing activities together.


Worried about what to wear to a date like this? A simple and sweet dress like this may be just what you need. I always like to dress in a feminine manner on dates. I think men understand this type of outfit more than trendy and fashion-forward pieces. There’s a reason why they’re called man-repellers, you know.


This dress is perfect for dates because it’s casual enough for day but is still dressy enough for dinner dates. You can just take your cardigan off and change to more formal shoes and you’re ready for that fancy dinner date to cap off your Valentine’s day.


Whatever you’re wearing, make sure to keep your accessories simple.


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Liberty (available at Robinsons Department Storecardigan


Liberte (available at Robinsons Department Storedress


Mango belt


Wear Mauve Love pearl bracelet 


High Style Fancy heels


There you have it! Now that you’ve got your outfit ready, all you have to do is look forward to your awesome date with your special someone.


Laureen and I actually came up with this idea because of this guy over here. I know you’re dying to know who this cutie is.


Meet the half-Italian, half-Filipino boy wonder, Luigi D’Avola. His name might sound familiar to you because his song has been playing on the radio lately. Yes, this cutie is a singer!!!! What’s that? Is that your heart melting? Join the club! This guy can make all the girls swoon with his voice. I can’t believe he’s only 18 years old and already, he writes his own songs!!! Can he be more charming? Kudos to his manager and producer Champ Lui Pio and Mecca Management for finding this gem!


So anyway, as I was saying before I gushed about this young talent, Laureen and I got inspired by Luigi to make this little Valentine’s post because we heard his song a few weeks back and we just can’t help but think about Valentine’s day and all things lovey-dovey. Have you heard his song? It’s called “Take A Chance”. You have to watch the music video!!! Kaka-in love! 

So sweet, right? My friends and I can’t get this song out of our heads. We’ve been listening to it over and over again. If you want to download Luigi’s single, it’s available at My Music Store and Itunes. If you want to know more about this future heartthrob, visit his Facebook page here or follow him on Twitter.


Special thanks to Niel Ong for the group photos and photos of me by the swing. 

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  1. Rachelle

    love the hair, love the dress and love camille co! I really love your style and you as well…ahahaha…so pretty!♥
    more power and more wonderful and inspiring blogs! :)

  2. Armine

    Love everything on this blog! That dress is so sweet, the photos are great (Love looking at them), oh and the guy. Ooh lala!

  3. roentjavier

    we’re friends on fb and i was so shock when i saw your blog with Luigi d’avola
    i don’t know he’s an artist already! im not updated :( im downdated ahahh LOL

    • itscamilleco

      LOL downdated? It’s about time he let the world hear what he’s been working on :)

  4. Chai Chen

    Cute look for V-dates! :)
    Sweet and dainty hehe. Love the heels! Florals! Spring is screaming! :)

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    ❤ ~Chai

  5. Charisse Roa

    I need to get used with your new hair color which I think suites you ;) Another way to welcome the Chinese New Year! Lovin’ those photos, parang group date lang. Luigi gets to be your (and Laureen’s) guy best friend. Sweet! But on the other note, your outfit is even sweeter! ♥

    • itscamilleco

      Aww thanks Charisse! I had to get used to it too! I was naninibago at first :)

  6. Anaivilo

    Omng he is indeed so cute and he has an amazing voice! So deep and expressive! O.O
    This is such a great post, you all look so wonderful and the dress is very neat! :D

  7. Lorns

    hi, Camille nice to visit ur site again, (i haven’t checked it for quite time),
    Well you look inlove with those photos.. hahaha (are you?) Ur new hair rocks.. Ilove it..:)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha I’m not :) Thank you Lorns! I hope you get to visit more often :)

  8. Dana Angeline

    Hi ms. Camille. May I ask where did you have your hair colored? Gandaaa.. :)

  9. Faith

    Hey camille! do you have an instagram? and what are your plans for valentines day? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Yes I do! Itscamilleco as well on Instagram :) I’ll spend it with my family. Naks! :)

  10. wrey

    That’s a great Valentine-date-idea Camille! Very pretty dress too!
    And I must say he’s cute! ^◡^

  11. Chacha

    weee you smiled there! cutie mo pag you smile ms.cams..keep smiling,keep shinning! Love the red hair and thanks for sharing this song, haven’t heard of it kasi..have a good day!

  12. esi

    super cute! nice peg for prenup pictorial. btw, where can i get those giant playing cards? thanks!

  13. Sara Shalabi

    Yeah he’s a cutie talaga!! :D
    I love his song! I keep on playing it anytime, anywhere haha.
    I wish I could see him na :)

    Cute dress and hair ah :)
    Love lots :*

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Sara! Since you can’t see him pa, keep watching and listening na lang for now :)

  14. AC

    O.o? Miss Cams, you’re …ahem…single? REALLY?
    that’s just hard to believe…
    If I’m a guy, ill be the first in line c; *winks* hahahaha

  15. Coleen

    Hi Camille! Did this Luigi went to Sinulog this year? Particularly at The Terraces Ayala? The Republiq Party?

    • itscamilleco

      Awww no he didn’t. He’s actually Cebuano but this year, he wasn’t able to go back to Cebu for Sinulog :)

  16. Trishna

    Hayy, so handsome talaga ni Luigiii. <3 Bagay kayo, a pretty gal and a handsome guy. :') Hihi. Anyway, since prom is near na, I'm gonna wear a sleeveless gown kaso I feel like I have dark underarms then may mga hair rin but not too thick naman, can you suggest anything that I can do without making it dark? I went to a waxing salon and I can't undergo the waxing and laser process daw kasi my age must be 16 years old or above to do it. :/ What can I do? :( Thanks.

    • itscamilleco

      Oh! I don’t know na what to suggest. Wax and laser kasi won’t darken your underarms unlike shaving and plucking.

  17. ZaBenni

    First of all I have to say that you have a girly and beautiful outfit. It isnt either too much elegant or too much casual, it’s perfect for a lovely day with a lovely lover. But I also like you friend’s dress :)
    And theeeen I have to say an other thing: i really love half-Italian and half-Filipino boys, I think they have charm! And I’m listening his song for the first time right now and it’s really good!
    xo :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Zabenni! I love Laureen’s dress as well. :) We didn’t even talk about our outfits but they somehow worked well together :)

      And yes, half-Italian, half-Fil! Good combo! :)

  18. Joan Aldovino

    hindi mo camille, hindi nya camille

    camille co :)))

    haha. sorry corny po. hi miss camille na
    forever gorgeous and classy kahit anong mangyare ♥

  19. maebs

    i love your dress :) ansabe ng love triangle :) nakaka inlove tapos kilig much ako kay Luigi pero ikaw parin ang love ko :)

  20. Coleen

    OMG! Finally, a post with your red hair! I’ve been dying to see your red hair, Ate Camille! Looking pretty as ever! <3

  21. nelayish

    I love these photos :) It makes me want to invite my best friend this valentines as my date! Wow akala ko music video screen caps na po yan :) Ang cute niyo ni Ms. Laureen!

  22. mie facunla

    now i know what to wear this love month.. the only problem is… “i don’t have a date!!” :(
    aww but thanks camille.. ikaw na.. “ang cute ng kasama niyo ah? ” haha lol..
    happy valentines day!!!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha thanks Mie! :) Being single is not a problem! :) Go out with your friends! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Joy! I had it colored at Park Jun :) My usual :) I don’t know what hue it is though

  23. annjoie

    hi camille.. i did watch the video.. cutie2x lang sila.. kaka. inlove :)
    i soooo love your outfit..

  24. Melissa

    Hi Camille, just want to know what exact brand in Robinsons Dept Store is your dress from? Thanks!

  25. John Marine

    I’ve always considered you to be beautiful. You are even more so with this outfit. You blossom with loveliness as beautifully as your floral peep-toe pumps. Your dress and cardigan are beautiful together. This is hard-hitting beauty with such a soft and dainty outfit. You are princess material with this outfit.

  26. Dolly

    That dress looks so perfect for Valentine’s Day! Its very girly and sweet. :)

    I really love the photos you took. I’ll definitely check out the video later when I’m home. :D

  27. Gladys

    Getting used with your flaming red hair.:)

    I cannot leave this blog entry. The photos were great and in fairness Miss, tumawa ka nang tumawa kasi nakaka-less intimidating dagdag pa ang outfit mo.

    And that guy! Sarap iuwi sa amin at hindi na ibalik sa pinanggalingan!! Sabihin mo kasing-edad lang kami baka pwede niya akong mapatulan..Hahahaha

  28. Kathy

    Hi! I just want to ask. What time will you be at the Lucky Chinatown Mall so that I can have a picture with you. Thanks! :D

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Kathy! I’m not sure what time at night but in the morning I’ll be there as well :)

  29. ish

    love the look, it’s so sweet and cute, the color is so amazing with your new red hair
    xx ish

  30. CC

    omg your red hair is really faaaabbb tho it will take some time for me to get used to it, hahaha!!!!! the whole outfit is so simple but you still look so pretty!!! hope you’ll fine the real “the one” soon ^^~ and dont worry you have your fans here with you during valentines <3 hehe

  31. Mark U

    EHRMAGEHRD~! DAT RED HAIR~! <3 Can I swoon at your red hair!! Either way, I am swooning!!

    The outfit is very cute and feels so much like spring, if you get what I mean. I don't think I quite grasp the term "man-repellers" though.

  32. Carol

    This is a great idea…. especially when you have a date as charming as Luigi (First name agad. Hahaha!) Btw, red hair suits you :)

  33. Sephie Rojas

    Ohhhh So THAT’S him @.@ I feel so old now knowing he’s just 18 years old @___@’ Talent. Surely, he’s got tons of it, haha! :) Dapat kasama rin boyfriend ni Ate Laureen! Para double the sweetness! XD You guys look super super cute! In most of the photos, it looks like Ate Laureen is playing third wheel with you and Luigi, heehee :P And I feel like I could hear her thoughts in the top right shot of the second photo, hahaha! :))

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha :) It was all for fun! :) He really is bagets pa. And you’re right, he’s so talented!

  34. chrizel luminario

    Mas kinikilig ako sa friendship nio ni Laureen Uy. LOL
    Anyways, I’m single so what I’m planning this Valentine is to have a picnic with my besties and be in our best outfits. You inspired us. Idol namin kayo. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Awww that’s so cute! :) I’m sure you and your besties will have lots of fun! :) Kakakilig talaga kami ni Laureen haha! Kidding

  35. Jing Ü

    Yiiiiiii! <3 Nakaka-kilig naman talaga 'tong Luigi na 'to! :) Bagay kayo Ms. Cams! :) Ansabe ng love triangle nyo with Laureen? LOL :)

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