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I’ve been wanting to blog about this outfit for the longest time but I wanted to wait for the magazine feature I wore this for to come out first. We actually shot the feature as early as December of last year and it’s finally coming out this week, if not next. The feature is for Look Magazine’s February/March Issue. I’m the “IT Girl” for the month. Big thanks to Kelly Misa for the feature.


It was a short and quick shoot. It took an hour or so for hair and makeup to be done but the shoot itself didn’t even take 5 minutes. I’m not exaggerating! It took me longer to shoot these than the feature haha! I can’t wait to see the final photo though. I hope you’ll grab a copy of Look Magazine once it’s out. In the meantime, let me show you my outfit first.


Basically, Kelly just asked me to dress in whatever way I wanted. I was feeling a little daring that day so I wanted to wear something sexy and mature–the kind of outfit I wouldn’t dare wear for say, a Candy Magazine shoot, for example.


O ha, akala mo slit at cropped top lang ulit? (English translation: So you thought it’s just another cropped top and high-slit skirt?) Say hello to my little web of lies, este, web top. I adore this top so much!!! I’m such a sucker for pretentiously conservative clothes. LOL. You know, those pieces that are conservative in front but not so much at the back? I’ve got nothing to show in front anyways. We all know I’m lacking in that area. The back, however, is something I’m willing and able to show off.


Then for a dash of fun, another cat-ear hat to complete my look.


Romwe hat 


Coexist Pret necklace (sold out) H&M jacket


Stylista.PH top | Style Staple skirt | Watch Factory Casio silver watch


SM Accessories ring


Zara shoes


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132 Responses to “Tangled In My Web”
  1. Alexandra

    Hi Ms. Camille,

    I so loved your fashion style.
    Thank you for posting pictures.

    Btw, Your photos are stunning
    May i know what DSLR Lense you used for your pictures?

    Thank you! Hope you’ll reply :”)

  2. Laila

    Hi Camille, love your style! I go to your blog whenever I feel like dressing up. Just a quick question I noticed you have She Inside clothes did you buy them on line? If yes did you have to pay customs fee?

    Thank you!

  3. Mark U

    THIS~! It’s so UK grunge/house music fashion!!! I love it!! If you had worn wedge sneakers with this.. I’d be over the moon!!

    *cries tears of joy*

  4. Jean

    I can definitely relate with the confidence on showing off the BACK part. Haha!
    More powers to your ever entertaining blog, and to you Ms Camille <3

  5. Ana

    I think my bacne will not clear out anytime soon. It left marks on my back. Visible marks. My biggest problem, though. Mygaaad. LIfe’s unfair..

  6. Dana Tolentino

    I thought… I thought it was a dress… Hahaha I know that you’re so good in making separate pieces to look like a dress but this one is just too good! asadfgadfg ill always be a fan <3 anyway, i will attend a debut this summer po and the theme is celestial. and we need to wear a long gown… will a high slit be inappropriate? anddd im curious po, do you accept apprentice/intern for summer. like summer training or something hehe

      • Dana Tolentino

        but is there a chance? hehe sorry ang kulit.. im still a student and i really wanna do fashion (tho im taking up a med-related course hehe) i wanna learn something by helping na din in any way I can (like kahit utus utusan nyo na po ako haha)

        • itscamilleco

          Well not right now talaga. Kakahiya! Siyempre I want you to learn and do fashion-related things naman. :)

  7. Kix

    I’ve been meaning to ask you for the longest time the type of bra you wear for your backless tops/dresses! I need it in my life! :)

  8. Ana

    I have nothing to show in front too. And sadly, i am very ashamed of my back. Because of bacne. Same height as yours, but I don’t have hips like yours. :((((((

  9. jepotskie

    I don’t think I can ever rock this out. As usual, you look amazing. :) I love how you always look so effortlessly sexy AND classy! :D

    • itscamilleco

      I love this skirt so much! :) I couldn’t help but get so many colors of it!

  10. Abba

    Nakakainis ka naman. Ang haba mooo! Sana ganyan din ang Height koooo! I so love your Hat. :)

  11. Dana Salazar

    Hi, Camille! I’m just taking this chance, but do you happen to know which SM dep’t. store carries Blanc et Noir aside from Southmall, Las Pinas?

  12. Kim Capeña

    bagay na bagay sa body mo yung cut off ng dress ate camille! i really love this! :* :)

  13. ELLE

    HAHAHA! When I was scrolling down the page and saw you’re “web of lies” top, I scrolled it up again to check the photo above that because I was literally surprised with what you wore. It’s true that as one of your avid reader, I thought it was just a cropped top and high slit outfit again. Nice one! Sexy back:)

  14. Apple

    I really am a big fan. I actually blogged about you being one of my style icons hihihih. you can check it out at http://www.appleandbees.com/style-icons/

    Love the surprise details at the back of your top. Details like this does wonderful things to make an ensamble stand out.
    Kudos to you and your amazing sense of style!


    • itscamilleco

      Awww thank you Apple! :) I’m in such good company! :) Love your icons! :) Thanks again!

  15. Colt Nava

    I ADORE cute hats! And yes, I still owe you that Panda beanie haha sorry medyo naging busy konti, didn’t get to ship it yet, this is what I get for spending a week away from work lol kaya ayan busy-busyhan ako, ok lang cos I enjoyed naman my hk trip eh, soooo worth it :D and speaking of my hk trip, your hat reminds me of my cutie hat too! here’s a link : http://www.grl.li/3423/

    I hope you dont mind me linking so many stuffs to you, I just enjoy sharing them to you for some reason hehe..

  16. nelayish

    Wow nakakasurprise yung ” Back Part” Ms. Camille :) Sana ganyan din kaganda ang back ko ..May I ask what place po yan? thanks :)

  17. B.

    Congrats for you feature,I like the contrast between the hat and the rest of the outfit ,cute and sexy.Btw will you post a glimspe of your feature from the magazine for your international readers? (I’m from Paris) s’il vous plait? *pouting*lol

  18. Honey Lyn

    I thought it was a dress showing only your tyan. hindi pala. infairnesss, natawa naman ako sa caption sa ilalim ng photo mo showing the back details of your top. hehehehe! i’m about to comment in one of my photos showing only my back din kasi. may nakapansin kasi na muntik ng panay likod ko lang pinapakita ko sa photos ko wearing swimsuits. lingon sa likod shot. hahaha! I’ve got nothing to show in front din kase. hehehe! talikod-genic ako pag nakaswimsuit. hahaha!

  19. Trisha

    HEHE Today is the first time I’ve curled my hair just for a school day. La lang =))) HAHA The cat ears adds to the cute-fierce look and I love it! Especially your back and that Angelina Jolie one-leg effect TEHEHE Oh and that jacket is just lovely!

  20. maebs

    I’m in love with your back! :) yan din po ang gusto ko may pagkaconservative sa harap tapos sa likod sexy :)

  21. jhay-cee

    very sexy. the high slits and web detail at the back is gorgeous. :-) and the shoes perfect, and the necklace and cat hat. My gosh, everything is awesome!!!
    by the way, can I ask you random question. What is the worst wardrobe disorder or outfit problems you’ve experience??? just curious. :)

    xoxo – jhaycee

  22. Sephie Rojas

    You actually had me fooled. I thought it was a dress you were wearing, haha! :) I remember what Solenn said, you don’t have to show boobs to make you sexy :) You’re bringing some sexy back naman e, haha! :P Aaaaand, grabe talaga. The wind seriously loves you! I’m so jealous! XD

    • itscamilleco

      True!! No need for boobs! :) Thanks Sephie! Sometimes, the wind’s love can get a little annoying. Haha! Especially for my bangs.

  23. ANGEE

    I think it’s sexier when back is showing haha idk why but I love the cut out details on that top!

  24. Vann Pacis

    Stunnung! I think you have posted something like this before? Is it different? I guess so. Am I wrong? Hehe. :) I love you Ms. Camille!!!!

  25. Vanni Yeth

    It’s like you are out from your comfort zone!! <3
    Me too I don't have something to show in front! Hahaha Mabuti na lang at may likod ako! XD

  26. Jaztine

    wen i saw the web design at the back, my reaction was “Bongga! i didn’t see that one coming!”.. only u can do this outfit ms camille! 2 thumbs up … :D

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