Here I am, all decked out in Stradivarius! I first heard about this brand back in 2007 when I was a foreign exchange student in France. I had a classmate then who was addicted to Stradivarius. And when I say addicted, I mean ADDICTED in a major major way. (Lala, if you’re reading this, I’m talking about you.)


Well, you can’t really blame her. Stradivarius has so many awesome stuff, it’s hard not to fall hard for this Spanish brand. The only reason why I wasn’t addicted to it before was because I found it a little expensive for a student. I was very much content with New Look and H&M then. Now though, I don’t know if it’s my perspective or if it’s Stradivarius‘ price range that changed, but their items seem to be much more affordable. Every time we go to Hong Kong, Singapore and during my trips to Barcelona last year, I made sure to stop by Stradivarius. They have the best selection of shoes and denim pieces!


For those of you are not familiar with the brand, let me show you what I’m talking about. This head-to-toe Stradivarius outfit is a denim on denim look, matched with classy stilettos that I’ve been lusting over since I first saw them at Singapore last month. Aren’t they beautiful?


I actually wore this outfit to the Stradivarius launch at Glorietta. Since it was held at a mall, I wanted to be in something cool and casual. These ripped jeans were the first things I saw when I entered the store. It’s seldom to see ripped jeans in this color so I just had to have them!


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Chanel earrings 


Stradivarius acid washed denim vest


Stradivarius top | Custom-made cross necklace | Cornwall Street spike necklace | Forever 21 long pendant necklace


Forever 21 cuff | H&M stacked rings and skull ring


Stradivarius jeans


Chanel bag


Stradivarius heels


To get you better acquainted with Stradivarius, let me show you what went down at its launch. I’m sure after you see these photos, you’ll go rushing to Glorietta 2 to get yourself some Stradivarius goodies!


Don’t you just love the Moroccan theme?


The Zombettes provided the beats. They’re decked out in Stradivarius as well.


The host for the night–Julia Sneigowski.


Presenting Stradivarius’ S/S 2013 collection!


These are just some of what you’ll find at Stradivarius. If you do decide to visit Stradivarius‘ first branch at Glorietta 2, make sure to check out their sexy neon heels and denim shorts. You’ll go gaga over them!!! I promise you!

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  1. Kimberly

    Hi Camille,

    I’m also a big fan of Stradivarius aside from Topshop, New Look, Zara.
    I love ur choice of clothes. You look great.

    Have you tried Bershka & Pull & Bear? Not bad their designs.

    • itscamilleco

      Yes :) They were my go-to stores when I was still studying abroad :)

  2. Gladys

    Your outfit is so refreshing. It was all because of the color, the brand and the fact na hindi ka palaging nakasuot ng denim jeans..:D

    Papuntahin mo nga dito sa Cebu ‘yang Stradivarius. Maghahanap ako ng trabaho at mag-iipon para diyan..:)) I instantly loved it when I saw this post…

    AAAHHH!! Ang galing mo naman! How was it? Hindi po ba mahirap? Kumusta ang mga French? Isa talaga sa pangarap kong mapuntahan ay ang France. Pero mukhang malayo pa iyon dahil kahit Manila, hindi ko pa nalipa. :(
    Salamat talaga sa blogs mo, kapag may pinupuntahan kang ibang lugar, feeling ko, nandoon na rin ako…HAHAHHA

    Paano po ba maging FE? Do you have to apply for that? What are the requirements naman po?

    • itscamilleco

      Well, the foreign exchange program was offered by Ateneo kasi. It’s called the Junior Term Abroad. Spending a term in France was so much fun! We travelled to different states of Europe every weekend so sobrang saya! I love the French! I really do. :)

      • Gladys

        Lahat po ba pwedeng mag-apply as sa program na iyan?
        Pasensiya na po sa dami ng tanong. Just really, really curious…

        • itscamilleco

          During my time, School of Management students lang pwede mag-apply. There’s a minimum QPI also required. Then you have to submitted your grades and CV for the dean to review. He then chooses the students who can go and ranks them in order :)

          • Gladys

            You must be really good. Ang galeeeng mo..
            Idol na talaga kita ng bongga Miss.:))

            Thank you po sa pagsagot ng questions ko.

  3. Dianne

    i superduper love this look! hindi nakakasawa balik-balikan ang blog mo ate camille! ^^

  4. Ann

    No bangs in this post and im so lovin it! Its not like i dont like the camille bangs but you look great without the bangs! :D

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Ann! It’s a nice change every once in a while :)

  5. Karumi

    Totally going to stradivarius this weekend <3 this outfit is awesome!!!

  6. Abby

    You’re really sooo pretty Camille! Of all the local bloggers, you are my favorite! Pretty, smart and sophisticated dresses! :) Stay as fabulous as you are. Kakainspire pumorma.

      • maruko

        you are prettier with side bangs camille :) sooo pretty :)

        i really love your style, you have that drop dead gorgeous body that makes every single outfit looks really good on you, you’re so blessed >.<
        also, i really love the way you reply the comments from your readers, you are so kind.. i wish to see you with another gorgeous style more and moreeeeeee XD

  7. Jam Tan

    When I first saw Stradivarius, I instantly fell in love! Their clothes are really affordable and the quality matches its price! I love your outfit btw!

  8. sisi

    Hi Camille,

    What salon do you go to for your hair? Your outfit is great! :)

  9. Anaivilo

    Cute stuff at Stradivarius! :D Lovely;)
    And those jeans you are wearing are so awesome, mainly because I love their color! :D

  10. Alyssa

    You really look good without your bangs! Your denim vest was so awesome! <3 btw, paano po makakakuha ng pass sa BU?

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Alyssa! :) I’m not sure with the details pero I’m sure they’ll be selling at the venue too!

  11. Lezil Ann Gaduyon

    Love your lipstick!
    You’re so prettyyyyyy! ^_^
    What brand is that? :))))

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Lezil! :) MAC’s Watch Me Simmer I think or Flamingo

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Kim! I used my Nikon D7000 for my outfit shots and my Olympus OM-D EM5 to take event photos :)

      • Kim schubb

        Thanks for sharing,,,i’ll buy one,,,,i never fail to check this blog everyday,,,even atwork lol

        • itscamilleco

          Yay! Thanks Kim! You need to destress every now and then anyway :)

  12. Janell Bergantinos

    I’ve seen their store in greenbelt and I just really love their items.. If only I have a lot of money i’d buy all of it haha, btw love your outfit ❤

  13. ai - ai

    Gondo ohh…ba’t ang cute..ahahaha ma miss q tong blog na to..2 weeks na d ako maka visit..cguro pagbalik ko..madami na akong babasahin..hahaha

  14. Reena

    Hi Cams! How much is their price range kun dito sa Manila and is it the same sa HK? :) Where can I find Stradivarius in HK? Para malagay ko sa shopping checklist ko (I’m sooo not familiar with the brand >.<). lol… I'm saving up again for another trip there. Baka yung selections nila kasi iba sa atin dito. :) Thanks! And I love your outfit… Spring Pretty in denim. ;)

    • itscamilleco

      They’re relatively the same :) I go Stradivarius Times Square branch :)

      • Reena

        Thank you! :) Btw, the warmth of your hair color makes such a perfect contrast with the coolness of your outfit! I loooove it!

        • itscamilleco

          Thanks Reena! :) I’m loving this color more than my previous ones :)

  15. Class

    I love the jeans! Ripped & in mint! Just wow. And, I just have to mention that you look young & fresh with your bangs swept on the side :)

  16. Vina Guerrero

    super nice look!! :) jeans plus heels combo!! haha! i often wear jeans and it is really hard for me to style it! btw, i saw na your tweet! hihi hindi kasi lumabas sa mentions ko so i thought hindi mo nabasa :)

  17. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    Very beautiful :) I like the denim vest a lot. I will save up and buy a denim vest before summer ends.. I like the jeans too but I don’t wear jeans anymore..because of some reasons. Very well matched again from Ms.Camille Co. I hope I could see you in person when you visit here in cebu..^^

  18. Anna

    I already went to Glorietta 2, I hoarded. Hahahaha It was really awesome

  19. Zaira Awat

    Wow! You’ve been an exchange student in France! Please tell a story! How was it? How long was it? What do you feel? OMG. It’s my dream to be an exchange student but I don’t have guts to stay away from my parents and to socialize with foreign people. Hahaha!

    • itscamilleco

      It was one of the best moments of my life. I learned so much just by exploring and traveling all over Europe. I was there for roughly around 4 months. I definitely recommend this. It’s an experience like no other.

  20. Tasha D.

    Too much love for your bag and A. Wang-like shoes! Pak! Meron ka na bang kahit anong Alexander Wang items? I love him! He’s the new Marc Jacobs! Aside from designing for his own brand na very successful din, designer pa sya ng Balenciaga!

    • itscamilleco

      Target ko na yan! Haha! :) I love him as well and his minimalist aesthetic :)

  21. joysiejie

    @wow@ this is the most amazing post, i so love the jeans, and the photos are so convincing. thank you also for including my favorite model JASMINE, hehe,, i so like her!! ::) keep blogging camille :)

  22. barbie

    is there any way we can buy their stuff online? i’m in cebu and there’s just no way i can be in manila anytime soon :(

  23. ariane

    Haven’t heard the brand but their collection seems to be all wearable. Love it. I’ll check it at Glorietta. Thanks for the info.
    Hopefully, H&M would be here soon. :)
    Btw, I like your jeans, it’s so cool. :)

  24. Kael Conciso

    I’m in love with the jeans!
    Finally Stradivarius is here! I can’t wait to buy some cool pieces there. :)

  25. KatrinTuaño

    Cool denim on denim look. It looks so refreshing and cool. I windowed shopped at stradivarius in glorietta a while ago with friendss. Im in love with all their items.. If only i have money i’d buy a lot lol.

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