Soak Swimwear x Camille Co

Finally, here they are! After months and months of waiting, my first ever swimwear collaboration is out! And I’m happy to announce that it’s with Soak Swimwear! I’ve known Angela and KD of Soak Swimwear for a number of years already. We’ve done bazaars together during my brand Coexist’ early days and even did a private sale together. So when Angela and KD came to me last year to explore the possibility of designing a few pieces for Soak Swimwear, I didn’t hesitate saying yes. I’ve been a Soak Swimwear girl for so long already. I have so many of their bikinis, I’m practically a Soak Swimwear groupie! LOL! Needless to say, the collaboration made sense. I’m at home with this brand and it’s a brand that I’ve tried and tested countless times. The fabric, the workmanship, the service–all topnotch!

Having said that, when it came to designing for Soak Swimwear, the challenge was to come up with something they haven’t before. They’ve released so many beautiful designs already, I was afraid I had nothing new to contribute. But then again, I can actually work this to my advantage. Since they’ve already got all the basics covered, I can play around with my designs a bit more–which then led me to design these.


This first design is an asymmetrical maillot. I personally like maillots because I can use them even when i’m not on the beach. I can wear them with skirts and other bottoms and people won’t even notice I’m wearing a swimsuit instead of a top. Plus, I really wanted to design a one-piece suit for those of you who aren’t comfortable wearing bikinis and other 2-piece suits. Don’t you just hate not being able to find one-piece swimsuits in designs that won’t make you look like you’re part of the Olympic swim team? Maillots don’t have to be boring but they don’t have to be overly complicated with never-ending crisscrosses and strings either. To give my maillot some flair, I just played around with colors and lines. They create an illusion of a smaller waist too. This maillot comes in other colors such as charcoal to olive gradient and emerald green to teal gradient. Too bad they’re still currently in production, so you won’t be able to see them until after Soak Swimwear‘s Private Selling Event which is happening this Saturday.


This, however, you’ll get to see at Soak Swimwear‘s Private Selling Event. I present to you my 2nd design for Soak Swimwear.

I asked Angela and KD what most of their customers are requesting and they told me Soak girls love their high-waist bottoms. Okay then, high-waist bottoms it is! They’re really good at hiding tummies so I can see why girls love them. For my design, I made sure my high-waist bottoms are in bold and dark colors so as not to make girls’ hips look wide. Whenever I design dresses, I like putting belts to accentuate the waist and make it look smaller so I added that illusion to these bottoms as well. For the top, I opted for a halter cut instead of the usual. This way, if you wear my design, you get to stand out from the sea of string-bikini-and-bandeau-wearing women.


This design is available in 4 colors. Take your pick!


If you want to get your hands on this 2-piece bikini, drop by Soak Swimwear‘s Private Selling Event at The Grove, Rockwell this Saturday from 11am until 8pm. Soak Swimwear will be launching this design there! They’ll only start selling this online AFTER the event so if it gets sold out at the event, you won’t be able to purchase this online. But if this does reach Soak Swimwear’s website, then please do order away! Soak Swimwear ships internationally so to my foreign readers, visit Soak Swimwear’s website to order. LIKE Soak Swimwear on Facebook too for updates and promos.


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  1. Sha Reyes

    Hi again Camille. Any news on your maillot? Will you be restocking?

  2. fabiolacmorris

    Ever wonder how to keep your favorite bikini intact? Seems like after every summer your swimsuit looks like it went through one too many surf trips.

    Keep your bikini looking new with Jenna, our Swim Designer’s, personal swimwear care tips!

    “Remember to always hand wash your bikini’s in cold water and lay them flat to dry out of the sunshine.
    This will give you the best longevity in your fits and help the colors stay bright.”


  3. Sha Reyes

    Hi Camille. I really love your maillot especially the one on the picture above. I have been waiting for it to post it online since I live here in Visayas area. Sad to say, only large sizes were available. . I heard all small and medium sizes were bought during the SMX bazaar. I really hope you could restock your pink maillot online anytime soon. It is a one of a kind maillot that I have been wanting and dreaming to have. You are one amazing designer. =)

  4. Gladys

    Geeeed! I am not fond of swimwear and honestly, I don’t own one before and until now. But if I were to choose between 1-piece and 2-piece swimsuits, mas masusuot ko ang 1-piece. Kaya naman for the first time in my years of renting in this planet, may nagustuhan akong swimsuit. Ano na ngang tawag dun sa first swimsuit, maillots?(First time ko rin naka-encounter ng ganyang term). Ang ganda-ganda!!! As in grabe talaga..:)) (Mai-save nga ang picture.)

    I noticed na when you write something about designs and your works, nag-iiba ka. I mean, your way of speaking to us, your readers, here in your blog. Parang you’re talking about something you really, really love and you are familiar with. Iba kapag outfit lang na sinusuot mo ang sini-share mo sa amin. At mapapansin na isa ka talagang napakahusay na designer.:) (Pero obserbasyon ko lang ‘yun. Kung anu-ano lang kasi ini-imagine ko, eh.)

    • itscamilleco

      Awww thank you Gladys! :) Designing really is my first love. :) Dapat hindi mo lang i-save, bili na! :)

      • Gladys

        Mag design ka pa ng marami Miss. Baka next time, makabili na ako..:))
        I’m poor!

        Woie, I’ve seen the high-waits chuva swimsuit sa hotpink boutique here in Ayala Cebu..
        Ang ganda!! :))

  5. Jonel

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.. :) You have such a fine and rich taste for color and design. It all look expensive and surprising in a cool and fresh way. :) great job!

  6. Mel

    wooow!!! you’re sooooo talented!! I hope they release the 1st one soon.. i can’t wait.. :)

  7. Jennifer

    I love the high waist on the bikinis! They look so fun, while still looking comfortable and flirty. I wish I had the money to get the black and white one!

  8. jhay-cee

    Wow, congrats to you Miss Cams. It’s pretty. :)


  9. Kape

    Hi, Camille! I want to buy the asymmetrical maillot. When is it coming out? :) Thanks!

  10. Fatima

    Oh my God, Cam! My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. I just don’t know what to say! You are so talented :D
    Anyway, you should be the one modelling that! *wink, wink*

  11. Lenie

    i looovveee the 1st design, lalo na yung kulay! and so unique.. you should design more swimsuits!

  12. judy

    Lovely designs , it so you. Great! Does it looks nice too If it’s paired with boyshorts swimwear in your first design? :)

  13. Kay

    Camille!!! I love you na talaga!! Not only you collaborate with my favorite brand, Soak, but you also understand our dilemmas when it comes to our body flaws! I’m thrilled when I saw your Maillot design!!! I’ll definitely buy it! I hope you’ll design more swimsuits with Soak <3 waaahhh!!! Excited talaga ako!!! hahahaha!

  14. Rica

    wow! so love the it cams.. you’re right with your first design you can actually wear it as a top :)) Ikaw na talaga! ! :)) hehe

  15. Careza

    Hi Ms. Camille, where can I buy the swimwear you design? I’m actually base in cebu. Thank you.

    • itscamilleco

      You can wait for the online release on their Facebook and website :)

  16. ajoy

    good job ms cams… this is interesting for those who are consevative… :) like me,…sometimes :)

  17. Gen

    so love it! can’t wait to get one for myself soon.. congrats Camille! :)

  18. Kalet

    I’m so inlove with your first design! The second one is nice too. I saw your other designs in instagram and they’re all amazing!!! I want you to design my wedding gown when the time comes… kaya ngayon palang mag-iipon na ako ng bongga kasi for sure mahal… hehehe.. xoxo

  19. JaneyJane07

    Wow! Amazing! galing ng design mo Camille :) napaka talented mo talaga :)

  20. Toni

    wow!! I’ve seen a lot of designs/collaborations of brands and local fashion bloggers but they never elicited this kind of amazement dear.. you are truly talented and really know fashion! OMG! I’m definitely buying the maillot! when is it available?

    • itscamilleco

      No word on the maillot yet. :) Thank you Toni! :) I’m flattered!

  21. Trisha

    They’re lovely! I gotta get my hands on one of those! =))) You should model them! TEEHEE

  22. Vina Guerrero

    omg i love it camille!!! especially the first one! my favorite color and 1pc siya! perfect for my super thin body!

  23. Yssa

    This is amazing! :) Hi Ms. Camille! Have you received the mail I sent you? Btw, I’m Elyssa. :)

  24. abee

    fabulous… happy for U dear .

    great Design

    I loved the black and gold .
    all the best

  25. Mhaica Lee Cerdeña

    Loving all the colors! ♥ Super talented. Wishing i have the guts to wear that hahaha. Love you Miss Cams ♥

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Mhaica! Why not! They’re more conservative than your usual bikinis anyway! :)

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