Rocking My Red Boots


Warning: Do not sit on the ground when the sun is high. Your butt cheeks may get burned. I should know. LOL! The genius that I am thought sitting on the ground would look cool for my outfit post. When I sat down, I screamed in pain. Laureen, who was taking my photos, couldn’t help but laugh at me. Gee. Thanks dear blogger bestie!


For those of you who live in Cebu, can you guess where I took these outfit shots? I wore this to day 1 of our trip to Cebu a few weeks back. These red boots just arrived a few days before my scheduled trip. Since I’m atat-ey (eager-beaver in English), I quickly took them out of the box and styled an outfit that would allow me to show these babies off. They’re actually by TBA (To Be Announced)–a U.S. based shoe brand with products handcrafted in Spain. All their shoes are made with genuine leather and leather lining. Awesome!!!


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American Apparel dress


Mango denim vest


Romwe hat


SM Accessories necklace 


Escada vintage belt Mango black/gold belt SM Accessories gold ring


Watch Factory Casio watch Balenciaga bag | H&M black leather bracelet | Peaches On Top black bracelet | Custom-made gold cuff


TBA boots 

TBA shoes are available in your favorite websites like Nasty Gal, Solestruck, Wasteland, Little Burgundy, Need Supply, Edge of Urge and more. You can also like TBA on Facebook for promos and updates.

136 Responses to “Rocking My Red Boots”
  1. Lyn

    Hi Ms. Camille,

    Where can I buy a pair of boots like the one you were using in this photo aside from TBA?

    Thank you :)

    • itscamilleco

      Oh I’m not too sure. I haven’t seen any other than TBA’s :)

  2. Gladys

    Buti Miss Cams hindi ka natusta sa init ng araw…
    Nakakawala nang buhay pa naman ang sobrang init.. Pinagpapawisan ako nakatingin palang a photos mo pero ikaw, looking fresh and all kahit bilad sa araw? Galeeengg!
    Ganda ng Boots and vest..@.@

    I am from Cebu pero bakit/why/nganu hindi ko nakikita ang mga lugar na pinagkukunan mo ng outfit shots? Pati kay Miss Kryz yata…tsk’2…Ang ganda pala ng Cebu…

    • itscamilleco

      Akala mo lang haha! :) Mainit talaga :) Cebu is so beautiful! Ang daming pwedeng pang outfit shot :)

      • Gladys

        Makagala nga kung minsan at makapag outfit shots..:))
        Loko lang ..: D

        Hindi ko masyadong nakita ang ganda ng Cebu. Sabagay, puro slums lang nakikita ko. Kaya nga hindi ako makapaniwala na sa Cebu mostly nagso-shoot c miss Kryz ang ang mga photos mo dito eh, sa Cebu kinunan.

        Makapunta nga sa lugar ng mayayaman..:D

  3. Tracy

    I really love your sexy legs. Winner! I wish to see you in person here in Quezon. :)

  4. Jaztine

    A+ for the effort in sitting ms. Camille! **, chic & edgy…

  5. Dhes

    Love your hair color it really suits your fair skin and syempre I couldn’t help but I have to say I sooo love your boots!

  6. Danna Bacolod

    Hello Ms. Camille!

    One thing I love about your style is that I could get some style and tips on how to wear and mix and match some clothes for a formal wear or for a corporate attire, that really helps me in my course sine I am taking up Business Administration here in Cebu. I really wish to see you in person here in Cebu, but I wasnt able to catch you at Ayala during the MAC event. I just dont lose hope coz I believe I can still get a chance to see you in person!
    God Bless!
    Thank you! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Danna! Don’t you worry, I’m sure I’ll visit Cebu again! :)

  7. Miel

    You are one of my favorite fashion bloggers. You never fail to blow me away with your outfits :) Keep up girl!

  8. Emmrose Villasfer

    hahaha! i can’t help it. why did you sat on the ground? :D
    bigla ka na lang bang umupo dun then pose? hehehe. peace ^^ tirik na tirik pa naman un araw :D
    buti nalang you’re not the kind of person na sensitive sa araw, sa puti mo ba naman… and the legs, wow :)
    I like it all especiallt the hat ;)

  9. Linda

    Gorgeous look! Love how you can make any casual outfit look so fashionable! Absolutely amazing! xxx

  10. Zaira

    Is this at crossroads Ate Cams? Love your boots and hat btw! :)

  11. Jam Tan

    It’s the same necklace that you sent me gorgeous as always!

  12. Vanni Yeth

    Ouch for the butt cheeks. Anyways, yan ang tinatawag na tiis-ganda! Hurrah Ms. Cams! :D

  13. Angeli

    Another gorgeous outfit miss Camille! I just love everything you wear! Oh how I wish my closet was like yours! And I love it how you make everything look so effortless! You have got to have a secret! :) more power to you and your blog!

  14. Gail Macasu

    Speechless ako habang tinitignan yung outfit na to sa sobrang ganda. Tas tinitigan ng tinitigan and then I realized, naka nga-nga na pala ako! HAHA.

  15. Denise

    I hope you recovered :). don’t get burnt! You are very beautiful, you look like a model – you could easily be modelling for Vogue, honestly! I loved the outit – the boots are amazing!!!!

  16. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    mmmm…I.T Park or Ayala Terraces?..:)) i think i’m wrong.. :( XD

  17. Christine Koay

    I hope your butt are fine now, Ms Camille! I was laughing when you say you scream in pain.. =p But we still love you because you put effort in taking nice picture for your blog! Even under the forever so hot sun! <3
    and I love this look, Ms Camille! you look so rocker chic! I love your dress! Such a great basic that can wear it over and over again! and the red boots are gorgeous!! <3

  18. cham

    soo love your outfit!!! :) soo sad i was very busy nung pumunta kayo dito for the mac’s archie collection. may picture na sana ako sa inyo. youre my favorite blogger hehe. and so is kryz of course :) stay pretty!

    im from cebu. the place looks familiar. just cant remember where. san nga ba? hehehe

  19. emma

    One of my favorite outfits of yours! I love the simplicity of the vest and boots. I think summery slight city rocker-chic suits you more than fancy business outfits :) (but those are just as stylish!)

  20. Budjoy

    My first thought was “Is she crazy?” Hope your cheeks are fine. ;)
    Lovin’ the boots!

  21. maebs

    hey beautiful rocker chic! :) btw, ate cams what top can be pair with the floral shorts (yung color nya po is red, yellow, blue and green.)? thank you po. :)

    • itscamilleco

      White is the safest of course. Other than that, pick a color from the print’s colors :)

  22. Ana Santos

    What color of blazer should I pair with an orange long lace sleeve bodycon dress to hide my narrow hips? and matching shoes?

  23. Chynna Veronica Lim

    Ganda! I’m from Cebu but I don’t know where that place is haha baka sa tapat ng bahay namin! Hahahaha joke :)

  24. Kryzz Diaz

    Hi sis! This is kryzz of forevervogue clothing. We want to give you a skater skirt from our shop. Where can I send the items? May I know your details :) Thanks!

  25. Colt Nava

    For some reason your new red hair compliments your booties perfectly, and your comfy casual look make your booties look more not-in-your-face kinda thing kahit of course any red shoes screams attention talaga pero your whole ensemble makes it look subtle than it actually is. Hope I’m making sense lol medyo I’m so excited kasi to update you [in case you don’t know yet] that we have a WAGW branch na here in Bacolod at our new Ayala Mall! I know you sometimes do some appearances there eh, does this mean I might actually have a chance to finally meet you? wOoHoo! Please update me if you will be coming to Bacolod anytime soon, you know naman where to find me — here sa comment boxes mo lol :P

    • itscamilleco

      You make perfect sense! :) Well, nothing’s planned yet so I don’t know if I’ll be going there any time soon :)

  26. Ava

    You don’t look like naiinitan at all Ms. Camille! Fresh and fresh lang! :)

  27. Elli

    Looking good, Camille! How do you match your eyebrow color with your hair?

    • itscamilleco

      I don’t think they match LOL. I use a brow mascara :)

  28. Marcy

    Hi ms camille! All of your balenciaga bags are from paris? How many do u have? Such a fan! More power!

  29. Reena

    Looking so beautiful…..How do you manage to look so beautiful everyday?
    Wish I could do the same….!!!!

  30. laurice

    Hi Miss Camille,
    well sometimes I wonder who is the person behind the camera.
    you blog everyday and i wonder who takes your photos?Is it Miss Laureen who take your beautiful blog photos everyday?
    Your super amazing Kasi in your photos and I wonder who takes those pretty pictures of you! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Laurice! Nope, we only take photos of each other when we’re together. Usually it’s my assistant who takes my photos :)

  31. kt

    well, I really love the red boots. I really love your style. everything you add into your outfit best fits you.

  32. Chloe

    I love your look! It’s just amazing how you can turn simple staple dresses like that to a head-turning one. =)

  33. Sephie Rojas

    It’s amazing how you were still able to emote for a photo when you’re sitting on sizzling hot asphalt like it wasn’t that hot at all @_@ #Prifessional #SeriousBusinessFace #BloggerDuties ang daming hash-tags, hahaha! Anything for a great photo :P Props and respect!

    • itscamilleco

      #GreatPretender #SakitNaSakitDeepInside I pressured Laureen to take my photo quickly LOL :)

  34. Mayzin

    You look lovely as always, Camille! And I hope your butt cheeks are okay haha!

    Also, Camille, would you mind doing an interview via email? I’m writing a feature in my university magazine (Spark Magazine Sunderland) and the theme is entrepreneurship and enterprise. Since you’re young and have achieved more than many your own age (eg. you’ve got your own business!), I immediately thought of interviewing you.

    Please let me know :)

    • itscamilleco

      I think I sent you a reply via email :) Thanks Mayzin! My cheeks are fine now haha!

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