High & Mighty


A few months back, I had a shoot arranged by Infinite Flame Digital Solutions with L.A.-based photographer Louie Aguila at Fernbrook – Portofino, Alabang. I’ve already seen some of the photos from the shoot but before I post those, let me share with you a few of the shots I managed to take using my own camera. I just couldn’t resist not taking a few outfit shots for my blog. Fernbrook is so beautiful! I wish I can do shoots here for my blog any time I want!


For those who are not familiar with the place, Fernbrook is an events place owned by the same people behind Fernwood Gardens in Quezon City. Remember my Preview Best Dressed editorial last 2011? That’s Fernwood. In comparison to that, Fernbrook in Alabang  feels a bit more European and majestic. When I entered the place, I kept ooh-ing and ahh-ing like a little girl lost in an enchanted palace!


This is one of the bridges to one of the function rooms in Fernbrook. Because of where and how it’s built, the winds here felt stronger than ever. I was literally getting blown away. I never felt more fragile in my entire life LOL. And here I thought I’d get swept away by prince charming.


Off I go to the castle!


I must admit, at this point, I was getting frustrated with the wind. But as it turns out, it actually worked to my advantage. Good thing I wasn’t wearing a frilly dress!



I actually prepared 2 dresses for the shoot. The first one was young and sweet. This second one is a little bit more mature and sophisticated. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really think much of this dress when I first got it. I thought it was plain and ordinary. Fortunately, I went against my initial assessment and tried it on, just for kicks. Good thing I did! I loved the way it fit my body. Yes, it is simple but simple is never bad especially when done right. If I were working in a corporate setting, this would definitely be one of my favorite dresses. It’ll probably get overused even!


Let’s say you have a party to attend to, this dress can still wow. All you have to do is accessorise  As I always say, treat basics (like this one) like a blank canvas. Get creative! A blank canvas has so much potential. There’s so many things you can do with it.

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SM Accessories earrings


H&M and Aldo necklace | Prada gold belt 


The Lyra Shoppe gold ring SM Accessories gold diamond ring | SM Accessories belt cuff | H&M diamond bracelet 


Fendi heels


Ministry Of Retail dress

136 Responses to “High & Mighty”
  1. Gladys

    Miss, I swear! Pareho tayo ng kinalalagyan ng moles sa left hand mo…hahahaha

    Talagang nanlaki na naman ang mga mata ko when I saw those moles…
    (Sorry po if masyado kong ginawang big deal ang moles..:) )

    I was surprised po when you said you thought the dress to be plain and ordinary. Masyado siyang maganda para maging plain. But then again, most probably it was because of how you accesorised it. The outfit was fantastic ,fab and sophisticated..:)

      • Gladys

        Yeah, pansin ko nga rin…
        Na.shock lang kasi talaga ako, eh kasi hindi ko masyadong ‘mahal’ ang mga moles ko sa kamay kasi nga palagi akong tinutukso na ‘mangungupit’ daw…
        Ayun, nang makita ko moles mo, hehehehehe, guminhawa buhay ko, mahal ko na ulit moles ko! :D

  2. shan

    Gosh! what a beautiful princess you really look sophisticated in that outfit it brings out the elegance in you <3

  3. Airish Abella

    Indeed ‘high & mighty!’ :) I love all the shots! The place is really beautiful. Love how you incorporated your off-white dress with some hint of pearls and gold! Very classy <3

  4. Mark U

    That is a beautiful place!! Gusto ko tuloy mag shoot dyan!! It’s so majestic!!

    And your outfit is just as majestic, if not more!! :)

  5. alwayskhayrin

    I don’t like that handle bars in the first photo. Haha. That place is so majestic and I thought you love them very much for its color-GOLD. Is gold one of yer favorite color? Hehe. Your outfit FITS well with the place. GOLDEN. Haha. And yer shoes, you obviously love them. It’s been a year but you keep using them. They look overused but sexy still. Haha

    • itscamilleco

      They look overused? Aww that’s sad! I actually think I kept them well :) Thanks Khayrin! I do love gold!

  6. Elle

    Any simple dresses or clothes doesn’t look just SIMPLE at all when you are the one wearing it Ms.Camille! And white and gold are such a GREAT PAIR! It made you look stunning, as always… :D

  7. layla

    Hi Camille,

    I bought your clothes before during the blogger’s bazaar so I know we are the same size.

    Did you get this in Small? Did you have to alter it pa?

    Thanks a lot!

  8. Mileysia Jackson

    Hi Camille! If I may ask, who takes your outfit shots usually? :D

  9. jill diala

    I like your background. your dress, shoes and everything! above all, your fashion has a statement ate!

  10. Clau Viernes

    Very pretty and classy! Pang royal family ang beauty. God bless po and may you continue to inspire others. :) <3

  11. Christine Koay

    You look stunning here, Ms Camille!! So classy and elegant! White + gold combination always look classy!
    and i can totally feel you in the last picture.. i feel like you were about to be blown away with the strong wind.. and this place is so gorgeous! I love the carriage!
    Does your necklace feel heavy? it looks heavy..

  12. kathleen vila

    Wow.. your look on this post matched with the background.. Full of Golds! Ü

  13. Euan

    I envy your height. Hope I could have that too..

    <3 here from Cebu..

  14. Rica

    camille! camille! camille! :) Why are you so damn beautiful??? With the background and you being that pretty! IKAW NA.! Fashion Goddess! :) lakas makaproud na idol kita.. hahaha :)

  15. Infinite Flame Digital Solutions

    Glad you loved the location and theme! :) The elegance of Fernbrook Gardens Portofino and your fashion really complimented each other.

    Louie is currently working on the final touches of your shots. It was an uber busy pre-summer month.

  16. Ava

    Ms. Camille, was your dress altered to make it shorter? Napansin ko lang yung parang fold sa dulo ng dress. :)

    • Ava

      Hi Ms. Camille. Dahil sa paulit-ulit kong tinitingnan mga pictures sa post na to e kung ano-ano na napansin ko, haha! I noticed that on the first few photos your rings are worn separately on each hand. But starting on the 7th photo, magkasama na sila on one hand! Hehe! Not that I’m complaining or anything, naobserve ko lang, hihi! :)

  17. Colt Nava

    I love how you make a plain dress look super elegant by adding those gorgeous necklaces, Camille. And the place is just wow! It feels like a European Cinderella movie :D

  18. Maycuellojones

    My idol ur so pretty gorgeous dyosa sexy elegant and fabulous

  19. karen joy

    nice to know that you don’t follow your instinct right away…. you’re just like any other girls when it comes to choosing dress.

  20. Pobi

    Each outfit suits you, but this is like a part of you – something most beautiful!

  21. Nina

    Camille! You are always sooooooo beautiful and you are absolutley one of my idols:) May i ask, which foundation do you use?:)♥ Much loveeeeeee!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Nina! I use Etude House BB cream for ordinary days and MAC or Makeup Forever for events :)

  22. Anaivilo

    Goodness, those necklaces are meant for each other!!! And the location..amazing, simply breathtaking! O.O

  23. Denise

    What’s your camera brand and what settings do you use? Your shots are nice!

  24. Krystel

    Cams!! Ewan ko sayo!! You’re really gorgeous kahit sang angle. Kahit cguro liparin ka ng hangin, maganda ka parin. Hehehe.. Anyways, I so love the white and gold combo. Ang lakas mka PRINCESS!

  25. judy

    Your highness, you’re so beautiful with your outfit. Simple but it shows up your real beauty and sense of fashion. Why are you looked so sad at the photo while you are on the royal carriage? Didn’t you find your prince charming that’s why you are going back to castle with that look? Haha.

  26. maebs

    the place is soooo majestic! and may word po bang mas-angat pa sa gorgeous kasi po kung meron iyon po ang magandang adjective na pwedeng ilagay sayo. btw, that place is where carmen and zoren legaspi got married? and julia montes celebrated her 18th b-day in the very same place :)

    • itscamilleco

      Naks naman! Parang pick-up line lang! Haha! Thanks Mars. :)

  27. Vanna

    Hi Ms. Camille! Just wondering why you don’t wear any forever 21 clothes on your posts?

  28. Sephie Rojas

    I feel like I might get blown away by the wind just by looking at your photos @_@ So aggressive! But you look like royalty in them! :D It looks like you’re somewhere in Barcelona or Italy in these shots. If only Fernbrook were nearer :( In fairness, parang ang sarap magpa-party sa place nila, hahaha! Masquerade ball lang ang peg :P

    • itscamilleco

      Pero worth it ang distance! In fairness to this place :)

  29. beatrice gases

    ahahaha i don’t know why but this post just feel so elegant :D maybe its the gold and white mixture :D

  30. Trisha

    You really look like a princess or a prince’s wife =))) ROYAL BLOODS TEHEHE

    And just curious, are you fluent with both your mandarin and fook yuen or just one? I am really working on my mandarin kasi mom says it’s important especially when working since China is the biggest market.

    *oops… typo on my email

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