Last month, I got invited to try out Sofitel Manila’s new aesthetic and wellness center, Vietura. It’s actually my first time to visit a center like this. When I first heard about it, I thought it was like all the other aesthetic clinics that keep popping up left and right here in the Metro–the kind of clinic where people go under the knife and such. I’ve never been to one and have no plans of doing so in the near future so I was wondering what Vietura can offer me. Good thing I gave it a chance. Apparently, Vietura is nothing like these clinics. It’s actually the opposite.

The name Vietura is derived from the French words “vie” which means life, and “tura” from “natura” or nature. From the name itself, you can already see what Vietura is all about. It’s a medical center that promotes beauty and wellness through non-invasive and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. It’s all about the natural way. Isn’t that such a relief to know? It seems like in our world today, more and more people turn to superficial elements and procedures. Yes, these may improve your outer beauty, but what about wellness? What about your disposition in life? Knowing you’re healthy and naturally beautiful can give you a different kind of confidence. For me, nothing beats that.


When you enter Vietura, you’ll immediately feel relaxed and comfortable. It looks so much like a spa, more than a clinic. Everything is in brown and gold, with greens decorating the walls of all the rooms to give that natural vibe.


To your right is the waiting lounge. Vietura made it as comfortable as possible and not at all intimidating.


To your right are the consultation rooms. Here, you will be asked about your concerns and what treatments you’re looking to have. Vietura offers all the usual beauty treatments like weight management programs, lasers, facials, and lifts to help you with problems like varicose veins, unhealthy skin, cellulite, stretch marks, skin darkness, eyebags, body shape and so on and so forth. (You can learn more about Vietura’s services here.)


One of the services that really intrigued me was Vietura‘s detoxification by colonic irrigation. It sounds so scientific doesn’t it? I’ve heard about so many of my friends going on detox treatments but never by colonic irrigation. Basically, you enter this room and relax on this chair.


Then a tube will be inserted into your body. After that, through water plus the force of gravity and no other water pressure, you’ll see your toxins slowly coming out of your system and into this drainage. I know it sounds so painful but the wonderful people of Vietura assured me that it’s the safest way to detoxify.


For other procedures like laser, facials and the like, the magic happens here.


See! No knives!

Vietura also has a dental cosmetology clinic which isn’t usually offered at other beauty institutes. Dental procedures include veneers, gum contouring, and bleaching. This is by far, the coolest dental chair I’ve ever seen. Hermès orange!

Clinic EMR Philippines

Before you get spooked out by the female image on the glass, let me tell you that there is no need to call the ghost busters just yet. I, myself, got really scared by it as well but it’s just the glass’ design. Looking at it now, I find it so funny I got fooled! This is the doctor’s office.


If you’re worried about other people seeing you before or after your procedure, Vietura also has a secret VIP entrance that leads to this hallway directly. How thoughtful of them!

For more about Vietura, you can visit its website, Facebook and Twitter.


After my relaxing time at Vietura, I was in for another treat at Sofitel’s newly renovated Spiral which is located just a few steps away. I’ve been to Spiral before but never after its renovation. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it now has 21 stations/ateliers for me to choose from! Wow! Everything from Indian to Chinese to French–you name it, Spiral has it!


Ready for the food photos? Be warned. You’ll probably get a little hungry.



Freshly baked bread.


Fresh seafood, anyone? You can choose from here and have the chef prepare it for you.


This is the make-your-own-salad station. Out of all the buffet restaurants I’ve been to, Spiral definitely has the best one.


Doesn’t my salad look appetizing?


Every station has at least one chef behind it. This one is the French atelier with a French chef preparing the dishes for everyone to see. I like this concept. It makes you appreciate the food you eat all the more. You’ll also notice that there are no labels on all the food they offer here at Spiral. This is so that you’d interact with the chefs more. They can explain to you the food that you’re about to enjoy.


This atelier excited me the most. It’s the cheese room! SO MUCH CHEESE!


I really love eating cheese with honey and ham which is why I died and went to heaven when I saw these.


If you’re a dessert lover like me, you’ll love Spiral’s selection of desserts.


There’s an assortment of candies even!


Fondue! Not just 1, but 3 chocolate fountains!


I told you Spiral has everything, even when it comes to desserts. Anyone want some classic Filipino desserts? Aside fro these, there’s bibingka and puto bumbong too!


And let’s not forget the Filipino favorite–halo halo!


You can have crepes as well.


Spiral also has a whole section for chocolates. This is a sweet tooth paradise!


So did I make you hungry? I’m sure I did! You can just imagine how full I was when I ate at Spiral. I ate so much I could barely move! LOL! Sigh. I wish I can indulge myself everyday like this. Both Vietura and Spiral made me feel like a princess! Thank you Sofitel Manila for pampering me. I’ll definitely go back for more!

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  1. Gladys

    Eeerrr, paano po ba pinapasok ang tube sa body? hahaha. I cringed when I read that part.
    Pero nakalimutan ko yun nang marating ko ang food section. I was really ogling the monitor the whole freakin’ time…

    Libre po ba ‘yung mga pagkain??
    Tsaka, nauubos pa po ba ‘yan? Parang ang dami yata!
    (Sigh) Kung sana lang makalabas sa computer ang mga pagkain na ‘yan!!!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha :) Ang daming wishes! :) Yung tube? Through the anus :)

      • Gladys

        Diyan na nga lang po ako nakaka-libre, Miss. Sa wishes. Kaya dinadamihan ko nalang para di ako lugi. :D

        Sa anus?! O.O

  2. Nikki Regalario

    omg Ms. Camille, you made me crave for them!!! I’m really glad to see your post about Spiral since we’ll be trying it out this Sunday. I’m more excited now aahhh :”)

    and btw, you’re my fashion blog inspiration <3

    • itscamilleco

      Never :) Thank you Macee Rosimo! (Full name as well, LOL!)

  3. Janie

    OMG I can’t…….I……uhmm….. O_O….that….uh….I’m……. *dies*

  4. Brian A.

    every time i get to see your posts, i must say “busog na busog ang mata ko lagi” haha.. not just the food in this post. but on how you deliver yourself in your blog naturally. :)

  5. Angelic Robles

    Enjoyed the photos of your experience, Miss Camille! I haven’t been to Sofitel, but I hope to go there soon. :- ) They really do offer pampering for the mind and tummy! :-D

  6. Christine Koay

    I think this post is more on the buffet in Spiral rather than Vietura.. haha.. but who can resist yummy food, right? I wish i can grab the bread, dessert and fondue in the picture.. but i know it’s not gonna happen.. and i’m hungry now.. sigh.. the detoxification by colonic irrigation sounds painful and scary.. i have heard that if do this in the long run, it’s actually not good for our colon cuz it force the toxic out of our body.. hmm.. and the female on the glass? that was scary too.. i thought something going on in there.. haha..

    • itscamilleco

      You know me! Food before anything else haha! :) They say the irrigation thing isn’t unsafe since they use water only and is actually good for the colon :)

      • Christine Koay

        Yes! Food come first! haha.. i see.. hmm.. maybe i should research more on the irrigation then..

  7. Trish

    Hi Camille :) Your hair looks great on you!=)))) What is exactly the color of your hair? I love it!!!

    • itscamilleco

      I don’t know what it is called exactly. I just told my stylist I wanted something red :)

  8. judy

    Ooohh la-la, really an indulging blog post! A great place for food adventure.

  9. judylyn ramos

    Another one for my bucket list once I become employed. HAHAH. Oh my. Chocolates and cheese. <3 Does it taste so worth it? :)

  10. Tasha D.

    ugh! Spiral is really THE BEST buffet here in our country! Dibaaa?! Kahit mahal, sooooo worth it naman!

  11. Vann Pacis

    I’m in a diet right now. Thanks for blogging this Ms. Camille. Hahahahaha! :)

    • itscamilleco

      It’s 2801nett from Sunday to Thursday and 3047nett from Friday to Saturday :)

  12. Hazie

    Hi Miss Camille! How did you do those cute bun in your hair in the previous post?

    • itscamilleco

      Donut bun? :) There are tools for that, usually foam like tools to insert in your hair :)

  13. Sephie Rojas

    The food… I died! @.@ The cheese! So many of them to choose from! XD And the chocolate designs are suuuuuper cute! <3

  14. Reena

    You’re so right about wellness… :) You have to feel good in order to look good! :) Anyway, my mouth watered when I saw all the food porn! hahaha… I’m curious about the chocolate fountains sa pinakaleft. What flavor is it?

    • itscamilleco

      I think it’s milk chocolate or caramel. I wasn’t able to try that :)

      • Reena

        Thank you! hehe… It seems to be calling my name kasi eh… hahahaha…

  15. Riva Shane

    Hi Ms. Camille! Do you know how much is the buffet in Spiral? We are planning to go there.

    P.S I so love you lady like fashion style. I hope to see you #BU5 :)

    <3, Riva Shane

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Riva!

      Breakfast from Monday to Friday is 1,719.55nett, Saturday to Sunday 1965.20nett. Lunch from Monday to Saturday is 2431.94nett. Then brunch on Sundays is 3,623.34nett. Dinner from Sunday to Thursday is 2,800.41nett and 3,046.06nett from Friday to Saturday.

      Thank you Riva!

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