Fight, Fight! Blue And White!

If you read my title out with much gusto then you’re probably an Atenean like me. “Fight, fight! Blue and white! Go, go Ateneo! Sisboombah!” This is just one of the many school cheers Ateneo has. I thought it would be fitting to name my outfit post after this cheer since it’s that time of […]


Shopping Around Tokyo

When you’ve been walking a lot for consecutive days, sneakers tend to call out to you. These are actually the same pair of sneakers I wore on my “Flying Without Wings” post, except here, I took the wings out. I bought them just a day before these photos were taken at the Adidas store in […]


Meiji Shrine

Another day in Tokyo, another day of touring around the city’s main attractions. This time, it’s the Meiji Shrine, Tokyo’s most famous Shinto shrine. Once you see this huge torii gate, it means you’re about to enter the vast property leading to the shrine. You’ll see a lot of women dressed in traditional kimonos here. […]