Meiji Shrine


Another day in Tokyo, another day of touring around the city’s main attractions. This time, it’s the Meiji Shrine, Tokyo’s most famous Shinto shrine. Once you see this huge torii gate, it means you’re about to enter the vast property leading to the shrine.


You’ll see a lot of women dressed in traditional kimonos here. Even though I’ve seen them before, I still can’t help but take ninja photos of them.


Another one! I’m really so amazed that the Japanese are able to keep this tradition alive.


These are barrels of sake wrapped in straw. Every year, the members of the Meiji Jingu Nationwide Sake Brewers Association offer sake barrels to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shogun, whose spirits are both enshrined here.


Foreign guests offer barrels of wine like these.


The first tourist spot you’ll see around this property is the Meiji Jingu Garden. Upon entering the garden, visitors can use this stamp to create their own souvenirs.


You can stamp it on this free brochure/map of the entire property.


This is the tea house. A lot of the women dressed in traditional Kimono were heading to this place when we passed by.


I think they were having some sort of tea ceremony. I told you, I can’t help but stalk them. LOL!


While most of the tourists were taking the scenery in, I decided to make the most out of it by taking my outfit shots here. Quick break from the touristy photos! Time to show you my outfit.


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The Hook muscle tee


Shibuya 109 cap


Cornwall St. spike necklace | Forever 21 cross necklace and spear necklace


EMODA denim jacket


Celine bag


EMODA jeans


Bershka boots


Finally, my sister mustered up the courage to ask if these ladies would allow us to take photos with them. I’m so happy they graciously said yes!


This is the Kiyomasa-Ido well. A lot of people were lining up to wash their hands here. I guess it’s supposed to bring good luck so my sister, mom and I tried it as well.


Aren’t my sister and I sweet? We always walk hand in hand. It’s a habit of ours. Would you believe my sister is already 27 years old? She looks sweet sixteen!!


Finally, the Meiji Shrine!


This is the cleansing station where you’re supposed to purify your hands and mouth.


This is me observing how the other tourists and locals do it so that I can imitate them. LOL! Copycat.


We visited the shrine on a Sunday so we were lucky to see at least 3 couples get married there. This is couple number one. As you can see, the bride is dressed in a simple, all-white ensemble. This is before the actual wedding ceremony which takes place inside one of the rooms.


This is couple #2. The bride is already dressed in a pretty kimono so at this point, they’ve already been pronounced husband and wife.


The whole bridal party marches out from the room and stops in the middle of the courtyard.


And that’s about it! The Shinto priests bid them farewell.


Then the couple poses for photos with their friends and relatives.


I couldn’t stop staring at bride #1’s headpiece.


When you get to the Shrine, what the locals usually do is make a wish by tossing some yen into the offering box then bow their heads twice, clap their hands twice then bow once again. I couldn’t take photos of this because photos aren’t allowed in the Shrine but here’s a photo of the prayer wall located near it.


These are prayers from people who’ve visited the Shrine. You can see how diverse the people are and their concerns. It’s quite fun to read them actually.


I’m guessing this one is from a little girl.


This one is probably by a little boy. LOL! That’s one big problem he’s got there! 


“I offer her my eternal love.” Awwwwwww, how sweet.


To end this post, here’s a purikura of my sister and I. I offer her my eternal love as well for taking my outfit shots! Haha!

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  1. Gladys

    Ang dami ko nang dapat habulin sa mga entry mo. Narito pa ako sa entry na ‘to.

    Sure ka older sis mo yan? I have always been curious about how your whole family looks like. Seen your mom already on your IG and now, your sister. :)
    She looks sooo young! Specially doon sa purikura shots ninyo. How did she do it? How did she maintain looking like a thirteen-year-old?? It’s a sin not to share it! (Insert crying meme face here)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! I don’t know. My mom’s genes I guess! We’re all pretty young-looking, even my brother. :)

      • Gladys

        So dad mo lang ang hindi young looking sa inyo?! Aww. :D

        Can you please tell your mom na magpapa.inject ako ng genes niya? HAHAHAHA (Pwede ba yun? :^) )
        Whoa! Now I am getting more and more curious on how you all looks like. >.<

        • itscamilleco

          Hahaha! :) Wala naman akong sinabing hindi siya young-looking! LOL :)

  2. Denise

    Hi Camille :) wouldn’t you mind if I ask what camera are you using for your photos? I like the quality so much thank you and enjoying your blog a lot though I’m not really into style :)

  3. Jhing

    Wow! Such an amazing photos and informative post! BTW, I guess this is your first ever blog post with your sister’s photos on it. Glad we already see her though. She looks so young and pretty as you are. :)

  4. anonymous

    srsly, my jaw literally dropped for about 5 secs when you said that your sister is already 27!! she looks so young and petite!

  5. achi

    dear porky,

    it was me who asked the kimono girls for the photo because you were shy and scared.


  6. Angelic Robles

    Haha! Sweet photos! My favorite is the shot if you and your sister! Kudos for having unique styles! Both of you have a great eye for color combinations as well as prints and textures. When I go to that shrine, I’ll place a prayer for you, Miss Camille!

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Angelic! She’s slowly learning from you LOL! :) And that’s so sweet of you!

  7. jhay-cee

    I’m shock when you said your sister is 27. I cant get over it. I thought shes your younger sister, I remember na your the youngest nga pala. My gosh, pareho kayong di tumatanda. Whats your secret? :D
    btw. love the your outfit and your sister. hehe

    xoxo jhaycee

    • itscamilleco

      Mas hindi siya tumatanda haha! :) Si mommy ang secret! Her genes! :)

  8. beatrice gases

    omg the shrine and everything this is how its looks like in real life ahaha sorry for being so ignorant but I was just to used in seing this on anime and not in real life wahaha

  9. Joicellene

    WOWWWW. I can’t believe your sister is already 27!!! Nakakaloka. hahaha.

  10. narda

    Hi Ms. Camille, you are really something! You always look lovely and divine in any outfit you wear. I wish I am like that too, but sad to say I am not. I am just contented watching like your blog to ease my sadness. I am bored with your blog, so I am hoping that you keep on posting like this one……

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Narda! Oh no, you’re bored already? But I can’t keep traveling LOL! :)

  11. elaine g.

    i hope you won’t get tired reading our comments regarding your “older” sister kasi sya rin ang subject sa comment ko ngayon. hahaha! Anyway, uhhh…. batang-bata talaga kapatid mo, nakakaloka!! Parang BABY sister lang. And i’m pretty sure na ngayon ko lang nakita sister mo here in your blog not counted yung reflection nya nung nasa Singapore kayo. Hahaha! But to tell you honestly, whenever I heard you talking about your sis, naalala ko yung sinabi mo nun na she complain taking your photos. Di na rumereklamo ngayun? Nasanay na? :D

    PS: I also finally muster up the courage to ask you about the price of celine bag. And I will be happy when you graciously tell me the worth. LOL!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha! Medyo nagrereklamo pa rin but less now. LOL! :) I forgot how much we got this na, but we bought it at Hong Kong :)

  12. Pat Hernandez

    finally! a picture with your sister! she really looks YOUNG (may emphasis talaga)! :))) nice pictures! nakakatuwa! :)

  13. Rae

    That’s such a cool jacket! The style is something I usually only see on hoodies.

    I love the person who wished for ST☆RISH’s happiness! (It’s a fictional boy band, haha!)

  14. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    :) wow she is 27?? oh really.. lol! ^^ you seem to be taller than her. She is pretty too…Thanks for the photos ms.camille it’s seems i’ve been there already too..just looking at the photos. I’m laughing with problem of that lil’ boy about video games..hahaha

  15. maebs

    your sister looks like a 14 or a 15 year old teen, as in hindi po halata parang ikaw pa po ang mas older (sorry po) because of your height po kasi and siguro maraming cherifer ka pong tinake up?. haha. :) the two of you are soo sweet with each other. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Yes I really look older :) Mahili kasi ako matulog at uminom ng gatas when we were still kids :)

  16. Ai-ai

    wow..cant stop staring the pic of u and ur sissy (sweet)…she’s really cute..cuter than a way that u are taller than her!! both pretty…para lng nasa teens ung age nya..!! like the outfit..the shirt and the cap :)

  17. ville

    Oh my god…. Your sister is so cute and you are way taller than her… Both of you have nice genes. Keep the love for each other forever :)

  18. nerie

    OMG! so pretty MS.Camille. :) I really admire you :) I AM A FAN *hands down*

  19. Lourine

    You’re sister really look younger. Hehe. Kimono! Siguro parang may shooting ng teleserye dyan everyday. What if we are also used to wear baro’t saya here in the country? The heaaat!

  20. Paulette

    I love your blogs about your trip, makes me want to go visit Japan (someday I will). I have a question,which one do you prefer, Japanese fashion or Korean fashion? I’m just curious about your opinion, I know they are kind of the same. What exactly is the difference between the two?

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Paulette! I like both actually. It’s so hard to decide though. Both are so diverse as well!

  21. Maggie

    When i read your sister was 27 i was like oh wait whaaaaaat
    She looks 19 or less, good genes run in your family ;)
    Lovely pictures.

  22. Reena

    Parang ka age ko yung sis mo… lol… at ka age mo yung brother ko. People always take me as the younger one coz my bro is taller… haha. Cute ninyong dalawa dyan as in…parang ikaw yung big sis guiding her there. :) Nainggit ako tuloy sa height mo… >.<

    Nice yung outfit mo Cams! You're so versatile talaga!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Reena! Hindi kasi mahilig matulog ng maaga sister ko when we were younger haha!

  23. Sephie Rojas

    Your sister’s so pretty! :D Wah! Kainggit! The yukatas (kimonos) of the girls are so lovely, sana may ganun din tayo dito, lolz! Your photos remind me of the stuff they show in animes, super cool! :3 “My only wish is to have good skill in video games.” hahaha sana ganun lang problems ko sa buhay! =))

    BTW is your bag here the white equivalent of your red Celine bag? :D

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Sephie! Yes, but in person, it looks a little greyish white :)

  24. Anne

    27? Oh…. you’re messing with me Camille. Haha. She looks so young! She can even pass for a high school student. Gosh, I feel so old. Hahahaha. This post reminds me of my sister and I. We usually go out together too. BTW, I love your look here. A little rugged compared to your usual kikay outfits. Still, you rocked it!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Anne! Yes! She drank from the fountain of youth LOL

  25. Rafael Martinez

    Hi Ms.Camille! I really admire the way you wear your outfits! I really wish I could meet you soon! Fan here! Nice Jack Daniel’s Tee btw! :) Just followed up my site. Hehe.

  26. Reigne

    “I offer her my eternal love as well for taking my outfit shots! Haha!” –> Love that line!! I should copy that one day so my sissy could read it and won’t get tired taking my outfit shots. Aren’t we lucky we got a sister??

    • itscamilleco

      Haha yes we are! Even if they make us crazy sometimes! LOL!

  27. Kay

    Hi Camille!

    Aaaww! You & your sister are so sweet! are you really walking hand-in-hand whenever you’re on a tour? or malls? I bet you guys are really close that much huh? And yes, you look like her “ate”! hahaha! maybe because you’re taller than her ;) I’m curious tuloy how your brother and father look like? I’m really enjoying your Japan entries! <3 Are you able to visit Japan's Universal Studio or Disneyland? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Sadly no :( My sister is a scaredy cat and I don’t want naman to force my mom to ride with me so I’m reserving that for when I go to Japan with friends. :) My sister and I are really close so we walk like that most of the time :)

  28. Tasha D.

    Waaah! Your sissy doesn’t look like her age at all! Mukha syang 13! Bongga nya! Lahat tayo kulubot na ang pes…sya nagme-mens pa lang! Kainggit yung mga ganyan! Forever youthful ang aura! Tyaka mukhang inosente! Feeling ko sya ang magmamana ng cutesy outfits mo.

    Ganyan din ako! Laging naka-holding hands with my mom pag naglalakad! haha!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha! Yes! When I shop for her, I always choose cutesy ones. :) Hindi na iyan mag-a-age! :)

  29. Maria Fe Estrella

    wOOH. Your sister really looks young. haha! Parang kaw pa ang ate. haha! Peace Ms. Cams plus you’re taller than her. Love the cap! Love the look! Pretty as ever! Seeing your latest blog posts, I think you’re now fond of wearing caps and you actually influence me. hahaha! On my next shopping, gonna buy some caps!:-)

    • itscamilleco

      Sanay na ako. People always say I look older. :) I really love caps! SUPER!

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