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When you’ve been walking a lot for consecutive days, sneakers tend to call out to you. These are actually the same pair of sneakers I wore on my “Flying Without Wings” post, except here, I took the wings out. I bought them just a day before these photos were taken at the Adidas store in Shibuya. My feet were already so sore from all the walking so I just had to use them right away. Nothing beats a good pair of sneakers!


So what’s the theme of my outfit? Cool and casual–just the perfect get-up for a day of shopping around Tokyo. My mom, sister and I are quite the shopaholics so we’ve allotted time for shopping everyday. This day though, this day was special. We had nothing else on our itinerary but SHOPPING. Woot! You know what that means, right? I’ve got my battle gear on! Ready to shop ’til I drop!


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Forever 21 spear necklace Custom-made cross necklace and “Camille” necklace


Celine bag


Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott sneakers


Zara jacket Forever 21 shirt Emoda shorts


The famous places to shop at while in Tokyo are Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza and Omotesando. Here’s a photo dump all these places plus a few snapshots of fascinating people I was able to sneakily take photos of during my stay in Tokyo. I’ll be injecting a few photos of our food as well just to make you jealous. Har har!


This is the statue of Hachiko, a beloved dog in Japan who got famous for his loyalty to his owner. It’s said that everyday, for nine years, Hachiko waited in front of the Shibuya station for his owner to return. Awwww.


This guy on the other hand is waiting for someone else. LOL! Such a cool get-up!


How cute is this! Takeshita Street is located near Harajuku. It’s also known as Cat Street.


The stuff here are mostly trendy and funky. Think wild prints, bright colors and interesting textures.


Wolfgang Puck’s Wolfgang Express is also located here so if you need a little break from all the Japanese food, you can give this restaurant a try.


The famous crepes!


Banana nutella crepe for me please!


I told you the stuff here are funky. Now, if this isn’t funky enough for you, I don’t know what is!


Just a few steps away from Takeshita Dori is Harajuki Street.


Aside from shopping, this is also a great place to go people watching. Look at her! I love her hair color and the contrast it makes with the flower crown she has on!


It’s easy to go crazy shopping at these stores! These are definitely much more my cup of tea than the stores over at Takeshita.


Something for the men out there.


For the artsy-fartsies.


Laforet has a great selection of both foreign and local high-street brands. Young fashionistas would love shopping here!


The new Tokyu Plaza.


Not too obvious that she loves hot pink, right?


I found this mall so cool!! No need for escalators! Although there are escalators on every other floor. This is Omotesando Hills.


Omotesando and Ginza are the best places to shop at for luxury brands.


Time for a little Ben & Jerry’s break!


I love her!


Back at Shibuya.


Shibuya 109–the best place to shop at for Japanese high-street brands.


Look at their hair! So jealous!


Shinjuku has the best department stores like Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya and Matsuya. They have a nice selection of luxury brands as well.


Here’s another photo of the Shibuya crossing. I remember when I first visited Japan years ago, I was so amazed to finally stand in front of this famous landmark. I can’t wait to visit you again! Tokyo, you will be missed.

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    • Camille Co

      Thank you! I haven’t been to that area but a lot of people do say that!

  1. Hannah

    Hi ate Cams! :) Your custom-made “Camille” necklace is super nice! Saan na jewerly shop pinagawa mo ‘yan? I wanna have one, too haha! Love you outfit ;)

  2. Denise

    Wouldn’t you mind if I ask what camera are you using? Did you use flash or another lens?:) I love the quality of your photos!

  3. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Oh the short!super short!hehe. Keri mo naman at di bastusin like others!hehe..Love u cams!!:)))

  4. maebs

    my mouth waters, my eyes drools over that FOOD. haha. yumminess! :) si ate galit na galit sa pink. and your outfit rocks. :)

  5. anonymous

    Ahh Hachi!! You have to watch the film if you haven’t yet!

  6. kath

    Hi Cams! :) do you really tied your shoelace that way? right over left for the left foot and the other way on the other foot?By the way, generally speaking with all these fashion pieces around, what do you think best represents you and why? (Mr. & Ms. Chinatown 2013 Q&A hangover) hahaha

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! I never notice it! LOL! Black pumps. Because they’re sophisticated and classy but versatile at the same time :)

  7. Angelic Robles

    Enjoyed the photos! It’s great how your outfit still made you stand out. I love how your shoes are the statement piece of the entire ensemble. I’d also like to give you a high-five for your choice of top! I like the blue streaks- a subtle edge of artsy.

  8. Riza

    Those people you captured are so lucky they catch you attention! :D If I will meet you, I will wear something like that funky dress so that you can remember meeeee! hahahah! KSP :)

  9. jhay-cee

    I enjoy reading this post. Feeling like I’m there too. :)
    Its not obvious na you enjoy taking pictures of japanese fashionista. I love the style of the girl with purple head band.
    Hope someday na mavisit din ang tokyo.

    I wonder, how many cloths, bags , shoes you shop? Im sure hindi na mabilang yun. hehehe

    xoxo jhaycee

  10. beatrice gases

    I just love how japanese people dresses they are so adorable, so kawaii yet so fabulous anyway just like to share my thought about the dog wahahaha and the man who looks like he is waiting for someone ahaha super laughtrip talaga they look so related ahaha

  11. Tips Ahoy

    Hi Camille! Sent you a follow up email last Tuesday about our nail art appointment! :) Hope you received it and I hope you could let me know if not :) Thanks so much!!! ❤

  12. Bobby

    I wish i can go back and visit shibuya again! Love your style camille! ☺

  13. sarah paul

    Thanks for sharing cams,made my weekend, I would love to visit Japan soon.

  14. Jenna

    So many interesting people in Tokyo! Love how diverse their fashion sense is! BTW, I love what your wearing. Perfect for a day of shopping and walking. :)

  15. anna

    hi im here now at tokyo thanks for the info im going there tomorrow! 1st list on my itenirary!
    thanks,, and hope to read more blogs from you!

  16. Carina

    it’s me again ahahahah :D are you totally fine with the interview ate cams? :) hihi <3

  17. Isabelle Victoria

    Soooo Cool and pretty as always!!! its been a long time since I stalked your blog! Natambakan ako ng babasahin! :D FOOD. PLACES. Everything in Japan looks great and full of fashion(passion)! :D

  18. Chyna

    Hi Camille, I wonder how do you prepare your outfits when you travel, you know I always forget things when I travel like say for example; my accessories, so I end up looking like a mess :(

    • itscamilleco

      Ohhh I really think about what I wear in advance. I also make sure to bring lightweight clothes so that my luggage won’t get too heavy.

  19. dong olmedo

    thanks for all photos, Mango girl!…looks fun winding down Tokyo….

  20. Dhes borja

    Wow! eyes were satisfied..jealous :( I love everything in Japan..I hope you could visit S. Korea too for me to feel that I went there din hehe..I love all your pics so kewl!

  21. Sara Shalabi

    Hi Camille :)) I want to go to Japan too :) Btw, are you here in Manila na? i want to ask if you do ternos (filipiñana dress), the shoulder caps only? I want to have one kasi for our event in school. I just have no idea what to wear and where to buy kasi e :D. And if possible, how much would it cost me if i try to buy/design from you?
    Thanks :*
    Love lots :*

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Sara! Yes I am. We’ve made ternos before but I think they might be a little expensive for school. You can inquire through my assistant if you want :) 09175302776

  22. Mary Ann

    I’m dreaming of going to Tokyo,Japan too!!! I’m so jealous Ate Camille ^_^
    I heard from my sister who went there that their japanese brand clothes are a bit expensive compared here. Is it true?

  23. Shabrina

    Wow what a nice trip you had around Tokyo! I’m Indonesian living in Japan and yeah those places are crazily addictive to visit again and again! <3 I love how you combined your outfit as usual, it looked so stunning and energetic at the same time!



  24. Reena

    Wow! Those clothes are a feast to the eyes! I’ll make it a goal to visit that place soon! Those pixel-like frames are popular in Korea too!

    Parang mahihirapan akong pumili ng mga clothes and accessories there kasi ang daming choices! This is one of my favorite outfits from your Japan posts, by the way. :) So chic!

  25. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    Tokyo seems to be a very cool place.. especially for finding your fashion inspiration.. nice pix by the way.. ^__^

  26. Anhy

    As much as I love heels, once in a while you just need a good pair of sneakers ^-^
    Wooah Toyko is surely the most stunning city in the world. I love the clash of modernity and tradition, the mix of cute and crazy and edgy.. *___*
    I can’t wait to be in Tokyo myself. Thanks for sharing these great pictures!

  27. Alyssa Martinez

    Finally… The Harajuku post! This is my favorite place in Tokyo and I loooove that Jeremy Scott sneakers with or without wings <3

    • itscamilleco

      I’m already in Manila :) This is a month late already :)

  28. Cazzy

    OWWWWWWW EEEEEEEEM GEEEEEEE! Harajuku! Harajuku! Watashi no yume wa! TTTT_TTTTT

    Awesome shots and awesome shoes! Forever Jeremy Scott! <3 Channelling CL teehee~ Sugoku urayamashiiiii~

  29. Pat Hernandez

    WOW! just WOW! haha. very, very nice pictures. I learned a lot. LOL :))) I hope I could visit Japan someday, and by that time I also hope that I have the money to shop. HAHA. Thank you, Miss Camille! :)

    • itscamilleco

      LOL! You should so taht you can shop to your heart’s content! :) Haha!

  30. Lourine

    Okay. Ate Camille, you succeeded in making us drool again. Haha. Thanks for taking us to Japan… virtually. :)

  31. Jasmin

    It all looks like a very well planned cultural fashion sight-seeing short trip (^__^).
    Was it a one day short trip? – Because this is actually on my to-do-list when i am back in Manila next year.
    If you got any special travelling tips, let me know <3

    Is Wolfgang Puck's Wolfgang Express a German restaurant? – pretty much sounds like one. I think it's quite funny to visit German restaurants in Asia (and i wonder if they would understand if you talk German to them ^3^).

    Lovely greetings from Germany
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

    • itscamilleco

      Oh no, I was there for a week. :) I hink if you’re in Manila, you need more than a day :)

      Wolfgang Puck is American :) It’s a really popular chef’s version of fastfood gourmet :)

  32. Tasha D.

    taray nung mga pa-Jak and Jil na stolen shots ha! Kaso puro merlat (“babae” in gay lingo)! haha! Mas bongga yang mga photos mo with your Olympus camera! Mas warm yung colors dito. Dun sa Nikon mo kasi medyo pale eh. Have you been to Dubai? Japan and Dubai yung mga Asian Countries na gusto kong mapuntahan! Sooo bongga lang ng skyscrapers sa Dubai eh. Are you planning a trip there any time soon?

    • Tasha D.

      BTW saw na your outfit! Can’t wait to see it in different angles!

      • itscamilleco

        Thanks Tasha! Definitely posting my outfit here on my blog. :) Sorry, couldn’t post your other comment here. Alam mo na, baka ano pang mangyari haha! Let’s just focus on the positive. Basta gusto mo outfit ko, okay na yun! Haha :)

    • itscamilleco

      I really want to go to Dubai!!! I heard shopping there is crazy!!!!! :)

  33. Rafael Martinez

    Another gorgeous outfit Ms.Camille! I’ve noticed that you’re not wearing a cap here. Haha, and you’re wearing again those cool adidas kicks! Thumbs up! :) I’ll hype it.

  34. CB TAN

    Hi ms. camille, can you share us your itinerary and transportation info thanks, btw i really really like you style :)

  35. Anaivilo

    I so want to go to Japan and experience all of this! The people there are so fascinating! :D I love those funny sunglasses and the grandeur there.
    Awesome photos! :D

  36. Vann Pacis

    I was moved when I saw Hachiko’s statue!! I would always cry whenever I watch the movie!! :( Hehe.

  37. Kesly Winona

    OMG, I’m so jealous of you!!! Your outfits are always so stunning and amazing :) Plus, you can go to awesome places like Japan! Did you shop at 109? There are some AMAZING shops there – and they’re all on trend and so cool! Hope to see more pictures :)

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