EMODA TouchMe Fashion Show

I’m on a roll! From one fashion show to another, I’m taking a break from posting about the rest of my Euro trip to give you a little taste of what I went to Tokyo for, a few weeks back.


Gasp! Is that a photo of not just one, but two Pinay bloggers at a foreign event?! Yessir! I can not begin to explain just  how ecstatic Tricia and I felt when we learned we were getting flown into Tokyo for Japanese brand, EMODA‘s TouchMe fashion show. We were geeking out like crazy! Finally, someone from my hometown to share the experience with. And who better to share this experience with than Tricia. She knows Japanese fashion like the back of her hand! It’s surreal to see us both here. We walked the black (not red, LOL) carper together, had our photos taken by the official photographers and sat next to each other on the front row.


(Photo courtesy of Tricia)

Shucks. I’m still geeking out!


Anyway, I’m sure you all know the brand, EMODA. I’ve featured it a couple of times already in my older posts. For new readers, let me give you a quick run-through of the brand. EMODA is the brainchild of Ena Matsumoto, one of the top fashion brand producers in Japan. She’s the gorgeous lady pictured above. She may look familiar to some of you because she’s a popular Japanese model as well. Ena came up with EMODA for stylish young ladies who are into fashion’s latest trends. If I were to describe EMODA‘s style, it’s cutting-edge but wearable streetwear. It’s the perfect mix of subtle, streamlined and striking. It reminds me of British high street fashion even, except it incorporates Japanese minimalism and flair. Best of both worlds if you ask me. I can go and on in describing EMODA, but there really is no better way of doing it than through the photos below. You know the drill. I try my best to make you feel like you were right there with me at the fashion show. Take a look at the photos below and experience EMODA’s TouchMe F/W 2013 fashion show!


Red hot!


I need that shirt!


Floral caps, anyone?


My personal favorite–this tweed suit, hat and fur bag ensemble.


Notice all the models’ bright orange hair extensions?


I am in love with this bag!


If only we had winter here, I’d totally wear this!


I can already think of a million things I can pair with this white leather skirt.


Despite all the lustrous faux fur coats, I always find myself getting attracted to EMODA‘s pants more. My eyes are just glued to them! They have the best prints–whether floral, plaid or checks!


These boots are made for walking…and I’d like to walk in them. LOL!


Another pair of pants that I need in my life.


This is fall/winter chic at its finest!


This bomber jacket is the bomb! Pun intended. Corniness included.


The end! I was really hoping for a final walk from all the models like a fountain of sorts but they didn’t come out again. I wanted to take more photos and have a closer look at all the pieces, then buy them right then and there! LOL! Oh well, I guess I just have to wait for their online release at EMODA’s global webstore. Who’s waiting with me? I’ll beat you to it! Camille on shopping mode can be deadly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But since I really want to share EMODA with you (see I’m not that greedy), I’m posting this video of the show as well. My photography skills, or lack thereof, failed me during the first few minutes of the show. Lightning fast models + too many awesome pieces = disoriented Camille.


To complete my EMODA experience, of course Tricia and I just had to take a photo with Ena Matsumoto herself. Ack! She’s bringing out all my insecurities in life. LOL! She is truly beautiful and not to mention, glowing. Would you believe she’s actually pregnant? Congratulations, Ena! And thank you once again for having us! Here’s to more EMODA shows and hopefully, more branches worldwide.


Thank you as well to Team EMODA especially to Kumiko of Apparel-Web, Inc. (far right on this photo). Thank you so much for taking care of us and for showing us a wonderful time. ‘Til we meet again!

P.S. If any of you are wondering, both Tricia and I are wearing EMODA items. We shopped up a storm at the EMODA store in Shibuya 109, but more about that on a separate post. I promise to blog about my outfit on another entry as well so that you can have a closer look at the pieces I’m wearing. In the meantime, follow EMODA on Facebook and Twitter for more info and updates about the brand.

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  1. maebs

    wow! shes really beautiful. my friend’s family name is also Matsumoto.:) but her designs, its a wow. :)

  2. Gladys

    How did you know the models are wearing extensions? Akala ko they just colored their hair that way. Amazing.

    • itscamilleco

      Halata eh because some of them has a straight bob so you can see where they’re real hair ends :)

  3. Christine Koay

    I love what you & Ms Tricia are wearing here, Ms Camille! thank you for sharing this fashion show with us! I was wondering where are you guys sitting when i was watching the video.. haha.. all the outerwear are to die for! fur coat, long coat, biker jacket.. but we don’t have the privilege to wear it cuz it’s so hot here! i really love the brown leatherette skater skirt.. and those pants are gorgeous too!! <3

  4. claire

    You are like a walking barbie doll. White as snow and not to mention very chic.

  5. elaine g.

    i’m sorry, Cams, but I kind of distracted myself with Ena’s neck >.< do you have any explanation about that too? or is it just really her 'signature' pose? :)

  6. Jona De Guzman

    Hope they would come out a branch here in Phil! :)

    • itscamilleco

      I hope so too!! But for now, the online store will have to do :)

  7. Jessica

    I also had problems taking good photos of models during the Philippine Fashion Week since they were too fast. How did you manage to take the decent shots at the latter part of the show, Ms. Camille? :) By the way, I LOVE EMODA PANTS. <3 Thanks, Ms. Camille! :)

    • itscamilleco

      I fixed the settings and placed it on my manual instead of auto :) Love EMODA pants too!

  8. Coleen Mae

    you’re so pretty ate camille :) i wanna be like you someday <3 GODBLESS pretty :)

  9. Coleen Mae

    ate camille you’re so pretty :) i wanna be like you someday :) that’s my dream <3

  10. Nelayish

    Finally! The Emoda Touch Me Fashion Show! :) My two favorite bloggers (Tricia and You) + Emoda (fave Japanese clothing brand) + My idol Ena Matsumoto +Tokyo (my dream destination)= PERFECT! Thank you Ms. Camille for letting us experience another fashion show again!

  11. Lyn

    I admire you along with Ms. Tricia Gosingtian, Ms. Kryz Uy, Ms. Vern and Verniece Enciso, and Ms. Laureen Uy being elegant and classy. You’re one of the fashion bloggers that I really look up to. I love how smart you are :)

  12. Reena

    Oh wow… Camille, you are so tall! If Ena brought out your insecurities in life, you surely brought out mine…hahaha. But then again, the ground loves me so much that it literally took inches off of me. Glad it was generous enough to make me reach 5 feet though! hahaha

    ohhh… and I love the hat! ahhh! Toooo cute for words! Loving the way you styled it!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha at least, 5 ft! That’s not bad! Petite is cute :)

  13. Beatrice

    Hi Ms. Camille :) is it okay if thirteen year olds wear maxi skirts, my height is 5″2 :)

    • itscamilleco

      At least you can order online! :) Thank you Simone!

  14. Anne

    Yey! I was actually waiting for this post as I’ve read Tricia’s already. And yes I’ve seen your BIG EMODA paper bags too! Shopping! I was so jealous! I also felt so happy to see you two together. You’re both on top of my favorite fashion bloggers list. :) And I agree Ena is so pretty. She glows. I’ve never been to Tokyo or anywhere outside the Philippines but you and your posts sort of make me feel I was having the experience as well. Thank you!!!


    • itscamilleco

      Aww thank you Anne! :) I can feel your delight! Thank you!!! More travel posts coming :)

  15. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    I’m just wondering, whenever you got invites from abroad is airfare and hotel accommodation are provided by the said company or show?

  16. jam

    i was about to ask where the heck did you get your heels. good thing i kept on reading. hihi

  17. beatrice gases

    you deserved all of this cause you work so hard :D dreams really do come true :D how i wish i could fulfilled mine like what you have done :D

  18. Kelly

    Why do you have a smooth face? Please share us some tips how to achieve those acne free face! :-D

    • itscamilleco

      Just cleanse your face regularly. It’s all about taking good care of your skin

  19. Tasha D.

    Have you ever been to a Chanel or Louis Vuitton Fashion show before you started blogging? Their stage set ups are always soooooo whimsical! I wish I can see those for myself! haha! up close! front row! chos! libre lang naman mangarap haha!

    Sana may makapagdala ng kahit isang Chanel or LV collection dito sa Manila no! Yung dito nila ilo-launch! Just recently kasi Chanel launched their cruise collection sa Singapore e.

  20. Sephie Rojas

    “Lightning fast models + too many awesome pieces = disoriented Camille.” haha! Feel ko ganyan din ako if ever I watch a fashion show =)) Must bring extra memory cards too in case I maximized the capacity of one :P You and Tricia look so cute in matchy-matchy tropical print! I wish we had Winter here for more fashion layering. And fauz fur! and tweed without sweating bullets @.@

  21. Angelic Robles

    Awesome! Congratulations to you and Miss Tricia on getting flown in for the Emoda fashion show! Congratulations to Miss Ena as well! I’m sure her child will be as stylish as she is. The whole team of EMODA looks like such a cheerful bunch!

    Anyway, I was all smiles about your Emoda outfits! My favorite part was that you and Miss Tricia chose colors that really complemented your styles. I love your statement pieces in the form of the patterned cap and jacket. Very refreshing to the eyes.

    A big thank you once again for sharing this with us. I understood your disoriented feeling when I saw all the clothes. I’m in love with the color palette and the different patterns and textures that made up the looks they showcased. I’m also partial to that deep red (or is it wine-colored?) Clutch/purse that you like. :-D

    • itscamilleco

      A little bit wine-colored :) Thank you Angelic!!! :) The EMODA team really is a cheerful bunch!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Bilang Closeup Ambassador, of course, closeup! :)

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