Pronovias 2014 Collection: First Love

As promised, here’s the main event of my Pronovias experience–the most romantic fashion show I’ve ever watched: Pronovias‘ 2014 collection entitled First Love. It took me 3 days to gather and edit these photos. This is the reason why I haven’t blogged for a few days. I put so much work into this–all 121 photos, because the show was just too awesome. I wanted to share as much as I can with you and make you fall in love with Pronovias, just like I did. Here we go! Let the show begin!


The Oval Hall of Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) was filled with well-renowned faces from the worlds of film and fashion, the Spanish and international high society, the press and international buyers. All 1800 of them were dazzled by Pronovias with pieces from Collections 2014 Pronovias, Atelier Pronovias and Elie by Elie Saab.

I can’t believe I’m actually a guest in this show. Surreal to see my name on this seat! Kilig.

As I’ve said, the title of the show is “First Love” and the whole show revolved around this theme. The show opened with these two adorable little kids looking all starry-eyed. Oh, puppy love!


But like most puppy love lovers (is that what you call them?), they got separated.

Now, before you get your tissues out, let me tell you that this is a bridal show after all, so it’ll have a happy ending. Don’t you worry. (Don’t you worry, child. Cue Swedish House Mafia!)


And the first bride is out!


For the young brides who hate the fuss that comes with long gowns, why not don a short dress like this? Look at the beadwork!


If you want something a little more classic, this little number is for you.


You’ll still every bit of a blushing bride in this little white dress.


You’ve seen a special sneak peek of this already when I posted about my backstage experience the other day. Isn’t it even more beautiful on the runway?


The gems on this dress are heavenly. They deserve a closeup!


Not sold on a short wedding dress? Here’s the long version of the previous dress. I wonder if it’s detachable and turns into a short dress like the previous one. That would be so convenient at wedding receptions!


For young brides who want to look fresh and carefree. No fancy beadwork–just a simple dress adorned with feathers at its hem.


It has a long version as well.


There’s something so charming about this lace dress.


The long version is even better! I love the layers of this gown and how it opens up in the middle to show some leg.


It’s got a sexy but sophisticated back as well. Most of Pronovias‘ wedding gowns are like this, which is great because every bride needs that perfect walking-away-while-looking-back shot. Plus, brides have their backs to their guests during most of the church ceremony so you need a back that would wow.


I’m really starting to love the center slit more and more.


That cute little bow at the back–so me!


I just can’t help but take photos of the back of these dresses. I can not emphasize enough how important this detail is!


Got a long neck? Go for this neckline!


Love 20s flapper? Take a look at this fringe wedding gown. It’s definitely different from the usual gowns that I’ve seen.


Fringe can easily look tacky and overdone. But this is all checks in my book!


Lace-trimmed veil = LOVE!


I hope you see the beauty in simple wedding gowns like this. Take a look at the photo of its back below too. You’ll see its details more clearly.


Isn’t it lovely? It’s the perfect gown for blushing brides. Unlike those big, poofy wedding gowns, this one won’t over power the bride. It looks so natural–so effortlessly chic.


I’ve said this already in my previous post but I’ll say it again–one of my ultimate favorites! Simple and classy. The strings of beads on the torso and skirt are so subtle but I just can’t help but stare.


More strings of beads!


Some skin showing through the lace on the sides of the skirt–subtly sexy.


You thought it’s just lace, right? Those little beads on top of the lace were placed strategically to highlight the beauty of it all.


You can’t deny that this is a true Elie Saab piece of art.


The textures and three-dimensional effect these petals give add so much to the gown’s overall beauty.


Not into showing too much skin? Perhaps you want something a little bit boho-inspired? Here’s something for the free-spirited ladies.


Love the matching headband too!


For some weird reason, this gown reminds me of a cake. LOL! Or maybe I’m just hungry.


It’s all about the fabric.


I can totally see Audrey Hepburn in this wedding gown. Elegant!


The classic wedding gown–clean and crisp.


The little detail on the back caught my eye.


Something for the Jackie O’s of the world.


I love this dress as well. The sleeves won me over.


In love with vintage styles? Then I’m sure you’ll love this!



No beadwork nor lace but this gown is still able to take my breath away.


The garden wedding kind of bride.


Sleek and minimalist.


This one’s a sure hit.


Even its back is gorgeous!


Prettiest back design goes to this wedding gown.


Another best-seller I’m sure!



The gems on this dress are just… I’m seriously running out of adjectives. I just want to say “WOW” and “PERFECT” over and over again!


Chantilly lace, why must you be so lovely?


If you’ve got it, flaunt it–tastefully.


Who needs beadwork if you’ve got lace fabric like this?


For the girls who’ve dreamt of becoming a princess, here’s your ball gown!


So as you can see, Pronovias presented a broad selection of gowns so that every bride can see her own dream come true. The designs range from classic-cut dresses with large skirts to fresh and simple modern dresses with differing necklines and materials. Whatever your body type is, there’s a design for you.

itscamilleco.com2013060201 (1)

But that’s not it! The show isn’t over yet. To everyone’s surprise (pleasant surprise if I might add), this male model pops out of nowhere from the end of the runway–as if searching for his bride, his first and true love.

itscamilleco.com2013060202 (1)

The two adorable little kids have grown up. They found their way back to each other’s arms. How sweet do they look??

itscamilleco.com2013060203 (1)

The grand finale!

itscamilleco.com2013060204 (1)
itscamilleco.com2013060205 (1)
itscamilleco.com2013060206 (1)

You may now kiss the bride.

itscamilleco.com2013060207 (1)
itscamilleco.com2013060208 (1)

There you have it! After watching these two walk down the runway, I forgot for a minute there that I’m actually watching a fashion show, not a wedding. Everything just seemed so perfect!

itscamilleco.com2013060209 (1)

Let’s take a look at some of the gowns once again. The final walk.


So many gorgeous gowns to choose from! Why must we get married only once? (Ideally, of course.) Brides should be allowed at least four wedding gown changes to compensate. LOL! But seriously speaking now, after watching this fashion show and experiencing for myself the beauty of Pronovias‘ pieces, I felt so in love. There’s just something so dreamy about Pronovias. The brand truly understands what young girls have been dreaming about since they were little kids. It must feel great to be a Pronovias bride.

Before I end this post, I urge you to watch this video of the whole show. It’s different when you see the gowns moving. You can see how they sway, flow and fall on the female body. You’ll fall in love with not just the pieces, but the set design and music as well. You’ll enjoy the little story behind First Love and you’ll get lost in it all. Trust me! It’s an experience I really want to share with you all.

147 Responses to “Pronovias 2014 Collection: First Love”
  1. maria

    I love the oufit of the kids, Does anyone know any details of their clothes?

  2. anne

    love love their wedding gowns. any girl’s dream of a wedding gown. Got a chance to try a few of their wedding gowns. The are so pretty. Compare with other gowns, they make you look more sexy and flatters your figure, the have something like spandex inside the gowns i have tried. The ones i really liked are P103k and P180k . camille is right, a friend of mine preferred the one from pronovias. she said it is simple yet so elegant compare with the fru-fru gown i have tried with other designers.
    Really hope my fiance will help sponsor me on this gown ;p

    • Camille Co

      I hope he does! Pronovias really has the best RTW gowns. They’re even more beautiful in person! I wish i got to try them on too! :)

    • Camille Co

      I think some of them are :) Just not sure if they’re sold at Pronovias’ own website :)

  3. Laura

    A little late to the party, but beautiful! Is this collection now available in their flagship store in NYC? I have my appointment there mid October! Also, do you know the price range of these gowns? Thank you for the post!

    • Camille Co

      I’m guessing they already are :) The price ranges from 1000-3000something Euros I think, if I remember correctly :)

  4. Lyra

    cant get enough watching and browsing those very nice gowns.. ill save this for my future wedding.. hahahah as if may magpapakasal sa akin.. anyways.. always stunning talaga.. and very gorgeous lahat2.. ive shared it to my friends as well who is planning to have her wedding next year. thank you for sharing this Ms. Gorgeous!! :) :)

  5. Gladys

    Sana no sa wedding, maraming ceremony at required magpalit-palit ng gown para maisuot LAHAT ng gown na nandito. Geeeed! Ang ganda-ganda ng mga gowns. *.*
    I never thought wedding gowns could take my breath away. The creations were superb! There were times na tititigan ko ang gown hanggang sa maluha-luha na ang mga mata ko. Ahhhh! How lucky of you to be theeere!!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha I know what you feel! Oo nga, I feel extremely lucky :)

  6. Christine Koay

    this post is too gorgeous that i spent a week to really see all the photos and comment on your post.. haha.. all the gowns are just sooo beautiful.. i can’t focus on my work if i read this during my work time, so i save it to read and watch the video at home! hahaha.. now it’s even harder for me to choose which one is my favourite cuz all are just toooo gorgeous! it looks even prettier on model! i feel like getting marry after watching the video but of course, i have to find a husband first.. LOL! and thank you for sharing this with us, Ms Camille! I really enjoy reading your blog! Changing the quality of your photo is a good thing after all! <3

    • itscamilleco

      My pleasure! Thank you Christine! :) We’re all having a hard time choosing a favorite! All the pieces are so dreamy!

  7. vanessa

    Grabe this is just superd ms. camille! Im getting married next year and all the gowns are tempting especially the first beaded short dress which I love! Thanks for sharing Ms. Camille. You’re so lucky to see it yourself :-)
    Just wanderin; again, are you the only Filipino blogger invited in this event? and all expense paid?

    Blogger here who was inspired by you :-)

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Vanessa! Yes and yes to both your questions. I’m actually the only Asian as well :)

  8. Lydia

    So pretty, makes me wonder about my own wedding! Haha. I really liked the headpieces too, especially the ones with the gold details, and one that had a hat (so cool!). But my fave is def the Audrey Hepburn one – too classy for words!

  9. Ohms

    wow!all were eye catching, this was perfect ideal for bride this June.Woohoo!

  10. Sophie

    OMG! tlga ahhhh… I can’t help myself but to scream because of the fascinating gowns… Grabe lahat talaga ng Bridal Gowns are one’s dreaming to wear for their own wedding.. SUPER LOVE IT.. My eyes are really focus on staring those gowns so amazing from the first gown up to the last.. At so sweet When the Groom Appeared just to took the hand of his only bride and walk-through the hall it feels like you’re in a real ceremony wedding.. Hahah I hope and wish I could go there and give my own style of wedding gown.. I love it…

  11. Ivy Clarisse

    Perfect gowns + Excellent photography + Passionate Blogger = HAPPY READER! Thank you Camille!!! I super love your post. *Bookmarked*

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Love your formula for a happy reader! :) Thanks Ivy!

  12. Nazneen


    do you know who the make-up artist and hair stylist was for the show?


  13. Yanshi

    Oh my!!! These gowns are amazing, sooo dreamy!! hihihi :) I want to get married na din, but I need to find a groom first haha :D There are so many famous and great designers in the country, but can you make my wedding gown? I’m a big fan of yours and it was really amazing to finally meet you last sat at BU5 :)) <3 See you again at BU6!! <3

  14. Ruth

    I didn’t even noticed that my mouth was open until I finished the post. Not to mention it is a long post. Haha. Actually I really like the gown of the first bride–the short one. A goddess on her wedding day has a good ring to it.

    • itscamilleco

      Are you sure no flies went in? LOL! It IS a long post! The longest ever I think!

  15. runwayfarer

    I suddenly want to get married looking at all these gowns! My preference would be a long dress, but the short ones are kinda mind-changing. I love how the traditional and contemporary are occurring at the same time in these short numbers. The beadworks are unforgettable and that short one with the fringey bottom… so in vogue! Amazing show & coverage Camille :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you! I agree with you. I didn’t like short wedding dresses before but these changed my mind!

  16. Lourine Maulion

    Wow! Parang masarap ang mainlove at ikasal. Hehe. I don’t imagine myself wearing one of the gowns because I imagine wearing all of them. I kid! Why am I thinking all this stuff? I just turned 18! Could you blame me? Anyone who would see these gowns will suddenly think of their dream wedding :)

  17. Jackie

    Cool! Anne Vyalitsyna walked for Pronovias! <3 She's so lovely! Thanks for sharing these, Camille! :) Felt like I watched the show, too!

  18. Sabrina See

    Sabi ko pa naman, “Ay ang ganda nito” sabay scroll then I find myself saying “mas maganda to,” in the end di na ako makadecide. =))

  19. Tricia G. Ladiana

    OMyGGG!Soo elegant and gorgeous gown I’ve ever seen!!swear!!Wahh thanks for these lovely photos!it’s like I’ve seen them personally! I super duper love lace ..I can’t choose what is my favorite dress.Grabe talaga,,gusto ko isa sa mga yan ang wedding gown ko someday,Maghahanap na ko ng guy na pdeng magbgay sakin ng ganyang gown sa wedding ko.LOL (just sayin) grabeh talag ang ganda supeerrr! o.O haha..

  20. Angeli

    I just can’t help but say out loud “Ooh”s and “Aah”s all trough out reading this post Miss Camille. The collection is just perfect! All the gown were marvelous! Even the most simplest ones took my breath away. And I think I agree with you that more brides here in the Philippines should go for the less poof-y wedding dresses. The less bonga the wedding dress, the more beauty that will shine.

    • itscamilleco

      Yes soooo true! The more natural the bride looks :)

  21. Tara

    wow, this post makes me want to get married all over again and pick one of these dresses! gorgeooouuusssssss

  22. Mai

    Love! i always love fashion shows especially dresses and gowns! :-) FYI: The guy’s name is Jon Kortajarena, he’s a spanish model! He’s always in the ads of Versace, Armani, Bally etc. ;-)

  23. judy

    Magnifico! Indeed, a jump pack blog post – it was over load of beautiful photos of lovely unique dresses! Love the “sure hit one” too and mostly the gown with so much layering that got a sexy but sophisticate back as what you’ve described it (the 7th one, I guess?). Muchas gracias señorita Camille for posting these photos :)) Inspiring gowns that maybe, I could wear one of those in my near future wedding. Chos! Looks pricey

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! But worth it. :) You should’ve seen them in person, Gaaaah

  24. Valerie

    So stunning that I am lost for words! Thanks Camille for all these photos!

  25. silent fan

    Oh my gosh!! That collection is indeed… WOW!!! You’re right, the collection makes a girl feel in love <3 how I wish I can afford such a gown when my wedding day comes.. maybe I should start saving up already haha! Thank you for sharing your experience. You were very lucky to have been a guest :) more power to you, ms. Camille! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Hello there not-so-silent fan! :) Thank you! I’m lucky indeed! :)

  26. Joana

    eventough im just 18 , after seeing all the picture Im now thinking of saving money so I can wear one of these jaw dropping gowns . I want to wear them all though <3

  27. Kenny

    Such a Work of Art. Speechless, Jaw Drops seeing those Gown. They are to die for Ms. Camille! Thanks for these lovely photos parang nandun din ako :))) Cheers Ms. Camille!!!

  28. Jessica

    This is the most beautiful bridal gown fashion show I have ever seen! I’ve always been fond of white dresses and this made me love them more. The details like bead work, lace, and even the fabric are just perfect for each design. I think you really had a great time, Ms. Camille! I’m amazed that you found your favorite gown when in fact I can’t even decide. It’s so hard! I was also impressed because they were able to put a story into it. It made the fashion show really memorable. :) Thanks for blogging about this! I felt like I was there too. :)

    • itscamilleco

      I like that it has a story as well. It engages the audience even more! :) Thank you Jessica!

  29. Rica

    “clap” “clap” “clap” standing ovation :) Really wow! I hope anyone could wear those gowns even in a different occasion:)) chos! grabeh.. super love it all.. kaingget! Just like you, I ran out of words, I’m speechless cams.. parang ikaw lang, nakakamangha :) haay.. (sigh..) ^_^ Someday .. I’m going to wear one of those, and I want it to be designed by you :)

  30. Liz

    What app do u use to edit pictures? by the way u look like a doll in person and super bait mo pa :)))

  31. Nelayish

    The show was filled with glam and love! The bridal gowns are just perfect! I cannot choose which is which. Thank you Ms. Camille, for letting us feel the Pronovias fashion show! (with the pictures, parang katabi ka lang namen nanunuod :D)

    • itscamilleco

      Awww thanks Nelayish! Yan talaga gusto kong mafeel niyo :)

  32. Louise

    Oh WOW!! So glad I am not getting married anytime soon! How in the world can a girl make up her mind among so many unbelievably amazing dresses. You are so right, a girl must have at least 4 dresses to compensate. This is absolutely breathtaking, so many dresses are PERFECT! I am in love with so many of those dresses. You have made my day with these beautiful photos, thank you :)

    Magazine Blog:
    Personal Blog:

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Louise! we deserve at least 4 dresses! LOL! :)

  33. Sephie Rojas

    The gowns are really so… GORGEROUS (that’s surely an understatement). Heavenly! I was thinking the same thing about (ideally) only getting to wear 1 gown once on your wedding day, hahaha! I’d prolly wanna wear 3-4 (depending on the budget). But swear, seeing the photos you took made me wanna get married na, hahaha! They have it all: Tinkerbell-inspired, something Angelia Jolie would wear, something from the Great Gatsby, something Kate Middleton and Princess Di would wear, Cinderella dresses, everything! If only we could wear them all too :P Super kilig sa concept!! And your photos look so pro like straight out of Vogue! :”D

  34. Reena

    Seriously the guy looked so dapper! ahhh! Kinilig ako hahaha… pero onga no? It’s supposed to be a fashion show… lol From the first picture down to the last, my jaw literally dropped. Parang I don’t know what kind of design to choose na for my future wedding… hahaha… They are all beautiful, priceless, even. Pwede ng i prenda sa pawnshop ang mga damit na to! hahaha…

    • itscamilleco

      He’s super cute really! :) I know! Ako rin, mejo naconfuse :)

  35. AC Sasoy

    I’ve had goosebumps all over my body the entire time, looking at the pics and watching the video. I’m so glad you’re part of this Ms. Camille. I will surely have you make my wedding gown. You’re on the top of my list. I really love your style. Can’t wait to get married and wear your creations. WAIT. Will get my boyfie to buy me a ring na. HAHAHA! Lol.

  36. Angelic Robles

    Miss Camille, seeing this whole show live must’ve been EXHILARATING! I could not… COULD NOT pick a favorite! Every gown had a particular detail that I loved!

    What I enjoyed most of all was the sweet and endearing simplicity of the designs. Nothing screamed ‘opulence overload’. Each detail was given its due. These wedding gowns are an example of the concept “even-better-than-I-dreamed-it-would-be! ”

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse of this fabulous experience of yours! :-D I got plenty of inspiration from your photographs.

    • itscamilleco

      I agree! :) Thank you Angelic! I’m glad you loved the show!

  37. Catherine Joyce Gayo

    WOW!!! all i can say wow all over again and again! hahahaha! the designs are soooo pretty. :) lalo na ung last gown. :)))) the best!~

      • Catherine Joyce Gayo

        how do you capture those gowns???? super ganda tlga! haha. paulit ulit qng tinitignan. :) what camera are you using? :)

  38. beatrice gases

    loved the GOwns so much ahaha if given a chance ano dyan ang balak mong suotin sa wedding mo?

    • itscamilleco

      Shucks! I like so many but probably the one where I said it’s one of my ultimate favorites or the other 2 really beaded cap sleeves ones :)

  39. queen e

    OMG! everything looks so surreal! Anne V and Jon Kortajarena are so adorable together!

  40. Anaivilo

    Oh mmmyyyy God, they all look so amazing, I really can’t have a favorite! O.O Amazing details truly!

  41. Anhy

    OH EM GEE! The pictures look already so beautiful, I can’t even imagine how perfect the gowns look irl *__* Thank you for sharing this, darling! Seeing this post makes me wanna get married NOW haha well, still have to find my prince though -.-” Anyways, I always thought a wedding dress has to be long in order to be pretty but damn, there are some really gorgeous short ones!

    • itscamilleco

      Yes! Me too! These short ones opened my mind to the idea! :)

    • itscamilleco

      You should’ve seen the little girls beside the photographers! They were in love looking at the models! They must’ve thought they’re princesses!

    • itscamilleco

      Elie Saab was part of the show so you can really see his designs here :) I agree with you!

  42. Vina Guerrero

    omg. my eyes are drooling over the gowns!!! i have my peg na for my grad ball gown! So happy that i did your pose earlier! it’s actually hard! you have different poses kasi depending on your clothes! i hope i gave justice kanina haha! nice seeing you for two consecutive days! super love you cams!! i attended the talk because of you :)

    • itscamilleco

      Of course Vina! Always love seeing you! You have the perfect curls btw. I envy you haha! :) Thank you so so much!

      • Vina Guerrero

        haha! thank you cams! <3 hope to see you again soon! :)

  43. Anne

    WOW! That’s just it Camille WOW! Every time I scroll down I kept telling myself “I wan’t this gown.” then “No, I think I like this better.” then “Wait, this is pretty too!” Hahaha. I want them all! Lol. I agree brides should have many gown changes. Hahaha. I love the First Love concept too, from puppy love to true love. I agree, it felt like watching a real wedding. When the groom stepped out I can’t help but squeal! KILIG! The bead-work and laces are amazing too! I love the mermaid cut dresses and even the simpler ones are striking! I’m not even sure if “simple” is a fit adjective for them. You are so lucky to be there… I’m sorry if this comment has gone too long. I just love this post so much! The pictures speak for themselves. You deserve a standing ovation for this and so does Pronovias! I LOVE IT! ♥

    • itscamilleco

      Ay nako, all the girls squealed and screamed!! As in, everyone was in love haha! :) No need to apologize. The show really was amazing and it can take anyone’s breath away!

  44. Judylyn Ramos

    OWsome! I’ll start saving na to have that ball gown on my wedding. :D HAHAH. And, di po tayo nagkita nung BU5. Maybe on BU6. (Hopefully) :) :*

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