Flying to Europe from Manila takes approximately 14 to 16 hours. That’s a very very loooooong transit time to say the least. This is the reason why when I found out I was going to Barcelona for Pronovias, I made it a point to squeeze another city in my trip. I wanted to include as many cities as I can in my itinerary but I couldn’t be away for too long so I had to choose just one. Although Paris will always be my bias, I didn’t have the luxury of time so I had to choose a city I can leisurely explore in a limited number of days. Florence, or Firenze in their native language, is the perfect place for me to visit. I’ve been to Florence once before during my junior term abroad back in college. My friends and I spent our term break in Italy for 2 weeks but we were only in Florence for about 2 days, if I remember correctly. We went to as many tourist spots and museums as we can. Florence is considered the birthplace of Renaissance so you can just imagine how much art and history this city holds. Needless to say, our 2 days were jam-packed. We didn’t have time to just pause and look around the city a.k.a shop and dine. LOL! So this time around, since I’ve been to most of the museums and tourist spots here before, I vow to unwind and experience Florence like how a true shopaholic and foodie would, outlet shopping included.


If there’s one thing I remember so well about Florence, it’s the extremely talented independent artists you’ll randomly see along the streets. They’re everywhere! This one in particular, took my breath away. Who says you need a good canvas to make a great work of art?


Ohhh Firenze. This word brings back so many memories from the good old days. I remember we almost got left by our train to Firenze from Venezia (Venice). It was such a close call! Actually, come to think of it, we’ve had so many close calls during our entire four-month stay in Europe. We were chasing trains and planes most of the time. Amazing race ang peg! I’m not even kidding!


No trip to any Italian city would ever be complete without stuffing your face with gelato at least once every day! There’s no such thing as too much gelato when you’re in Italy. No other gelato can ever compare!


I managed to make my mom take champagne cocktails with me during our afternoon meal. They look like juice so they probably taste like juice, right? I mean champagnes are sweet anyway. Um no. I think the Italians like their cocktails STRONG. :/





This is Via Tornabuoni just a few steps away from our hotel. It’s where all the best brands are. I made sure of it! I’m one determined shopper, you know.


And when shopping is number one in your to-do list, you make sure to: one, dress up all pretty, so that store clerks won’t judge you (LOL); and two, wear flats so that you’re prepared to attack those racks. (Hey, that rhymes!)


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Stylista.PH maxi skirt


Topshop cropped top


Celine bag 


Mango blazer


People always think Milan is the best place to shop in Italy. I think not. Florence is, after all, where Gucci, Ferragamo, Pucci and Cavalli started out.


When a girl’s tired of shopping, she needs to recharge. Time to dine! Like a true tourist, I just had to have a Bistecca Florentina for dinner.



There’s always room for dessert. ALWAYS.


More posts from Italy next!

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  1. Sam

    I’m in love with the mint maxi skirt you are wearing, you look stunning! I’ve been trying to find a mint skirt for a long time. Will the skirt still be available for me to purchase online? Also is it elastic or does the skirt have a zip? Sam

  2. Gladys

    First question that would come to my mind whenever I see maxis is ‘Naka! Madudumihan ang dulo!”. Umuulan ba when you’re there? Mukha kasi, eh.:)

    Anyway, your outfit is sooooo maganda.:) So are you..:)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Gladys! Yes, it rained pero pinanindigan ko haha! :)

  3. Florence

    Hi Camille! Hope you’d include the names of the places you eat at in your travel posts :) Oh, and I was named after Firenze! I’ve been there a few summers ago, and I must say, you’re right about the gelato-on a daily basis part! Hahaha :)

  4. Nica

    Hahahaha! I so agree with your first rule when shopping! Store clerks can be pretty snob if you’re not all dressed up. Well, not all naman =) I have a question tho, don’t you find it hard to do some serious shopping if you’re dressed up? I mean, personally, ako napapagod/tinatamad when trying out clothes especially if I’m wearing layers and accessories. But I love everything about this outfit! =) ahhh, if only I live in Manila, I would have raided your booth last BU!

    • itscamilleco

      I actually don’t try on clothes most of the time. I just gtry them on when I get home haha! :) I’m too lazy to fit clothes! :)

  5. Valerie

    You look like a modern day goddess in your outfit, Ms Camille! :D

  6. Angelic Robles

    Hey, Miss Camille! The gelato looks delectable! I understand why you had such a great time. Firenze is Magnificent! i especially like the carousel featured in one of your shots. Anyway, your shopping looks looks so dainty! It looks sweet, worldly, and unique. I’m sure you stood out on these very vintage streets. Hats off to your crop top! I’m always a fan of your lace pieces.

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Angelic! I actually swept the streets with this skirt! Haha!

  7. Christine Koay

    Florence are so gorgeous! You look chic here, Ms Camille! I love what you are wearing! I love the glass bottle art work! and I’m hungry again just by looking at the food! ugh.. I’m definitely going there one day! <3

  8. Dhes Borja

    Yay!!..I’m so inggit na..I want to personally see those beautiful streets and their infrastructure. Will work harder for that haha

  9. Nikka Acebu

    i haven’t been here but when i saw the pictures you took, i just want to grab my stuff and leave! haha. You took beautiful pictures, interesting ones. enjoy!!!

  10. Carizza Panopio

    OMG Ms. Camille. you look so fab as always! i really love your style. :) i hope that i can meet you someday! hihi…

  11. Joicellene

    Wowwww! This is amazing. Can’t wait for the next posts about Italy! :)

  12. sweet_honeydew

    Eurpoe looks sooo beautiful! I hope to go there one day in the future but my current goal is to save up for a trip to Japan first! =) I love the white blazer on you btw. I’m on a lookout for a white blazer for the summer too! It’s a great piece to dress up your outfit! <3

    • itscamilleco

      Japan is a wonderful place too so you won’t regret it! :) Thanks Sweet Honeydew!

  13. Bianca

    I have the same photo of that street artist and he was drawing the same girl! Haha

    • itscamilleco

      He’s been doing it for a long time already then! I saw a photo of his feature on a newspaper too!

  14. Kirk

    I just love the place Ate Camille perfect place for a beautiful person like you. My Dad & Bro went there as well, Jealous aketch I can’t join there trip due to busy busyhan schedule for our Graduation day, bro talk a lot about there especially well known brands., kahit hnd ako naka join winner nman ang pasalubong ni fathersung. Hehe. Just want to share. :)



  15. joy

    lovely place and oh so yummy foods.. ♥ one of my bucket list

  16. Kei Realubit

    Wow! I’m adding this to my bucket list. You’re so gorgeous, Camille. No wonder people almost ran to you when you arrived at the function hall last BU5. More power! :)

  17. Nicole

    Hi Ms. Camille! Grabe you are no. 1 on my list of Favorite Fashion Bloggers. Kasi ung blog mo din ung unang na discover ko among the others. hihi. I really love your fashion style. One day with your permission I;d like to steal/copy some of your styles. :))

    I really like the way you blog. Actually you are my inspiration that’s why I started blogging. How do you style your bangs? I always have a hard time fixing my fringe bangs. Do you always cut it when it gets long already? :D

    • itscamilleco

      Aww thank you Nicole! :) Yes I always have it cut because it’s harder to manage when it gets longer. I don’t style my bangs a lot though. I just dry it and that’s about it :)

  18. Anaivilo

    Oh my..the place looks amazing indeed! The food looks gorgeous , especially that ice cream! O.O
    You looked great and I am sure you had a blast:D

  19. Vina Guerrero

    who took your outfit shots? haha! i really envy youuuu. i wish i could go there too! naks rhyming din! :p =))

  20. Paola Ysabel

    Europe is definitely filled with so much history (and delicious food!) Italy, specifically Rome, is my favorite European country. :) There’s so much to see, culture-wise. After reading your post, I might have to add Florence to my travel list :)

    • itscamilleco

      Yes! Most definitely! It’s not as big as Rome but it’s charming and definitely a must-see!

  21. ish

    oooh that looks amazing the food is making me sooo hungry!
    adore the shops i would love to go to florance once, and love your look
    xx ish

  22. Mae Selisana

    You are very very rich Ms. Cams I want to be like you when I have my job already!I like to visit a lot of place and the top of my list is France adn Italy!!!:))))…in what school in (Spain?) did you enter?nung nag exchange student po kayo?what’s the name of the program?total expenses niyo po ba?:)))thank you for answering all my questions..

    • itscamilleco

      I went to school in France. GET-INT :) My tuition fee was waived but other than that, I paid for the rest :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Anne! Haha! you just had to write GELATO in allcaps! :) LOL!

  23. Reena

    Loooove your travel blogs!!! Parang ikaw ang Mr.Parker ng buhay ko (Life of Pi reference)! hahaha… I find such inspiration in these photos… :) Thanks Cams and you’re right about dressing pretty when you shop so no one would judge. Minsan kasi some salespeople won’t entertain you most especially if you’re wearing really shabby clothes.

  24. Kristel

    So much like! :) Sana makarating din ako Europe ^_^
    Like your outfit Ate! :)

  25. Lourine Maulion

    European tour will always be my dream! I am drooling at this post… almost! Hehe. Should I say you look like a Parisian on your outfit? :)

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