Taste Of Florence


Whenever I travel, I try my best to squeeze in a food trip around the city. It’s one of the things I look forward to the most (aside from shopping of course). I’m a true foodie at heart so I always research about the best markets, restaurants and food tours to try. I know what you’re thinking. “Here we go again, Camille’s going to make me hungry!” Har har. I like ruining people’s diets. So if you’re trying to stay in one, I suggest you stop reading this blog post now. But then again, you’ll be missing out on quite a lot.

Just saying.


On our last day in Florence before our flight back to Barcelona, I booked a walking food tour for my mom and I with Taste Florence. It was my little gift to her for coming along with me to Europe (and for trying her best to take my outfit photos despite her struggles with my Olympus camera. She claims she can only handle dSLRs cause she’s clazzzzz like that.) So our food tour started at this quaint little store just a few blocks away from our hotel. It was filled with prosciuttos, salamis and all sorts of ham.


Our tour guide explained each and every one of these–how they’re all cured and processed differently. I thought they were all the same but apparently, they’re not. Of course, I can’t quite remember all of them. All I can remember is how awesome the prosciuttos we tasted were.


Our next stop was this bakery named Forno. I’ve never tasted better bread in my entire life! No wonder this place has been around for years. And when I say years, I mean YEARSSSSS. It’s practically an institution!


If you think you’ve had the best panini of your life, then you probably haven’t been to Nerbone located at the Mercato Centrale.


I’m not exaggerating. This is really the best panini I’ve ever tried. It’s so moist and juicy and full of flavor. I can go on and on about this. I wish we had time for seconds, thirds and more! One panini wasn’t enough. Seriously. It’s just too good.


Look at that meat!


Our tour guide told us to take a photo of this guy because he is the MASTER of paninis. Remember this face when you go to Florence. He’s worth the hype!


You’ll see a lot of shops like this around Mercato Centrale. They have so many prosciuttos, salamis, cheese, oil, vinegars, wines and mushrooms around the place.


Time to eat some more!


My favorite part of the tour–CHEESE! We got to try all sorts of cheese with different flavors of honey too.


For those who love balsamic vinegars like me, you’ll love these! The first one is with truffles; second one is with gin; and the third is your ordinary balsamic vingar. All of these are pretty old already and aged in several barrels so they taste really good. I couldn’t resist and bought my sister the one with truffles and the other with gin (so that she can cook more yummy food for me. LOL!). I used to think balsamic vinegars are only for salads but apparently they’re really good with scrambled eggs and ice cream too!


Florence is part of Tuscany so that means they’ve got pretty good wine as well. We got to try quite a lot of Tuscan wines like Chianti and the like.


One thing I noticed about Italy is that it’s hard to find wine from other regions when you’re in a certain city. They like to drink their own wines. I’m not complaining though. Tuscan wines are pretty sweet so I like them.


More bread, pâté, cheese, honey and salami to go with our wine and vinegar tasting. YUM!


Our food tour’s last stop–Cioccolateria!


Chocolate heaven!


Aside from chocolates, we got to try their gelatos too. I was so full by the end of the tour!


So have I made you green with envy yet? Look at these chocolates!!!! YUM YUM YUM! (I’m so mean. Har har!)


Okay, before you stone me to death for ruining your diets or forget that this is a fashion blog and not a food blog, let me squeeze this in before I end my post. Here’s what I wore to our food tour. Clever me decided to skip Accuweather’s advice and dressed all summery despite the rainy weather forecast. Darn it.

(Spot the young couple making out behind me. The heat is on! ON, I TELL YOU!)


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Zara blazer Crayon (Haji Lane, Singapore) top Lily Jean shorts Cornwall Street necklace | Chanel earringsThe Ramp sandals


Celine bag


So that’s it! This is the last of my blog posts about my trip to Barcelona and Florence. I hope you enjoyed my mini travel blog! Japan series, next!

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  1. Luis A.

    Camille, are you a dual citizen? And are all your Visas a tourist? I like your travel posts! They make me believe more in the saying “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”! Travelling is definitely one thing I’m looking forward to once I start earning for myself! It’s so nice to see the world and the beauty of different cultures!

    • Camille Co

      I agree! Traveling is my favorite luxury in the world. It’s such an enriching experience. I’m not a dual citizen though. Just a proud Filipino citizen! :)

  2. maebs

    this post made me hungry. mouth watery ang foods heaven. :) ack! kakahiya naman ang couple. gosh! palibhasa liberated. :)

  3. Gladys

    You look so radiant in here. So ganda. :) Madalas ka yatang naka-flats during your stay there.

    Buti wlang sumita diyan sa mga naglalampungan noh? Dito pa yan sa atin, nakowww! Binabato na yan ng nakamamatay na tingin. I thought talaga puro lalaki. :D

  4. CC

    Omg i love your europe series a lot! You know my fave part of your blog are your travel posts cos while u fill us with your super fashionable and pretty outfit u even fill us with infos and beautiful pictures of the place. Oh and just wanna say thanks your your amazing travel posts i was convinced and visited boracay few weeks ago, i have to saybits really a beautiful place no wonder a world famous beach! I love it so much,thank u! Thats why i love your blog i never regretted going there and following your blog! Oh my why u so awesome, fashion not nuff now even travelling! Hehehehe ★

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks CC! :) I really love traveling so I enjoy sharing these experiences with you guys! Glad you enjoyed Boracay! :)

  5. camille

    hi katukayo….. wow u look so pretty… u really captured FLORENCE.. their chocolates looks so divine.. and i bet it is
    florence is definitely on my list when i visit italy… sana soon rin
    and im new to ur blog so idk if uve been there but next stop is spain/france.. maybe?
    more power ate!!

    • itscamilleco

      Yes! I’ve been to France and Spain more :) Thanks Camille!

  6. Abbyguel

    Photobomb! Haha! I’m reading your blog in school right now and your blog makes me starve to death. Haha! Love your outfit. Stay GORGEOUS! :)

  7. debbie

    OMG seems like you just had the time of your life! Loved the food pics, I mean it’s pretty (on photos) and seems yummy too :)

  8. Sophie

    OH!.. gosh.. I can’t help myself on having a mouth-watering.. so jealous.. How I wish I could go traveling in Florence.. hayyhh….. hehehe Thank you for sharing these experienced.. Now that I have some ideas about places in Florence… :)

    • itscamilleco

      My pleasure! :) I’m sure you’ll love Florence as much as I do :)

  9. Steph Sison

    Yeah Ms. Camille, you’re so mean.. hahaha.. I’m drooling already.. I cannot see the young couple behind you..haha..

  10. Rochelle Salanguit

    i love your outfit! :) that’s why i’m going to buy a royal blue skirt tomorrow :) Btw, the couple on your background makes me laugh!hahaha

  11. kathleen

    Camille!!!! I’m dying to see your bag collection!!! please blog about them soooooooon. Thanks in advance!!!:) God bless you always!

  12. Angelic Robles

    I wanted to EAT THE SCREEN! Golly, all that food! No room to choose one place to eat! I wanna try them all!

    I’m thrilled that you chose a colorful palette for your outfit here. I’m loving the shorts. You are one trendy foodie, Miss Camille!

  13. Sasha

    Oh how I miss Italy. It’s a shame we were not able to go around Florence (but had a good 5-day stay at the Tuscan countryside!) Re the balsamic vinegar there, OMG they take me to heaven. Oh sooo good!

    • itscamilleco

      I really want to go to the countryside!!! Jealous! Maybe next time :)

  14. Ai-ai

    Wow Ms. Cams u light up my day :) Not only the place is a heaven, the foods too..Gosh Tulo laway q sa chocolates, ang saklap..hahaha NgaNga ang diet..chuzzz !!!hahaha

  15. Reena

    I was already drooling sa prosciutto at sa cheese… and then when I read the sign Cioccolateria… I was like… I’m so freaking doomed! hahaha… Loving the food porn! Oooh and about the balsamic, I learned from watching Nigella Lawson na if you put a few drops of balsamic on a bowl of strawberries (or prolly all kinds of berries) it would make them sweeter daw. Nice noh? lol…

    Cute outfit as always. The blue and yellow combo reminded me of the time I went to cebu na summer ang peg ng outfit ko pero umuulan din. haha. Anyway, talagang comfort is key especially when you’re on a walking food tour! I’m quite surprised you didn’t look bloated there from eating a lot of those yummy stuff! hehehe.

    • itscamilleco

      Oh really? Let me try that on our fruits nga! :) Thank you for the info! I don’t look bloated….yet haha! :) Maybe it hit me after a few hours haha!

  16. izzy

    nice combo! Very classic. i really like the way you dressed yourself.

  17. Vina Guerrero

    kulang nalang red para parang independence day post haha! <3 can't wait on your blog post about "The Fashion Bloggger!" :)

  18. Emmrose Villasfer

    Oh my god! hindi mo napansin ung dalawang un bago ka mag-take ng mga pictures? hahaha. Lol
    naglaway naman ako dun sa chocolatesss. Yummm :)

  19. Crystal

    honestly, i just laughed all throughout your blog when i saw the couple making out. you had to point it out, wow hahahaaha. beautiful as always, miss camille!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! They just kept making out the entire time! I’m not even kidding! I think it was at least an hour or longer!

  20. Isabelle Victoria

    Before ng tour niyo dun ka nagoutfit shots! I can tell! Your tummy is not yet bloated! Joking. I think di naman nagb-bloat yan! Made my mouth dry and tummy growl. :)) Love the bag. the Sandals. The Blazer. Everything!!!

  21. Lauren

    Hi Camille! Your bag collection is amazing! That being said, do you think I should get a celine trapeze or givenchy antigona? :O

  22. Ruki

    Doesn’t it bother you sometimes that it’s not that good to invest in Celine (Paris) bags here in the Philippines because we have a local brand with the same name (sans the apostrophe on top of the first e)? I’m just curious, eh. :)

    And how do you maintain your bags when you travel? I mean, how do you store them in your luggage? Do you put them in protective boxes to maintain their shapes? Alam ko kasing siksikan parati ang mga high-end brands mo whenever you come back here in our country, eh. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Not at all. :) I like how Celine isn’t as famous as LV unless you’re really into fashion. It’s not as “yabang” or loud but if you know the brand, you’d know it’s one of the best. I’m such a huge fan of the brand. HUGE.

      As for how I pack them in my luggage, I don’t :) If it’s big, I use it when I fly home to Manila. I just put my smaller bag inside it. If I bought more than 1 big bag, I pack the rest inside my handcarried luggage. I store them inside their dustbags and don’t remove the paper so that they won’t get squished. :)

  23. Cessi

    Love the bag! Everything about your travel posts is making me miss my family’s trip around Europe! My favorite thing about my travel to Florence was definitely eating at this place near the Square called Bocadama. They had THE best pasta, ever. <3

    • itscamilleco

      Pasta in Italy is always good! ALWAYS! :) Thanks Cessi!

  24. Vhern

    Your outfit?? soooOoo fab.. however, i got distructed with your background..
    a couple?? kissing?? ahwp.. not soo sure.. hehe (5th to the last picture) LOL!!

  25. Kyla Mae Tan

    Everything looks so delicious in Italy! I’m sure your Mom loved your gift for her! I love your outfit, I can totally relate to not dressing a little gloomy like the weather! Just one of the things I learned from you! :) Your lip color looks great on you too! Alright, I’m going to eat na. You made me hungry. =))

  26. Christine Koay

    Challenge accepted and kinda failed cuz i’m really hungry now.. haha.. maybe because it’s near lunch time.. my stomach started growling when i saw the 6th photo starting from the food photo.. small bread with tomato inside.. looks yummy.. and the panini looks yummy too! is it beef or there’s chicken? cuz i don’t eat beef.. OH! and the chocolate~ sigh.. I love what you’re wearing, Ms Camille! Yellow and royal blue looks cheerful when pair together.. Love your Celine bag as well.. i didn’t notice the couple behind until you mention it.. haha.. anyway, i can’t wait for your Japan post!! <3

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! It took us such a long time to get even just a few decent shots LOL!

  27. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    So hungry,, :) I’m drooling…. (eewww) hahah… Love your look Ms.Camille. “Yellow” have been always so special to me. Memories are the real treasures of life.

  28. stef uy

    If you need a travel buddy, I’m all up for it! (haha, feeling close). and yes, thanks for making me feel hungry this early in the morning and i haven’t had breakfast yet. T_T


  29. Lourine Maulion

    I HATE YOU ATE CAMILLE! (I hope you don’t mind if I call you Ate. Am I being FC?) Haha. You’re a meanie! But the more you hate, the more you love. I don’t know which I love the most. The food? The place? The outfit? Or the blogger? I just say I love it all. :)

  30. Naaj Rona

    You are so mean…You know how make people jealous and hungry. My tummy is rumbling, lol

    Looking very pretty. Good on you girl for not following the weather advise, taking my revenge for making me hungry :)


  31. jessica

    camille, whenever i read your blog, i always see that you are number 1…but now i dont see your name in top blogs.. did you quit? why? it’s ok if u dnt want to reply =)

    • itscamilleco

      Oh, I removed it :) I use Google Analytics instead since it’s more accurate :)

  32. Sephie Rojas

    I expect myself to gain weight when I go there in the future. My heart has been satisfied with all the photos you took. <333 Especially the chocolate! D: When it Italy, it's alright to makeout in a random street? har har! Looks like they didn't care what Accuweather said about that day, lolz.

    • itscamilleco

      They made out for a looooong time so I guess it’s okay! Haha! :) And yes, you’ll definitely gain weight! So many yummy food!

  33. Anne

    I’m green with envy. Haha. Cheese, gelato and chocolates are my guilty pleasures! Can I tag along on your next trip Camille? I could carry your bags and take your outfit shots! Hahaha. I love your travel blog. The way you write them makes me feel as if I was there with you… :)


  34. Tasha D.

    LAVET! Ganda ng sandals mo! And the baaaag! Did you also but it from your trip there? I wonder what bags you’ve got from your trip to Florence! Which brands ka bumili? May Hermes na ba? :>

    • itscamilleco

      Got it in Florence :) No Hermes still. :) Celine bags and Givenchy :)

  35. Yanshi

    Oh my!!!! Cheeseeeee!! Chocolates!!!!! waaahhh this post made me really hungry hahaha :D Thank you for sharing your stories/experiences with us :* :* :* You are really the best!!! oh, love the outfit btw, as always, you looked fab! :))) Excited for your Japan trip with Trish! :))

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