Don’t Mess With Me And My Burger


When I first saw this shirt, I knew we were meant to be. First of all, there’s a drawing of a huge burger on it that says “fat you!” as if it’s cursing at all that irresistible fat that a burger contains. Fatty and unhealthy but oh so delicious–that’s my kind of food! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some fruits and vegetables, but I’m definitely not one to skimp on a good meal over my weight. Diet? What diet? NO TO DIETS! YES TO FOOD! I’m young so I’m making the most out of it while my body and health can still handle it. Lord knows I’ve only got a few years left of this metabolism before my body starts punishing me for all the food I’ve been eating.


And then before you know it, I will no longer be able to wear muscle tees like this too with armholes cut so low you can already sneak a peek of my tummy, so I’m making the most out of this as well!


(Inserting this photo here, just in case I’m already boring you with my random thoughts and same old poses!)


Just a little tip when it comes to wearing muscle tees, choose the right bra to wear underneath. It’s what makes a masculine muscle tee look a tad bit sexy. Since people are going to see it, your bra is now part of your outfit so definitely no to nude-colored bras and granny designs.


Have a little fun with it! I chose to wear a bright red bra from Sorciage By Wacoal to match my pants and lippie. See how it contributes to my overall look? The pop of color looks great with my bold and funky outfit!


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Prada sunglasses (look for less version here and hereSM Accessories earrings


SM Accessories necklace


Sorciage By Wacoal bra


Shibuya 109 muscle tee


Michael Kors watch H&M gold tag bracelet Forever 21 gold stud bracelet


Givenchy bag


Alexander Wang heels


Miu Miu jeans

100 Responses to “Don’t Mess With Me And My Burger”
  1. Christine Koay

    You look so badass here, Ms Camille! I can’t believe I just said badass.. LOL! 你好有型!! =) Love the muscle tee! and yes, who can say no to burger.. feeling guilty everytime i think about it but i can’t resist.. *cry* and you’ll never bored us, Ms Camille! You’re never boring! <3

  2. jhazz

    i really adore you camille and you are one of my favorite blogger/designer/model i really admire the way you dressed up and i am also a very big fan of yours.actually i am trying hard to copy all of your style but your just so amazing and no one could replace you as are one of my inspiration to make myself prettier each day.hope to meet you in person. godbless camille :)

    • itscamilleco

      Awww thank you Jhazz! That’s so nice of you to say! :)

  3. Yanshi

    “Inserting this photo here, just in case I’m already boring you with my random thoughts and same old poses!” — NEVER! i love reading your random thoughts, we, your readers get to know you by reading what you write here :) Your poses too :)))) So, don’t stop writing your random thoughts hihihi :)) Now on to the outfit hahaha–i just find this fun and sexy at the same time! Love seeing your hair like this and your lippie!!! Love it! You did it again babe! Amazing :)))))

  4. Valerie

    Sexy fun and oh-so-Camille Co!!! Love love love everything about you(r outfit) :D

  5. Pat Hernandez

    WOW! I really love the 3rd photo! Don’t worry. I am not getting bored with your blog, and I don’t think I will be anytime soon. :) I really find your shoe choices interesting. Keep on blogging! I love you, Miss Camille! :)

  6. Angelic Robles

    Had such fun looking at these photos! The slogan on the shirt definitely made me say “Right on!” :-D Great combination, Miss Camille! The cherry-red tone of your pants is a cheerful hue. I like the rock-chic vibe of your shoes and sunnies too. Despite the sexy cut of your sleeveless top, the entire look is very well put together.

  7. Camille A.

    Givenchy, Alexander Wang, & Michael Kors in one outfit!! I’d love to see you in an Elie Saab!

  8. Anne

    I will never get bored with your random thoughts Camille. I actually love that you’re talking to your readers and not just putting up outfit shots. It really shows your personality. I find your writing witty and fun. Love it! This outfit is also one of my faves! I like the way the colors blended and worked with each other. Thumbs up!

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Anne! I always feel so happy whenever I read comments like this :)

  9. dionne

    nice outfit :) i really love reading your blogs,i agree w/ you no to diet as long you do exercise everyday para ma burn yung mga calories:)

  10. Vina Guerrero

    love your outfit!! sana mag karoon din ako ng lakas ng loob na mag pakita ng bra! hahaha! :) Sexy!! :)

  11. Matthee

    Wow. I’m really amazed on how you can manage to keep up and answer all the comments of your readers despite of your hectic schedule. You’re really one of the bloggers I look up to ;) Kudos!

  12. Lourine

    You’re not on a diet? Really? Maybe you have a good workout routine. You’re slim! Yet you enjoyed burgers and other delicious foods. It’s unfair! Haha. Anyways, your outfit is striking and sexy. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Fast metabolism runs in the family :) Thank you Lourine!

  13. jam

    i love you so much! i have a party to attend to tomorrow and you just inspired me big time! :*

  14. jocelle

    To my favorite fashionista I miss you! Can’t wait to see you again and hear your talks :))))

  15. Kyla Tan

    Fierce post, Ms. CC! I miss checking out your blog everyday, always busy with school na! You look hotter, if that makes sense, haha! You should really teach Taylor Swift how to rock the color red like that! You’re such an awesome role model, now I don’t think I should be too strict on myslef with what I eat sometimes and just EAT!

    • itscamilleco

      I think she doesn’t need my help haha! :) Thank you Kyla! Don’t let school stress you out too much!

  16. Vanni Yeth

    YOU. ARE. SO. TALL! Eating a lot without getting fat! I’m so jealous :(((((((

  17. Zaira Awat

    Ang ganda mo. Ang tangkad mo. Ang puti mo. Neseye ne eng lehet! Lol.
    Yeah, Camille Co, you na! Nakakastress ang iyong ganda.
    Grabe, ikaw talaga main inspiration ko. Parang everyday iba iba ka ng stylist at designer pero ikaw yun lahat! Ang wide ng range mo. Hindi ka lang nag-fofocus na isang bagay like all light, girly, rock, etc.
    Love love!

  18. jhay-cee

    I love the 3rd photo. Feeling like your in the ANTM. naks!. hehe
    Love the outfit, its not your usual style. Cool.


  19. Colt Nava

    I love the hair-flipping shot! You look absolutely stunning, Camille :)

  20. Ruki

    You’re wearing Miu Miu na! Haha. Sooo happy. Were this pair of jeans and your green Gucci heels bought during your recent trip to Europe? And, please post an outfit with you wearing your Louboutins already! Haha. I’ll be waiting for that!

    Another thought; Ferragamo, Versace, or Dolce and Gabbana? Which one would come first in your closet in terms of shoes and handbags? :)

    • itscamilleco

      I wore them already! Please do wait for my blog post :)

      Hmmm probably Dolce :)

  21. Sephie Rojas

    Pwedeng pang print-ad yung insert photo mo, lolz! with matching caption “SWOOSH!” haha! Amen to food! It’s too good to sacrifice for a diet! D: Super pet peeve ko yung mga people who eat burgers tapos they’d say they’re fat afterwards .___. Also the kinds of people who would nit pick on a salad leaf and complain they’re so fat when they’re far far away from having a tummy that shows @_@ Sulitin mo na while you still can! D:

  22. Dheya Suzuki

    omg. 3rd pic = WIN! :)) at first I thought we were wearing bandeau. but upon reading, t’was a bra pala. :)) and don’t worry too much about your thoughts. sexy ka po forever. hihi. :))

  23. Tasha D.

    Lavet! Miuccia Prada, Givenchy, and Alexander Wang all in one outfit! Pak! Excited to see you wear those Wangs with a skirt!

  24. Lisa

    Agree! -> “Diet? What diet? NO TO DIETS! YES TO FOOD! I’m young so I’m making the most out of it while my body and health can still handle it.”
    If every girl has a good mindset like you.. ^_^

    anyway, I love every red in your body and also I love this post so much! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Then all of us will have bigger hips and butts! LOL! :) Thanks Lisa!

  25. Lea

    hi camille! I read from somewhere that there should be a “rule of three”/only wear a maximum of 3 accessories – head pieces counted. But I noticed you can go beyond that (shades, necklace, bracelet, earrings and watch), and still pull it off really well! :)
    Whenever I try that, i feel like i am TOO accessorized. :( or is it just me? sorry this is an off-topic question — what’s your take on having multiple accessories? Or, do you have personal rules on this? share naman! hehe :)

    • itscamilleco

      I hate rules. I really do. If it works, it works! Right? I think it’s all about balance. :) It’s so hard to explain! But I hope my blog posts can somehow show you how do my accessorizing :)

  26. ErikaP

    How I wish diet is not inherent :3 any, i love everything here! you look really rad! :)

  27. Ging Valdez

    I so loved your fashion style,bagay na bagay sau pag naka ponytail ka lumulutang ang magandang mukha and w/ the shades on,you are so pretty.

    • itscamilleco

      Really? Thank you Ging! :) I never really thought so, but thanks!

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