V Is For Violet, V Is For Vios


Why do I look like I’m ready to party so early in the day? It’s because I am! Just kidding. I’m no party animal–at least not when the sun is still out. I wore this outfit because I planned to attend the Vios Vibe party that night. I heard there were a lot of DJs lined up for the event so I made sure my outfit was disco-ready.


Normally, when it comes to parties and dancing the night away, girls opt for body-hugging dresses, micro minis and shorts more often than not. It’s always about looking hot and sexy. (Come on, admit it!) But since I was going to the All New Toyota Vios‘ launch party, I didn’t want to look too girly in a sexy dress or micro mini bottoms. It is, after all, a car event. Why not wear pants for a change? Wearing pants doesn’t make you look any less sexy. I think with the right fit and styling, you can look just as hot.


In my case, I chose to wear super tight slim pants and paired them with this subtly sexy sequin top. You know me, I love sequin pieces, especially this one! It’s in such a pretty and unique color. Plus, the sheer parts are a great addition to the design. There’s even some peek-a-boo action from the side.


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Chanel earring


SM Accessories ear cuff


Romwe top


Chanel bag


Forever 21 cuff | Blanco pants


Sergio Rossi heels


Now that you’ve seen my outfit, are you curious to see what happened at the Vios Vibe party? Here goes diligent blogger, Camille, at your service!


I blend in quite well with the lighting, don’t I?


The All new Toyota Vios is still under wraps. Ooooh, suspense!


People are starting to pour in.


First up to supply the beats were DJ duo, Deuce Manila.


Motherbass were also present.


They’re comprised of a DJ and a drummer which made their sound so cool! I really loved their set!


Just as the All New Toyoto Vios was revealed, the ever so sexy DJ Amely also performed.


Finally, the revelation! So what do you think of the All New Toyota Vios? (To the few straight men reading my blog, savour this moment because this is the manliest blog post you’ll ever read on my blog!) Based on Toyota’s thrust of promoting “Waku Doki” or fun to drive vehicles, the new Toyota Vios doesn’t look like it’ll disappoint. I’m no car-lover but I do drive. And with Vios’ redesigned sporty exterior, I can definitely see myself driving this. I believe one doesn’t have to be a car-lover to appreciate its beauty. With new streamlined headlamps and an aggressive grille, this vehicle’s front fascia is a head turner! Its tail lights look a bit sharper and futuristic even!


Do you know what the word “Vios” means? It means to move forward. And move forward, it did! Just when you thought, it can’t get any better, the new Vios boasts various innovative features aside from its upgraded exterior. It still comes with the same reliable VVT-i engine, 4-cylinder in-line DOHC 16-valve engine with electric fuel injection (EFI) and offers class leading performance coupled with superb fuel economy. It’s 1.5G AT has a maximum output of 107hp/6,000rpm and a maximum torque of 142Nm/4,200rpm, while the rest of the variants peak at 85hp and 122Nm. (My brother will be so proud I’m speaking car language. LOL!) Needless to say, the All New Vios has been reengineered for maximum performance to ensure excellent handling, stability and ride comfort. Translation to the girlies, it’s just like the old times, except it’s now bigger, better and stronger!


Vios’ interior received quite the makeover too. Built with dynamic styling and a more luxurious finish, its interior invites you to step in and experience the fun in driving. Its improved dimensions which are bigger than that of the outgoing model (originally with a dimension of 4,300mm x 1,700mm x 1,460mm, it’s now 4,410 long, 1,700mm wide and 1,475 tall) allows for more cabin space, making it more comfortable for its passengers (and shopping bags) too!


The All new Vios is available in more exciting colors as well. Customers can choose from White Pearl, Freedom White, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Black, Red Mica Metallic, Dark Brown Metallic, and Orange Metallic. Prices of the different variants are as follows: 1.5G A/T at Php 847,000, 1.5G M/T at Php 812,000, 1.3E A/T at Php 762,000, 1.3E M/T at Php 727,000, 1.3J M/T at Php 630,000 and 1.3 Base at Php 592,000. Now that’s value for money!

So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Toyota Dealer and START THE FUN today. For more information on the All new Vios, visit www.viosstartthefun.com or like Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook.

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  1. Christine Koay

    You look sexy with this outfits, Ms Camille! Love your pants! Definitely party ready! And i am completely blurred on the car talk.. but i promise myself to at least know some of the stuff.. at least i don’t have to depend on others when it comes to car stuff.. =D

  2. Jam Tan

    Oh if only the event for the Toyota Employees and the event you attended were one, I would’ve asked my dad to sneak me in so I could have seen you T____T *cries* pretty as always and a really smart dresser! :) you are and forever will be my idol fashion blogger! <3

    • itscamilleco

      Oh but they were a lot of Toyota employees there too! You should’ve attended the event! :)

  3. Rica

    You really did blend well to the venue. I love how you still looks sexy on jeans, I wish I have those legs! Darn! :) I seldom wore jeans because I look shorter in them. hehe.. I love the sexy top :) gorgeous as ever! :)

  4. beatrice gases

    ohhh cars ahaha thank God I saw the last picture saying it has more colors than that irritating orange. i don’t know why but i just really hate orange i hate it i hate it ahaha but i love the fruit orange (weirdo me) anyway it doesn’t really matter cause I’m not allowed to drive cars pa ahaha oh and one last question i want the same ear cuffs. do you i need ba to have piercing before i can put those on ?

    • itscamilleco

      LOL! Okay, okay! So you hate orange! Haha! It’s a pretty nice color though. :) For the ear cuffs, yes. :)

      • beatrice gases

        ahaha ah next time na lang pagallowed na ako ahaha baka ipakain sakin ni mama yang ear cuffs pag nagpapierce ako ahaha

  5. ladyanne

    Problem with that kind of tight pants is it produces some cameltoe portion, how to solve that ms cams? & also I wonder what makes u earn more??being a fashion blooger or designer? ;)

    • itscamilleco

      I haven’t really compared haha. :) Hmm as for the pants, I think it depends on the material and fit. These are pretty okay. :)

  6. Yanshi

    Huhuhu i posted a comment yesterday but when i checked back to see your reply, didn’t see my comment :( Anyway, i think i can still remember what i wrote haha!
    Love this outfit! Didn’t think wearing pants can be so sexy haha you look amazing! V is for Vavavoom!! :)))) Glad you had fun :))


    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Nope! This one is blue. It’s my sister’s and the leather isn’t the same :)

  7. Ren

    because of your posts I now know where to find ear cuffs!! :D so informative blog :)

  8. Marian Ortiz

    You are such an inspiration. as a newbie in photography I love to photograph you if permitted and ganda mo kasi :)

    if ever you visit Cebu let us know para naman kahit stolen shot lang oks na akin..

    Stay pretty and Thanks for inspiring me to blog again showcasing my love for photography.. as what your tag line says TRIES TO BLOG.

    God bless you


  9. Cas

    “(To the few straight men reading my blog, savour this moment because this is the manliest blog post you’ll ever read on my blog!)”

    This statement is a little offensive :( it ascribes to so much gender expectations and heteronormativity. What I’m trying to say is that not all straight men like cars (or anything that society deems is “masculine”), and likewise, queer men and even women (or anyone, whether they be lgbtqa, male or female) can appreciate the beauty of the new Vios.

    I don’t quite see how important it is to single out the straight men in your sentence.


    • itscamilleco

      I’m sorry if it offended you but I didn’t mean it that way. It’s not about that at all. I’m well aware everyone can appreciate the beauty of Vios, regardless of his/her gender. But I think you must admit that when it comes to what goes on behind the appearance of cars, it’s mostly men who know these things. Not that I think women, gays or lesbians don’t. It’s statistically proven that more men are into these things, just like how women are much more knowledgeable than men in other aspects.

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! That was from months ago ah, so now, I think I have more :/

  10. Krystel

    At last!! I was able to see your blog na.. it was down for a few days yata.. I was so sad kasi parating kung ni re-refresh yung browser then I always see the “database error”. Anyhow, I so love your slim pants and the top, so glittery.. Bagay na bagay sa event. V is for Vongga!! LOL! :)

  11. Pearl

    Miss Camille, can I just say that you’ve got a great ass! I’m so envious. And those purple pants certainly highlight your ASSets. ;p
    I’m gonna do some squats now–you’ve inspired me! x

  12. Erika Enriquez

    i love your top :D i like how its sexy and kinda conservative at the same time because of its tshirt style cut. (if that made sense?) haha. anyway, lovelovelove your outfits as usual!! :D

  13. Camille A.

    Sexy mo po Ms. Camille! :) Haha! I love learning fashion tips from you <3

  14. violetheartstar

    I’am a fan of violet color! so jealous sa pants mo …. wanted it badly!..

  15. Erika Rone

    Hi Fashion Inspiration! Kelan po ulit bloggers united and where? Any idea po? I wanna see you again. I’ll bring the bag that I bought from you so that you can recognize me. You’re so gorgeous! Love everything. Esp. The sequined top! I love sequins too. :”) takecare! Loveyaaa. Xoxo

  16. maebs

    ang Vongga ng outfit mo ate Camille. :) I really love it. tama ka apo na kahit hindi nakamicro nano mini shorts pagnight party. so in love with your top its so sexy. happy ka po nung nalaman mong engaged na si Adam? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha vongga with a V! :) Thanks Maebs! Hindi, maghihiwalay din yan haha! Just kidding :)

  17. kat

    V for Vogue! You are always fashionable. Your top is such as tease!

  18. Sephie Rojas

    The violet + blue sequinned top you wore here reminded me so much of my Barbie’s dresses back in the day. Love! <3

    Manliest blog post ever nga talaga! When I was reading the specs of the car, I was thinking "Damn, this is what guys really look for! Translate the details to girl language, it'll probably be about fashion like 4-inches high Manolo Blahnik stiletto heels, gorgeous Prada pumps, sexy Sergio Rossi sling-backs…" Totally different languages, lol! Super sleek nung interior. I feel like a Bond Girl riding on the passenger seat! Dibs on the shiny red car! (If only I could afford… and drive.) :P

    • itscamilleco

      Yes, I love the interior as well! :) Diba? kanya-kanyang language! :)

  19. Jane Doe

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  20. Girlie Blogger

    Violet and blue – what a great idea. I don’t have any violet pants like that, but they look great on you.

    Ahh. Looks like a fun time. I’m no party animal either, but love going dancing occasionally.

  21. Lourine

    Wow! V for Vravo! Hahaha. But really, your outfit is still glamorous for a party although it’s not a dress :)

  22. Dimitri Gee

    These violet pants rock. This violet is really beautiful and the shape is great. They are very simple but they are perfect on you!

    Enjoy ;)
    Dimitri Gee (www.dimitrigee.com)

  23. Gail

    I love the translation for girlies! Very considerate of you! Hahha! I love all your posts! Keep it coming and keep writing about the stories behind each outfit! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Of course! We don’t speak car language all the time! So many numbers and letters LOL! :)

  24. Tasha D.

    Love! Mas bongga talaga ang girls who attend events/parties tapos androgynous ang peg nila! Stand out agad kasi usually nga lahat girly/sexy! Basta done right, pasabog ang pants sa events!

    BTW kailan mo plan i-post yung BTS sa Preview shoot nyo? Excited to see it!

    • itscamilleco

      Malapit na! When I’m able to find a better server na, tuloy tuloy na ang mga blog posts :)

  25. Mark U

    Well this is indeed the most guy-some post I’ve come by that you’ve blogged about. :P And what a time to come back to your blog. :D

    I’ll admit, it does looks shades prettier and more aggro than the previous model. Makes me quite excited about how the other models would look.

    Now to your outfit… DEM LEGS~! :P nuff said.

    • itscamilleco

      You’ve been gone for a while now!!! Glad to see you back! :) What legs? All covered up! :) I’m sure you’ll like this new Vios!

  26. Vina Guerrero

    V is for Vina? :) hahaha! kidding! :) your hot even in pants!!

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