Dead Inside


Last month, I went on a quick trip to Macau. It’s my third time to go to this city and every time I visit, I still get so surprised at how much it changes.


One thing that hasn’t changed though is The Venetian. It still looks as grand as ever! Standing in front of it makes me look so plain and casual, although I really am in super casual clothes.


You know me, when it comes to traveling, I like to be comfortable. And when you’re coming from the airport, nothing beats the good old t-shirt and jeans. I say, bring on the basics! A truly stylish girl should know how to rock the basics, right?


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 She Inside cropped top


Lannel Boutique OCC Lip tar in Divine Chanel earrings


Cornwall Street spike necklace


Topshop jeans Tag Heuer watch


Balenciaga bag


GlamRockChic oxfords 


P.S. Tomorrow is THE DAY! Drop by my meet & greet at Tomato’s Glorietta branch from 5-7pm and get 20% on my capsule collection and a free limited edition pendant (that was made especially for my collection) when you buy a Camille Co For Tomato item! Proceeds of the sales during my meet & greet will go to the victims of Typhoon Maring. More details about our bonding session tomorrow here. There’s a styling challenge and prize too!

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  1. Christine Koay

    “A truly stylish girl should know how to rock the basics”.. I 200% agree with you, Ms Camille! Nothing beats basic when it comes to being comfortable.. being casual doesn’t mean being sloppy.. and I love your oxford shoes! I just love this look, Ms Camille! <3

  2. Sydney

    Hi Camille! ur shoes is to die for!!!(inggit aq)hahaha anyways i just want to ask how do you fold you pants like that?!like it was so perfect! because everytime i try to do that on my pants it always “hindi pantay”! any tips please.Thanks ^^,

  3. jhay-cee

    Basic is very stylish.
    I love your jeans, oh and that’s my favorite shoes of yours. :)


  4. Anfriel Prado

    Hi ms Camille! Every look you post just inspires me to see the lady in me cause I’m a petite girl and not every body sees that. Nevertheless, I hope to see you again soon! I always go to events where you’ll be there (if time permits hehe :]) And your designs, just wow! The next time we meet again, I hope you could sign some of my sketches though they are not that hmm…that fully admirable. :D

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Anfriel! :) Were you there yesterday? :) I’d be glad to sign them!

  5. maebs

    Simply amazing :-) hooray for back to basic. :-) I love your oxford shoes!

  6. Angelic Robles

    Such an urban look! Basics with a twist are what you’ve got rocking here, Miss Camille!

    Your loose and breezy white top plus whitewash effect jeans are a hit on the sunny cityscape. You are a total standout! These simple closet pieces are GOLD when you put them together. I love your eye for mixing and matching since nothing is low-key. The complementing parts of this outfit make them ready for your runway walk!

    Your choice of shoes are very snuggly-looking, and I like that you went for comfort. I don’t often see you in flats, but you sure know how to use them like a pro! Are they leather? The material looks very soft, so I wasn’t sure.

  7. Marie Cruz

    Hi Camille! You’re so beautiful. And!!, you look so tall. Do you have tips on how to grow taller? I’m 5’3″ (5’2″ in the evening), 15 years old and I wish to become 5’7″ while I’m still not 20. I’m a little desperate. :) Thank you and God bless :)

    • Camille Co

      Well, if it’s in pictures, you should shoot from a lower angle :) If it’s in person, just make sure you wear short bottoms, above the knee preferably. Vertical lines help too! :)

  8. yanne

    ☺i really love your style miss camille
    ☺ can’t wait to see you later…

  9. Sydney

    Hi Camille!
    Great Photos as always :) and your shoes is to die for!!! anyways how do you fold your jeans like that?! its so perfect! everytime I try to do it on my pants they are always hindi pantay! ;( any tips please…Thanks

    • Camille Co

      Haha! I don’t know as well. I really don’t pay much attention to how I fold my pants :) Do it in front of a mirror, one fold at a time maybe? :)

  10. Sam G.

    ate Camille, maybe you’d like to make a post for your designer bags collection? :)

  11. Sephie Rojas

    Nothing beats the basics! “A truly stylish girl should know how to rock the basics” AMEN! \:D/ Rare sightings of you wearing jeans. You look great nonetheless :) You should wear them more often :3

  12. Vina Guerrero

    hi cams!!! see you tom! i’m one of the 4 chosen girls on the styling challenge yay!

  13. Eunice Villola

    I love your outfit esp your Dead inside Top! :) Casual chic! :)

  14. Lourine

    You did rock the basics! Since it’s your third time in Macau, have you seen Cirque Du Soleil? It’s there right? :)

  15. Georgia

    preeeeettyyy. i really wish that i’d meet you. probably, most likely it ain’t gonna happen. haha. anyways, love your outfit as i always do. :))

  16. dexter

    I really adore you. your so gorgeous and just simply amazing. hahaha. papansin lang. please reply to this post. :)

  17. Jam

    hi camille! i’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you. ever since i discovered your blog about a year ago, i’ve learned a lot of styling tips from you. since then, i never dressed the same as i did before. like whenever we’re going out, my mom would raise an eyebrow for whatever i’m wearing. at first i get conscious, but i don’t care. sometimes i find her wearing her clothes the way i wear it now. how i learned it from you. haha. anyway, bago pa ko maiyak (kidding!), i just want you to know how you inspire girls like me who build self confidence through power dressing. thanks a lot and i hope to meet you in person one day :)

    • Camille Co

      Awww thank you Jam! It’s always nice to hear stories like this :) It warms my heart! Thank you! I hope you keep doing so!

  18. Ren

    I agree with you when it comes to traveling, all you need is just to be comfortable and wear you basics with full of passion and elegance effortlessly just like what you were doing, isn’t it? ;)

  19. Yanshi

    I\d love to visit Macau someday! Beautiful place!! :)) Great outfit! I love the pop of color your oxfords gave to this outfit :) That cropped top is coool, love the “dead Inside”.. so emoo!! hahah :D and you, beautiful as usual :))

  20. Cazzy

    I TOTES LOVE THE 5TH PHOTO! Spell FIERCE! :D I miss the tower hehehe even though I’m afraid of heights! :D Venetian loooooooove! :) Gondola :D Hehehehe :D

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