The Steps


The Venetian makes me feel like I’m back in Europe. If only we have a place like this in the Philippines, I can take outfit shots forever! Everything just looks so dramatic! Even my mom who’s not exactly art director material got a little inspired to shoot my photos!


I’ve always wanted to take photos like this. It was so early in the morning that no one was around to photobomb. Of course, mom and I took advantage of this.


As for my outfit, it’s easy breezy dressing once again. But unlike my previous outfit, this one is more feminine and sophisticated. My favorite piece? This peplum romper from She Inside. It fits me perfectly!


I matched it with a youthful tweed jacket that I got on sale at Zara. I needed a little protection from the cold. It may be really hot in Macau now but the it’s freezing inside their malls! This jacket came in really handy.


Zara tweed jacket


Extreme Finds necklace 


She Inside romper


From my mom ring 


Celine bag


The Ramp sandals


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107 Responses to “The Steps”
  1. Tyrrah

    I love it! You can go formal and casual with this outfit. Thank You for always inspiring me :)

  2. gemUPS

    I am inlove with this color and I love the outfit, I can totally wear this at work on Fridays!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Shaina

    There’s actually a lot of beautiful places here in the Philippines, maybe even better than that of what you’ve mentioned. All you need to do is to visit your country’s sites FIRST rather than going to other countries and comparing what our country doesn’t have.

    • Camille Co

      This isn’t comparing. When it comes to our tourist spots and scenic places, without a doubt, we have a lot of that. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t in any way putting our country down. I was merely saying I wish we had a hotel like this too! That is as grand and perfect for pictorials like this. The sad reality is, most of the ESTABLISHMENTS here in our country don’t allow random pictorials like this. You should always ask for a permit first even if it’s not for commercial use. Once they see a dSLR on your hand, they ban you from taking photos.

  4. Christine Koay

    Such a good location for outfits shoot! You look lovely here, Ms Camille! Love your romper and the sandals! Love how you pair it with the tweed jacket.. Casual yet very lady! <3

  5. Angelic Robles

    To think I really believed you were back in Europe! I love the color palette you chose, Miss Camille! It doesn’t just give off a very feminine vibe. I like to think of it as effortlessly-chic!

    I’m really loving your tweed jacket. I think the colors are a twist of pastel-meets-jewel tones. You look fit for a classy afternoon AND you have just the right fashion gear to turn heads. Those sandals just up the ante’ of your look, and I enjoyed the effect they had on your off-white clothes. What a glow!

    The Venetian really is a good place for beautiful outfit shots. My congratulations to your Mom for artfully directing this blog post’s photo shoot!

  6. Gladys

    Whoa! I love your sandals!!! Pwede na akong manalamin sa kintab. hehe
    Waaaah! Tweed jacket! Love!

    Your outfit color fits perfectly to the background. Looks really clean.

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha! :) You’re always so funny! Pwede naman pang-retouch :) Thanks Gladys!

      • Gladys

        I’m always funny! Whoaa! Compliment ‘yan! Mai-print screen nga. Ipapangalandakan ko.
        You remember me pala Miss? Galeeeng! Lab ka na talaga namin ng uber uber…

        Yeah, hindi na kelangan tumakbo sa restroom to retouch. Makabili nga ng ganyan. Ini-imagine ko talaga na ginawa mong salamin ang heels mo. Katawa!

  7. Reena

    Cute ng outfit! :) Parang classy and sophisticated tingnan. It makes a difference talaga when you know how to mix and match different textures! The gold made it stand out more! Thumbs up! :)

  8. Vina Guerrero

    do you really wear your blazer like this while roaming around? hahaha!

  9. Yanshi

    Easy breezy– so cover girl!! Hihihi :) You are a cover girl indeed! Love the romper, even the color :) Looks so sophisticated, love this outfit! and you’re right, this place is dramatic, sarap mag-emote sa pictures haha :)))

  10. rina

    Hi camille! Lovely as always and good choice of clothes, but not all people can afford to buy the clothing line you have. Just for trip, kahit 1 time lang ü can i ask a favor of you wearing simple clothingline? Para maiba lang. Thanks!

  11. Alchie Torion

    You look awesome and fresh Camille. I’ve always admired you for the way you dress up. You’re like Chameleon that whatever style you put on, it’ll just blend on your personality and it all look so “bagay” to you. That’s why you’ve always been my favorite style icon.

    • Camille Co

      My mom thought I was wearing a dress and gasped! LOL! Then I showed her that’s it was a romper so she relaxed :)

  12. Kay

    Hello Camille,

    I love this look! very sophisticated <3 what's the brand of your sandals?and which branch of The Ramp did you get this? I've been looking for a nice sandals that I can bring for my upcoming SG trip :)

    • Camille Co

      I think they’re The Ramp mismo :) I’m not so sure because I bought these last year pa I think or early this year :)

  13. Jam

    if you were to choose between the two, what would you choose? style or comfort?

  14. Naaj Rona

    Very Elegant. Love the fringe details on your tweed jacket, the colours make it stand out. The necklace and the shoes are damn cool. You have a very good selection of shoes and keeps on growing.

    The picture are very ell taken, credit goes to you mum i suppose. She is getting the hang of it now.

    Naaj xx

  15. maebs

    The place is romantic and it is same as your outfit :-) parang Europe ang setting kakainlove :-)

  16. Tasha D.

    Another BEYOOOOOND outfit! Perpeksiiiyoown! The sandals are beautiful! Diba you have another Celine bag na ganyan din? What color yung isa?

  17. Anne

    Another lovely outfit post in a lovely city. :) So far this is my fave romper outfit ever! It’s so ladylike and sophisticated that you can even wear it in the office but with a blazer and some pumps instead. I loved it so much Cams I’m so checking this romper out…

  18. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    you do look sophisticated and you fit right in with the background.. congrats to mom for your awesome pix!

  19. Kevin

    Please smile………you have a very beautiful face and it would look even nicer with a smile……..

  20. Sephie Rojas

    You look like royalty :3 It’s like a mash-up of Kate Middleton style meets Everday look! I can’t get enough of the Venetian when I went there a few years ago. It’s just so grand @.@ I agree, we should have something like that here :( If that were so, maybe we can all look like royalty when taking photos there, lolz :P Btw, those sandals just scream Gladiator :))

  21. Kim

    Hi Camille,

    I’ve been following your blog for a month now. I like how you style your outfits. Even if you wear something really simple, you still make it look classy.

    And there is no better photographer than a mom. :)



  22. Lourine

    There is this royal vibe whenever I see places such as this. And you blend with your backdrop. Pretty :)

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